tagIncest/TabooHomecoming High Ch. 01

Homecoming High Ch. 01


Randy Hayles sat on the grass in the quad eating lunch with a couple of his buddies. When he looked up a young, blond woman was crossing the open expanse, a purse on one shoulder, a lunch sack in her hand. She had large breasts and a small waist, her blond hair swung back and forth across her fair cheeks like a silken curtain. She wore a plum-colored skirt and silky beige blouse. She was so beautiful that Randy smiled, a wave of pleasure washing through him.

"Hey guys," he said. "Mrs. Dean alert."

His friends all perked up, their heads swung around as one, locating and zeroing in on the beautiful, sexually charged English teacher.

"Look at those legs," Rick said.

"Legs? Look at those tits," Zach replied.

"Look at her," Randy said dreamily. "I'd give my left nut to get into that."

They watched her until she reached the big double doors to the main building, she opened the left door and just before she stepped through it and out of sight she turned her head and smiled at the boys.

Damn. She had known they were watching, Randy thought. Women always knew.


Mindy Dean sat at her desk, thinking about Randy Hayles. She'd caught him eyeing her as she walked across the quad just as she knew he watched her every day in Senior English. He tried to hide it, to take quick, fleeting glances, but she could feel his eyes rake over her body. She had also noticed him leaving class occasionally with his notebook held strategically to cover himself so he could avoid erectile embarrassment.

Randy Hayles with his dark, wavy hair, lean, muscular build, broad shoulders and golden tanned skin. Randy Hayles with his well toned arms showing from the t-shirts he always wore. Randy Hayles who looked better in a pair of blue jeans than any man, let alone a teenager, had a right to.

He was turning into a very handsome young man. He was going to be one of those men that every woman dreamt about, but only one very lucky girl would be able to marry.

She'd never seduced any of her students before, but she had decided to seduce Randy during the first class of the year, but she knew that these things took time. The cleverest and most skillful manipulators recognize that their real art lies in making use of circumstances and events that they cannot predict. A successful seductress had to know what to do when the unexpected took place -- all while sticking with the overall plan.

At the same time, he was too young and inexperienced to fully appreciate or grasp the fact that he was slowly, but surely being seduced by his sexy English teacher.

Mindy squirmed on her chair, tapping a red-ink pen methodically on a stack of papers she was supposed to be grading. Sweat dampened the valley between her breasts. She wanted her eighteen-year-old student.

Mindy liked sex, a lot. She was always eager to fuck a nice, hard cock, particularly if the cock in question was long and fat. She had always had a special appetite for cock, especially the unusually big ones. The bulge she'd been seeing in Randy's pants indicated that he had a big, long, and fat mouth watering prick.

Mindy felt violently aroused by the mere thought of seducing Randy and letting him plow that big prick into her horny little pink pussy. It wouldn't be hard to seduce him. A little heavy flirting would be all she'd have to do to capitalize on his schoolboy crush.

Her husband absolutely loved her extremely strong appetite for fucking, but he was having trouble keeping up with her lately. He'd actually suggested, rather kidded her, that maybe she should find a younger man to fuck when she needed it. She was certain that he wasn't serious, but the seed of temptation had been planted and since he always seemed to be gone on business trips leaving her home alone and horny, well, a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

A young stud's stiff cock was exactly what she needed. She was sure that a young lover would fuck her very hard and fast, a hard and quick tempo was just how Mindy liked having her pussy pounded. As an added bonus, a young lover like Randy would be eager to keep fucking her all night long, again and again.

She was determined to quickly see her seduction of Randy come to fruition.


It was late on Saturday night and Randy's date with his eighteen-year-old girlfriend Stacy had been another depressingly frustrating adventure. A brutal disappointment. He'd been dating her for a little over three years now and he'd still never made it beyond second-base.

All of his friends had been laid already, but here he was, still a virgin. Hell, if all of the rumors around the school were only half true, then his twin sister was even getting some.

He really wanted to go all the way with Stacy. One of these days she'd be ready he kept telling himself.

The problem wasn't that he couldn't get laid, it would be simple if he was really determined, and if that was all that he wanted. He was one of the most popular boys in school, a star athlete, an honor student, and blessed with exceptionally good looks. A lot of girls liked him, but he was committed to Stacy.

