tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHollywood Benefits Ch. 3

Hollywood Benefits Ch. 3


Editor’s Note: I’m not from New York City, nor have I ever been there, so if my driving scheme seems impossible, just bare with it please.

When we last spoke, we were just exiting April of 2002 and entering May of 2002. I have some “Get-Togethers” that occurred in May and June of 2002 to speak of later on, 3 to be exact, but I actually wanted to derail those plans for my current situation at hand. You see I, right now at this exact moment, am sitting in a chair on my laptop inside a luxurious New York City Penthouse. I am here to do a big entertainment story on the brand-new season of “Sex In The City” and a side interview with Sarah Jessica Parker about her upcoming baby. This is a big story for the L.A. Times and it is going to be my ass if I don’t get the job done the way they want it done. Of course I was ecstatic to be here for the show for one main reason, and it wasn’t because of a damn baby. I’ll get to that later on though, as what I wanted to happen, did happen just 24 hours ago, but let’s start from the beginning.

It started on July the 8th, when I walked in that Monday Morning there was a note on my desk that the “Big Kahuna” wanted to see me ASAP. The “Big Kahuna” that I’m referring to is of course the man in charge of the L.A. Times, Bob Stapp. I didn’t know if seeing him was going to be a good thing or a bad thing, but usually when Bob wants to see me, it’s because he’s got a big thing cookin’ and he wants me to be involved in it, so I took that to heart as I entered his office.

I sat in front of Bob who had the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly in front of him, the one with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Ms. Gellar, I thought, what a damn good job she did in Cruel Intentions. Anyways, I focused back on Bob and he began to speak. “Will, it’s real simple. Sex In The City premiers their new series on July 21st. I want you to go to New York from the 15th through the 19th, go to their set, get interviews with everyone, the times have all been set, makes sure you get a big story on Sarah Jessica, and then report back here on the 20th and get me something that can be posted for a big story on them on the 22nd, when everyone will be talking about the season premier.” Hmm…not a bad idea at all. Of course I was more then willing to go and 1 name was the reason why. Kristin Davis. I told the boss I was the man for the job and off I was.

It was the 14th and I flew a 1:36(why not 1:35?) flight out of L.A.X. to La Guardia, due in at a time unconceivable time, but I just spent the flight in a deep sleep, just thinking of Kristin. My dear Charlotte needed me, I felt. I landed in New York at whatever time it was; I couldn’t care less and automatically got my directions to my hotel by none other then my limo driver that Bob had provided for me during my N.Y. trip. I got to my hotel, let the busboys take all my stuff out of the trunk, without me even stepping out, I’d check-in later, and had my driver send me straight to “The World In Times Square”, also known as WWE New York. I’m a huge Wrestling fan, and finally got my chance to eat in the restaurant, play some games and buy a crapload of Shopzone Merchandise. When I was satisfied with my journey at the restaurant, I headed to the Hotel, Checked in, ordered Orange County on PPV, Jack Black is a GOD, and fell fast to sleep as Monday was a big day.

Monday morning rolled around, wake-up call at 8:45 AM and I had to be at the set at 1 in the afternoon, so after everything, I arrived at the set maybe 5 minutes early and they were filming a scene with Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and Kim Cattrell (Samantha) sitting on the porch of Carrie’s house talking about Samantha’s current love in the show Richard. My 1st interview was actually with Mrs. Cattrell, but all the while I was looking for Kristin Davis. The director called “CUT!” and they were given a break as Sarah had an interview with People Magazine to do too, so I was lead to a chair that was facing one that said “Kim” on it. Kim walked behind me and gave me a rub on the shoulder to know she was there and asked how I was doing. I said I was fine and quite honored to be able to interview her. No matter her age, she looked damn good in person. She was wearing a tight pink shirt with a knee length denim skirt with a slit in the middle. We started talking about how she’s blunt about sex on the show, and how she likes the progress of the show, etc. etc. etc. Overall it was a really good, laid-back interview, and those usually always allow the best information to come out. I thanked her for her time and then the cast went to lunch and I was done with Day 1 of Sex In The City.

