tagSci-Fi & FantasyHis World - School Ch. 03

His World - School Ch. 03


Jake walked down the long hallways of Northtown College, ready for some more sex. After all, it had been 5 minutes since he'd fucked someone. That's way to long. Like the time it takes to get to the moon and back.... sorta.

Soon, he entered his art class, where the elegant Mrs. Wales stood near her England -style podium. She was the tallest teacher he had at 6"6. Her perky C-cup tits bounced around as she walked. Although her breasts weren't as big as most other teachers', she had one thing only one person rivaled: her great ass. It was shaped perfectly, like two full moons. Two, round, huge Caucasian moons.

Jake sat near the front of the room, almost drooling to get his hands on that great ass.

"Today we will be learning techniques to draw nude profiles. I need a volunteer." Jake immediately rose his hand. "Jake."

Jake went to the platform and waited for instructions. Mrs. Wales told him to strip off hid clothes so that the class could sketch him. Within seconds he was fully nude.

Some girls eyed his 11 inch dick and started to turn red. Mrs. Wales even blushed herself and tried to fight off the urge to give him some head.

Tawny Wales gave the class tips on how to draw the features with careful detail. Jake soon hot bored of standing there and signaled for Mrs. Wales to come near him. When she was near enough, Jake took her head into his grasp and rubbed his boner against her slender face. It was so smooth, it felt as if he were rubbing his dick against a bed of silk. He rubbed his balls against her mouth until she opened up, teabagging her.

Now she was horny. She grabbed his cock and started stroking it as she sucked on his large balls. Her tongue skillfully wrapped itself around his nuts, making Jake moan with delight. "That's right, Tawny. Just like that."

The students were vigourously drawing the erotic scene on their sketchpads, especially the girls.

Precum was soaking Tawny's face and hands as she continued to be teabagged and stroked his penis. "Enough of that, " said Jake. He carried Tawny up on top of the platform. He French kissed her and started to rub her pussy, concealed by a pair of worn jeans. The kiss lasted several minutes. By the time it was over, Tawny had taken off her jeans and Hake's hand was inside her panties. The floor was soaked with precum.

Jake tore off her top and played with her tits. His dick was rubbing against her soaked panties. He groped her perky melons hard and sucked on her nipple even harder. The taste of breastmilk splashed onto his tongue.

That did it. Jake was now in Full-on-fuck mode.

He ripped off Tawny's panties and plowed her HARD. She screamed with pleasure as his huge dick smashed against the back of her pussy. He grabbed her tits as they bounced up and down while Tawny reached her limit and entered her orgasm.

At the same time, they came. Tawny's pussy overflowed with love juice. Jake squirted out all the gum he had left from his orgasm and shot it all over her tits.

"FUCK ME HARDER!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her tits were bouncing everywhere. Jake squeezed her ass as he pounded her pussy harder and harder.

He couldn't control himself anymore. He entered another orgasm and fucked her as hard as he possibly could.

He took his cock out and sprayed his cum all over her tits. Now Tawny's tits were white with cum. She grabbed her right tit and started sucking the cum off of it.

"Delicious," she said erotically. "69 me, baby." And so he did.

He placed his huge dick inside her mouth and started eating her pussy. She moaned as she deepthroated him.

"Your pussy is fucking delicious," said Jake as he continued to eat her out. Her pussy tasted like strawberries. Very wet strawberries. He dug his tongue as deep as he could into her vagina and suddenly, she came. Even her cum tasted good. He drank as much of it as he could and returned the favor ans came in her mouth.

At last, the time he was waiting for. She bent over the table andgave him a breathtaking view of her marvelous ass. He didn't hold back.

He started eating her asshole and fingered it. Her ass was tight as fuck. He jammed his dick into her ass and felt the amazing tightness of it. It squeezed his dick to the point of him reaching his orgasm. He pounded her amazing ass as hard as he could. All the while, the students kept drawing the sex scenes. Some girls were even masturbating.

She reached her climax and came once more. Jake did the same. They were exhausted from the hard sex. They came close and started making out.

Suddenly, the bell rang. The lunch bell. Time to eat.

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