tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Mix Addition

Homecoming Mix Addition


At last report, our family life had its’ own set of quirks. It is not often that a family that shares each other’s beds. I had, for the past month, the pleasure of two teenage bodies and mom for any sexual desire we could imagine and create.

It was now time for the holidays. My son, Kyle would be coming home from college for the Christmas break. I, we, had not even thought about the events that might follow. One morning before school, Kim asked, “Dad, have you thought about what we tell Kyle when he gets home from school?” That is all it took. A whole new thought process would need to be considered. And, the more I thought about it, the more concerned I was that he would rise up and shout what savages we were, what incestuous animals we were, and how sick the family had become. I would grow concerned about continuing our relationships as they had evolved, but not wanting to give up the sex life we had created.

We had given a tremendous amount of time to our sex life. I believe it was beginning to consume us actually. Depending on what the desire was, and who was available, we fucked, sucked, and more in combinations of 2, 3, or all four of us. It could be morning, during the day, evening, or night, week days, weekends, time did not matter. The sexual awakening was fantastic. And now, a new wrinkle was about to enter our lives.

Honestly, I was jealous I suppose. To-date, I was the cock. I had all the pussies, mouths, asses, and tits to myself. They were all mine. I had not even considered sharing them when they were home. The girls had continued to date boys from school, but all real sex was at home with me, mom, and one another. Was I to let all this change? What if he was the preferred cock? What if I was replaced with the girls? So many questions rushed through my head. I did not want to be second place. I am not second place! Jealousy! Yes, the ugly head of jealousy would drive my decision, or so I thought to myself.

How to address our lives with Kyle? It became a big topic around the house over the 2-weeks until we expected Kyle to arrive at home. Our discussions ranged from total abstention during his 3-week stay unless it was safe to play, i.e., me fucking Lynn, the girls sharing each other during the night, etc., but nothing blatant and in the open to talking with him when he arrived and telling him what we had started. I knew he would have an interest in sex. Hell, he was a normal college guy. We had on occasion, discussed what his love life was like on campus. Our discussion was brief, but it was open to discussion.

Time grew short to his arrival. It was decided that we would have a discussion after dinner on Thursday evening. He was to arrive Friday, and we would need final clarification.

Thursday came. I had the day all to myself, the girls had their last day of high school before the break, Lynn was out Christmas shopping, and my business slowed during the holidays, making for long days to play at the computer and think. I decided I wanted contented, satisfied women to address the issue of letting another cock in the pool. My plan was hatched.

I readied the house for an afternoon/evening of love making and raw, unadulterated sex. I purposefully showered late, expecting to complete my shower just before I expected the girls to arrive home. During my time in the shower however, Lynn arrived home. She came in the bathroom to let me know she was home. While she sat on the john to piss, I offered to wash her back for her, knowing well that she would jump at the chance to get naked with me in the shower. I turned on the remaining 3-shower heads, watching the steam rise to fill the enclosure. My shower would be delayed.

“Babe, I love your body!” I told her as I washed her back. The water was cascading over us, hot beads of water bouncing off our bodies. She, arms up to fluff her hair, allowing the water to fully soak her hair, relaxed, face lifted upwards, eyes closed. She was enjoying the hot water of the shower. I slowly caressed her, paying special attention to her ass, gently massaging her soft globes. I lightly arched my body against her ass, letting her feel my dangling cock press against her backside. She wiggled back slightly, feeling my cock with her ass. I had her now. She wanted more.

I stepped back to the bench seat built in the shower. I adjusted the spray, directing the stream of water from one shower head to the bench. I sat down. “Come her hon,” I told her. She backed to me, straddling my legs and sat on my lap. She leaned against me, head back on my shoulder. I reached for the soap, and began to move my hands over her exposed body, slowly soaping her stomach, ribs, tits, shoulders, and arms. I used the foam to allow my hands to easily roam over her body. I slowly reached to her vee, playing softly in her pubic hair. My fingers traced a soft line down, reaching the front of her labia. My middle finger lightly slipped between the folds, its’ nail raking over her hidden clit. Her body jerked slightly as it found her button. With the water bouncing off our mid section, my other hand reached to her folds. I spread her lips apart, exposing her clit to a stream of hot water aimed to pleasure. I moved my body slightly, allowing the stream of water to have a direct hit on her clit. I held her lips open, feeling her body react to the stream of water. She groaned.

