tagIncest/TabooHomelands Pt. 05 Ch. 05

Homelands Pt. 05 Ch. 05



Author's note

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. Either way, I'll try to respond in a timely manner.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex and anal.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.


"You said it yourself," Nick said. "She's just desperate for attention."

His sister rolled her eyes at him. "I know. But that's the point. She should have known how much it would freak us out, after what happened to-"

"I did actually hear you the first three times," Nick said with a smile.

Veronica tried glowering at him, but she gave up and started snickering. "Jerk."

He pulled her in for a kiss, and briefly considered telling her to get on top of him again. But they'd already done it twice that morning. And, sooner or later, he needed to get out of that damn bed and go thank his grandmother. If not for her, he'd never walk again.

It wasn't easy though. Just being near his sister had him constantly aroused. He simply couldn't get enough of her, no matter how hard he tried.

"Seriously, though," Veronica continued, "who climbs out-"

Nick swung his new legs out over the bed and, after only a brief moment of hesitation, hopped down onto the wooden floor.

Strangely enough, they worked just like real legs. Because, of course, they were real legs. He didn't even have any scars. If he didn't know any better, he'd have sworn that he'd dreamt the whole ordeal.

"Okay, okay, done talking about Annie," Veronica said. Then, noticing him staring in awe at his new limbs, she rolled onto her stomach, propped her chin up in her palm, and studied them herself for a few moments. "How do they feel?"

"Good as," he started, stopping himself short after realizing that what he'd been about to say didn't do it justice. "Like nothing ever happened."

Veronica reached out and stroked his calf.

That simple little touch made his cock twitch. He couldn't feel his sister's skin against his, in even the least sexual way, without his Libido stirring. It was almost a problem, albeit one he didn't mind having.

He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. As he stood back up, he gave her ass a playful smack, leading her to whimper delightfully. "Come on, you. Let's get some breakfast."

"Maybe just once more?" she asked, raising her eyebrows at him suggestively.

"I'm hungry," he said. "For food."

"Fiiiiiiine," his sister said, rolling out of bed. "You're no fun."

"That's not what you said five minutes ago," he replied.

"Well, five minutes ago you were taking me on a ride to Happytown," she said. "Now you're saying there're no more trains running today."

"Didn't say that," he said, standing in front of the mirror on the back of the bedroom door. "Just none right this minute."

His legs looked fine, but the man staring back at him was not quite the one Nick expected to see. Though he'd only been bedridden for a day, he seemed to have lost some of his bulk, and his skin had lost a lot of its color. That couldn't be natural. Must have been his subconscious wielding his powers to make his body reflect the way he felt.

"Well maybe I won't be looking to board later," his sister said, planting a hand on one of her beautiful hips. "Ever think of that?"

Nick closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he was wearing a tight black T-shirt and a pair of shorts. He looked over his shoulder at Veronica. His heart slowed as he watched her wiggle into a form-fitting dress. It clung to her curves so perfectly that he very nearly changed his mind about breakfast.

"What?" she asked. Then, looking down at her dress, she added, "You like?"

Nick turned back to the mirror. "You don't need me to tell you how good you look."

He noticed her reflection blush.

"Now," he said, forcing his body to return to its natural state. "Breakfast?"

"You really must be famished," Veronica said with a laugh.

"Didn't eat a thing yesterday," Nick replied. "And, as you may have noticed," he added, reaching down to grab his legs just below the knee, "I put on a lot of weight recently."

His sister walked up behind him and smacked his butt. "Well then, we better get you fed before you starve to death."

He turned around, pulled his sister against his chest, and kissed her. For a long time. Just as he was afraid it would be impossible to avoid ending up back in bed, he broke away. Then, leaving Veronica breathless, he opened the door and headed down the hall.

He found two very sexy women in the kitchen. They stood in front of the stove, kissing each other. One of them made a token gesture of stirring the contents of the frying pan.

One was his mother. She wore a pair of skin-tight black leggings that, with an ass as incredible as hers, was an absolute gift to all mankind. Her tight sports bra similarly did wonders with her breasts. Only when Nick noticed her running shoes and the iPod clipped to the waistband of her leggings did he realize that the outfit might have been chosen for reasons other than allowing everyone to marvel at her amazing body.

