His Cajun Moon Ch. 05


"Naw, not right now catin. As much as I want to cock pressed inside you as deep as I would go, we can't. Because once we start, I not going to stop until the pleasure for you becomes so much that you pass out again" he said as he slowly slid his hand into the back of my shorts and cupped my bare ass. His words and actions made cream coming from my pussy slide down my thigh. Ray nostrils flared and he let out a torturous moan. After a few seconds he backed away.

"Don't worry my mate, I'll make sure you are nice and taken care of later on" he said softly patting my ass.

"Now go sit on one of those bags and watch your man catch you the best catfish you gone ever have in your life" I shivered a little as my body slowly went back to normal. Then I climbed in the bed of the truck and went to sit on one of the beanie bag chairs resting against a large cooler. Getting comfortable I turned to Ray who was slowly wading in his through shallow water.

"So why is catching this fish more important than us pleasuring one another?" I asked stretching my legs out and putting my hands behind my head. Ray chuckled a little.

"Well catin I not only do I want your physical appetite to be satisfied, I want your hunger satisfied as well. And I make the best catfish Coubillion in Lousianne.


After I caught more fish for the Evie's welcoming party, I looked around for an unlucky gator so I could also make her some gator gumbo but it seemed it seemed that there self-preservation was high today. When I made it back to the truck I couldn't help but stare at my mate. At how beautiful she was lying in the back of the truck with the sunrays kissed her skin making her glow. My heart began to beat faster and my wolf began to pace in my mind.

"Mount her. Mount her and bite her now! Human, why are you pussyfooting around? Take her now and make her completely ours."

"Not so simple wolf. We have to be patient. You know that Luna would bestow millions of blessings upon our union if we complete the mating under the Cajun moon. Be easy. She will be ours."

When my wolf slowly sank into the back of my mind, I returned my attention back to my mate. She was now humming idly while playing with her hair. Having her arms above her head made her shirt rise up. Showing off her toned flat stomach and her short shorts showed off her shapely thighs. Just thinking about the treasure nestled between them had my mouth watering and heart beating a little faster.

I let out a low growl, which made her open her eyes and look straight at me. Evie sat up and began to crawl towards me on her hands and knees.

"Ray, are you done fishing?" She asked as she came to kneel in front of me. All I could do was just nod my head when she began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. Once they around my ankles, she nuzzled my pubic hair inhaled deeply and moaned. That made my dick jump up and lightly hit her against the cheek. A giggle escaped her mouth a second before she started to run the tip of her tongue from the base to tip. The touch was light, but I could feel my balls tightening. A liquid pearls formed at the head cock. Bringing her lips together, she ran her lips back and forth across coating them in my essence. She was marking herself as mine. My wolf growled in satisfaction. She didn't look up at me; no she just sucked me into her hot scolding mouth. All I could do was throw my head back and let out a joyous moan. Slowly Evie took me inch by torturous inch. She would take me in a little then suck back up and twirl her tongue around the tip then suck back down. All the while she had one hand at the base of my cock doing this pumping twisting action as her other hand was gently but firmly massaging my balls.

This went on continuously and I reached new pleasurable heights that I had never been to with a woman. Every action she was taking was sending sparks of pleasure through out my whole being. I looked down to see my cock disappear between her luscious lips and I right then and there I almost gave into the overwhelming feeling to cum. Then she suddenly released me from her mouth with a loud pop. She licked her way down the underside of my cock when and began to draw figure eights with the tip of her tongue all over my sac. The air left my lungs and I couldn't breathe. It felt so good it was almost starting to become painful.

"Oh God Ray. I love your balls, the taste of you." She said between licks.

"So big and they taste so damn good. Just like your dick. I just want to bask and bask in you essence, your scent. Until I'm over flowing, until there is nothing of me left, until there is only you." With that she suck the left one in her mouth and began to hum and took both over and started to work the furiously up and down on my cock with the same pumping and twisting action as before. Her saliva and the continuous leaking pre cum made it feel like my dick was still in her mouth. I didn't know how much more I could take. She released the left and went to work on the right one. Between that and her words, whatever she did next was sure to make me come. My growls could no doubt be heard all the way back to the big house. But I didn't do nothing to stop them, I didn't quiet myself like normally would. I wanted all shifters within a thousand my radius to know that I was being pleasured my one and only true mate. I wanted all them to know that my bitch was pleasing me. She let my balls go and worked her way back up to sucking my cock as before. It seemed that I wasn't the only affected by her show of passion. Evie's moans where getting loud, or as loud could get with my cock in her mouth and one of her tiny hands disappeared into her shorts. I was about to and take over when it felt ....it felt like I was hitting the back of her throat. Sure enough when I looked down, she had half of me in her mouth and was working furiously to fit the rest.

