Hiking in the Mountains


We reached our home in the afternoon. Once inside the house mom immediately retired to her room, leaving me alone in the living room to ponder upon the events of yesterday.

Within one night everything had changed. Though, I had always loved my mom, mostly like a son and I must admit, sometimes with sexual inclination, however, I could never imagine that one day I would actually copulate with my beautiful mother. I didn’t know that how would our relationship grow now. It was all so confusing.

Deep in my, heart I wanted to admit that I had enjoyed immensely what happened last night at the cabin. My mom was a hell of a fuck. I closed my eyes and tried to recall the events. Everything moved like the real of a film, I saw the cocks of intruders slicing my mother’s charming pussy, I felt my tongue lapping her cunt and feeling the taste of the fresh cum deposited by her rapists; I saw my own cock moving in and out off her delicious pussy like a piston of reciprocating engine. Oh…! God…! I was hard again.

I opened my eyes. I was feeling little guilty. But, the feeling of lust for my mother was much more overpowering than the guilt. I realized that I would love to fuck my mom again and again. I wanted that beautiful cunt all for myself.

Mom came out of her room after about one hour. She had showered and looked refreshed, however, her face was still passive.

Mom remained in her shell next day also. She got herself engaged with the daily household activities, but deliberately avoided talking with me. I couldn’t say why she didn’t go to police. Probably, she was afraid if she went to the police, she might have to tell them everything; everything including our little fuck episode.

However, when she returned from the gymnasium on Monday, she appeared back to her own self. She didn’t look grim and she talked with me in normal way. Suddenly, the tension in our house was released and our relationship was back to that of a mother and a son.

Things continued in that way for next few days. I was slowly acknowledging the fact that there would never be another time with mom, when an small incident revived everything.

It happened on next Thursday, I returned from school in the afternoon around two. Mom usually returns at four. I unlock the front door and entered in our house. I was heading to my room, which was adjacent to my mother’s bedroom.

While I was passing in front of my mother’s door, I saw some movement inside. The doors were partially closed and the curtains were drawn. I stopped and slightly moved the curtain to see inside. Mom was coming out of her bathroom after taking a shower. She had a white bathrobe on and she was scrubbing her hair with a towel. It appeared that she had returned early from the gymnasium.

Her robe wasn’t properly tied and so the most of her front was open. With every move of her hands, one of her magnificent tit was jumping in a mostly enticing manner. My heartbeats suddenly reached to a crescendo. I froze in the position and watched her in wild amazement. I could feel my cock suddenly growing in proportions within its confines.

Mom continued rubbing her head with the towel, and her open boob continued swinging freely, driving me crazy with lust for my mother. The restraint I had been trying to enforce for last few days suddenly evaporated, and I desperately longed to fondle those nice piece of tits.

Mom was finished with her scrubbing; she kept the towel on the side table. She stood in front of her full size mirror, her fingers gently running through her moist disheveled hair. She stared at her reflection for a moment and all of a sudden she undid the cord of her robe and let it slide off her body. The bathrobe glided along her magnificent curves and slowly settled on the floor, revealing her naked back to my lustful view.

I hold my breath and stared at her tight buns. Her butts looked great and I yearned to hold those great pieces into my hands and squeeze them brutally, run my finger along the length of her delicious looking crack and feel her sphincter. I had never licked an ass, but I knew that I would love to tongue my mother’s sphincter. I felt my mouth watering with the thought.

Mom watched her image in the mirror and then she moved a little to a side. Suddenly, the front of her reflection was visible to me. With my mouth agape, I peeked at her magnificent boobs and her neatly trimmed busy area, making a perfect vee between her thighs. From my position, I could clearly see the outline of her puffy cunt lips. I grabbed my cock and pressed it hard through my jeans.

However, the moment of bliss was short-lived, because when I looked back into her face, the image was looking directly into my eyes. As soon as she felt my prying eye looking at her, mom suddenly turned and bent to grab her bathrobe from the floor. Panicky, I sneaked out of my place, directly heading to my room.