I spent the rest of Monday roaming the city of New York, I even got an Interview with Carson Daly when I visited the MTV Studios, as he had just finished a live TRL show when I got there, so I got an interview with him, and I’m going to send it out on Tuesday to have someone edit it and post it in the paper for me by Friday. I then went back to WWE New York or “The World” as they call it now and watched the RAW program, which I thought, was one of the best of the year. I arrived at my hotel at about 11 and called it a night. Cynthia Nixon was tomorrow and Ms. Kristin Davis was just the day after!

Tuesday was the same routine as Monday, a Spanish Omelet for breakfast, some organizing of notes, I have to be honest, Cynthia, who plays Miranda on the show, is probably the character I like the least and wasn’t really looking forward to the interview, but I am a professional, so I came prepared. This day we were headed for Central Park where most of the shooting would take place. I watched as Miranda and her guy counterpart Steve talked about her baby and how it’s detracting from her life and friends. After they were done with it all, I was shown to my interview station and Mrs. Nixon appeared and I basically wanted to get this over with as fast as possible, but I gave her questions that would look good on paper, no matter the length of time I spent with her. I asked how they decided to go with the baby angle and her thoughts on all her co-actresses and her nomination for best supporting actress for The Emmy’s. She was real insightful, but I could not get myself to act interested and mercifully, it was over. As I was leaving the set, I got the greatest I could’ve gotten that week. Wednesday would be an off day for the ladies, and I had been told by a producer of the show, I believe, that Kristin insisted that we meet for an all-day get together tomorrow and that she personally requested a number she could reach me at, later in the night. I gave the producer my personal phone number where she could reach me at anytime, and I told the producer to tell Kristin I’d be looking forward to her call.

Since it was Tuesday night, there really wasn’t anything to see or do so I ended up heading to the Empire State Building and took the sightseeing of the building, damn that’s up high! As I was finishing up, about 9:15, I got a call on my phone, I didn’t recognize the number, but I assumed it was Kristin, and it was. She sounded so sweet on the phone. “Hey. Is this Will who’s interviewing me tomorrow?” “This is he speaking.” “Wow, what a sexy voice.” Hey, this was already turning out great. “Well, I’d really like to spend all day with you tomorrow, and so if you could meet me here (she gave me the address) between 12-12:30, and we’ll have basically to 11 at night, because that’s when the producers want us to stop being out for all kinds of reasons, but judging by your voice, I don’t think the night will end at 11. See you tomorrow!” With that she hung up and I was about as giddy as a kid in a candy store.

Wednesday came around and since it was mainly going to be a meet & greet with Kristin, maybe a small interview, I slept in ‘til 10 in the morning and then ate some brunch and was stuck in a bubble deciding what to wear. I hadn’t a clue what we were going to do or how she would dress, so I just went with what would basically work in any situation. A pair of Khakis, and a nice Polo shirt complemented with some Doc Martins. I left my hotel at about 11:40 and then took the projected 20-25 minute drive to where Kristin was located. We ended up at a very nice New York Penthouse, more or less like what I was in right now, just different structurally, so I went inside and buzzed Kristin’s number. “Is that Will?” I heard her voice say. “Yes it is.” “Just give me one second, I’m picking out my shoes and I’ll be right out.” I was in no hurry, maybe just to get insider her panties, but I didn’t exactly want to count my chickens before they hatch. As I waited on the steps outside, I heard the door open and I turned to see what had to be one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen.

Kristin came out wearing a very nice denim dress that went around her neck and came down a little below mid-thigh with a small slit up the middle. Her beautiful hair flowed freely and she looked just absolutely stunning. I met her ½ way up the stairs and she extended her hand and I took it and kissed it, making the proper introductions complete. I told her we’d be able to take complete control of the limo that the LA Times had provided for us if she wished, but she was actually wondering if I’d be interested in driving her car. I love to drive, so I didn’t have a problem with that, so I told the limo driver to have someone come back with the limo to Kristin’s house at about 11. Kristin then spoke and it made my knees go weak almost! “Um…you better make that a little past 12.” I looked at her and she gave me that innocent, yet seductive look she’s got and we went to go get her car, and when we came upon it, I almost wanted to drop to my knees and thank god right then and there. It was a brand-new, Royal Blue BMW Convertible! I opened Kristin’s door for her and she stepped in, and I rolled around to the driver’s side and we were off.

