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Hot Tubbing Stepmom


My dad and I have always been very much alike. We like the same movies. We enjoy the same music. Even our taste in women is very similar. We've had a wonderful relationship since I was a kid and when he and my mother got divorced we still kept in close contact by phone when my mom moved us across the country.

About 3 years ago my dad got re-married to a beautiful Latina woman named Alyssa. I came by myself to the wedding and what greeted me was a stunning and sexy older woman with the most erotic Spanish accent I've ever heard. "Tom, its so nice to finally meet you" she said as I gave her a hug, I had to keep myself under control because of how soft and smooth her body felt in my arms. Later in the evening when I had a chance to be alone with my dad for a minute I told him how hot his new wife was, and how we must still be close as he picked out the same type of woman I would. We laughed and he thanked me before going off to be with his new bride.

Three years later I'm about to start my 2nd year of college and I decide that I want to move closer to my dad and go to school where a few of my friends have gone. So I call him and ask to come out and stay with him while I visit the campus with my friend Natalie. He says its fine so we arrive at his doorstep one week later only to be greeted by Alyssa. She's wearing a sexy yellow sundress that hangs off of her golden brown shoulders. She gives me another one of those amazing cock throbbing hugs and I introduce her to Natalie an old friend of mine who I've never really thought about sexually. Alyssa treats us like we're dating though and gives me an approving smile as we go in to get settled.

My dad soon comes in and we spend most of the night drinking and catching up on what's been happening in our lives. Alyssa acts as hostess always refilling glasses and bringing food, I find it hard to keep my eyes from dancing on her luscious cleavage. And I found myself staring every time she bent over to pick something up. I think my dad also noticed as later when the girls had gone to bed we sat watching TV he said "So did you enjoy staring at your step mom's ass?" I almost choked on my beer. He laughed and said it was alright and what did I think made him notice her in the first place? He put me at ease about my inappropriate glances and then went a step further.

"You know I can barely keep up with her sexually. She wants it all the time. Hell, I'd probably be up there right now knee deep in pussy if I didn't have you guys visiting."

"I'm sorry dad... I didn't know..." He held up his hand to stop me.

"No son I didn't mean it like that. I mean she is wearing me out. Frankly I'm thankful for the break." I smiled at that and we went back to our TV show. After a while he brought up the subject of Natalie. "So I know you said she's just your friend but have you done her yet?"

"Nope." I said. "Really haven't thought about her like that. I know she's hot but our personalities don't really go in a sexual way. Truthfully I have the opposite problem as you. I'm about as dry as the Sahara right now. And I may be too drunk to care but its taking all of my self control not to jump your wife every time I see her walk past."

My dad got a strange look on his face and then stunned me rigid. "Would you like to fuck her?" Again I almost choked on my beer. I was so stunned I didn't know what to say.

"What?" He looked at me carefully and repeated.

"Would you like to fuck her? You see we've talked about swinging or inviting another guy into bed with us but the thought of losing her to some thick dick stranger who can fuck all night worries me."

"Well...uh dad. I mean she's beautiful and yeah obviously my body is willing I just don't..." He cut me off right there.

"Don't worry about it. I have my answer. Let's not talk about this again but if you are interested just wait and follow my lead tomorrow. Let's get to bed." That night as I tried to drift off to sleep I heard my old man giving it hard to Alyssa who moaned and cried in pleasure for what had to be 2 hours. I didn't know what would happen tomorrow but damn if I wasn't looking forward to it.

The next day was a little difficult to get through. I was a little nervous about what my dad had planned and Alyssa was looking even more exciting than the day before. I was also concerned about Natalie and what she would think if she knew I wanted to fuck my step-mom. We went off to our campus tour and saw some old friends but at around 6:30 I returned to my dad's for dinner, while Natalie promised to catch up later after she hung out with a few girlfriends. Alyssa was putting the finishing touches on dinner and my dad immediately started pouring the wine by the time I sat down to relax.

About 9:30 after refilling our glasses for the 5th or 6th time we were all feeling good. My dad suggested we go to the hot tub and finish our drinks. We all immediately put our drinks down and then went to change for the hot tub. I was the first to get in with only my Swim trunks on. My dad was next and then Alyssa came out wearing the sexiest dark blue one piece swimming suit I've ever seen. It hugged her curvy figure in all the right places. As she walked slowly toward the hot tub I noticed tightness of her suit between her legs was making the most amazing camel toe. She sidled into the tub next to my dad and we all sipped our drinks and talked about the day.

Alyssa asked me all sorts of questions about the campus and the major I would declare once I came to school there. Eventually our conversation drifted to girls and she asked about all the hot young girls that were on campus and did I think it would take me long to find a girl friend. I said there were a few on campus that looked pretty good but none were quite as attractive as my dad's beautiful bride. She blushed a little at the compliment and that's when my dad decided to leave us alone.

"Oh honey, I forgot I have to send that document off to Fielding tonight before midnight." He said as he raised hastily out of the tub.

"But you've been drinking can't you wait until morning?"

"Hey I'll be back in a little while, don't worry I just have to fax this thing that's all. Don't even turn off the tub I'll be right back." With that he threw on his robe and went into the house. After about 3 minutes we heard him yell "Be back in a bit" and then the front door closed.

"I don't like it when he has to work so late." Alyssa complained. At first I thought maybe my dad didn't clue her in on his plan but soon after he left she started to complain about a cramp in her neck. "Would you mind rubbing my shoulders, Tom? Your father usually does when my neck hurts like this."

