Him and I


The early morning light came through the window as the sun gently rose to bring the day of all days.

Today was the day when I would meet the man of my dreams, that big beautiful stud, oh I had waited so long for this.

I would start with a nice long soak in the tub and apply all the skin softeners, also to repeatedly shave my entire body so as to be girly smooth. My long blonde hair now down to my shoulders with a hint of streak in it was soft and silky.

When I was washed and powdered I began laying out my clothes for the day, a black pushup bra to help enhance my pert breasts along with black panties to match, black garter and black fishnet hose and of course five inch stiletto heels, my black leather skirt just long enough to cover my pert little bottom and don't forget the white ruffled blouse just to add the brightness needed to make me glow.

There already to go and he won't be here for another 3 hours, time goes so slow when anticipating the night.

At last it was time to dress, the hose feels so nice caressing my legs, I can't help but rub them, but not to much as I might not be able to contain myself, don't want to stain my clothes. There the blouse is on, push up my breasts and fluff the blouse, dawn the heels wellah. Girl you look hotter than hot.

The door bell rings and I become so nervous that I'm trembling, but I answer the door with a smile and feast upon him, he is all he had told me, oh we chatted on the net for almost a month before I got the nerve to tell him where I was.

I could tell he liked what he saw by the broad smile, as we embraced his big strong arms held me tight and as I looked up at him he kissed me. Not that little peck type either, a lot of tongue and as I melted into it I returned the same, finally when it broke, we smiled at each other and sighed.

Come on, we can't do this now, we have a big night, as he swept me away with his big arm around me, out the door we went.

The restaurant was pure perfection, I felt so much like a women now, I could feel the eyes on me and him thinking get away suckers she is mine.

After dinner, we headed off to a show and as we sat there and held hands, this man was such a gentleman, I will do anything for him.

We headed back to his Hotel room and wow was it plush, big king size bed, pillows galore, then we embraced again, this time I gave totally into him.

We kissed and he started to undress me, my skirt fell and my blouse was soon to follow, his hands were needing my now erect nipples through by black bra and as his head fell and engulfed my right nipple, his hands needed my pert little bottom.

Breaking free, I twirled around showing myself to him, bending and turning, running my hands up and down my sides. I started to undo my stockings and he yelled, No, No, don't take them off, I like the way the line runs up the back of your stockings!

He patted the bed next to him and that was all I needed, I slithered over to him, standing in front of him, he reached out for me dragging me onto the bed beside him.

As we began making out, his hand cupping my butt, his thick middle finger rubbed my aching hole, oh as he rubbed the hotter I became, moaning and breathing so hard I would never catch my breath.

I pulled him up off the bed and knelt in front of him, I had to see his manhood, as I dropped his pants I leaned in and gently nibbled his now erect cock, my god it felt enormous through his briefs.

Reaching in I freed his now dripping tool and was taken back by it, it had to be at least nine inches long and I couldn't get my fingers around it.

Kissing the tip and savoring his precum, I was very impressed with my man, not only a gentleman but a hung one.

My first night as a woman was more than I could ever imagine, I worked the tip and started sucking on the knob fitting all I could into my mouth. His balls were big also and they did not have to wait long to be adored too. First one then the other I let them pop from my mouth only to lick my way back up his cock. Stopping at the head to slide even more into my mouth and suck, ah more precum, he did taste great. He started to complain he was about to cum, I moved down kissing his balls and then lower to his taint and gently sucking the mound he begged me to stop because he would cum, in a last effort I moved even lower to kiss his brown, the musk of my man almost made me cum, as I licked he pulled me up and started kissing me again.

Looking deep into his eyes I said I need you in me and he said not yet as he would like to return the favor I had just done to him.

Removing my panties he admired my now erect cock all seven inches, he bent forward and engulfed the knob swallowing just about half of it and in a few seconds was rewarded with the most intense orgasm I have ever had, I didn't think I would ever stop cumming. He drank all of me and then slid up to share his reward with me.

As we kissed and shared my cum, he very gently slid his finger in my now ready hole a little more spit and the second one was in too, the third was all I could take and shot another load up between us, baby I think I'm ready for you now as I raised my self up over his engorged cock, moving back placed a big drool on his tool and went to work working my way down onto it.

His now fully engorged monster was sliding around on my virgin hole and kept stabbing at it, stopping long enough to position it, I lowered myself down as that enormous head began to spread me. Fully lubed the head popped in and as I jumped from the sharp pain it inflicted, I was so glad to have it in me. As the moments passed I was able to slide down more and more until I felt his short pubic hairs touching my cheeks.

The feeling was incredible I never felt so full in my whole life and as it throbbed wave after wave of pleasure cursed through me from my bum and outward.

He moved up and kissed me while he held still, buried to the hilt, I looked down and said I love you. With that he rubbed my now rock hard cock which made everything feel so much nicer.

His monster started to soar in and out of me, I was whimpering like a little girl, fucking like never before, savoring the feelings running through me. Then it happened and as he swelled I started to cum again and again triggering him to explode deep, deep inside of me.

His cum was so hot it almost hurt and I could feel it leaking out around his cock and down my legs. Oh baby fill me with your hot sperm, make me pregnant I will have your baby, I'll do anything for you darling.

As I laid on top of him with his hard piece still buried deep in me, I looked into his eyes and saw the love he had for me. I gave myself to him completely hoping this would be the way it would be.

Smiling at me he said turn around so we can sixty-nine, I want to taste you! His cock was still hard as I took him into my mouth and wallowing it around I could taste his cum and me.

His mouth engulfed my now ridged member and as he deep throated it I oh-ed in pleasure, never having been deep throated before.

He kept on until he felt me go stiff and rigid and I squirted shot again shot of another load into his waiting mouth, he drank it all down and moving up he sucked both of my balls and up around my now gaping hole with his baby making sperm running out of it. Not to be out down by me, sucked on my hole and licking up his juices until there was none left.

The mans cock never went down and as I climbed off of him collapsing on the bed face down, he was on me, kissing my neck, he was nestled in my now slippery butt crack only to find my open hole or should I say his pussy. As he slipped it in to my now pussy with one push he bottomed out and fell asleep.

Now the light was again coming through the window as like the morning before, softly waking us both, he stirred some and realizing where he was, stared to work in me, the sound became very sloppy and loud as he pounded away at me, me whimpering like the night before, he soon swelled and began filling me again with but another load, never pulling out, he said there some more for you, my sperm was all over the sheets now and turning my head up, I said baby fuck me all you want until I get pregnant with your little girl, because I'll always be your little girl.

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