tagIncest/TabooHot Bath Ch. 02

Hot Bath Ch. 02


"Damn," Scott thought to himself, "one week up at school and my fucking parents demand I come home for the weekend." He even had tickets to the football game, but no, he had to come home and help with the hurricane cleanup. So now he was stuck here with no electricity, meaning no A/C, no TV, no computer, no internet and now that his cell phone needed charging, no cell phone.

Since he broke up with his girlfriend there had also been no sex now for what, fucking a month. Well, there was sex, but at this point, after all he had done with his girlfriend jacking off just didn't count. Besides without DVD and the internet the only porn he could scrape together was a Playboy his dad had been saving, some special edition with the girls of the Big Twelve.

Sitting on the couch he leafed through the magazine, trying to find at least something to get himself worked up about while his parents were out chasing down some supplies at the FEMA sites. The only other person around was his sister, that tease of a cunt who last semester slipped into the bathroom, gave him a blowjob and then practically dared him to come join her in the shower. Well, he hadn't got close to her since. She spent that night at a friend's and then she was off here and there until school started.

She was now going to the same university as Scott, but, although they rode together, she brought along a friend and once they got to school they were at different corners of the campus. Even coming home for the hurricane they had someone along, otherwise Scott would have done her on the way home. Even now he had no idea where she was at until:

"Sitting like that I can practically see everything you have," came a voice from the doorway.

"Well after you walked in on my bath that time I figure I have no secrets from you," he replied, reaching down and adjusting his erection.

"Oh, that's even better, why not just whip it out?"

"And what if I did?"

"Well who knows, I just might..."

"You just might... yeah, just like last time. You suck me off and when I come to see you, you are gone."

"Yeah, about that, I meant..."

"What did you mean?"

"I wanted to talk... I was afraid."

"Afraid, you grab my cock, stroke it up and down, slip in your mouth and swallow my cum, hell my girlfriend wouldn't even do that."

"I didn't want you to think I was a slut, a slut like that girlfriend of yours," she said crying.

Dropping the magazine, he stood up, took her in his arms and said, "Come on Jeanie, I wouldn't think that."

"That's the only thing I have done, I mean with my boyfriends. I'll use my hands to make them come, and used my mouth only once or twice."

"You seemed so good at it," Scott said, remembering the time in the bath tub.

"Oh you're just saying that."

"No sis, you were better than Cathy every was, and like I said, she never swallowed. But I didn't think you were a slut, a tease maybe, after you didn't let me, do anything else," he said, running his fingers through her hair and then turning his body so they were completely face to face.

He leaned his head to her and whispered, "I mean it, you were really good," he began grinding his hips, rubbing his hard cock against her thigh.

"You were big," Jeanie replied, moving herself so she could feel her brother's cock against her clit.

"You said you only did those things to your boyfriends, did they do anything for you?"

"A few of them fingered me, but that all seemed like it was for them too," she replied.

"Well yeah, it probably was, but they didn't do anything else?"


"Did they make you come?"


"You haven't come?"

"Oh yeah I've come, but not with a guy."

"A girl?"

"No you perv, just by myself."

Scott reached his hands up under her blouse and pushed her bra up over her breasts. He cupped them with his hands and asked, "They ever do this."

"Of course," Jeannie replied.

He pulled up blouse up over her breasts and lowered his head, and ran his tongue over her right nipple, he then moved over to the left one and began sucking on it.

"They've done that too."

"Did you like it?"

"A little," she replied, "I like it now."

He hooked his fingers under her shorts and panties and worked them down while he began kissing down from her breasts, over her stomach and as he kneeled and pulled her clothes to the floor his lips and tongue ran through her pubic hair and over her tight slit. Once kneeling before her, he leaned forward and gently kissed the slit again, "Have they done this?"

"No," she replied, her breathing was visibly faster.

"Put your clothes here and lay down on my bed," Scott whispered. As she moved toward the bed, pulling the clothes the rest of the way off of her, Scott moved to his door, closed it, making sure it was locked. As he turned he saw his sister on the bed with her legs and arms crossed, covering herself up as much as she could. Moving towards her, Scott pulled off his shirt, his shorts and underwear.

When he reached the foot of the bed he said, "Now Jeanie, you have seen me completely, you see me now completely naked, don't you think I should see you."

She nodded and uncrossed her arms. Scott looked at his sister's breasts. He had seen them when he was younger and occasionally by accident as they grew up, but now he was seeing them on his adult sister for the first time. They were small and the nipples and areola were very light, almost matching the surrounding skin. It was all so virginal, so innocent and yet this woman had given him an incredible blow job the last time they were together.

"Your legs too," Scott said, gently nudging her ankles as she spread her legs some. "Wider," he urged, looking down at the light curls of her pubic hair, the tight slit, slightly pinker than her thighs and stomach. Almost reverently Scott kneeled and moved toward her while he grabbed her thighs and pulled her to him. He began by kissing her thighs and working up and then over.

It had been at least a day since they both had showered but although the scent from between her legs was strong, it was not obtrusive, and he ran his tongue from one end of her slit up towards the clit. He did that several more times as it slowly opened to him. Lifting his head, he slowly worked a finger into her pussy while admiring how her pussy lips blossomed open to him. They curved so delicately that he wanted to suck and taste every inch of her, but he suddenly heard her moan.

Reminding himself this was for her, he pulled his fingers out and slipped his tongue into her wet opening, taking a deep taste before concentrating on her pleasure. He savored the tangy taste of his sister's pussy for just a moment and then moved his tongue up to her clit. He slowly circled the tiny nub while working first one and then a second finger into her pussy. Feeling the tight band of skin along the top he gently worked his fingers in and out of her.

Jeanie began to move her hips, slowly lifting them, pushing herself against him. Scott gently sucked her clit into his mouth and lightly sucked, letting his tongue just barely touch it. He could feel his sister's fingers in his hair and felt his head lifting up and down as she pushed herself harder and harder against him. She then cried out loudly and collapsed back on the bed, her whole body trembling.

Scott could feel her pussy contracting on his fingers again and again as he carefully moved his mouth off her sensitive clit. As the convulsions in her pussy subsided he slid his fingers out of her and then he stood up, his cock pointing straight out. Looking down at her, with her legs open, her pussy glistening in her juices, still quivering from her orgasm he wanted to fall upon her and shove his cock deep inside her.

But no, he couldn't, it would simply hurt her too much. The way he had himself worked up he simply couldn't control himself enough not to hurt her, so instead, he reached up and began stroking his cock.

Since he had just gone down on his sister, ate her pussy until she came and now looked over her beautiful, innocent naked body he was so incredible turned on that it took just seconds of stroking before he felt the pleasure shoot up through his balls and then down the length of his cock. Looking down at his sister, he saw her eyes focus on him, her face showing amazement as his cock exploded, spurting a high arc of cum to splash on her breasts, once, twice and a third time before he fell onto his knees between her legs and one last spurt dripped down into her pubic hair.

"Oh Scott," she exclaimed, "that was so..."

Suddenly they heard a car door slam.

"Oh fuck, it's mom and dad!" Scott said. He grabbed his sister's clothes, tossed them to her and ran and unlocked his door. He watched her use her blouse to wipe up the cum before she ran past him to her room. She paused at her door, looked back at Scott and then held her blouse to her nose and took a deep whiff.

"I smell you," she said. She then closed and locked her door while Scott did the same. Looking over at his bed he saw a wet spot where his sister's sat up and he rubbed it with his shirt, trying to sop up as much as her juices as he could. He then tossed another shirt over it and held the wet shirt to his nose.

"And I smell you Sis," he said to himself.

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