Hired Hand


As for Willie he didn't have a clue what was going on. Both times had been so fast that when he shot his load he was just ready to get started and she made him stop. He also wanted to see her in the light. Even in his simple way of understanding he knew that he was getting the short in of the stick.

Nothing was said the first of the following week by either one of them. Willie wanted to ask her what was wrong but he didn't want to make her mad. He just left it like it was and hoped that next time would be different.

Donna would have talked to him and tried to explain her feeling to him but knew that he couldn't understand what she was telling him. She swore that there would be no next time, but knew that with ten months left there probably would be.

Donna fixed lunch for them the next weekend and Willie went back to his room. She was getting horny again and thought about him down in his room alone. She knew if it had been dark she would have kept him with her.

She finished the cleaning and slipped on her bikini and went for a dip in the pool to cool off. She had swum several laps and had stopped in the shallow water to rest. The pool water was running down the tips of her nipples and it turned her on to see them get hard just from the water. "Miss Donna?" She jumped because she didn't realize that anyone else was around. Willie seldom came by the pool.

She turned towards the sound to see him standing on the edge of the pool looking at her in one of those trances he sometimes got in.

Willie was in a trance. Her pretty breasts were nearly exposed in the little bikini and he could see her hard nipples poking through the material of the suit. "Willie, you frightened me. What do you want?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted me to stay with you tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"Like last weekend. If you do then I will stay home. If not I am going to town and see a friend of mine."

Donna had just had the same though herself, but to hear him ask her like it was something they did everyday "Go on to town if you like I can make it alone by myself." That wasn't what she wanted to say but she couldn't bring herself to tell him she wanted him right out in the open like this.

"Miss Donna, I think I would like to stay here with you if it would be alright."

"Of course you can stay here with me if you like. I will fix supper for us later." She expected him to head back to his room but he pulled up a chair next to the pool and set down and watched her. It made her hot to know that he was seeing her in such a small suit. She knew it was hot for him setting on the deck. "Willie would you like to come in the pool for a swim?"

"Yes Mam." He stood up and pulled his shirt over his chest. He reached for his pants and slid them down his hips and off. He was naked as a jay bird in front of her and the sun was four hours from dark. It never occurred to Willie that he needed a suit. The only time he had ever been swimming was in an old fishpond and they went naked.

Donna had her hands on his cock twice and each time it had been short and sweet. She had wondered what he looked like in the light of day but wouldn't let herself find out. He was almost hard when he first dropped his pants as he saw her looking he started getting hard.

"Willie! Don't you have a swim suit?"

"No Mam." He walked down the steps and into the pool before she could tell him to stop. "Willie you can't be here naked. What if some one should come up?"

"I can get dressed fast. Old Mister Thomas used to find us in his pond and he would run us out. I can dress real fast."

Not for the first time Donna wondered how he could have such a well-built body and know so little about it. She could feel her cunt getting warm as she stood in the shallow water. She watched as he came slowly towards her.

He stopped just in front of her. "Can I see your tits? You are always in the dark and I don't get to see them."

"Willie, No you can't see my tits." Even as she spoke she knew that she would like nothing better than have him see her naked. She thought to herself that she sure wish Todd was home to take care of her body. She knew that all Willie had to do was pull the one string at the back and she would loose the top.

"Why want you let me see all of you? We fuck but I never get to see you."

"Willie, it is to much like cheating if you do it in the light of day."

"But Mam, Don't you like it?"

"Yes, but only when its dark."

The look in her eyes told him that what came out of her mouth was a bunch of lies. His cock was now rock hard and he saw her look down at it. "Mam, touch me."

Donna looked up in surprise that he would ask her such a thing. "No! I can't do that."

"You did it the other night and it felt good." She looked down at his cock that was less than a foot away from her body. He was rock hard and she remembered how soft he was when she had used her hands on him before. How could he be so hard and feel so soft to her hands. Without thinking her hands moved to him. The moment she touched him she was loss.

Her hands were all over him. One hand felt his cock as she let her other hand explore his hard body. He stood still and let her feel him all over.

She could feel him trembling as she touched this magnificent man. Her cunt was now soaked from her own juice. It was then she felt his hands on her breasts. She shivered at his touch. It was a first time for him to touch her. It felt so good that she couldn't resist. She reached behind her and pulled the tie that held the top up. When it fell away from her she reached for his hands and pulled them to her tits.

She watched as his big black hands covered her white tits and thought it was so erotic to see the difference in their color. She went back to stroking his cock as he played with her tits.

Willie may have not had much education but he sure knew by instink what turned a woman on. His thumbs were rolling her nipples around as she groaned with pleasure. Gone was any thought of Todd and not cheating on him. She wanted Willie's big black cock in her again and this time she wanted to see him as he fucked her.