“Cum for me honey, let the water please your body,” I said. She reached for her tits, lifting, thumb and index finger closing over her nipples, extending them, squeezing them, twisting them. Her hands retreated, grasping her full, heavy tits, massaging deeply, and returning to the nipple. I wanted to grab them, but had to maintain my grip on her labia, exposing the clit to the stream of water. My middle fingers extended, each searching and finding her hole, each slowly entering to the bent knuckle. I started rapid penetration and retreat movement, allowing only a tease penetration. I wanted her to cum before I buried my fingers deep into her cunt.

“God you make me hot,” she said.

“I’m going to fuck you! Feel my cock getting hard under your ass? He wants to slowly slide in your pussy. He wants to feel your cunt suck him deep into your body! He wants to feel you cum on him, and then bounce on him to make him cum!” I explained in detail to her. I knew she loves to hear me talk to her. She sees all our play in her head, and it makes her body hot. “Would you like that honey?” I continued. “Do you want me to bury my cock in you after you cum?” I asked. He chubbed, reaching about 70% hardness and size.

“No, put it in me now! Let me feel him grow harder in me. I need your cock in me when I cum,” she replied.

I reached down between her legs, grabbed my cock and stood it upwards, rubbing it against her slit. Flexing my thighs, her body moved up a couple of inches, relaxing allowing her to move downward. I rubbed him back and forth across her slit, pinned between my hand and her cunt. She adjusted her body slightly, I flexed my thighs again, raising her body upwards. I tipped the head of my cock into her. He slipped easily into her body. She raised up, drove downward, raised up again and drove downward again. She had my cock buried deep in her cunt. “Now, make me cum and let me feel him grow bigger and harder!” she said.

I started flicking my finger tips over her clit, allowing the water to hit her directly as well. She grunted. “Do me baby, make momma cum,” she breathed. “Get hard for me, fill my cunt with your big cock!” she continued. She ground her hips down on me, driving even more of my cock deep into her cunt.

My focus remained on her clit. I wanted to make her cum. I flattened my finger over her clit, and began rapid movement side to side, drawing a short breath from her. The stream of water was long forgotten now! “Yes, that’s it” she breathed. I continued my assault, feeling it harden under my touch. I slowly withdrew some of my cock out of her, and slowly drove it back in, hesitating deep inside her. I repeated my movement several times as I continued to play with her clit with one hand. My other hand snaked it way to her tits, grabbing a handful and squeezing a little roughly, but tenderly as well. I tweaked her nipple, pulling it, rotating it between my thumb and index finger. Her breathing was getting more labored. She began humping my cock slightly, wanting more movement in her cunt.

“Oh God, he’s getting bigger,” she exclaimed. “I feel him! Make me cum! Yes! Yes!” she continued. Eyes closed tightly, she was lost in the feeling between her legs and cunt. All thought now was focused on her body, its’ need to cum. Her breathing became rapid, with short bursts of breathing, then held breath. She ground her body hard on my cock without extracting any inches. She wanted to bury my balls as well I think. I continued rubbing her clit, narrowing my strokes to just the clit, without wasting movement, faster, harder. She was approaching her orgasm. Shoulders arched back, head thrown against my shoulder, her head turning quickly side to side. Suddenly, she leaned to me, bit hard on my neck, and started cumming. I continued my rapid stroke of her clit and started pumping my cock in and out of her wet cunt.

She leaned forward, placing her hands on her knees. I grabbed her by the hips, and with ease, started bouncing her body up and down on my cock. She semi-stood, using her feet as leverage to keep from falling off my lap, but allowing me to bounce her hard on my cock. My cock was now brushing hard across her clit, causing tremors in her cunt and body. I held her hard, pulling her down on my cock rapidly, driving him deep. “Oh shit!” she screamed, “He is full sized now! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she continued.

Having fantasized all day about fucking my women, my nuts were more than ready to empty. Listening to her, I knew it would not be long. I watched her ass bounce on my lap. I felt the tightness of her cunt, milking my cock. I closed my eyes, I could see her cunt lips stretch out to hold my cock in her, pulling me back in as I drove hard back into her body. My body tensed, my legs stiffened, my toes curled! My cock, now with a mind of his own, lengthened, expanded, reached deeper in her, reached down between my legs, and pulled on my balls! Now he commanded, fill her. With that, my cock exploded, sending cum deep into her body. Movement stopped. I wanted to feel him empty. She wanted to feel my cum fill her.

