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When Matt withdrew from her mouth, Jenny collapsed back onto the mattress, not caring that her thighs were spread and her pussy was exposed. She felt like her body was wound into tight knots of tension.

Brad rose from the couch and came to kneel between her thighs. He met her eyes and urged her thighs even wider apart. Jenny sucked in a breath as he caressed her pussy lips, his eyes never leaving hers. Everyone in the room could hear the slopping noises of his fingers moving over her.

"Are you feeling frustrated yet, Jenny?" Her whimper was answer enough, and he grinned. "Now, maybe you have some idea how I have felt these past months."

Brad sprawled on his stomach between her outstretched thighs, and he began to lick her pussy. Jenny's eyes opened wide, and she gave a mortified groan, but she was helpless to fight her body's reaction. Her hips tilted up towards his mouth, and she grasped his head in wordless supplication. Brad toyed with her, lapping and suckling until she was sobbing beneath him. He used his teeth and tongue to torture her clit, but he always drew back before she could reach completion. When she was mindless with need, Brad knelt between her thighs, his cock poised at her entrance.

"Beg me to fuck you," he said softly, rubbing the head of his cock teasingly over her clit.

Jenny sobbed and tossed her head from side to side. "Please Brad. I can't. Please..." It was obvious to everyone in the room that she wanted to be fucked, but she couldn't bring herself to beg for it.

Brad reached down and suckled hard on her nipple, pulling it with his teeth until she arched her back and cried out. By the time he released her nipple, it was swollen, red and throbbing painfully. He gave her clit another teasing brush with the head of his cock. "Please what, Jenny?"

Jenny gave a frustrated sob, obviously fighting her own body's urgency. Brad treated her other nipple to a taste of his teeth and brushed her clit yet again with his cock. "Please what, Jenny?"

"Please...fuck me," she whispered, so softly that he could barely hear her.

"Louder, Jenny. Say it nice and loud for the camera."

Tears rolled down Jenny's cheeks, but she desperately needed release. "Please fuck me," she cried, arching her hips up as she tried to bring his cock into her pussy.

Brad reached down to kiss her, using his mouth to steal her wits as he motioned Will closer with the camera. When Will was in place, Brad slid his hands beneath Jenny's buttocks and held her steady while he plunged into her pussy with one vicious stroke. Jenny screamed and went rigid with pain.

"Hold her," Brad said.

Jenny was shocked to feel her hands drawn up over her head and held tight in Matt's grip. Her pussy was burning and throbbing with pain, and she could barely register anything else. Brad rose on his elbows and took the camera from Will.

"Hold her legs out wide boys. I want a nice shot of her virgin blood spilling out over my cock."

Jenny screamed as Will and Nick each took hold of one of her ankles, and they pulled her legs out lewdly to the sides. Brad grinned and zoomed the camera in on her pussy as he slowly withdrew. Jenny sobbed quietly as Brad, Nick and Will joked and commented about how her pussy looked while her virgin blood spilled out. They poked and prodded her pussy, bringing a flashlight and holding her pussy wide open to get a better shot of the tiny trickle of blood. Her humiliation was complete.

When they were finally satisfied that they had gotten a good shot, Brad handed the camera back to Will, and he plunged his cock into her pussy once more. He slammed into her, using her roughly for his pleasure. He was heedless of her discomfort.

"I would have been gentle with you if you hadn't been such a little tease, Jenny. Your first time could have been much different," he taunted.

Having already spewed one load into her mouth, Brad was in no hurry to cum. He pounded her mercilessly while Matt continued to hold her hands immobile above her head. Her pussy was sore, but Jenny couldn't suppress a moan of delight when Brad bent to suckle her nipple again. He continued to play with her tits, wringing more moans from her as the others watched.

"Look at the little slut. She likes it!" Matt laughed. "Make her cum for us Brad. We want to see your slutty little girlfriend cum for us."

Brad reached a hand down and grasped her clit. He flicked it several times as he flicked his tongue across her nipple and pounded her pussy to a steady rhythm. When he felt her pussy beginning to convulse around him, he squeezed hard on her clit and nipple and rammed into her with his cock. She screamed and her pussy clenched around him like a vice. It was enough to send him over the edge, and he shot his sperm deep into her pussy.

Brad waited until her pussy had stopped contracting before he withdrew from her tight sheath. He hauled her up onto her knees and stood up in front of her. Grasping her hair, he shoved his softening cock into her mouth.

"Clean it off," he demanded.

Jenny was crying quietly, but she did as ordered. The taste of their mixed juices and her virgin blood was surprisingly palatable, and she moaned as she sucked and licked Brad's cock. Brad grinned down at her for a few moments before nodding to Will.

Will didn't need a second invitation. He gripped her hips and thrust his cock into Jenny's recently vacated pussy from behind. Jenny squealed and would have released Brad's cock, but he snatched a handful of her hair and ground her face into his groin.

"You aren't finished yet, slut. My cock doesn't come out of your mouth until I say so. Now suck me."

Will grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard as he plowed into her pussy. Jenny moaned with a combination of pain and pleasure. Her tits and pussy were already sore, but as Will abused them, she felt her body starting to respond once again. Her face flamed.