I locked the door behind me and stood by the doors. My heart was beating like a drum and I was numb with excitement and perhaps with little fear. My cock was rock hard, aching to break its confines. Suddenly, I was back in our mountain cabin; I saw my mom lying naked below me, my rigid cock plundering furiously into her delicious fuck hole. I unzipped my fly and started running my hand along the shaft. Within seconds my cock was shooting its load on the floor.

Once I was back to my nerves, I took a napkin and wiped the cum off the floor. I went to toilet and washed my cock and changed. After that I remained in my room though I knew that mom would be waiting for lunch. I wasn’t ashamed of my peeking at my mother, in fact I had enjoyed every moment of it, but I didn’t know what I was going to tell her if she asked.

Finally, I overheard her calling me. I went to the kitchen. Lunch was ready and she was waiting for me. Her face looked little flushed and she was looking at me attentively. However, she didn’t say a word; I pulled a chair and started eating my meal.

We ate our meal in total silence. Every time I looked in her direction, I found her staring at me, and every time I turned my gaze in another direction. We had been playing a sort of hide and seek game. I felt much relieved when the lunch was over and mom left the table with the dishes. I deposited my plates and remaining dishes in the sink. While washing my hands, I told her that I was going to a friend for some urgent work and immediately went out without waiting for her answer.

I didn’t visit any friend. I was feeling too restless to enjoy the company of any of my friends. So, I strolled along the path silently lost into my thoughts. I had realized that I was obsessed with my mom and it was not possible to forget the fun, which I had derived while fucking her at the cabin. I wanted to fuck her again and again, wanted to feel her hot pussy engulfing my cock in its fleshy enclave.

I wanted my mom to be my woman and I promised to myself that I would do anything to make her mine. I decided that now onwards, I would not pretend that nothing had changed after the cabin incident. In fact our relationship had changed for always and she must acknowledge it.

I returned home around eight. I had taken my decision and I was ready to face her. If she asks about the afternoon incident, I would simply tell her the truth. However, mom didn’t ask anything. She appeared normal and that left me nonplussed. When we ate our dinner that night, she talked casually with me, without giving any hint that she might be upset about what happened in the afternoon.

That night I planned and re-planned many schemes to seduce my beloved mom. However, when I went to sleep, I didn’t have any idea how I was going to carry out my plans.

Next day mom was invited to a dinner party at a friend’s house. She asked me to accompany her, but I was not interested; so she went alone. I remained at home working on my plans. I was exasperated that none of my plan seemed feasible. Finally, I gave up and waited for mom to return.

Mom returned around ten. I met her in the living room and told her that I was not feeling well and was going to bed early. Mom looked concerned. She checked my forehead to make sure that I was not running any temperature. I assured her that I was fine and only need some rest. I retired to my room and put off the lights.

I tried to sleep, but the sleep evaded me. I lay in my bed and thought about mom. After unsuccessfully trying for about half an hour I gave up, got up from the bed. Without putting on the lights, I unlocked the door and came out of my room. I saw the mother room’s door was opened. Cautiously, I went up to the mother’s room and tried to peep inside.

Mom was not inside the room. I suddenly recalled that before retiring to bed, every night mom would check in the front yard that the front gate and the garage are properly locked. I checked living room door; it was open. Mom was out in the front yard. A thought suddenly stuck to me and I immediately entered into her room. I opened her closet. It was sufficiently large to accommodate a grown up boy like me. I slid inside and closed the door.

The closet was filled with mom’s personal belongings, her used clothes and many other personal things; still I had sufficient space to be in a comfortable position there. A night lamp was on in the room but the interior of the closet was dark. However, soon my eyes became accustomed to the darkness. The upper part of the closet had a narrow wire-meshed window. Due to the light that was seeping through it, I was able to see the silhouettes of the things lying inside the closet. Nonetheless, I was not interested in them.

I didn’t have anything specific in my mind. Just a hunch that mom might change her clothes before retiring to bed and I might get another opportunity to witness my mother’s dashing naked beauty.

