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His Kitten Again 03


Wow, what can I even say? Thank you so so so very much for your wonderful feedback! I was so excited to see everyone's response to Ch 01, and it encouraged me to keep writing this series. This chapter is what came out of that :) I appreciated every bit of feedback, positive and constructive, and I hope that you'll continue to comment with your thoughts and helpful tips as the series progresses. I read each comment, and considered what you all had to say as I went into this chapter. Something that was mentioned was that the double first person was a bit confusing. I've decided that I'm going to keep the double first person, but in order to differentiate between Alex and Emma, I'll put a small header with their name before their section starts. I hope that helps keep down the confusion! Now, enough of that. Enjoy Ch 03 of His Kitten Again!


Chapter Three


Sunlight filtering through a window roused me from my deep sleep. I groaned softly, turning and burying my face into the pillows encasing me again. They smelled lovely, and I would have been perfectly content to lay there for hours, basking in the completely masculine scent. But, as the sun continued to creep forward, my uncovered legs started to bake, and finally, I rolled over.

And off the bed.

I landed with an unpleasant thud, every part of my body now alive and aching. The soreness from Jordan's beating radiated through every part of my body, and I whimpered.

Damn you Jordan.

Damn you to hell.

I sat on the ground for several long moments, rolling my aching shoulders. A yawn escaped my lips, and I blinked sleepily, looking around the room.

It took me a few minutes to remember everything, but when I did, it all came crashing down in a harsh reality.

Jordan. The baby. Alex. Everything.

I let out a long, loud sigh. Jordan was gone. I didn't know where he'd gone, but he definitely wasn't here. And now, I was in Alex's house, sitting on the floor of his bedroom after waking up in his bed.

Oh dear god. What have I done?

I groaned, leaning back against his bed, and covered my face with my hands. Please don't let this be real, I chanted, please! I closed my eyes tightly, holding them shut for several long moments, pressing my hands harder and harder over my eyes.

I blinked them open.

Nope, I was still here.

It took me a long time to figure out what I should do. The sunlight had reached past the bed and was warming my hair and skin when I finally stood.

I was a little bit shaky on my feet. That was probably in part because I hadn't eaten in god knows how long. I started to stretch a bit, then winced as my sore spots were pulled and jostled. Bad idea.

I wondered fleetingly if Alex would mind if I borrowed his bathroom for a bit. I felt absolutely disgusting, and I needed to shower.

Thinking about the shower brought a faint blush to my cheeks as I thought about the shower I'd taken last night. It had been so incredible soothing, and the feel of the water cascading across my body, caressing away the aches and pains, was sheer bliss.

It's what happened after the shower that was causing me to blush. The way his eyes had traced up and down my body, just like they used to. But it was all so different, and I felt so confused.

Everything that happened last night was so unnerving to me. It was as though we'd both automatically slipped back into our previous roles, and then had to adjust when we figured out that those roles didn't suit our relationship anymore.

It was going to be a struggle to get everything sorted out, and I was scared as to how I was going to handle it. A part of me still loved him. That part of me might be buried deep inside me, locked in a padded cage, and laced up with a straight-jacket, but it was still there. Try as I might, I had never really been able to get my mind off of Alex. Jordan had been a temporary distraction to get me through the heartbreak of losing my Master.

No, he wasn't my Master anymore. I shook myself, and turned my thoughts firmly back to what I was thinking about before. Allowing myself to dwell on Alex wasn't the best idea at this point. We were just friends, I told myself harshly. Nothing more than close friends.

As I stood there, forcing myself to wonder whether or not it would be appropriate to just go and shower without asking him, I noticed a rather large plate of chicken nuggets on the night stand by the bed. My heart fluttered at the thought of Alex placing them there while I slept.

I stressed for a few moments, wondering if I'd looked like an idiot when he came in. I'm not a very pretty sleeper, and I'm known for sprawling out across entire beds with drool trickling down my cheek. I blushed, imagining him seeing me like that. He would tease me endlessly, no doubt.