Willie was having a ball playing with her pretty tits. He had more fun when Donna reached up and slid his hands down her sides and pushed the bottoms of her bikini off as they went. He looked down at his black hands as they touched the blond hair covering her cunt. His fingers tangled in the blond hair as he pulled her tight against his naked body.

Then he kissed her. Donna had never given any thought to kissing the black man. Now she didn't have any choice. When his lips covered hers she melted in his arms. Her arms went around his neck and pulled his head down to her lips. Her mouth opened and took his big thick tongue down her throat. She was ready to cum and they had just started.

Willie remembered how she had quit after going just once and he sure wasn't going to let that happen this time. He stopped and let her settle down. She was still trembling as he led her from the water to a lounge chair. He pushed her down on it and spread her legs. He moved over her and centered his big cock over her opening.

Donna watched as his cock came closer and closer. She wanted that big black snake crawling up in her as far as it could go. She knew from experience that he would use up ever centimeter of her cunt for his huge cock.

Then he was over her and the head found the opening. She lifted her hips as he pushed forward. It was almost like rape as he hurried to sink his cock in her hot body. It hurt her just like it did before, but the hurt soon turned to pleasure.

She was just starting the fucking motion when she climaxed. He couldn't stop and he unloaded a huge load of cum in her.

It took a few minutes for her to regain her senses. Like before she tried to push him away. "No Mam, This next time is for me." She tried to stop him but it was useless. He was to big and strong and he fucked away in her blond cunt without giving any thought that she had told him to stop.

Then she didn't want him to stop. Just as sudden as her first climax started another was quickly on the way. She screamed as she climaxed for the second time in minutes.

Willie didn't climax and neither did he stop fucking. Soon she was once again lifting her body to him. Her arms were around his neck and her legs wrapped around his body as she worked her pussy up on the big black cock. Her tongue was working with the same motion of his cock as she explored his mouth.

The climax this time was for them both. It took a lot longer to recover for them both. Another quick swim to clean up and she led him to her bedroom. She knew it was going to be a long hard night. At least she hoped it could stay hard all night.

There wasn't any need to worry. Willie could stay hard for hours. He fucked her white pussy through climax after climax until he finally had to unload in her again. Donna had passed out from the shear pleasure his cock had brought her. When she came to he was shaking her. He thought he had hurt her. "No Willie, You haven't hurt me. You have made me feel good all over. Better than I have felt in a long time."

"Thank you mam. I guess I better be getting back to my room."

"NO! Stay right here with me. You can leave the lights on if you wish." She reached for his huge cock. Even now it was large and he was soft. For the first time she took time to play with him and look at his huge cock. She watched her white hands cover the black cock and it made her pussy wet again. Her mouth went to his cock and she licked it from his balls to the tip. By the time she made that trip a couple of times he was hard again.

She lay back and opened her white legs to him. "Now Willie fuck me again." He did, bringing her to one climax after another.

When morning came they were curled up together with the bed in a mess. She was the first to wake. She looked at the giant of a man lying next to her. Never had she ever though she would even touch a black man and this morning she was looking at him sleeping next to her and remembered him fucking her to climax after climax. For a second she felt guilty for cheating on her husband. Another look at the huge cock that had brought her such pleasure and the guilt went away.

The next ten months found Willie no longer staying in the room at the barn. Each night was spent in bed with Donna. She had learned to love his big cock. Where once it had hurt when he first entered her it no longer did. He had fucked her so much and so often that she could now take him without any hesitation.

Her cunt wasn't the only thing that had adjusted. She could now take most of him in her mouth. With Todd she had never swallowed his cum but she now took all Willie had and sucked him for more. She also liked to feel his thick tongue on her pussy as he attempted to stick his tongue in where his cock usually went.

Donna had heard from Todd and he would be home in a couple of weeks. She explained to Willie that they had to stop having sex. He didn't like it but he had known that once her husband came home it would be over. Not only the sex but the job also.

They fucked almost non-stop until time for Todd to get home before Willie moved back to the barn.

Donna was glad to see her husband home. She loved him and she wouldn't want to lose him because of Willie. The first week home Todd couldn't get enough sex with her. Donna sure wasn't resisting as she liked the sex with her husband. He wasn't as large as Willie but he was plenty big enough to satisfy her.

They were lying in bed after a round of sex. He was playing with her tits and her nipples were now hard. She never grew tired of her tits being played with. "Donna, I have been thinking. Since Willie has worked out here so well why don't I go in the Guard full time? We could use the money and later the retirement. You and Willie could still manage the farm."

She didn't want to seem to eager to accept his offer, but she was already missing Willie and the sex they had together. They would have to be careful and not get caught. "That might be a good idea. Willie works real hard."