I made myself comfortable inside the closet and waited for mom to return. After about ten minutes, I heard the movement in her room. I looked through the window as mom entered the room and closed the doors. She had changed her clothes and she was wearing shorts and t-shirt. After closing her door, she came to her bed. I watched in anticipation she bent forward and slowly lowered her shorts along her thighs.

My heart was suddenly beating fast. My eyes were glued to the window; I was eagerly waiting for a glimpse of her perfect round ass. However, to my utter disappointment she was wearing panties below it and all I could see her black panties clad rump. She lowered the t-shirt and lifting her quilt she slipped inside it and covered her properly. She turned on the side lamp, took a novel from the side drawers and got herself busy.

My mother is a voracious reader, and she loves to read regularly. I waited for her to finish her reading and to go to sleep, so that I could sneak out of her closet and get off her room. My mission to her room had failed and I knew that there wouldn’t be any firework for me.

Mom was busy with her novel and I was cursing myself for my imbecilic plan. While I wait for her to finish, I started feeling drowsiness. I tried to control my yawns. I was yearning to move out of my little prison but, no way I could come out of the closet while she was awake, so I noiselessly sat on the floor and tried to relax.

I was about to doze off when suddenly I heard a gentle click and the side lamp was turned off. I immediately jumped to my feet. The room was again dimly lit under the night lamp, which she had turned on. I watched as my mother smoothly slipped inside the covers, tucking herself properly. My senses were again active and I eagerly waited for her to sleep.

I watched silently, counting every moment, praying for her to sleep. But, my prayer went unheard, as mom was continuously tossing in the bed from one side to the other. Mom was trying to sleep but it appeared she was not successful at it.

I didn’t remember how long it continued. Mom tossed restlessly in her bed and after some time she finally gave up. She sat on the bed and turned on the side lamp, again illuminating the room with a gentle yellow light. I was frustrated; mom would again start her novel. It seemed I would not get any respite tonight.

However, it didn’t happened. Rather, she turned on the television.

“Shit!” I cursed her silently.

I was getting restless inside the closet. However, I didn’t have any option so I just tried to check which show mom was watching. Using her remote, she was skipping through various channels. I watched in amazement as at last she finally settled for an adult channel, which was screening a late night movie. The actor and the actress were in the most compromising situation on the screen, without any shred of clothes on their body.

All of a sudden, my sleepiness evaporated. My cock regained its lost hardness, and I glued my eyes to the window. The exhibit on the screen was quite enthralling; the head of the male character was between the female and he was ferociously lapping his partner’s hairy pussy. The female had kept her thighs over the male’s shoulder. She had gripped his hair and was pulling his head deep into her pussy.

I never knew that my mom was into watching such kind of movies. However, I felt it was a welcome break. The erotic scene on the screen had certainly affected the mom, as she had thrown her covers and her hands were busy mauling her spongy boobs through her t-shirt. I thanked God. If that was start up, I was certainly heading for a display of midnight firework from my mother. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and stroked it lightly.

Mom’s eyes were fixed to the great spectacle in progress on the screen. The hero and heroine have changed their position to a sixty-nine. The woman was on the top and she was sucking her partner cock like a tasty lollypop. The man’s tongue was flickering over her heated clits. Room was echoing with their soft moans.

Mom squeezed her boobs and a soft moan escaped her mouth. Mom was getting horny. Her right hand had moved between her thighs. She pulled her t-shirt up and inserted her fingers inside her panties feeling the lips of her pussy. I watched incredulously as her fingers ran along her cuntlips inside her panties. My very personal peep show had just started.

After a while, mom got down from bed; she pulled her t-shirt off her shoulder and let it fall on the floor. Then she took her hands to her back and unclasped her bra and let it slide off her arms. It slowly settled on the floor near her legs. Mom was standing topless. Her back was towards me so I was not able to see her pompous boobs. I grabbed my cock in anticipation and massaged it hard.

Next, she inserted her fingers inside the elastic band of her black panties and slowly rolled it down along her thighs. She bent forward as her hand moved lower; in the process she exposed her magnificent tight ass to my direct view. I held my breath; she bent further and one by one moved her legs out of the rolled panties. In the process I could get a brief glimpse of her hairy slit form behind.