Noticing her vivid blush, Brad laughed down at her. "I've known you were a little slut for quite some time, Jenny. All I had to do was kiss you in the backseat of my car, and your panties would get so wet I could smell you. If only you had given me what I was begging you for, this could have been avoided."

By the time Will shot his cum into her pussy, Jenny was on the verge of another massive orgasm. However, Will and Brad both withdrew, leaving her feeling bereft and needy. She noticed that Brad's cock was fully erect once more, but he sat back down on the couch.

"Make her clean you off," Brad said to Will.

Will shoved his cock into her mouth while Nick shoved his cock into her quivering pussy. Jenny cried out in pain, but the two men gave her no time to adjust. They both began pounding into her. Nick's cock was thicker than anything she had taken so far, and her poor pussy felt stretched to the max.

Nick reached around to finger her clit, and Jenny moaned. "That's it, slut. Moan for me like the whore you are," Nick growled in her ear. As he said the words, he flicked her clit even harder, and Jenny moaned again.

Jenny's pussy clenched convulsively as another orgasm rolled through her. It was all she could do to keep from collapsing onto the mattress, but Will's hands in her hair and Nick's on her hips kept her upright as they both continued to fuck her.

Nick groaned hoarsely when he finally gripped her hips and fired his sperm deep into her dripping pussy. Jenny moaned and the vibrations of her mouth caused Will to fire another wad of sperm into her mouth. She swallowed convulsively and was dimly aware of the two men slipping out of her exhausted body.

Matt stretched out on the mattress beside her and pulled her on top of him. He settled her knees astride his hips and impaled her onto his massive erection. Jenny only had time to gasp before Nick stepped up and shoved his softening dick into her mouth. Once again, she was pounded from both ends, and she moaned when Matt reached up to twist her nipples. She felt her pussy rousing once again, her amazement was complete.

Jenny lost herself in the sensations, and she closed her eyes as she concentrated on pleasing both men simultaneously. She felt Matt rubbing along the back of her pussy, and she tilted her hips backward to give him better access. When he grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, Jenny opened her eyes and gazed down at him quizzically from around Nick's cock. Nick stepped back, removing his cock from her mouth but kept his hands fisted in her hair.

Before she understood what was going on, Brad shoved his cock into her virgin ass. Jenny screamed in agony, feeling like she had been split up the middle. Brad gripped her shoulders while Matt held her hips down, and Brad shoved even further inside her. With every shove, Jenny cried out, begging him to stop. Brad ignored her pleas, and he only stopped when his cock was fully embedded inside her ass.

"Now, slut. You don't have one virgin hole left." Brad slapped her ass hard with his palm, leaving a reddened handprint on the pale flesh. "Now show us what a slut you truly are."

Nick shoved his cock back into her mouth, and Jenny knew what was expected of her. She sobbed as she began moving and sucking. Hearing all three men groan their approval, she felt a thrill course through her. Although her body was throbbing and sore, feeling more full than she could ever have imagined, she suddenly realized that she was loving the way she felt. She moaned and threw herself into pleasing all three of them.

Their hands were everywhere, on her tits, flicking her clit, not one inch of her flesh was left untouched. The entire time, Jenny was aware that Will circled them with the camera, zooming in for close-ups of her mouth on Nick's cock and Brad's cock pounding her virgin ass. Nick came in her mouth and withdrew after she had swallowed his seed greedily.

When Brad pulled her back against him and grasped both of her breasts, rolling her nipples for the camera, Jenny surprised them all by caressing the backs of his hands and moaning encouragement.

"Yes, Brad! Fuck me. Fuck your little slut! Fuck me! Use me baby!"

Jenny was tossing her head from side to side and pounding her ass onto Brad's cock. When her pussy began to convulse, it sent Matt over the edge, and the ripples from his sperm shooting into her tight pussy sent Brad over the edge. The three of them were locked together as their mutual climax washed over them.

Brad finally found the strength to withdraw, and he lifted Jenny off of Matt. Brad collapsed onto the mattress, and he pulled Jenny's head down onto his shoulder. She promptly passed out from exhaustion.

It was some time later when Jenny woke up, once again in the backseat of the van. She was lying across Brad's lap, and she was dressed in her cheerleading outfit. She wondered briefly whether she had dreamed the whole thing, but her extremely sore tits, pussy and asshole quickly convinced her that she hadn't.

"Where are we?" she asked groggily.

"We're almost to your house," Brad said with a grin. "I told you I would take you home, remember?"

Jenny looked up at him with a combination of hurt and confusion. "So what happens now? Is that it? You're just going to dump me?"

Brad raised one eyebrow and laughed at the suggestion. "Hell no, Jenny. You're mine now. You belong to me. I'm not about to let you go."

The barest hint of a smile caused the corners of Jenny's mouth to curl up. "And do you intend to fuck me whenever you want from now on?"

"Whenever I want," Brad agreed with a grin.

"And I suppose you think I'm just going to let you and your friends use me whenever you want," Jenny said with a challenging brow raised.

"Do you think your pussy will be too sore for another gang bang tomorrow night?" Brad asked, reaching beneath her blouse to sharply tweak her nipple.

Jenny eagerly pressed her tit into his palm and grinned. "I'm sure I'll still be sore, but I like pain. Pick me up at seven?"

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