The other woman, who wore a billowy floral print skirt and a blouse that was so tight that it was a wonder she could even breathe, he'd never seen before. At least, not in this form. The last time he'd seen Grandma Flori, she'd been a short, round woman with skin like a raisin, breasts down to her kneecaps, and a long braid of white hair.

The temptress currently sucking his mother's face, though, was every bit as hot as the other women of his family. And she had the same caramel skin and coal-black hair.

Whereas his mother came very close to having a classic hourglass, with hips just a bit wider than her bust, his grandmother was more top-heavy. Even more so than Veronica. If he had to guess, he'd say that his grandmother's breasts were a cup size bigger than his sister's, and her hips were a little bit narrower. It was hard to tell with her skirt being so loose, but that was what it looked like.

His mother was one of the shortest women he'd ever met. His grandmother was also short, but stood a few inches taller than her daughter. His mother had an athletic form, from her baseball calves and big, round, solid ass to her faint sixpack and toned biceps. His grandmother had less muscle mass, and still less definition. She did have a surprisingly nice ass, though. From the looks of it, his grandmother's backside was bigger and softer than his mother's, but it was round and juicy and begging to be squeezed.

His mother was a bit more hard-bodied than he preferred. She was still insanely hot, and it took only an instant of undressing her with his eyes to remember why he'd been so fixated on her for so long. But a little bit less muscle wouldn't hurt things. That wasn't the reason he'd drifted away from her and into the arms of Veronica. Their personalities had a lot more to do with that. But it didn't hurt that his sister was more his type.

If his grandmother's hips were a bit wider, so that there'd be more tapering as your eyes worked up from the bottom of her ass to the small of her back, he'd have to say that her ass was the nicest one he'd ever seen. Though Nick was overall more of a breast man, he definitely did appreciate a good posterior. And the one thing he found lacking about his sister was her backside.

He hadn't seen his grandmother's face yet, but with bigger breasts than Veronica, and a nicer ass to boot, his grandmother was making a rather memorable "first" impression on him. He might well end up thinking her the hottest of the Hardt women.

"You'll have to forgive them," Veronica said, coming up beside him and running her nails lightly down his back. "They do that sometimes."

He snickered. From what she'd told him earlier, they did "that" an awful lot. That, and more. They were about as inseparable as he and Veronica were, to hear his sister tell it.

He'd been concerned that poor Annie was not only feeling like she had to compete with Veronica for the attention of Grandpa Randy, but would have to worry about her mother and grandmother too. But apparently the two of them were more interested in each other, leaving Annie free to monopolize her grandfather's time.

Suddenly realizing they were not alone, the two women pulled apart.

Their mother blushed, gave her two children a quick wave, then slipped away to take a seat at the homemade kitchen table.

"Well, look who it is," Grandma Flori said. "Glad you finally decided to join us!"

"Ha ha ha," Nick said, over-enunciating each syllable, as he walked over to his grandmother. Leaning down, he gave her a big hug. "Nice to finally meet you."

She slapped his arm. "Like I'm a different person than you knew before, just because you never saw me in my own skin?" Her eyes held his gave for a moment before she went up on tiptoes to plant a peck on his cheek. "I don't have to tell you it's what's on the inside that makes us who we are, do I?"

"No, Grams, you don't," he said, grinning. Then he stepped back.

So as to take a good look at her, of course.

Her appearance might not define her, but theirs was a very physical family. And he couldn't help wanting to take better stock of what she had to offer. If that made him a shallow prick, then so be it.

But he was pretty sure that she was doing the same.

She definitely did have a better body than his sister. But she wasn't nearly as pretty. In part, that was because of her hair. Their grandmother had the same thick, blacker-than-black locks that all the Hardt women did, but she wore it in a pixie cut. He'd seen women who looked good that way, but he wasn't sure his grandmother was one of them.

Or maybe he just needed time to get used to it. It was kinda cute. He wouldn't really be able to run it through his fingers the way he loved to do, but it commanded a certain amount of respect. For the most part, it was only women with much more petite figures who dared to sport such a hairstyle. There was nothing about her figure that reminded him of pixies. Not that Nick liked women with such physiques, of course. But they were the ones his grandmother's hairstyle looked most natural on.

