Hired Hand


Donna had spent most of that Saturday morning interviewing men to help on the farm while her husband Todd was shipped out to Iraq. Interviewing might be to strong of a word to describe what she was doing. The ones she had talked to so far were older men that had worked on farms all their lives. She wasn't sure they could handle the hard work of loading and stacking the hay. Then Willie can through the door.

"Wow!" He was over six feet six and weighted around 250 pounds. Every inch of his black body was covered with muscles. With his height he carried the weigh very well. He actually looked slender. Her first though was there was no way she could hire him. Todd would know right off why she would want him around.

Not that she had ever given him any reason to not trust her. They had been married ten years and Todd was still the only man she had ever been with. With Todd going to be gone for a year and possibility longer having a nice looking male around would at lest let her fantasies have food for thought.

Donna had grown up in Alabama and had never dated a black boy even while she was in school. She really didn't have anything against them but her folks would still kill her if she so much as looked at a black.

She stood up from the desk as Willie entered the room. She was five seven and he was a giant standing over her with his hat in his hands. His eyes were on the floor and wouldn't lift his face to meet her look. She wondered how some one as nice looking as he could be so shy. She was sure he had his pick of any black woman he wanted.

Then he spoke and she wondered how he could speak so soft and be so huge. "Willie, thank you for coming by. You already know that we are looking for some one to help me on the farm until my husband get back from Iraq. Do you know how to drive a tractor and plant the crops?"

"Yes mam. I done that all my life."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty six Mam."

"Tell me about yourself and what you know about farming?"

"Yes Mam. I been farming all my life. My Pa died when I was in the sixth grade and I had to quit school to help Ma raise my brothers and sisters. Now my brothers and sister have all gone from home and I am there alone. Mam, I really need this job. Ma just died two weeks ago and the bank is going to take my house. I have to get out and I don't have anywhere to go."

"Couldn't you go live with one of your brothers or sisters?"

"No mam, I don't have much education and they wouldn't want me around anyway."

Donna had been looking for a way to turn him down, but this big giant of a man stood before her with his hat in his hand and she though he was going to cry. She felt sorry for him but she would have to explain to Todd why she hired him instead of one of the older men. She could truthfully say that she hired him because she felt sorry for him. Being such a nice built man didn't hurt either.

Two weeks later Todd was gone. Willie had moved in the spare room in the barn. Todd had not protested too much when she explained the circumstances that caused her to hire Willie. A week of watching him work convinced Todd that the farm would be taken care off with both Donna and Willie working on it. He left home convinced that everything was taken care off.

Willie was a real hard worker. He worked from sun up each day till dark. Even the days when there wasn't a lot to do he still found work to do. Donna was well satisfied with the way he had worked out.

Todd had been gone for two weeks and she was really missing him. At night when she was alone in bed was the worse. For ten years they had special sex nearly every night. He was her one and only and she had never been left hanging and not satisfied sexually. She liked to make love to her husband and make him feel as good as he made her feel. There wasn't much that they hadn't tried in bed, and she found out she like most all of it. Now she was sleeping alone for the first time in ten years.

Donna was tired of having her meals alone. She asked Willie to come up to the house and she would cook breakfast for him each day. He had a small kitchen in his room but she knew that he eat mostly sandwiches.

A week later she was cooking supper for him as well. She liked having him around even though getting him to talk was like pulling teeth. Gradually he stared talking to her more and more. She could still marveled that such simple language could come out of the mouth of such a large man.

Donna worked along side him each day. She would quit in time to fix supper for him while he put up the tractor and locked up every thing at the barn. Then he would come eat before going back to his room for the night. She would clean up the kitchen and slip out side to the pool for her nightly exercise.

The work on the farm had kept her hard and firm as she had been as a schoolgirl. Her breasts were high and firm and she still had no need for a bra to hold them up. She had thought about wearing one when Willie first went to work but it had been years since she had worn one for any length of time and she never liked them in the first place. Willie had noticed that right off but he didn't say anything and tried not to let her see him staring at them.

Donna had seen him staring more than once but that didn't bother her. Men had stared at her breasts ever since she was in school. She was glad that she was well blessed with long shapely legs and firm breasts. Todd was very satisfied with how well his wife looked. Even to the point of seeing other men licking their lips as she walked by. "Eat you heart out guys, she is taken."

Some nights she couldn't sleep and would go out and set on the porch until after midnight thinking about Todd and wishing she had him in her bed that night.

Often she would see Willie walking around outside his room for a long time before he went in to sleep. She wondered what he was thinking about. He seemed so simple that she wondered what he could be thinking about that caused him to not be able to go to sleep.

When he couldn't sleep he would walk around the barn until he could go in and sleep. He saw Donna setting on the porch and wished he could go up and set with her. He liked being around his beautiful boss. In fact she was the reason he often had trouble falling to sleep. After working around her all day he could see her nipples poking through her blouse when he lay down to sleep. He had never seen a woman like her. The women he had been with were mostly older and fatter. He could have had several others but he was too simple to know that. He dreamed of Donna and then went in and took matters into his own hands.