After a couple of moments, I decided to go down to where I knew Alex was sleeping. He'd always told me that he snored quite a bit, and listening now, I knew that he hadn't been lying. I could hear his snores from a floor away, and they made me snicker just a little bit.

I picked up the plate of uneaten chicken nuggets, carrying them down the stairs with me. They wouldn't be good to eat now, having been out all night, so I quickly disposed of them, feeling guilty for some reason. I hoped that Alex wouldn't want to save them...

I placed the plate in the sink along with a few other dishes, and turned around. Having completed my first task, I urged myself to get on with my second one. Alex was curled on the sofa, a pillow nestled under his head, and a small blanket gathered around his feet, where he'd no doubt kicked it during the night.

I couldn't hold back a smile. Alex was unbelievably attractive, although most people wouldn't notice it right away. I'd spent hours studying his picture when I was his slave, and it was the subtle things that really endeared me to him.

There was the tiniest chip in his front tooth that added a sense of childishness to his grin. His bright blue eyes stood out brilliantly compared to his dark brown hair, but he'd always assured me that both were natural. He tanned impossibly well, so his skin was a soft, sun-kissed caramel color. He only had one dimple, and it only showed when he smiled his biggest smile, but it was one of the things that I loved most about how he looked.

He hadn't changed much at all in the time we'd spent apart. He was still the same, broad-shouldered and tall man that he'd always been. When he first told me how tall he was, it took my breath away. He was more than a foot taller than me, and I'd always loved the idea of him being so much stronger and bigger than I was. His dark brown hair still hung down into his eyes a little bit, and it was adorable. His eyes were closed as he slept, accentuating his long, dark eyelashes. They fluttered a little, and he let out a soft sigh, snuggling his head into the pillow a bit deeper.

Breath, Emma. Get ahold of yourself. You've been around attractive men before, and this should be no different. You need to get your priorities sorted out before you end up hurt again. You and Alex are just friends, nothing more.

I sighed. A nice cold shower would certainly get me out of this funk. At the very least it would clear my thoughts, and god knows I needed that.

I gave Alex one last glance, my eyes tracing over his lovely face, before forcing myself to turn and start up the stairs. Lingering longer wouldn't make anything easier, and I knew that if I didn't go now, I'd have a harder time leaving after a few more minutes of indulgence.

I whisked my way up the stairs and straight into the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind me. The mirror was still not my friend, but things were at least better than they were before. The bruises were still ugly yellow colors, but I knew that meant that they were healing. The ones on my face were the most healed, and I knew that with just a bit of makeup, they wouldn't be visible at all.

When I slid off my shirt, I could still see bruises marring my stomach. The shades looked worse here, and I knew that they weren't nearly as healed as the marks on my face. Jordan had been overly rough the time he'd hit me here, knowing that the bruises would be easy to hide. He did that sometimes. He pushed me beyond what he knew I could handle simply because there was nothing I could do about it, and no one else would ever see.

I sighed, unhooking my bra and letting it slither to the ground. My breasts were probably the most healed of everything, and when I let my hands roam over them, the pain was manageable. Things ached a bit more now though, and I decided that I would probably have to forgo the bra today in order to minimize the pain.

I quickly slipped off my pants and panties, letting them pool on the ground. I didn't bother to look at my legs or ass. I knew that they would be marked up to high heaven, and I didn't want to bother myself with looking at them. My ass ached fiercely, as did the tops of my legs, and briefly I remembered packing away a long skirt into my bag. I would have to put that on later.

I hesitated there for a few seconds, lost in my thoughts. My whole body ached, and I hated that Jordan had made it so I would never forget him. I wanted nothing more than to shed the memories of my time spent with Jordan, but my own body betrayed me in that aspect.

After allowing myself a couple of seconds in the bathroom, thinking, I stepped into the shower. The warm water surrounded me in its embrace, and for the first time in a very long time, I felt content.

As I gently lathered my skin with soap suds, I started to sing, letting the peaceful and calm feeling take me over.


I woke to one of the most beautiful sounds I'd ever heard. Maybe it was an angel serenading me, and for a couple of minutes, I wondered if I'd died and gone to heaven. If so, I wouldn't mind staying. The melodic voice was so relaxing and lovely. I wanted to stay here forever, basking in the warm glow it created.