She again climbed on the bed. She lay there without trying to cover her body, her legs spread wide. Her eyes were again glued to the fucking match that was going on the screen. The man had inserted his cock inside her partner’s willing pussy and now he was pumping her furiously.

Her left hand slowly moved to her breast and grabbed her boobs. She massaged her nipples softly, gently grabbing and releasing them. She closed her eyes, and let a moan of delight escape out of her mouth. She let her head tilt back, still pinching and caressing her nipples. Her body was gently writhing in excitement.

Her hand continued playing with her gorgeous boobs, alternately squeezing and releasing them, and in between taking her teats between her fingers and rubbing them hard. Her right hand slowly trailed across her tummy and entered into her dark brownish fluffy region. She rubbed the nicely trimmed curly pubic hair that covered her plump pussy lips.

Her hand reached lower, and her fingers opened her fat pussy lips. Slowly, she ran her finger along the length of her slit. She then, parted her pussy lips and her middle finger probed her clit. Her body was trembling with the pleasure that her own fingers were administering to her soaked body. She was now moaning loudly.

I watched as she buried her middle and index finger into her twat, and ran them along her slit. She curled her fingers and pressed them into her wet slit, slowly sliding them inside her divine opening. She moved her fingers in and out of her sopping cunt and let her thumb play with her clit. Her other hand was still busy playing with her boobs, squeezing them, releasing them, circling and pulling her hard nipples with her finger tips.

Mother’s eyes were again closed, and her wailings were getting louder and louder. My hand was rubbing my cock feverishly, and I was ready to shoot any time.

Suddenly, her body arched on the bed. She emitted a horse cry and forced her finger deep inside her pussy. Her body was shivering perhaps due to the orgasm, which had just hit her.

This was too much for me. I could not restraint myself anymore. My legs were trembling with excitement. I pumped for the final time and with a choked cry, I let my cock go. I watched as with every jerk of my rigid cock, drops of cum flew in the air and landed on the clothes and other articles kept in the closet.

I immediately realized my mistake. Mom would certainly see the stains in the morning. Nevertheless, I was not in a position to control what was happening, so my cock jerked again and again releasing more drops of cum staining more of my mother’s clothes. Finally, the shooting stopped and I tucked my cock back to my shorts without bothering to clean it.

I looked through the narrow window of closet door. Mom’s ordeal was over. She was still lying of the bed trying to catch her breath. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t seem interested in the movie. The fucking on the screen had just concluded and the girl was licking the cum off her male partner deflating cock. Suddenly, mom took the remote and turned off the television.

I watched as mom again slipped inside the covers. She didn’t bother to put back her clothes. I waited patiently for her to sleep. Slowly, her body became still under the covers. I gently opened the closet door and moved into her room. She appeared sound asleep by then. I opened the doors noiselessly. Thankfully, it was not locked from inside. I shut her doors behind me and scurried to my room.

When I lay on my bed, my eyes were heavy with sleep and I could not recall when I fell asleep.

I rose late next morning. Mom was already up and she had cooked the breakfast. When I reached kitchen, she was getting readied for running the washing machine. She looked fresh.

I greeted her and pulled a chair.

“Finish your breakfast and help me with this machine.” She pointed towards the pile of laundry lying in a tub outside the kitchen. “We have a lot of dirty clothes today.”

“What happened?” I asked casually.

“I don’t know, but today I found some strange stains on my clothes in the closet.” She showed me her fresh clothes with the dried stains of my own cum.

I swallowed my food and looked at her. Her face didn’t reveal any thing. It was hard to guess whether she knew about my presence inside her closet. I knew she must be suspicious.

“I can’t understand.” She continued. “ How this happened? Last evening I kept these clothes there after ironing them.”

I made a poker face. I fast needed an excuse that could satisfy her.

“Why don’t you check you closet,” I pulled the most preposterous idea from the air. “There might be a rat urinating over your clothes.”

“It doesn’t look like the stain of urine.” She was staring at me and I had to divert my gaze.

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