“Yes,” I said! I drove him deep, leaned forward to rest on her back. The hot water continued to bounce off our bodies.

“Wow! That was hot,” exclaimed Sara! Opening our eyes, I spied the girls were outside the shower sitting on the edge of the tub, naked, watching us. Both girls started clapping. Lynn and I started laughing.

“Guilty your honors,” I exclaimed. I could not bear to pull Lynn off my cock. I leaned back, pulling her with me. My cock remained buried in her cunt. The girls had a great view of our bodies, Lynn’s wet, glistening clit, and my deflating cock still holding its’ own in her cunt. Each girl extended a towel toward us. “Just a minute, I want to,” I said. All I could do was moan, deep guttural satisfied moans escaped my lips. Lynn just laid back on me, wrapped my arms around her, criss crossing her tits, and contentedly smiled. She also just wanted to relax for a moment.

“Come on, come on,” exclaimed Kim! Slowly, deliberately, Lynn sat up, grinding her hips down on me one more time. Without asking if I was ready or not, she abruptly stood, my cock stretched as much as possible, then pulled out of her cunt with a plop. It flopped across my leg. She stepped out of the shower. I followed.

Sara began drying her mom, slowly drying her shoulders, focusing on her chest, massaging her tits firmly. She paid particular attention to the nipples, leaning forward to suck one into her mouth, nipping gently. Lynn watched, reaching to the back of her head and pulling her tight against her tit gently. Sara continued her drying and sucking, changing tits and repeating her sucking.

Kim kneeled, drying my legs, all the time watching my dangling cock. As she moved the towel upwards, she reached one hand to the back of my ass and pulled me forward. Her tongue reached out, licked my flaccid cock, and sucked its’ head into her mouth. Her other hand cupped my balls, rolling them gently between her fingers. She sucked all of my cock deep into her mouth. Her tongue extended and licked my balls. She started rapid movements back and forth on my cock, sucking hard, extracting any cum that might be left deep in my sac. I caressed her hair, watching my daughter expertly tease me.

“Race all of you to the bed,” I said as I started pushing Kim off my cock and moving to the bathroom door. Kim held tightly on my balls, holding me in place.

“I don’t think you will win Father,” she laughingly said. With that, she stepped in front of me, and raced out the door and jumped on the bed. “Come on Dad, your mine!”

Kim stretched out on my side of the bed. She parted her legs wide. “Come climb on me Daddy, I need to suck your cock! Eat me!” she offered. I love to 69 my daughter. Because of my physical size, her being a big athlete as well, we mesh well in a 69 position. I moved quickly to her head, straddled her face, and leaned to my table. I felt her grab my cock and balls. I wanted to taste her luscious cunt. I leaned down, and using my tongue, parted the lips of her cunt. Reaching around her hips and grabbing her ass, I lifted her to my waiting mouth. I inhaled her sweetness, sucking her clit between my teeth. Holding it firmly, I flicked my tongue quickly back and forth over the firm clit. I felt her breath being sucked from her body. She arched to me my mouth. I inserted two fingers gently into her cunt. Once my fingers were buried, I varied the intensity of my stoke, bordering on gently and pounding her cunt hard and deep. I alternated my tongue as well, hard and fast, or gently. I held her clit between my teeth, or released it and licked my fingers as they buried in her cunt. I pulled my fingers out, and buried my tongue deep. I loved my baby girl. My cock was growing again!

“Daddy, rim my ass. Bury a finger in my ass,” Kim gasped. She was hot. I had lost all track of time. I was totally focused on her cunt. She was very close to cumming. She was arching hard to my mouth in one instant, and driving down hard to capture my fingers in her cunt and ass the next. She was not sure which she wanted more. Her breathing was raspy, shallow, fast. She was frantically sucking my cock, taking all 9 ½ inches down her throat. Moaning deeply was most of her communications.

We were now lost in our desires. Nothing else was important. This instant, this moment when she would reach her orgasm was most important to me. I felt her body tensing, arching to meet my mouth. Her feet moved back underneath her to support her arch. Her hips tipped upwards, opening wider. Her hands reached to the back of my head, pushing me down hard on her clit. Nails dug in slightly. She pulled off my cock. “Daddy,” she screamed! That was it, nothing more. Her body arched high. She came hard, reaching multiple orgasms before it ended. I held on for dear life. We became one. Gently, she returned to sucking my cock. I lightly played with her clit. I had to make love to her.