"Sure." I said as I pushed myself up out of the water to sit on the edge of the tub. Before I could move to where she was though she drifted over to my side of the tub and positioned herself between my legs. I could feel her soft arms and hips with my legs as my hands found their way to her shoulders. As I began the knead her cinnamon tanned shoulders she leaned her head back in my lap and moaned softly. Every nerve ending in my body was alive as I felt the softness of her radiant brown hair on my crotch. Her movement and the way she sounded were beginning to have a stiffening effect on my cock. "How does that feel?" I asked as she opened her sexy brown eyes and looked into mine.

"Feels like one of your father's massages." With that she leaned her head back into my hard cock. "Oh, that feels like your dad too."

"I'm sorry--- I uh"

"Oh honey don't worry about it. It feels good." With that she continued to gently lean into my now erect member. "I guess it feels good to you too?" She said as she looked up into my face again. At this point I couldn't speak, I was so nervous. She sensed this in my eyes and stopped the massage to turn and face me with her hands resting softly on my thighs.

"I want you to be totally at ease with me Tom. I want to be like a second mother to you...with fringe benefits." She smiled then and I immediately relaxed. She then slowly lowered herself into the water until her face was right next to my crotch. She then started to, what I can only describe as worship my cock through my swim trunks. I felt her hot breath scald the tip of my dick as she planted angel kisses all over the outline of my rigid member. She would take a little of the shaft into her mouth before running her mouth back to the top and gently biting the tip. She hadn't touched bare skin and I felt like I was about to cum.

Then she moved her hands up my thighs until she reached the waistband of my trunks and then I sat up as she pulled them down my legs. As I brought my ass back down, Alyssa wasted no time in taking me into her hot velvety mouth. I felt her tongue as it swirled gently around the head as she lightly sucked. The room was soon filled with the quiet sounds the Jacuzzi jets and Alyssa's slurping on my rod. She alternated between licking and sucking my cock to stroking me with her wet hands and sucking my balls lightly into her mouth. I had never cum from a blow job before but I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

She was so engrossed in her masterful manipulation of my tool that she looked like woman possessed. I was a little surprised when her hand came up and pushed against my chest to make me lay all the way back. When I was flat on my back she then lifted my cock and balls as she drove her head under them to get at my ass! I felt the tiny flicks of her tongue as they caressed the rim of my asshole. I had never had this done to me and was frankly stunned. She kept up her stroking of my cock as she probed deeper into my flexing anus like she was licking the last of the pudding out of a snack cup. I began to moan and felt the pressure building in my balls as I she worked me over. I could feel the cum start to bubble out of my testicles and up my shaft as she quickly moved her mouth back to my cock as I exploded.

It was phenomenal! I just kept spurting cum into my step mom's glorious mouth until my cock hurt. She in turn kept up her sucking and I could hear her swallowing every drop of cum in my balls. After she had her brief snack I sat up and looked deep into her eyes and felt such heat for this woman.

"I see you are still hard. That's good because I really need to be fucked." She quickly hopped from the tub and I watched as she sauntered her sexy ass over to the chase lounge, stripping off her suit as she went. When she reached the lounge I watched intensely as she lay back and spread her legs wide, then dipped a finger into her twat and tasted her own juices.

I could not reach her fast enough as I jumped up from my seat and rushed to her side.

"Fuck me Tomas." She moaned, as I climbed onto the chair between her splayed legs. My cock was still tingling from the blow job she had just given me and I found that I was harder than Greek Calculus. When I touched the very tip of my dick to her pussy I could feel the heat radiating from her box. I thought to myself, that I wanted to make her cum as hard as I had already. So I just took the tip and started to dip into her syrupy wet quim. I fucked her like that for a few minutes only using the first couple inches of my prick to stir her twat. She was soon panting and trying to grab my hips and pull me in further.

"Ooh I love to be teased but this is so unfair Tomas." As she tried to pull my hips again I plunged into her with one strong stroke.

"Uggghhhh." She cried as I went back to giving her the tip. Her pussy was so wet by this time I could hear my cock sloshing around in what sounded like a cup of warm cocoa. After a few more shallow trusts I gave her two long strokes which brought out even more pleasure. I kept doing this shallow then deep thing until I had reached my point and gave her thrust after thrust of all I had. Her pussy was drenched in her own cum as I pounded away for all I was worth. She cried out my name as she climaxed continuously over the next several minutes.

I leaned down to kiss her as I was fast approaching my next orgasm and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth. I could even smell the light scent of my ass on her lips from when she had her tongue there. I have to admit, the sweet funk of it just fueled my lust even more. I felt the tingle start to build in my now soaking wet balls again as our tongues danced with fury. I felt the sheen of sweat building on my back as I plowed into her gripping vagina with all my might. With that we both exploded.

"Oh mom, that feels - so – good." I said as blast after blast of hot creamy cum flowed deep into my step mother's womb. I felt her pussy grip me tighter as she climaxed with me.

As we came down from our sexual high I noticed that my dad had returned at some point during our play. What I did not count on was seeing Natalie on her knees in front of him with his cock down her throat.

When I looked at him he kind of shrugged and said, "She caught you guys doing it and I found her sitting in the shadows playing with herself." With that he sat down on a chair near Alyssa and me as Natalie followed with her head held low as if embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Tom, Alyssa; you two just looked so good together." With that my dad pulled Natalie onto his lap and impaled her on his rigid pole. As she began to post up and down on his now slippery dick, Alyssa moved closer.

"That's ok sweet heart I just like for my guests to feel good." As she said this she moved in behind Natalie riding dad, she grabbed her hips and spread her ass cheeks before dipping her tongue into Nat's asshole. Natalie started going crazy as her orgasm struck like a ton of bricks. My dad couldn't take much more and I saw his balls contract as he blew his load deep inside Natalie.

For the rest of the night we all had sex in every position imaginable. I even got to fuck Natalie a few times that night. Since then we have started a relationship and moved in together near my dad and Alyssa. We all still get together from time to time but I will never forget the first time I really got to know my Step Mom.

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