She was every bit as good looking as he was. She was also every bit as smart. He wasn't sure why, but that meant almost as much to him as her looks. He just couldn't see himself with a girl who wasn't bright.

Stacy had honey blond hair, brilliant blue eyes, and an excellent body that she just couldn't conceal, no matter how hard she tried.

He really wanted to get those clothes off of her so he could really appreciate her body. So far she'd only allowed him to slip a hand up under her shirt to play with her tits. Nothing more.

It sucked, but it was what he had.


The next week at school was uneventful, until Thursday afternoon. That was when Randy had overheard a conversation that wasn't meant for his ears.

Randy had an arrangement with his football coach that allowed him the use of Coach Thompson's office as a quiet place to study during the hour after lunch. Randy was supposed to be in the library after lunch for study hall, but he found it easier to get his studies completed if he was alone.

The office had two doors, one that opened to the hallway and the other that opened into the main school office. He had the hallway door closed, but the one to the school office was slightly ajar. The only person in the office was the school secretary, Mrs. Hubbard, and she was always as quiet as a church mouse.

Then he heard a voice that snapped his head up out of his text book.

Mrs. Dean.

Randy knew that the two women were very good friends. Everyone in school knew that.

They were chatting, he couldn't make out everything they said, just a word here and there. He went back to his book, trying to concentrate on the lesson, when he heard Mrs. Hubbard saying something about sex! That really got the hormone filled teenager's attention.

Slowly, as quietly as possible, Randy sat his book on the desk and stood up. He crept over to the door and stood still, listening, intently.

"Scott has been gone all week. I'm so horny, I'm going crazy!" Mrs. Dean said.

"Oh, so King Tut's getting a workout?" He heard Mrs. Hubbard saying with a giggle.

"Let's just say that I'm going through a lot of batteries," Mrs. Dean replied, also with a girlish giggle.

Holy fuck! Mrs. Dean fucks herself with a dildo! I'd love to be able to see that, he thought.

"When does Scott get back?"

"Not until next Wednesday, so I guess it's just Tut and I tonight," Mrs. Dean declared.

"You bad girl," Mrs. Hubbard started giggling again.

After that the conversation became more mundane.

'It's just Tut and I tonight?' She just told her friend that she was going to fuck herself tonight? Holy fuck! I have to see that. I'll bet that Zach and Rick will blow a nut when I tell them about this one!

Randy thought about it, unable to return to his school work.

He knew where Mrs. Dean lived. He wondered if there was a way that he and his friends could spy on the hot, sexy English teacher.

Well, her husband is out of town. She's sexually open enough to tell someone else that she masturbates. Maybe she's also comfortable enough in her own home to leave the drapes or blinds open enough for them to spy on her. He smiled smugly at his own logical deductions.


That night the boys walked around and turned down an alley until they were behind Mrs. Dean's house. They hadn't waited long when an upstairs light came on. Looking up they spied a narrow shaft of light coming from high above the outer wall, gleaming brightly through a gap in the curtains.

"That's got to be her bedroom," Zach whispered.

"Yeah," Rick agreed.

They knew that if they could get up to that window they would have an unobstructed view into the sexy teacher's room.

Randy glanced around and quietly said, "Look, these trees block the view from the alley and from the neighbor's house. If we can get up on the lower roof we'll be able to look right in and nobody will know that we're up there."

Randy tried the gate at the back fence. Locked. He glanced around to make sure that no one was watching and vaulted the four-foot fence and walked carefully through the dark backyard. Zach and Rick followed his lead.

When he reached the trunk of a big oak he began to climb up. He then carefully shimmied across a large branch and quietly lowered himself onto the lower level roof. Once he reached the side of the house he inched his way to the lighted window, then slowly rotated his head until he could see through the six-inch gap in the curtains.

He was delighted to find Mrs. Dean lying on her bed, nude, fingers busily working a vibrator into that special place between her thighs. Randy was further pleased to see that she was clean shaven, nothing but a smooth, bare pussy mound.

"Holy fuck," he breathed.