Finally, I cracked an eye open. I was still at my house, which obviously meant that I unfortunately hadn't made my way to heaven quite yet. The noise was still there, and I finally realized what it was. Someone was singing...

It took a couple of seconds for me to piece things together enough to realize who it was. Emma. That's right, she was a singer. She even acted in a few musicals, going so far as to be cast as a lead in one, while she was my submissive. I always wanted her to sing for me, but whenever I brought it up, she begged out of it. It was a shame that I'd let her, because I'd been missing out on it this whole time.

I stretched carefully, feeling my back pop a few times. Sleeping on the couch hadn't been the best idea that I'd ever had. Yes, it had been necessary, but now I was paying the price. I would be sore for the rest of the day, but at least I hadn't imposed myself on Emma.

Oh Emma. Her voice was stunning. I was a bit surprised to hear her singing, all things considered. Her time spent with Jordan would have had to be traumatizing, and to hear her voice belting out a happy, melodic tune brought a smile to my face. I didn't want her to stop, but I knew that once she got out of the shower, she would. The thought saddened me a bit, and I sat pensive, listening to her slightly muted song.

About five minutes passed before the singing cut off, and the water soon after that. I let out a sigh, already missing its warm presence. I wanted to have her come down here and sing for me again, but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. She'd been so reluctant to sing for me before, and I didn't want to scare her. She was already fragile, and the smallest thing could quite possibly break her.

I settled into the couch, hearing the ceiling above me creak as Emma moved back to my room to get dressed. A small frown crossed over my face as I thought about last night. Seeing her get dressed brought a barrage of pleasant memories, but now I allowed myself to dwell more on the bruises.

It killed me inside, seeing them. I wanted to go after that dick that called himself her Master, and cause him some intense pain. I wanted to strap him down and do so many terrible things that would ultimately lead to his death.

I took a deep breath, clearing my mind. Yes, I hated this fool of a person. It's men like him that teach girls that they should be abused and degraded. Being a dominant is not, and never has been, about causing the highest amount of pain that you can. It's about being in control, and having a specific role. It's about causing pain, yes, but equaling it with the pleasure you dish out to a willing and happy girl.

It's people like that idiot that I hate. Yes, I wanted to do many, many terrible things to him. I hated him with every fiber of my being. But I knew that expressing such hatred would only hurt Emma. I didn't want to do that to her. She didn't deserve that, and I knew that if I showed her how angry I was, it would only confuse her.

Oh Emma.

She's a lovely young lady. One of the kindest I've ever met. The first time we talked, I was certain that it was going to be a one-time fling. I messaged her on a chat sight, eager to get off. The conversation that we had completely floored me.

She was quite possibly everything I never knew that I wanted. A shy virgin that blushed quite becomingly at even the slightest mention of sex, but that was almost desperate to please that she would become my little sex kitten when I wanted her to.

Not only that, but she was rather vocal. It shocked me the first time we played, and at first I almost thought that she was in pain she was moaning and whimpering so loudly. I had her stop, just to make sure. She had always been the type to loathe a safeword, and I worried that she wouldn't use it if she was in pain. When she begged me to let her play again, I couldn't help but laugh. Not only was she not in pain, she was flying with ecstasy. It was beautiful to watch her throw her head back in sheer bliss, and from that moment, I was addicted to watching her in the throes of passion.

She'd been a very devoted slave girl too. Every morning when she woke up, she sent me an email. This email contained her schedule, her outfit, and expressed her delight in being mine. Whenever I requested, she would tweak her outfit to what I enjoyed more—no panties for the day, I want you in something brighter, curl your hair today.

Well, Emma was mostly devoted. There were times when she let her claws out, and when she did, it always gave me something of a rush. She could get rather aggressive over things, especially when she felt like I wasn't taking care of myself. She worried about me constantly, fretting over the fact that she wasn't there to make sure I stayed healthy and ate meals when I needed to. She was very health conscious, and when I didn't do something to her standards, those little claws of hers would come out. She could be fierce, but it only endeared me to her more. She cared so much, and when I didn't commit to the same level of care that she wanted to provide, she worried and nitpicked.