"Works real hard or with one?"

At first Donna thought she hadn't understood what he said. "What?

"Look, I have seen the way he looks at you and the same with you. I may look like a fool but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what went on here while I was gone." The look on her face gave her away completely. She started to cry.

"Hey, stop crying. It's all right. I expected as much when you hired him. I wasn't exactly perfect while I was gone. I probably didn't get nearly as much as Willie did but it got me by."

"I'm sorry Todd. After two months without you I needed loving so bad. Willie just happened to be the one around. I never thought I might fuck a black man before."

"Nothing to be sorry about. We both got what we needed. Now you have the opportunity to have him again if you like."

"You don't care if I fuck the black laborer?"

"No, I want to see him fucking you. I have a fantasy of a black man fucking a white woman and her being my wife just makes it more exciting. Why don't you call him in now?"

"Todd! I can't do that with you here. Willie would be afraid to make a move."

"I will be late getting home tonight. Have him in bed with you when I get back. Let me catch him with you and then he will know he can fuck you anytime."

That day Todd left and Donna went to find Willie. He was cleaning out the barn when she found him. His shirt was gone and it took her breath to see the nearly naked black man. Her pussy got wet just thinking about being fucked by him again.

"Willie. He turned as she came into the barn hallway. His cock never failed to get hard each time he saw her. This was what gave him and Donna away to Todd. Donna moved to him and stood on her toes and pulled his mouth down to hers. It was the first time they had kissed since Todd came home. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her. Her hand went down to it and slid inside his shorts to take hold of him.

"Willie, I want you again. Come on up to the house."

"Now Miss Donna? Ain't Mr. Todd at home?"

"No he is gone for the day. Come on with me."

"You sure? What if Mr. Todd comes back?"

"You don't have to worry about Todd. I need you now."

Willie followed her but he was reluctant. He knew he could be in big trouble if Mr. Todd should come home. Only his desire for her made him forget the chance he was taking.

Donna didn't waste any time stripping her clothes off and helping Willie get naked with her. She lay back and looked at the huge cock that had pleased her so often and knew that it was hers for as often as she wanted. Her legs fell apart and he watched her cunt open to him. Nothing could have stopped him from entering her. With one smooth move he bottomed out in her blond cunt.

He never knew when Todd came in the room. Donna was fucking him as fast and as hard as he was pounding her. Todd pulled up a chair behind Willie and watched as the big black cock plowed into his wife's white cunt. His cock was hard as he pulled it out and stroked it in time to the fucking of his wife and her black lover.

They all climaxed together. Willie poured his load deep in Donna and she went over the edge. Todd saw him stop and shoot his juice in his wife's pussy and he shot his juice all over the room.

Donna was the first to recover. She looked over and saw her husband with his cock in his hands. She could tell that he had shot his juice as he watched. She pulled Willie back close to her and whispered in his ear. "Can you go again?"

"Yes Mam."

"Then fuck me again."

"When will Mr. Todd be home? I don't want him to catch us."

"Willie would you like to fuck me anytime you wanted?"

"Yes Mam!"

"Then don't worry about Todd. He doesn't mind if you and I get together like this."

"Mam, how do you know that?"

"Because it was his idea for you to fuck me today. Willie, look behind you."

His cock was completely hard again when she told him to look. He turned his head and saw Todd setting in a chair watching him. He almost turned white with fright. He would have pulled away from her but her legs had him locked in her. "Mr Todd!"

"Don't worry about me Willie. I think you have a job to finish."

It took a little convincing from Donna but he soon got the idea that it was going to be all right. He started fucking her again and she fucked her white cunt back up to him. Soon he forgot Todd as he fucked away in her cunt. It was only when Todd moved to the edge of the bed and Donna leaned over and took his cock in her mouth that he knew for sure they weren't going to cause him trouble.

Donna sucked Todd off at the same time Willie unloaded in her again. Her climax was just as hot as any she had ever had.

The rest of the night was spent with one or the other in her cunt and the other in her mouth. Never in her deepest thoughts had Donna thought Todd would like to see her being fucked by another man. Let alone a big black man. If Todd was happy with this she sure was.

Todd took the job with the Guard and was gone several weeks at a time. When he left Willie would move back in the bedroom with Donna. Donna was the happiest of them all. She was having the best sex in her life. Sometimes with one of them or both of them. She couldn't get enough and neither could they.

Later it came to the point that Willie slept in the same bed with them. They traded for a king size bed where they had plenty of room for what took place there. Often Todd would wake up to see Willie over his wife as he fucked away. If he were in the mood he would join them. Other times he would just lay back and go to sleep. All three were completely satisfied with the arrangement. Most of all Donna.

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