I asked her if she in particular had any plans for us today, and she said she had reserved a dinner for us at a restaurant at 7:15 and after that we were going to catch a Broadway play at 9. Right now we were headed to this park she wanted to do the interview at, and then between then and 7:15, it was all up to chance. We arrived at this very nice, exclusive park and there was a park bench with what seemed to be a picnic set up, I looked at Kristin and she smiled at me. “I figured we’d be hungry doing this interview. It was just some nice sandwiches made up and salads. I decided to start the interview very collected and polite, and then we just progressed and after about 45 minutes worth of Q&A, I basically had everything I wanted, but I kind of wanted to see how this date really would turn out for me, so I was gonna take a chance with her.

“That was really great Kristin, I think the fans are going to be very intrigued by your interview in particular, and this story overall, but I was wondering if I could ask you some questions…off the record.” She had a gleam in her eye, and I knew that she knew what I meant. “Sure, I’m up for anything.” 1st Question: Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex in? “At a concert.” “A Concert?!” “Yeah, me and a guy I knew well went to a Barry Manilow show and he sings so romantically, and my guy was standing behind me and we were real close dancing, and I was getting real horny just from everything about the show and I was wearing a moderately short skirt, and so I whispered to the guy to stick it in me and he moved the thong aside that I was wearing and he had a huge dick, so he just pumped slowly and made me cum twice and he shot the biggest load I had had to that point inside me. It was actually quite good considering the circumstances.” I was simply amazed that I had just heard that story. Or was I amazed that someone could actually have sex instead of falling asleep at a Barry Manilow concert? I was basically done, I really didn’t need to ask any more, but it ended up she started asking me questions, and she really dug me. So as I finished up, I had to ask Kristin, why me and why all day. “Well…Kim is really trying to get me a guy, and when she saw you on Monday, she told me that if she wasn’t married, she would’ve taken you somewhere real quick and blow you. So she built you up for me, and I was more then willing for it, because Kim really knows what I want and how to pick ‘em out, so there you have it.” I almost wanted to ask why Kim couldn’t have blown me anyways, but I just smiled and said, “Well that’s nice to know.” We gather the picnic stuff, threw most of it away, and hopped in the BMW with no destination in mind.

I’m afraid after that, nothing good happened for the next 5 hours except for the fact that we made out hardcore after getting some ice cream. We had gotten some ice cream and were eating it at the side of her car and we finished ours off and I turned to Kristin and she said I had an Ice Cream Moustache, and before I could clean it off, she moved in and we had a passionate filled kiss, I even got to feel up her right breast a little before she finished it off and then I opened her door for her and we were off again.

It was then about 6:45 and we were headed for the restaurant that we were going to eat at, a very nice restaurant called “Waterdance”, and although the thought of eating at a restaurant called “Waterdance” boggled my mind for quite awhile, it was cozy and romantic. It was actually here, at Waterdance, that I got the 1st taste of what the rest of the night was going to soon become. We had just ordered our food; Kristin was going with Seafood Pasta, as I was having the Steak & Shrimp Combo. Right after the waiter had left, Kristin leaned into me and said, “Are you having fun?” I assured her I was having a great time, and that really wasn’t too far from the truth. “I’m sure you want to have more fun though…right?” I was baffled by the question, or maybe I wasn’t, but I still gave her a questioning look, and with the lift of my right hand and it being placed on her thigh, and her $1,000,000 smile, I didn’t question anymore. “I think you know what I want, and I need it now Will. If that car you were driving was yours and not my only car, I would’ve been going down on you and letting you feel me up all throughout the day, but I had to control it, you know the food won’t be here for at least 20 minutes, so please, just give me one.”