The others slowly joined him and the three friends peered into the bedroom watching the busty teacher as she slowly worked the plastic cock into her pussy. Her hips were humping against the sex-toy, her mouth open, her face twisted into a mask of pure pleasure and ecstasy, her eyes rolled up so far that only the whites were visible. She raised her heart-shaped ass off the bed to meet the strokes, which sped up as she began to slide the vibrator in and out, pumping it into her cunt with fast, steady strokes.

Rick moved his face a little closer to the window in an attempt to gain a better angle and he accidently hit the glass with his forehead making a loud, audible thump. All three boys saw Mrs. Dean freeze and then she slowly looked at the window as she threw a blanket over her nakedness. She then started to get up, pulling the blanket with her, keeping it wrapped around her body.

That was all the warning that the three friends needed. They ran to the edge of the roof, not caring about the amount of noise they were now creating, and almost as one, they leapt down just as a flood of light hit their previous perch. Randy looked back and saw Mrs. Dean looking out at them. He knew that she recognized him.

Shit. This won't end well, he thought.


Kim Hayles stood in the kitchen with an easy listening station tuned in on the radio, absently singing along to a soft rock tune, moving her body to its beat in a self-conscious, Midwestern way as she finished loading the dinner dishes into the dishwasher.

She missed her husband. He worked a lot, was gone on business trips that lasted for days at a time. He'd been gone for three days this time.

Their marriage wasn't exactly the greatest. It wasn't really anyone's fault, she thought. They'd been married for twenty-four years. You grow comfortable with a partner in that time span, but your relationship also grows stale. Nobody's fault, really.

They were still faithful to each other; they were just no longer blissfully engaged with each other as they once had been.

At least they were still compatible in bed.

Kim was very horny tonight, fortunately, her husband was due back early this evening from the business trip he'd been away on during the week. She wasn't going to have to fly solo again tonight; she'd get her husband to fuck her good and hard. Thankfully they'd have the house to themselves with the kids out with their friends for the evening.

Bill should be home in about an hour, she thought.

Kim went to her bedroom, crossed to the walk-in closet and pulled open the doors stepping inside. She walked to the back corner and took down her favorite and sexiest nightgown. Kim decided to take a shower, slip into the lingerie and surprise Bill when he got home and hopefully he'd fuck her silly.

Stripping out of her clothes in the bathroom, Kim paused in front of the full length mirror hung to the back of the door in just a lacy red bra and matching thong panties. Looking at her image she decided that she still looked pretty good for a 44 year-old. Yes, there were a few more wrinkles around her eyes and her skin didn't still have that special glow that it held when she was eighteen, but she had grown into herself. There was now an air of confidence that one gained only through life experience.

She was still a statuesque beauty with a silky mane of light brown hair that had a slight kinky-curl to it hinting at her suppressed wild side. Her 38C breasts had a little more sag but they were also much fuller than when she was younger, they now were huge and round. She ran a hand over her tummy, it was firm. Turning and looking over her shoulder at her ass, yeah, it was still small and tight. She worked out to keep her body looking good, she felt it was a perfect mix of elegance and athleticism. She hoped that her husband still found her attractive. Their sex life had suffered a lot as of late and she was afraid that she was really losing her sex appeal. She didn't realize that she was a complete MILF with the looks and body that men lusted after.

She turned on the shower, adjusted it to her liking, stepped inside and stood there for a long moment just letting the jets of water caress her back before grabbing the soap and getting to work.

When she was finished, she stepped out, grabbed a towel and dried her body. She then dried her hair, slipped the transparent gown over her head and let it cascade down over her stunning body.

Heading back into her bedroom her breasts jiggled with each step, the dark, silver dollar-sized areolas were plainly visible beneath the thin material of the sexy white nightgown. Kim liked the effect that her barely concealed nakedness produced.


Randy decided to go home and go to bed. He wanted to try to establish some sort of alibi in case he'd been recognized and Mrs. Dean had called the cops.

What if he had been recognized? He'd be suspended from school and would be made ineligible to play football, or worse! Nightmarish fantasies about being arrested by the police, handcuffed and drug from his home began to hatch within his suddenly over-active mind, preoccupying his thoughts as he walked up the sidewalk to the front door.