But it wasn't just the hair that made him think that his grandmother wasn't the prettiest of the Hardt women anyway. On closer inspection, she had more visible signs of aging than even his mother had. Not so much so that she wasn't attractive, mind. But her cheeks were a little hollow, and her eyes a little sunken. Like most of the fat in her face had melted away. And she had noticeable crows feet.

Her lips were a little thin too. Especially compared to Veronica's. His sister had nice, full, pillowy lips. Kissable lips.

Lips that felt really damn good wrapped around his cock.

There was no doubt that his grandmother was a beautiful woman. But he went from thinking she might be the hottest in the family to concluding that the three women there in the kitchen were all more or less on the same footing. They all looked a fair bit alike, but they were different in various ways as well. And each had their own unique virtues.

He was actually thankful for that, in fact. His grandmother was of course right that it was what was on the inside that mattered most, but if his grandmother had been more physically attractive than his sister, that would have presented some awkward challenges. He didn't want there to be any tension between what his heart told him and what his cock did. And when and if his sister asked him what he thought of his grandmother, he wanted to be telling the truth when he told her that she didn't look as good as Veronica. His answer would be the same either way, but he didn't like lying to his sister.

Putting an arm around Veronica's shoulder, he pulled her against him and kissed her hair. She smiled and wrapped and arm around his waist.

"Nick here is so hungry, he almost chewed my leg off," Vee said.

Their mother stared at her, eyes wide, and his grandmother's mouth was agape. It was one thing to make jokes about his infamous appetite. Only Eric had ever made Nick's eating habits seem normal. But it was quite another, he could imagine them thinking, to joke about that by referring to someone losing a leg.

Nick chuckled. "That's okay. No reason we can't laugh about it." He glanced down, still having trouble believing that his new limbs fit so seamlessly onto the rest of him. "You did a helluva job stitching me back together, Grams."

"Was nothing," she said. "Just kissed your boo-boo and made it better."

"I'm sorry, was it you who kissed his skinned knees?" Nick's mother said. Despite her words, it was amusement rather than umbrage that he heard in her voice.

There was a hint of territoriality to her words though. Perhaps she wasn't quite so ready to let go of Nick. Strange, then, that she'd never talked to Veronica like that.

Did his mother know that her children were in love with one another? Was that why she didn't try to get in the way of whatever was developing between him and Veronica yet didn't seem eager to have her mother claim a special role in his life?

That was a scary thought. And, at the same time, deeply reassuring.

"Think I did," Grandma Flori said, sounding uncertain. "One time."

His mother gave her an incredulous look.

"Well, in grandma's defense, this was just a liiiittle bit worse than a skinned knee," Nick said, holding two fingers a hair's width apart.

"So, anyway, about that breakfast," Veronica said. "If we don't feed him soon, the world might end." Turning to him, she added, "At least, that was the impression I was given."

"Smartass," he said. As he did, he gave her butt a soft smack.

"Well, someone seems to have allowed herself to get so distracted that she burned the eggs," their mother said. "Not that I'm naming any names or anything." Then, under her breath, she mumbled, "Mom."

Grandma Flori laughed. "Gee, I wonder who might have distracted her?" Then, turning to Nick, she said, "There's some sausage and hash browns, if you really can't wait."

"I might be able to survive for a few more minutes," he said. "Coffee?"

His mother handed him a carafe that had already gone tepid.

While he warmed up a cup for himself and one for Vee, he asked, "Where's Grandpa?"

"Took Annie fishing," Grandma Flori said.

"Like, fishing, fishing?" he asked.

Veronica giggled.

"Can't say they won't get distracted," his grandmother said, "but they did actually take bait and tackle with them. And they brought back dinner last night."

"Just don't be surprised if it takes them a few hours to catch anything," his mother added with a grin.

"So those two have really hit it off?" Nick asked.

"Yep," Grandma Flori said. "Lord knows that man put up with me long enough that he's earned himself a piece of strange."

Nick raised an eyebrow at that, but his mother laughed, and that brought a smile to his grandmother's face, so he joined in.

