tagSci-Fi & FantasyHis One And Only Drug

His One And Only Drug


From his room the sounds of the bar were a dull buzz as he lay on a bed large enough to accommodate his six foot 8 form. Lean an muscular Edward Dante lounged with one hand behind his blonde haired head, but the other was busy. Nothing covered his long form, old scars crossing it here and there. The busy hand was currently sliding down his stomach, over the dark wiry hair of his groin it moved until he clutched his male member, large even half flaccid, though it would not be so limp for long.

Skillfully his hand moved up and down on it and his breathing became ragged as fingers slid along the underside. Soon it stood hard and firm, nearly 11 inches long, and thick, so thick that the small hand suddenly wrapped around it with his could not fully encircle it. Though Namea's fingers were long,they could not fully grip the brute power of his manhood and she smiled at him. Long lashed crimson eyes gleamed in the semi darkness he'd created by drawing his blinds, and he looked at her with wide eyes. He'd not even heard the assassin enter.

With graceful movements she continued his actions, taking his hand away from himself as she crawled over him and straddled his body with her own tiny one. At five foot nothing she almost appeared a child beside the huge man, but Dante knew all too well that she was no innocent little girl. She was a creature ancient in age, but her face could have been on a 19 year old woman and her body was firm. At the moment that body was all Dante could think about, and his hard rod twitched in her direction as if to illustrate that exact point.

She was naked, and pale breasts pressed against his chest as her mouth met his hotly, slender tongue darting and probing for his own as he suddenly pulled her down against him. One large hand rested on her back while the other moved down her naked torso teasingly. Something smooth, soft, and gloriously wet brushed against the head of his cock and he looked down to watch her slowly moving her soaked nether lips against his full lenth but not allowing him to penetrate. In perfect mimicry of sex she moaned, moving faster on him while he simply slid harmlessly against her from clit to anus, forbidden the bliss of her full sex just yet.

A noise drew his eyes to her doll-like face and he almost chuckled aloud at the pure lusting pleasure painted there. From this taunting act of foreplay she was soaking up pleasure, and a distinct musky aroma rose from her in her need. The hand on her back slid down and around, cupping her breast and toying one small nipple between his fingers as his mouth slid to cover the other, tongue slowly lapping at it. Her moans grew a bit more frequent and his other hand slid down slowly until his thumb was rasping over the swollen nub of her clit, pinching and teasing it into submission until he felt a flood of liquid on his hardness. Without even realizing it, he'd made her climax once already.

With Namea this gave him the upper hand, she was as ferocious and competitive in sex with him as she was in her career of killing for profit, so he knew she enjoyed it as he rolled, forcing her under him. Bucking his hips against her his thick shaft slapped her wet lower lips lightly and his long thick finger suddenly slid into her with all the force he dared use against this seemingly fragile woman. An excited gasp escaped her and immediately she thrust her hips up, welcoming his finger and forcing it deeply into her before he added another. Her hips rotated as she thrust and her moans grew in lust as his lips ran across her pale neck.

Lightly he bit her, sucking on the skin while his fingers pleasured her, and her hand continued to tease him, but he could take no more and he knew she wanted him now when she came again on him, her second orgasm sending more fluids out to coat his hand. Smiling he slid the fingers from her and lightly brought them to his lips.

Those fluids were sweet in his mouth as he licked his fingers and he needed to taste more, wanting her to be empty and dry of all but his saliva when he took her. His body moved down hers and his tongue slowly licked into her, swirling over her clit, sucking on it, then shafting into her like a spear, licking and sucking the juice he craved so badly. His cock throbbed once, twice, and he knew it would take no more teasing.

Moving back up he mounted her and forced her legs open roughly with his hand before he suddenly thrust into her, hard and fast with no warning. He felt the stretch of her as she fought to take in all of his immense size and he bucked his hips again, forcing the rest in as he felt the head of his shaft collide with the hard plate of her cervix. Her moans were sharp and loud, almost painful, yet full of longing and pleasure as she thrust up at him hard. Giving her what she wanted he rode her roughly, thrusting at high speed but going deeply each time and she arched her back, moaning loudly, then quietly until she was reduced to whimpers of pleasure under him.

His muscle tensed and he knew as he slid inside of her that release was coming, but he refused to let it happen until she was once more forced into an orgasmic submission. Her hot flood soon found its way around his mighty cock and he groaned as he shot inside of her deeply, watching their mixed liquids drip from her. Pulling from her he grinned and slid up to her, kissing her hard on the mouth as his fingers once more slid into her, swirling the juices and teasing her, but not giving her the sublime pleasure of him.

Panting beneath his bulk the tiny assassin slid downwards, suddenly forcing him onto his back and licking his flaccid member. Mixed juices met her tongue and she moaned quietly, letting herself tease over the eye and making sure she got every speck of liquid from him.

A deep moan alerted her and she looked down to see his member, hard once more, its veined surface inviting her as she sucked it slowly into submission. She knew he'd come again soon and grinned. Straddling him suddenly she began riding him as hard as he'd ridden her, his cock thrusting into her as she used powerful strokes of her body to control him. The orgasms came together this time and she collapsed atop him with his member buried still in her wet cavern.

Kissing her deeply but gently he smiled and stroked her cheek but she just winked at him.

"I'm Still not done."

With wide eyes he watched as she rocked on him back and forth, thrusting the flaccid penis inside of her until once more it was a hard rod, working for her ultimate pleasure.

Dante just smiled and held her close, writhing with her in sexual addiction, she always had been his one an only drug.

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