“I love you baby,” I told her.

“I love you too Daddy,” she replied.

I turned my body around, positioning my self between her legs. I rolled over, pulling her with me. Once on my back, I asked her to put him in her. She reached down between us, placing my cock at the opening. Slowly, she lowered herself to me, tipping her hips to allow my cock to enter her body. I reached and caressed her tits gently, playing with the nipples. They hardened to my touch. Kim continued to raise and lower herself on my cock. Her eyes were closed. God she is beautiful I thought to myself.

With each movement, Kim buried more of my cock in her cunt. Taking her time, she buried my cock deep. She ground her hips to make sure none was still available. I was totally in her. Slowly, deliberately, we made love. Slow strokes, feeling every inch of the rise, or every inch of the plunge, we made love. We watched between our legs, watching her lips stretch to hold me in place. She began rocking her hips harder on me. Her body, my body were on fire. We had made terrific love, now our bodies were wanting more. They wanted lust! They wanted fuck. Kim and I both locked our eyes. We saw the need. Kim’s movements started getting harder, faster. Breathing became rapid. Strokes became long and hard. Kim ground down hard on my cock.

I felt another hand caressing my balls. Looking around Kim, I saw Sara. She was playing in our juices, scooping what she could when Kim pulled up my cock for the next plunge. Sara was leaning over Kim, looking into my eyes as well. Suddenly, Kim stopped movement. Her eyes flew open. She flattened to my chest. “Oh shit, fuck me!” she said. Not quite understanding, I pumped hard. “Daddy, hold still,” Kim grunted. I felt pressure on my cock. With Sara behind her, I thought Kim was about to get fingers stuck up her ass, but Sara’s hands were visible on Kim’s shoulders.

“Ready Kimmie,” asked Sara?

“Do it,” Kim grunted!

What actually passed quickly, seemed like a long time from where I was. I felt extreme pressure on my cock. I knew what was occurring. Kim was getting butt fucked by Sara. Sara had put on a strap-on, and now was going to double penetrate Kim. I have never experienced anything like this. I knew I had to match strokes with Sara. “Slowly Sara,” I said. Kim was pushing back hard on both cocks, trying to get a rhythm that would satisfy both. We got a rhythm that worked.

Sara was wild eyed. “I’m fucking you Kim! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she stated. “Daddy, feel my cock?” she continued.

“Yes baby,” I said. “You OK Kim?” Kim just grunted. She started pounding my cock.

“Cum in me Daddy,” she breathed huskily. “I need your cum!” With that, Kim kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue into her mouth. I grabbed her by the back of the head, tangling her hair in my fingers. I kissed her hard and deep in return.

All of our movements increased in speed. With the added pressure, I approached my orgasm quickly! “Kim, I am going to cum baby,” I uttered softly. “Baby, I cumming!”

Demons grabbed our crotches, we started fucking hard and fast. We pounded our flesh together. Kim started cumming again. I could feel my cock empty in her body. The pressure against my cock from the strap-on buried in her ass made my cock tingle as it started deflating. Kim collapsed on my chest. I held her close. Sara stopped movement, slowly pulling the artificial cock out of her ass. She leaned down and trailed kisses down Kim’s back, slowly licking her ass tenderly.

All during this time, Lynn had watched, fingering herself to a soft orgasm. She moved close to my body, snuggling, kissing my shoulder. Sara moved to her backside, spooning her mom. We rested.

A short time passed, Kim started kissing her mom’s back and shoulders, reaching around to caress her nipples. Lynn moaned. This activity reinforced our need to talk. We had been together in the bedroom for nearly 2-hours. This type of play was common for us, and no decision had been made regarding Kyle.

“My ladies, tomorrow Kyle returns from school,” I stated. “We need to make a decision regarding his involvement,” I continued. “While I am not interested in bi-male activities, I can see how another cock could be beneficial,” I logically stated. “Your thoughts?”

Time passed again. Raising her head over her mom’s shoulder, and looking me in the eye, Sara whispered “I would love to fuck him. I have had a crush on him forever,” she continued. “I think he has noticed me as well.”

Chuckling out loud, Kim and I looked in each others eyes. “I thought you had an interest in Kyle,” Kim said. Me, I thought she would fuck a post if a cock was attached. God I loved that young lady. No pretense whatsoever.

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