"On a more serious note," Nick said, "if I may?"

His grandmother nodded.

He handed Veronica her coffee, kissed her, then turned back to his grandmother. "What's going to happen to you now that you've helped us?"

The room went quiet.

"I said I was going to strike a serious note," he observed.

That got a brief giggle out of Veronica, but otherwise, the room remained quiet. Save for the sizzle of the fresh batch of eggs his grandmother was pouring into the frying pan.

After a few more awkward moments, she said, "We'll have to decide as a family whether we want to stay and fight or leave Summer."

"What about you two?" his mother asked. "Will you be joining us?"

Veronica looked at Nick over the rim of her ceramic mug.

"Fraid not," he said. "The whole point was to get Patty back. No sense dragging you out of retirement and into this mess if we're not even going to see that through."

His mother regarded him cooly, but his grandmother gave an approving nod, and Veronica rubbed his bicep and offered him a wan smile. Not that it mattered how any of them reacted, of course. This was about Patty, after all.

All the same, though, it was nice to know that Veronica was still on board. And the nod from his grandmother didn't hurt either.

When his grandmother noticed the almost-frown on her daughter's face, she snorted and told Nick, "Don't mind her. She's just bitter that things didn't work out differently with Gabriela. And she'd just as soon pretend that she gave birth to you asexually as admit that she ever had anything to do with Hank Fisher. So she can't bring herself to admit that Patty's just as much family to you as we are."

His mother crossed her arms under her breasts and made a harrumphing sound, but didn't say anything to contradict Grandma Flori's words. Wouldn't have done her any good to, anyway. Nick had already surmised as much.

"Can you help us find her?" he asked.

"Nick," Veronica said reproachfully.

"What? She's already involved herself, as far as the king's concerned. And she's got to be able to do more than we can." He turned back to his grandmother. "What do you say?"

"I don't know, kiddo," she said, without looking up from the eggs. "I understand where you're coming from. And I don't think you should let your mother browbeat you into walking away from that. But it's not my fight."

"Or his, really," his mother said.

He ignored that. "Please?"

Veronica laughed. "He thinks he's so cute." She planted a kiss on his cheek. "In his mind, all he has to do is sprinkle the littlest bit of charm on a girl and she'll be powerless to say no." Beneath her breathe, she added, "Too fucking true, too, half the time."

"Tell you what," Grandma Flori said, her back still facing him. "I'll teach you a few tricks that should help you along your way. But beyond that, you're on your own."

"Deal," Nick said.

"What do you mean, `deal,' babe?" Veronica asked. "You haven't offered her anything." She pinched his cheek. "The phrase you're looking for is `thank you."'

"Thank you, Grandma. For that, and for taking us in. You really didn't have to."

Finally, she turned to face him. "Oh, sweetie. Of course I did. I couldn't have left you to bleed to death in your sister's arms. Or let you go lame, if you were lucky enough to live." She gave him a sad smile. "But you're welcome all the same."

Well. What was he to say to that?


"Are you sure we can trust her?" Zoey asked, her arms crossed beneath her breasts and her upper lip curled as she eyed Nina up and down.

"I'm right here, you know," Nina replied.

"If Eric thinks we can, then we can," Gabriela said.

Despite her words, she was actually tempted to agree with her sister-in-law. The first and last time she'd seen Hank's sister was the day he'd left her, after all. And she'd hated the skinny little bitch ever since.

Perhaps she should have blamed whatever woman had born Hank his new children instead. But Gabriela didn't know anything about that woman. Not even her name. So it was easier to hate the one who'd stood outside their home, looking all smug and young and beautiful as she waited for her brother to say goodbye to his wives. Especially with that impossibly tiny little waist of hers. It made her look like a cartoon figure.

Nonetheless, Nina was offering them a way out of their prison. And she seemed to have taken a liking to Eric. Gabriela wasn't entirely comfortable with that, of course. If the bitch dared to think that she could take Eric away from her the same she had Hank, she'd learn herself a harsh lesson. But she couldn't deny that Nina didn't seem keen on seeing any harm befall Eric. As many reasons as Gabriela had to dislike Nina personally, she saw no reason to share Zoey's fear that they were being led into another trap.

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