tagIllustratedHoliday Inn, Rochester

Holiday Inn, Rochester


Saturday, 12/01/13: 2:15 p.m. -- 8:34 p.m.

I hooked up with my favorite couple in upstate Rochester once again. A good thing we found ourselves in Cuckoldspace.net. Ever since I deleted my former Yahoo mail box, I couldn't find a means of getting at them, but as luck would have it, we found ourselves again. The hubby, Robert, and I exchanged cell numbers and have been calling each other back and forth since the New Year began. Our last outing together with the wife was last year in August. He wanted me to swing by their city once again and give him and the wife the same treatment I gave them the last time. And if you know me, then you know that's just what I love doing, and I'm not about to say no to such an offer. Especially when it's coming from couple's who're real, not fake idiots who waste my time talking to me and not really saying nothing new at all.

According to Robert, his wife, Jennie, had missed me terribly. She's a true slut who loves nothing but black cock, and loves it when she can get to share one with her cuck hubby. Talking with her over the phone always gets me hard and going.

I made the trip to upstate NY last Saturday. Had to leave my apartment here in New York City and brave the cold early morning wind at 5:00 a.m., to make it to the Greyhound bus station at Penn Avenue. Didn't take long after I'd paid my ticket before we were up and running. It hadn't snowed in the city since before New Year's Eve, and it was a surprise to see miles and miles of laden snow as the bus went past Binghamton and Syracuse, making a couple of stops along the way. I arrived Rochester a little past 2:00 p.m., and a taxi dropped me off at the Holiday Inn down on Brooke Avenue close to the airport where I'm made a reservation. I called Robert to let him know I'd arrived and he promised coming along with the wife later in the evening.

It wasn't that long a wait, but when you've got excitement building up inside you, a short wait can sometimes seem like a pretty long one. The appointed hour arrived and I got a knock on my room door and there they were. It was a great feeling seeing the wife again after our months apart. She too had missed me and we sat down and caught up with ourselves, kissing and making out while her cuck boi hubby went about setting up his camera on a tripod stand and connecting the cable to the feed of his laptop to record. I helped Jennie out of her clothes, made her comfortable while my hands ran all through her body, knowing I'd missed every inch of it so much, and she too got down to wanting more. He kissed. I played with her tits and sucked on each one, and then gave her my black cock to taste, because I knew that was what she wanted. She didn't pretend about it, either. She kept mouthing off at her hubby at what a great gift she had in her mouth right now; hubby went back and forth filming and taking snapshots of us together.

Jennie's pussy tasted good too when I came down from the bed and started eating her out. She was creaming over my face so bad, moaning like crazy, too. The fucking got underway and it felt good being back inside that pussy again. Hubby wanted a taste, and as I'd promised him repeatedly over the phone, and through our frequent text messages, that I certainly will cuck him when I see him again just like I did to him the last time, I wasn't going to spare him this time.

"Get over here, cuck boi!" I snapped at him.

He handed me his camcorder to film him get down on his knees and worship my cock just as his wife had. Jennie loved the sight of him sucking me; it always got her excited. Cuck boi really knew how to use his mouth, too. I got the wife off the bed and she too came down on her knees and took my cock from her hubby's mouth and played with it as well. I kept telling them to suck me good. I grabbed the back of their heads and kept forcing them to eat my dick. The wife rolled my cock in her mouth while her cuck hubby sucked on my balls and licked my ass. I got the wife back on the bed and fucked her some more. She wouldn't stop hollering for it; hubby in the background cheered me on to fuck her...to give her that black cock, which she's been wanting for long.

I got them to suck me off once again, and Jennie allowed her cuck boi to suck me off till I cum; she wanted to feel my cum in her mouth. I came in the cuck boi's mouth and he shared it with her. I still had more spurts left and Jennie came over and sucked me clean.

The evening wasn't over for us. Though they weren't there to spend the night with me (I would have loved having the wife for the night though; hubby could have always returned home to be with the kids), but she complained maybe next time.

We lay in bed, she and I, laughing about our sex exercise, and getting to know ourselves more. It had been months since last time I'd been with them, and the feeling was mutual that we'd missed each other. The cuck hubby talked about me relocating up to Rochester, at least to be close by so the wife could easily be spending as much time with me, especially whenever she got off work. It's too bad it was still winter time; it gets pretty cold in upstate NY, especially this month.

I couldn't stop playing with Jeannie's tits. We kissed and I sucked on her tits while her hubby alternated between eating her pussy once more, and cleaning my cock for further traces of semen.

Eventually we got up and put on some clothes and went downstairs to a room at the back of the complex where the swimming pool and Jacuzzi was at. There were other couples there, but I didn't care. In fact, cuck hubby acted more as a servant to us while we made like we were on our honeymoon. Jennie and I sat in the Jacuzzi and we made conversation with other couples who were in the tub with us while underneath the water I fingered her pussy and asshole. She never stopped moving herself against me; she kept whispered in my ear not to stop, each time my fingers slipped out of her cunt. I reckon the other couples that were there must have noticed something was up. But we didn't care. Even one of the lifeguards in the room saw the way she reclined against me and called over her hubby, Robert. He asked if Jennie was his wife, and replied yes, she was. He asked who I was, and he told him I was the wife's lover. The lifeguard was shocked to hear this. He said this was his first time of ever hearing something like this before. It's no wonder he wouldn't stop looking at me even when Jennie and I packed up our towel and returned back to my room.

We still had ourselves an hour left, and we used the time to get some more fucking done. It felt good and easy-going this second time, and longer, too. Both Jennie and Robert had me prisoner on the bed, both of them took turns sucking my cock, and my balls, too. Most times they even fought over it.

I fucked Jennie some more. This slut has the most amazing ass, and she sure knows how to use it. Hubby cleaned up her pussy while she rode me. I did cum twice, once in her hubby's mouth and the second in hers.

It felt bad when they packed up to leave. I hope I'll still be here in the summer so I can pay them a visit again, and hopefully get the wife to stay overnight this second time around.

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