Two months went by and Donna was missing Todd more and more each day. He wasn't far from her thoughts during the day and at night she couldn't sleep. She was missing the nightly sex more than she had ever dreamed she would.

During the day she would often look at Willie and had started wondering what it would be like to be with a black man. This was causing her problem that she didn't realize. Thinking of being fucked by him caused her nipples to harden under her shirt which in turn caused Willie to watch her even more than he usually did. He always noticed when her nipples would harden and he wished he could reach out and touch them.

Donna would catch him looking at her sometimes like he was in a trance. He normally would look away when she caught him. Embarrassed to know that she had caught him looking at her. A black man was not supposed to look at a white woman like that. At those times he didn't turn away it was her that looked away. He never said anything out of the way to her or even try to touch her even though she wouldn't have minded his touch at certain times. It would be safe to say that they both were attracted to each other. An attraction that could never come to fulfillment.

The weather had turned bad as the day progressed. The weather station was predicting bad weather for that afternoon and night.

Willie and Donna had been in the hay field all day trying to get the hay in the barn before the rain came. It was almost dark and they had the last load backed up to the barn when it started to sprinkle. Donna was on the truck pulling the hay over to the lift and Willie was in the barn loft stacking it as it came off the lift.

She was working as fast as she could but with only about ten bales left the bottom fell out. She pushed over another bale before she knew she would not save the last bales. At least they had saved most of the cutting.

The wind had gotten up and the rain had turned cold. The cold rain soaked her shirt and pants through and through. "Willie, That's it. We can't save the other. We can toss it out to the cows tomorrow. Come on down and let's call it a day. I need to get a shower in case the lights should go out and I am about to freeze."

Willie walked to the loft door and looked down at her. He was sure she didn't realize what a sight she was with her shirt wet and sticking to her tits. He could see her just as plain as if she had been topless. The cold rain had her nipples standing hard and firm. This time he couldn't take his eyes away from her.

Donna looked up at him and saw him looking at her. When he didn't make a move she dropped her eyes down and saw what he was getting a good look at. She may as well have just pulled the top off for all the good it was doing her. Embarrassed she turned away slowly as if she didn't know what he was looking at.

Climbing down from the truck she called back over her shoulder. "Get cleaned up and come for supper." She walked on towards the main house. Not only had she seen him looking at her near naked tits but also she had seen a huge lump in his pants that she had not seen before. He must be as large down there as he was every where else. Her cunt was getting wet just thinking about such a cock on any man.

She flipped on the TV in the bedroom as she stripped and headed for the hot shower. Her hands lifted her breasts to the hot water and felt them soften as the warm water ran across her nipples. She needed to get them down before Willie showed up for supper.

She finished her shower and walked naked back in the bedroom, still drying her body from the nice warm shower. She was just in time to hear the weather station tell every one to find cover that a huge category five tornado was just out side of town and would be heading in her direction in just minutes. She thought about Willie and knew he had to get out of that barn because there wasn't anyway it could stand up to a big tornator.

Not stopping to dress she grabbed a robe and pulled it over her naked body as she ran from the house to the barn. She looked over her shoulder at the approaching storm and knew she had to hurry or they would not make it back to the house in time.

She banged on his door and called his name. She didn't hear any response and she opened the door and called him again. Then she heard the shower running and knew he couldn't hear her. She hurried to the bath room door and banged her hand on it. When he didn't answer she opened the door to call him and let him know the storm was almost on them.

Willie was involved in what he did a lot lately. The sight of her hard tits drove him to playing with his cock as the water ran over his naked body. His eyes were shut as his hand slid over his hard cock. Some where in the back of his mind he thought he heard Donna calling him. It took a moment before he realized that someone was knocking on the bathroom door. He was stepping from the shower when the door burst open and she was standing in front of him.

Donna pushed the door open in haste. She knew that time wasn't on her side and she couldn't wait for him to finish and then call him. What she didn't expect was to see him standing before her with the biggest cock she had ever seen. Even the porn movies she and Todd watched together sometimes didn't have anything like Willie had.

It took her a moment before she realized she was staring. Looking up she screamed at him, "Willie hurry and get to the main house! A tornado in just minutes away and you have to get out of here."

She turned and ran from the room, calling back for him to hurry.

It was starting to hail and it was getting as large as golf balls by the time she reached the house. Willie was right behind her after stopping to pull on a pair of knit shorts. At least the cold sleet had let his cock go down some.

Dona pulled him in the house and shut the door behind him. "Get in the hall." When he hesitated she grabbed his hand and pulled him along with her. Just as she shut the hall door behind them lighting struck close to the house. The power went off and the hall was plunged into darkness.

Donna had always been afraid of bad weather. With the loud clash she flew into Willie's arms. "Willie, I'm afraid of storms hold me."

There wasn't anything he had rather do than hold her in his arms. He could feel her firm breast pressing against him and his cock went from half hard to hard at once. He knew that she could feel him but she wasn't about to turn him loose.

Donna felt his hard cock at once. Something came over her that she had never felt before, even with Todd. Whether it was going two months without sex, seeing him naked earlier, the storm that was almost upon them are the combination of it all, suddenly she want him to fuck her like she had never wanted to be fucked before. She reached for his shorts and her hand slipped inside to find his hard cock.

