tagIncest/TabooHot Bath Ch. 06

Hot Bath Ch. 06


Before they knew it Sunday had rolled around and Scot and Jeanie were loading their car getting ready to head back to school. With the power back on they were able to make a lot of progress helping their parents get the house back in order. The refrigerators and freezers were cleaned out and restocked, the computer and internet was up and working again and the first of the debris was getting hauled out of their front yard.

As they loaded the car Scott and Jeanie did notice that they hadn't seen their parents in some time. They had started helping the kids but after it was about half loaded the kids hadn't seen either parent in a while.

"Sis, you seen mom or dad?"

"No, they're not in the kitchen..."

"Or anywhere downstairs," Scott finished his sister's observation.

"We got everything from upstairs."

"Did you ever have that talk with mom?"

"Yeah, I did."

"How did it go?"

"Surprisingly well. I guess you reminded her how good it could be and when I mentioned that dad was probably just as needy, she seemed to understand."

"Well maybe they'll have something to do once we leave. Speaking of which I think we are pretty well loaded."

"Okay, let's go say goodbye," Jeanie replied.

The two of them went back into the house and after a quick survey of the first floor they walked up the stairs. They immediately noticed the master bedroom door was slightly ajar. Tiptoeing up to the door, Scott pushed it open just enough for the two of them to peek inside.

Their mother was on the bed on all fours while their father kneeled behind her sliding his cock in and out of her doggie-style. Mom had reached back under herself and was playing with her clit and moaning loudly as father held her hips and plunged into her. Rather than be appalled at the sight of their parents fucking so vigorously, both Scott and Jeanie leaned on each other and enjoyed the intensity of it all.

After a few moments when their mother obviously came very loudly, they slowly backed away from the door and headed back down to the car. Scott walked back into the garage and grabbed one other box he planned to bring, but when he turned back he saw his sister.

Jeanie had quickly pulled off her clothes, put a large towel down on the concrete floor and was kneeling on all fours. Scott dropped the box and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Just say mom inspired me," she replied, wiggling her ass seductively.

Scott immediately pulled off his shirt, shorts and underwear and climbed down behind his sister. "Are you wet enough?"

"I don't know, you better check it out."

Turning onto his back, Scott slid up under his sister, raised his head and slipped his tongue between her lips. He pressed it deep into her pussy, tasting the tart flavor of her juices. He then ran his tongue along the soft curves of her lips up to her clit, where he circled it several times. By the time he moved his tongue back down her slit, Jeanie was breathing loudly and pressing down on his face. He slipped his tongue back inside her and the flood of flavor confirmed she was now wet enough.

Moving back onto his knees, Scott moved his hips forward until he felt Jeanie's fingers clasp his cock and guide it into her wet opening. Unlike the first time they fucked, this time his cock slid into her easily and by her reaction, Scott felt certain it didn't hurt her any. Although he began slowly, soon he was moving his cock in and out of her pussy very quickly, feeling his balls slapping against her pussy lips and clit.

He could feel his sister lean back each time he thrust forward and as he shoved in to the hilt Jeanie moaned loudly. "Oh yeah, she'll come now," he told himself, grabbing her hips and kneading them as he shoved himself deeper into his sister. Scott felt something brushing his cock and balls and realized his sister had reached down to touch her clit while he slid in and out.

"Like mother, like daughter," he said to himself as he suddenly felt the muscles in her hips tense up and heard her groan. He slowed down, trying to thrust even deeper with each stroke as he drove his sister closer and closer to orgasm.

Jeanie moaned again and then whimpered, "Oh Scott, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Scott thrust into her several more times and then stopped, holding his cock deep inside her as her pussy quivered and contracted on him. He remained motionless until the climax subsided, then he began to move again. Knowing he had satisfied his sister, he was now free to enjoy the sensations of her body as her wet, softness encircled him.

Each thrust was incredible as he slid into his sister's body and each withdrawal made him ache to shove himself back into her. Again and again the pleasure of his sister's pussy slid over him, covering him in her juices, caressing him in her softness, drawing every inch of his cock into her. His balls tightened, his cock thickened and as he arched his back and moaned, he came, spurting his cum deep into his sister's cunt in spurt after spurt.

Holding his sister's hips and pushing against her ass, Scott held his cock inside her for as long as he could, unfortunately, it eventually slipped out of her. Only then did he back up, lean over and kiss her ass and then said, "I guess we should be going."

"Yeah, mom and dad should be finished by now," Jeanie said.

"Okay, let's go say goodbye."

They both headed back into the house and then up the stairs. This time instead of peeking in the door, they assumed their parents were finished so they opened the door and Jeanie said, "We're ready to... oh my."

Scott and Jeanie looked in to see their mom straddling their dad's face while bent over sucking his cock. Startled, she lifted her head and looked over to them. She quickly replied, "Oh yes, have a save drive," she said, wiping away a bit of their father's cum as it ran down their mother's chin.

"Mmnn, mmmm, call us," they heard their father mumble from between their mother's legs.

They quickly turned and headed back downstairs. "Damn those two are acting like a couple of teenagers," Scott replied.

Jeanie giggled as she grabbed her purse and walked out to the car. She climbed inside, grabbed her cell phone and called up her friend Susan, "Hey Sue, Scott and I are just leaving, we'll be there in a few minutes."

Scott started the car and backed out of the driveway. Putting the car in drive he slowly headed down the road. Glancing back he could see his parents, still naked, waving from the master bedroom window.

"I must admit," Scott said, "that was an interesting visit."

"Oh yes, who would have thought mom swallows," Jeanie said smiling.

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