But on the whole, she was entirely submissive. She was willing to try almost anything that I wanted her to, even when it scared her. We worked with anal, and I knew that she didn't really enjoy it very much, but she did it for me. She did everything for me.

It gave me such an overwhelming sense of control. Good lord the feeling was addicting. Knowing my beautiful kitten would be waiting for me on the other side of the computer the second I got home always got me through hard days at work. It was like I was floating.

I groaned, shaking my head. I couldn't let myself think like this anymore. She's not yours, Alex, get used to it. If you want her to be around while she recovers from what that bastard did to her, then you need to calm yourself down and back off!

I repeated that to myself several times to keep my mind from drifting back to the pretty, hurt girl getting dressed in my bedroom. To distract myself, I walked over to the kitchen area, browsing through the options that I had in my refrigerator. Nothing sounded appealing, so I settled on a mug of coffee, like I did almost every morning.

Once it was finished brewing, I sat down at the kitchen table, nursing it. The caffeine buzzed through my system, energizing me and generally making me feel more like myself. It was settling into me a bit more when I heard hesitant feet making their way down the stairs.


I felt nervous for a few seconds, hastily running a hand through my hair. Then I stopped. It's not like Emma's never seen me with my hair mussed in the early morning hours. At least I had coffee, so my personality would be slightly more amiable. Either way, I wasn't trying to impress her or anything. If she didn't like the way I looked, it didn't bother me. That was her fault, not mine. And it didn't matter, because I didn't care.

Yeah. Keep telling yourself that buddy.

I waited impatiently as she made her way slowly down the stairs. I couldn't tell if she was just nervous, or if there was another thing causing her cautious steps. I hoped she was only being shy, and that the marks her idiotic former Master had given her weren't hindering her movement this much.

Finally, she made it to the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't keep the smile from my face when she peeked her head around the corner, looking for me in the kitchen. She must have smelled the coffee brewing.

As she walked over to me, her trademark shy smile brightening her face, I scooped up a mug and filled it with coffee for her. She took a seat next to me, and I passed her the coffee. The mug nestled into her small hands, and she blew softly on it to cool it down a little.

While she was seemingly engrossed in her coffee, I took the time to admire her. She was a truly beautiful girl, in every sense of the word. She had lovely, long brown hair that reached down her body in an entirely enticing way. Her big brown eyes seemed to dominate her face, but they were constantly warring with her shy, demure smile. Her breasts were knockouts, large but completely suited for her slender body. And she was so little. Sometimes I worried that she would be too fragile, but she seemed to be able to handle almost anything I dished out.

Her outfit was spectacular too, and I couldn't help but smile. She wore a long, flowing black skirt that reached clear down to her ankles. Her blouse was loose, but I felt as though she wore that to disguise the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. It kind of worked, but I'd seen her both with and without a bra enough times that I could tell both ways.

"How did you sleep?" She asked, breaking the silence. I felt a little bit uncomfortable, knowing that I'd just been checking her out. I chanced a glance up at her face, and was glad to see that she hadn't seemed to notice. The silence had probably felt a little bit overbearing to her, that's all.

"Ah... it was alright." I figured the less I said, the less likely she would be to realize that I was lying through my teeth. Going vague would be my best bet, and I just prayed and hoped that it worked.

She instantly creased her brow, setting down her coffee mug and frowning at me. "You didn't sleep well at all, did you?"

I shrugged noncommittally, not wanting to meet her eyes.

"Why didn't you just sleep in the bed with me?" Her voice was curious, but I thought that I might be able to detect a hurt undercurrent. I let out a long sigh, not entirely sure how to answer.

"Emma... I would have preferred sharing the bed with you, to be honest. But I didn't want to make anything uncomfortable by assuming that either of us would be okay with it. It was easier to sleep down here on the couch and know that I could wake up in the morning knowing that I hadn't done anything to take advantage of you." It all came out in a rush, and I blushed a little bit. I hoped that she understood where I was coming from.

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