He was huge but she didn't stop to think about it then. She pushed his shorts down his legs while she reached for the tie that held her robe together. One quick pull and her body was naked against his. The hall was pitch black as she dropped to the floor and pulled him down with her. She lay back and pulled him over her body. Her legs were open as she guided his cock to the opening to her body.

She guided the head through the lips of her cunt. Once he had the head inside she turned his cock loose and reached for his hard firm shoulders. Her arms went around him as she pulled his naked body down over her. "NOW WILLIE! Push hard!"

Willie was still in shock as he felt the heat of her cunt around the head of his huge cock. When she told him to push he did just as she said. He pushed and he felt his cock as it plowed its way into her hot body. He had never been in a cunt so tight.

Donna screamed as his cock pushed deeper and deeper without stopping. Willie heard her scream and he stopped. "NO! Don't stop. Give me all of it!"

She pulled and he pushed and a second later his balls bounced off her upturned ass. Then the tonator came over the house. The sound of hundreds of trains filled the house as it roared over the top of them. Two minutes later it was over. So were Donna and Willie. They had climaxed together as the storm was at its peak. The sex from start to finish lasted lest than five minutes.

Donna lay beneath him. His cock still buried deep in her body. She had never been filled like this before. Her breath was coming fast as was his as they tried to regain their strength. Donna could feel the hard floor under her and it brought her back to the present. She couldn't believe she had initiated sex with him. She pushed against his chest. "Willie get up."

He hesitated, as his cock was still hard even after he had dumped such a load in her. When she pushed again he lifted from her wishing all the time he could see her naked body. No such luck as the power was still off. He stood and reached for her hand and pulled her to her feet. He wanted to hold her close but she wasn't having any part of that.

Donna pulled her robe back around her and tied the sash back. She opened the hall door and moved out in the living room. It was till black as pitch as she stumbled to the kitchen in search of a flashlight.

Finding the light she turned to find Willie. He was just pulling up his shorts as the light hit him. For the first time she realized that she had cheated on Todd. She turned the light away and walked out on the porch. It was dark and there was still lighting flashing. By the lighting she could tell that nothing had been damaged except a few limbs down from the trees. The barn was still standing.

Willie walked up next to her. He didn't know what to say now that it was over. As if nothing had happened she told him good night and get some sleep, they would clean up the mess in the morning. She went back inside as he made his way to the barn.

It was to dark to do anything but go to bed. She went back to the shower to clean up from all the cum Willie had covered her with. She was washing up as her fingers hit her cunt. Just as quick as she had with Willie her fingers were bringing her to another organism. This time she thought of Willie and how full she was with him in her. Her climax was just as quick as before.

That was just second of many over the next few days. Nothing was said by either one of them as they worked side by side to clean up the mess the storm had made. One mess it made could never be completely cleaned up. She could not stop thinking about what it was like to be so full of hard cock. Willie was left to wonder what he should do.

A week later things were back to normal. At least as for as it could be once sex had been uncaged.

It was Saturday night and she had fixed them supper once again. She was little pissed off that Todd had not sent a letter to her that week. She depended on them to help her get through the days without him. She had been feeling nervous all day. There was a tingling deep in her stomach that led to her cunt. She was wet and she needed sex.

When supper was over she cleaned up and Willie helped. When it was finished he said good night and started to his room at the barn.

Donna couldn't stop herself. "Willie, could you help me before you go?"

"Yes mam, what do you want me to do?"

"Come on back to the bedroom a minute." She led the way as he followed. She opened the door and he walked into her bedroom. The cover on the bed was turned down and he turned to see her as she shut the door and turned out the light. "Willie, I need you so much like I did the other night. Will you fuck me again?"

"Yes Mam!" He was pulling off his clothes as he answered. Donna moved close and stopped him. "Let me do it for you." He stopped as her hands stripped him naked. When he was naked she stripped off her own clothes and led him to the bed. It was just as dark this time as it was before as she lay back and pulled him down over her.

His cock was rock hard as her hand guided it once more to the opening to her body. With a couple of inches in her she released his cock and again told him to push deep and fuck her.

She screamed again as he pushed without stopping until her cunt had all she could take. She wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms pulled him tight to her naked breasts. "Now fuck me. Fuck me fast and hard like the other night. She was cumin before he even got started.

Willie stopped and waited until she was recovering before he started again. Donna stopped him. "No, I can't do it again."


"It would be to much like making love to do it twice in a row."

"But Mam I didn't do anything!"

Donna knew that he was left hanging because of her quirky feelings. "Pull out and I will take care of you." He rolled off and she covered his slippery cock with her hands. A few minutes later his cum shot high over her and she felt it hit her face and back. She continued until he was soft. "Good night Willie."

Donna had never cheated before and with the room completely dark and his taking her so fast it wasn't the same as cheating to her. It was more like rape and she could rationalize that he was stronger than she was and she didn't have any other choice. She knew that wasn't the case as it had been her than initiated it both times. This way was the only way that she had peace of mind about Willie.

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