When she had packed for the trip, Jessie had no idea what to expect. The excitement of finally getting to meet him after so long had prompted her to go on a shopping spree, and as a result she had a suitcase full of sexy underwear and half of her wardrobe. She didn't know quite what kind of weather to expect so she had mixed her outfit choices, but she knew what suited her and made sure that everything she packed was going to show her off to her best advantage. She wasn't a particularly tall woman at 5'5, and she may have had more curves than she really wanted, but that didn't matter. He found her beautiful and made her feel desirable and that's all that mattered to her.

Now, stepping off the plane, she feels an overwhelming sense of freedom. She supposed she should feel nervous, maybe even a little frightened, after all she hasn't met him before, but all she feels is excitement and a sense of everything being right. She spots him as she walks over to the baggage handling area and smiles as their eyes meet. As his lips curl up into a grin, she feels the punch of it curling deep in her belly. He looks so happy to see her that for a minute all she can do is stand staring at him as she tries to catch a breath.

Finally she manages to move, spotting her luggage and pulling it off the conveyor before walking towards him. He holds a hand out to her to take the suitcase and as she relinquishes her hold on it, their hands brush against each other shooting heat down her arm. She is amazed at how aroused she is already just having seen him, they haven't yet spoken a word to each other, but as she looks up into his eyes she can tell the feeling is mutual.

"Jessie" he says, dropping the case and stroking his fingers down her cheek slowly "I'm so glad you're finally here."

"Me too Chris." She replies, seconds before his lips come down on hers, drawing her into the most gentle, yet erotic kiss she'd ever experienced. His mouth presses against hers softly as his tongue wraps around her own, the ball of heat in her stomach spreading through her core as she grips his shoulders for support. Reluctantly he pulls away from her, smiling down as she moans a little at the loss.

"Let's go." He says taking her hand. They walked out of the airport, exchanging small talk as they walk to his car. She can feel herself starting to fall asleep as the rhythm of the car lulls her. Looking over she sees him smiling at her.

"When did you last sleep?" he asks.

"Oh about 24 hours ago." She replies laughing.

"Well get some rest, it'll be an hour or so before we reach my place.

She smiles sweetly at him and tilts her seat back, resting her head and closing her eyes. She must have slept as the next thing she knew, Chris was shaking her gently.

"We're here Jessie." He says softly.

Jessie looks around as she steps out of the car, the view is spectacular, just as he had described. She stands for a minute breathing in the air and taking it all in. It seemed so dreamlike that she was actually here. As Chris' arms wrap around her from behind, she leans back into his body and sighs happily.

"You are so lucky to live someplace like this." She says, "This view is completely breathtaking."

"I agree" he replies looking down at her.

Jessie tilts her head, pulling his face down to kiss him slowly and softly, the heat between them increasing and pushing them to deepen the kiss. As she turned in his arms, her breast gently rubs over his chest causing her to moan as her already hard nipple grazes against the fabric of her bra. His hand coming up to pinch the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, tugging it gently as her moans vibrate against his tongue. Once again he pulls away from her, looking down into her flushed face as he takes her hand and leads her into the house. As soon as they step inside he presses her up against the door, tasting her lips again as his hands roam over her body, up and down her sides and over her chest. Lifting her and wrapping her legs around his waist he carries her into the bedroom.

As he lays Jessie down gently onto the bed, he smiles at her and she has to remind herself to breathe. He watches her for a minute, delighting in the blush that flushes into her cheeks and down her neck. Smiling he slides his hands into her shirt and slowly lifts it over her head, happy to see the flush spreading down to her breasts. He couldn't say why that splash of colour against her pale skin arouses him so much but all he can think of is taking her then and there. Stepping back, he fists his hands, reminding himself to be slow. He wanted to pleasure her, needed to pleasure her. She looks so beautiful that he was mesmerised, her eyes holding his even as he knew she was embarrassed by his undivided attention.

Walking slowly around the bed, he lifts his own shirt off and throws it into the corner of the room, smiling as he sees her eyes flicker over his chest and down his stomach. When she brings them back to meet his, the lust he sees there snaps what was left of his self control. Straddling her on the bed he crushes his mouth back to hers, reaching around to unclasp her bra as his tongue wraps around hers, demanding more as finally he releases her breasts and takes them into his hands. As his fingers pull and pinch at her nipples, her hands run down his body, circling over his chest and downwards before sliding into the waistband of his jeans. Her fingers unfasten his jeans as he reluctantly pulls away enough to stand and slide them off along with his boxers. As her eyes fasten on him, he lifts her hips from the bed and pulls off her trousers and panties. His eyes roaming over her, lingering on the dampness glistening on her pussy lips.