As hard as it was to believe, I didn’t know if she wanted an orgasm, a kiss or a glass of water, I was just so…stunned. Then she hiked up her skirt to make it easier for me, and I knew. I looked into her eyes and she leaned in with such a great kiss and moved my hand to the slit…in her skirt and I maneuvered my hand as my fingers met her underwear-covered pussy, already dampening. I found out it was a thong by Kristin, because she said, “You can move my thong aside.” I did as I was told, and I felt my way around, to see what I might me dealing with later, and I felt that Kristin had a very smooth and sexy landing strip of a bush, which is exactly how I like them, that or completely shaven. I then made my way to her real slit, and she was just as I had noticed through the thong, very wet for me. How we were acting so cool was beyond me, because to anyone that could see us, it looked like we were newlyweds and I was rubbing her thigh as we were having one of those “Amazingly Deep Conversations.” But all the while I was hittin’ on her pussy. After working just up and down her slit, I went for two fingers inside. It felt golden. It was great. I worked my 2 fingers inside her pussy as deep as I could, but then I got the feeling that I wanted her to have a preview of what MY cock would be like inside of her. So that would be like 3 or 4 fingers, so I inserted a 3rd, and she went crazy for it, but being smart as to not give it away what we were doing, she lowered her head my shoulder and went “Oh yes Will” as I did my best to get her to climax.

As I went for 3, I made my move with her clit and played with that as best I could, and I could tell this woman loved her clit attended to. I worked furiously at my job at hand as we cuddled and kissed some, and then finally, she whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna cum all over your hand.” And she held true to her word, because suddenly a flood of her juices came all over my hand, a victory for me, no doubt. I rubbed her slit just a little bit more before replacing back her thong and pulling my hand out. My hand was covered and I went to lick it off, but then Kristin grabbed my hand and licked it all clean, not a trace left. Then she grabbed the back of my head and we shared another long French kiss where I got the taste of her still and it was great, but my cock was throbbing! I couldn’t handle it, but our food was brought to our table so I would just have to deal with it.

As we were eating Kristin came to my ear and said, “I’ll take care of your hard-on later, don’t you worry about it.” Well I wasn’t exactly worried, but the fact that she did say that, brought my member back to life. So here I was after dinner, walking to our car with a raging hard-on that I’m trying to fix so it’s not noticeable, and not only that, but damn it’s hard to drive with one of them. We got to the play we were going to watch, the title escapes me because we were only there for like less then ½ of the show.

We got there, and the play was really boring. Come to think of it, I think it was like West Side Story or something like that, but I was doing my best to act amuse, considering Kristin looked like she was having the time of her life. Suddenly though, she whispered to me “Are you bored and ready to leave?” I looked at her and was like, “Aren’t you having a good time?” “No, and I can tell you’re not either because you’re putting on the same face I am to act entertained.” “But I thought this was your idea?” It was, but after that great orgasm you gave me, I’m just so horny and I want to fuck you in every position imaginable.” Well ok then I thought, and I kind of lost my senses, because after she said that, I leaned into her and gave her one hell of a kiss that left her breathless and then I grabbed her hand and we were out of the Broadway play.

We were driving in New York City Heading up to Times Square, and it seemed to be an awkward situation between Kristin and me as it was silence, since we both knew what was soon to “come”. Kristin broke the ice in an unusual but very, very exciting way. It went a little something like this. Kristin unbuckled her seatbelt, but I thought nothing of it until her head was about 3 inches from my crotch region. Of course my next words were, “What are you doing?” “Basically giving you a blowjob on Times Square.” Man, and I thought this kind of stuff was only left for New Years Eve! With that she unzipped my pants and released my cock into the wind through my boxers. It was still close to full hardness, and the touch of her hand almost sent me into overload right then and there. I maintained myself as she jerked me off slightly, and then positioned her head right over the head and began to blow me. She didn’t waste anytime either as she deep-throated me right away, taking all of my cock in and out of her mouth, a trail of saliva staying on my cock. Red lights were hell for me, afraid someone would catch us, but then again, who cares if I was caught. Kristin then used her tongue to lick my shaft until getting to my head and licking around that before dropping back down on all of my cock. She was a master at cock sucking and using all of her talents, until it was time for me to blow my entire load. I told her it was coming and she went back to jerking me off, her mouth only barely covering my head and then I released just a stream of cum that would not stop. Kristin’s moans of approval could be heard even though muffled by my goo. She came up from my cock and there was cum all along the side of her mouth and she cleaned it off before one big gulp and with that swallow, my cum was gone and she loved every drop. She tucked my cock back inside my pants, and it was off to her house for even more.

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