"Oh Lord catin! Just like that. Don't stop. Please don't ever stop! Just lik-" I touched the back of her throat but this time she kept me there, this time she swallowed, and it felt like the last string that was tying me to this earth was cut. Sliced away and I was floating toward the heavens. Then the tingle started at the top of my head, went down my chest, into my abdomen, raced down my legs, landed in my feet making my toes curl and shot up to my cock releasing the greatest pleasure I have ever known. I felt my seed leave me and rush down Evie's throat making her moan. Hearing her moan in pleasure sent more cum out of me. All the while I was roaring, like one of those pansy ass cat shifters, but I didn't care. Nothing else mattered but the haze of ecstasy I was in.

Evie was slowly sucking me be back down to reality when I finally opened my eyes and looking down at her. Her hand was still moving between her legs and she was licking up all of my cum that managed to escape her mouth. I reluctantly took my cock out of her mouth and she rested her head on my abdomen and began to pant. Feelings, emotions and snippets of her thoughts began to assail me. Once my pleasure began I fade a little, I could feel her more. She had worked her way under my skin and burrowed so deep into my being that I could actually feel the beginnings of the joining. The joining was where half of her soul would forever be printed on half of my own. I reveled in that for a few seconds and then got back to the matter at hand. My catin needed to cum. She needed to cum badly and I was more than happy to oblige.

"So close, I'm so close Ray" she kept whispering into my stomach. I gently took her hand out of her shorts, pushed her back and flipped her over all in a matter of seconds. Only her gasps could be heard now. I was a shifter on a mission. Bending her over the let down tail of the truck put her at the perfect height to receive me. Quickly I ripped her shirt and shorts away. I wanted; no I needed to see all of her as I took her. Without preamble, I sank into her and the feeling that washed over me felt like coming home after being away for a long time.

"Just like that baby! I'm almost there!" Evie shouted as her pussy tightened around me like a vise grip.

"YESSSSSSSSS!" Her pussy juices squirted around my cock and leaked down our thighs. I rammed into her few more times and was about to come when her words stopped me.

"Mhmm. No more. It's too much." Her words made me try to pull out but pussy had itI dead grip on me that I just wanted to sink back in. But instead I just turned her around spread her thighs because I was going to come. Either in her or on her, it didn't matter. She was twitching and moaning and rolling about.

"Look at me catin. Everything that I have, will have, will ever be pales in comparison to the joy and hope that you give me. You're my everything and nothing will change that. I love you." I stroked myself a few more times and came on her pussy lips, stomach, and chest. She moaned and came again too. Taking both my hands, I began to rub my seed into her skin. I rubbed my essence all over her chest, stomach and between her legs. I dipped my wet finger into her rose bud and she nearly came off the truck. I wanted my scent in all her holes so that when people smelled her, they would know she was mine.

"Take me in my mate. Let my seed sink into your skin. Take my essence, take what I am" I whispered against her ear.

"At least you got something right human." My wolf said feeling somewhat sated, all I could do was chuckle to myself. Stepping back a little I watched as her skin turn golden because of the setting rays of the sun. Grabbing the top of her thighs and pulled her to me. Her soft and sensual sighs had me wanting to sink into her again and staying there forever. But I just lifted her to where her head was resting in the middle of my chest. By some miracle, most of her hair was still in the ponytail so I did was just lean her head to the right a little and sank my teeth where I previously bit her. Evie gasped and tried to impale herself on my but I didn't let her. I knew that if I bit her while I was in her my knot would grow and as much as I would love that we really did have to get back to the house. When she calmed down a little I stepped away and kissed her on the lips. We stood there feeding off of each others lust, love, and happiness that went through the bond. The bite made me feel her more and I was beginning to hear whispers of her thoughts.

"Come on catin. We need to get you to your party." I said as I began to dress her. It seemed as if she was in a state of euphoria, virtually putty in my hands. After a few minutes I got everything squared away and got us on the road back home in no time. I couldn't help but sending up thanks to God and Luna for Evie.

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