He leans over the bed and runs his tongue slowly up her leg, lingering on her knee as he looks up into her face. As his tongue continues, running wetly up her thigh he hears her suck in a breath as he approaches the wetness he is desperate to taste. His hands move to her hips, holding her still as his tongue runs along her slit, opening her as he pushes between her lips, moaning at the taste of her and she shivers beneath him, her soft whimpers driving him on. As he presses his tongue flat against her, dragging it up her slit, he feels her hand come to the back of his head, holding him against her as his mouth closes over her throbbing clit.

As his tongue flicks roughly over her, her back arches and her moans deepen, driving him crazy as he pushes her on. His teeth graze lightly over her as her hand fists into his hair and her hips rise, pressing his face against her. He can feel her wetness on him as he releases her clit and runs his tongue back down her, opening her up and plunging into her. He presses his tongue deep into her, swallowing her juices as they flow down his tongue and into his mouth, feeling her body shaking as her breath releases in sobs, smiling against her mound as he pinches and twists her clit in his fingers, desperate to drive her to the brink.

Jessie's head falls back as Chris continues his assault on her, sobbing breathlessly as she pushes his face against her. Her body on fire as he ruthlessly works her hard, oversensitive clit, his tongue deep inside of her, rubbing over her walls as she cries his name. Her hips rise off the bed further, her mind empty of everything but the feelings he is awakening in her. Her eyes half closed she screams out his name as her body shatters, feeling his groan against her pussy as her juices flow freely and he drinks them down, still rubbing relentlessly over her clit as the spasms take over her body, his hands and tongue sending aftershocks through her as he pulls out his tongue and runs it tenderly up and down her slit and over her clit.

Chris's arms come around her, pulling her close as the brutal orgasm fades and her body stops shuddering. He kisses her lips tenderly as he thrusts his throbbing cock deep inside of her, making her cry out again at the feeling of him filling her. Jessie grips his arms as the kiss becomes more frenzied, her hips meeting his with every long deep thrust he makes. Her head falls back as his mouth moves to her neck, her moans vibrating in her throat as he licks down and gently sinks his teeth into her shoulder, pulling her body against his and lifting her hips higher to ram into her. His body slick against hers as he pulls his cock out to the tip and slams himself fully in, repeating this over and over as he hears her cry out, feeling himself hitting deep inside of her, losing control of himself as the feel of her takes him over. Her pussy grips him tightly, pulling him back into her as she pulls his face back to hers, kissing him hard as she wraps her legs around his hips and pulls him close. The feel of their pelvises pressed together, hearing her suck in a breath as he holds himself deep in her, turning him on so ridiculously that he moves hips in slow circles, keeping them pressed together as his cock rubs inside of her.

Jessie moans and shudders as she feels his cock rubbing against her inner walls, biting his lip as he presses over her gspot, unable to hold back the moans as he smiles, feeling her tightening around him and teasing her mercilessly as her moans turn to incoherent whimpers. He presses his ear to her mouth, hearing her begging him for more, as he looks down into her face his heart skips and he pulls out to thrust hard into her. Watching as her eyes flutter closed and she bites her own swollen bottom lip. He falters for a moment in the look of her, flushed and aroused under him, and as she opens her eyes and they latch onto his, he realises he's lost. Opening his mouth to speak, he loses his train of thought as she smiles sweetly and thrusts her hips up to meet his. He took her cue, slamming himself hard into her, smiling as she quietly begged for more, for him to go harder and deeper.

She was so small he had been afraid to hurt her but seeing her face and hearing her moan spurs his arousal. He kneels over her, his cock just inside of her as he lifts her legs over his shoulders, smiling as he feels the angle of entry shift and watching her eyes widen as he thrusts his hips forward, groaning as her hot wetness draws him in deep. He looks down at her, stroking her damp hair off of her face as she cries out, her breasts bouncing as his hips slam against hers and his hands go under her to lift her higher. He can feel how swollen and hot she is as his cock rubs and presses over her gspot, her moans and whimpers coming faster as she tightens more and he feels her juices coating him. He leans over her, fucking her hard as his mouth crushes back down onto hers, his hips pounding against her as she grips his shoulders and meets him thrust for thrust, a long deep moan coming from her as he feels her shatter under him.

He groans as she clamps around his cock like a vice, burying his face in her shoulder as her body convulses and he feels her juices running down his shaft. He feels his balls tightening as he continues to pound himself into her, her breathless moans driving him on as every thrust of his hips sennds a new wave of pleasure through her. She raises her hips, knowing he is close as she pulls him into her, her nails raking gently down his back as he cries out, burying his face and kissing her neck as he releases his load into her.

Jessie holds him as his body shudders, kissing his head as she strokes her hands down his back. As his body goes limp he rolls over, pulling her with him to rest against him so as not to hurt her with his weight. As they lay together, their breathing slowly returning to normal, he lifts her chin and gives her a slow, tender kiss. As their lips meet, she runs her hand softly over his chest, sighing contentedly. She leans forward and kisses him again, smiling against his mouth as he pulls a blanket over her shoulders, holding her close as she falls asleep.

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