He let himself into the house as quietly as possible, closing the door behind him, standing there, waiting, listening, hoping against hope that by doing so he could stretch out the time frame as to exactly when he had arrived home. As Randy was making his way down the hallway to his bedroom the door to his parent's room suddenly swung open.

Randy came to an abrupt halt. He just stood frozen, looking at the curvaceous silhouette of his mother clad in a very revealing and sexy nightgown. As she stepped into the doorway she had a hand on one hip and leaned the other shoulder against the door jamb. She was back-lit from the lamp in her bedroom and her spectacular body was clearly revealed through the transparent fabric of her sexy negligee.

When Kim realized that she was not facing her husband, but her eighteen-year-old son instead, her almond shaped eyes opened wide and the smile quickly faded from her lips.

"Randy! I...uh...I, I thought you were your father. He's supposed to be home...I was going to...um, I wanted to surprise him," she tried to explain, completely off guard and flustered. "What are you doing home so early anyway?"

Randy just stood, his eyes fixed on his mother's unconcealed nakedness. Kim's nightgown molded to her perfect body, the sheer white material allowing her son to see her big nipples -- round, dark, hard disks on breasts so large they'd overfill his hands. Lower, below her waist he could make out her perfectly trimmed dark curls defining the inviting vee between her legs. His mother really was a gorgeous woman. One of the most beautiful he'd ever laid his young eyes on. He was beginning to take note that she exuded a sexuality that was truly intoxicating.

I should cover up, she thought dazedly. She gazed down at herself, blushing with shame as she realized how obscenely revealing her nightgown was. The transparent, long, white negligee was the sheerest in her wardrobe. She always wore it to seduce her husband when she'd really needed to get fucked.

"I'm going to change. I'll be out to talk to you in a moment," his sexually frustrated mother told him as she stepped back into her room and closed the door. The lasting vision in Randy's horny teen-age brain was of his mom's big tits bouncing and jiggling as she stepped back into her bedroom.

Randy continued to stand there in the hall; a flood of erotic feelings began to swell his groin. He was unable to believe his luck; he'd just seen two very sexy women naked within a matter of a half-hour. Sure, one of them happened to be his mother, he felt a tinge of guilt, but he pushed that aside because her complete sexiness over-rode the fact that she was his mother.


Back downstairs he found a light flashing on the answering machine on the kitchen wall. He sat down at the breakfast bar and pushed the 'play' button.

'Kim...I'm not going to get in until late tonight. My flight through Chicago has been delayed for a couple of hours...God, I hate flying...anyway, I'll see you when I get home...I'll probably stop off after my flight arrives and get a bite to eat...love you.'

That'll disappoint her, Randy thought as he got up, went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. It wasn't long after that Kim entered the room wearing blue jeans and an untucked t-shirt.

"There's a message for you on the answering machine from Dad."

"Oh?" she crossed over to the machine and listened to the message, frowning as it played. Randy watched her reaction and noticed that her nipples were visible, poking through the material of her shirt. Damn, she hadn't put on a bra.

"Well, that changes things," she said, more to herself than to Randy.

For his part, Randy just sat there sipping at his water, trying not to get caught checking out his mother's tits, wondering why he'd never noticed her complete sexiness before this night.

Kim broke his train of thought when she spoke up. "Honey, I'm sorry about what happened. I know that kids don't like to think that their parents still have a sex life."


"No, really. This is really something that should be discussed. We need to come to an understanding that what happened, while not okay, was...an accident. I was expecting your father, we do still have a sex life, sometimes...occasionally."

"Really Mom, it's fine. I'm okay with it. You don't have to explain."

"Randy, I just want to make sure that you're not embarrassed or that you don't feel bad about walking in on me in a rather revealing state."

"It's okay Mom. Really, I'm fine."

"These sorts of things happen," she persisted. "In a family setting, when several family members share the same house, accidental nudity happens."

"Mom, I get it. I'm fine with the situation." He paused. "In fact," he said with a malicious grin, "I feel sort of honored. Even though you're my mother, I thought you looked pretty damn hot!"

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