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Hot Wife Gets What She Wants


When I got married I knew my husband and I would always have hot sex. We loved to watch porn and talk dirty. Our favorite thing to fantasize about was for me to get fucked by my husband and another man. We both got so turned on thinking about me having two cocks at once and one night our fantasy came true.

My husband Colin picked me up from work on a hot Friday evening. It was 5:30pm and we went to our local bar for some drinks to kick off the weekend. The bar wasn't crowded, just the bartender and a random guy having a beer. I had worn a sexy little summer dress that day and while getting ready in the morning, I had forgotten my panties. We were sitting at the bar, having drinks and I didn't realize it, but my legs were slightly spread open. Colin noticed right away and it made him horny.

"You should close your legs unless you want that guy over there to see your pussy," he whispered suggestively in my ear.

"Maybe I want him to see my pussy and maybe you want him to see it as well," I groaned back.

"Just think about all those times we've fantasized about having another guy with us, "I reminded Colin. "Wouldn't that turn you on baby?"

I started to get wet thinking about having the two of them and I started to rub my hand over Colin's crotch. I felt my husband get hard through his jeans.

He grew bigger and growled, "Spread them wide and let him see your gorgeous pussy."

I obeyed and opened my legs as wide as I could. My cunt was starting to drip down my thighs. Colin started to finger me and I began to moan. I couldn't help it. Then guy at the bar looked over and saw my husband fingering my big wet pussy.

I suddenly became a bit shy and excused myself to go to the ladies room. While I was gone, the guy at the bar came over to Colin.

"That was quite a show you both gave me, is there anymore for me to see? I'm Mike by the way."

Colin jumped at the chance to make our hot fantasy come true.

"There's plenty more for you to see and to fuck - my wife loves cock and she wants two."

"What's your wife's name?"


"Well I'd love to fuck Vanessa with you Colin - are you sure she's into it?"


By the time I came back from the ladies room Colin and Mike had arranged for the three of us to go back to our apartment so I could get just what I wanted: a dirty fuck with two big dicks.

We hopped into our cars and Mike followed us home. Once we got back to our place I poured some cocktails and excused myself while the two guys sat on the couch. I needed to change into something sexy, so I went to our bedroom and found the hottest black lace panties and bra. I threw on a white button down shirt over my outfit and slipped into my favorite stiletto heels. I looked hot and started to get turned on by knowing what was to come next once I went back downstairs. My pussy was dripping wet thinking about having Colin and Mike at the same time.

I went back downstairs to the living room where the guys were waiting on the couch. Colin had switched on the ipod and a nice slow, sultry song playing. I started to unbutton my white shirt and began to give the men a hot strip show. I could see their cocks grow harder and bulge under their jeans.

"Unzip those pants boys and let me see what I'm dealing with."

Colin and Mike obliged and pulled out their rock hard dicks. I loved that I made them hard and my pussy juices began to really flow.

They were each stroking their cocks. I started to touch myself too.

The guys took off their pants and undies. Now they were fully exposed to me, two big dicks ready for the taking.

I got on my knees.

I moaned, "I want to suck some dick. Who's first?"

"Go for it Mike," Colin said. "She sucks a good cock".

Mike shoved his cock in my face.

"You want that Vanessa?" he asked.

"Fuck yes, give it to me."

I wrapped my mouth on Mike's big dick. It was nice and thick, just what I wanted. I licked the shaft of his rod and continued down to his balls, taking them in my mouth. I could see Colin was getting turned on watching me sucking another man's cock and balls. He started to jerk off.

"Colin, you want to get sucked too?" I asked.

He didn't have time to respond. I grabbed Colin's hard dick and shoved it down my throat. Now I had both of them in my mouth and I was loving it.

My pussy was so fucking wet and I just couldn't wait any longer to get fucked. I pulled my mouth away from their cocks, got off my knees and stood up. I let them take in my body: round, perky tits, stiff nipples, manicured pussy. I turned around and bent over, shaking my cute ass while they both jerked off. I spread my ass a bit, circled my finger around my tight hole and turned back around to look at them wanting me.

"Just fuck me. I know you want to and you know I want to get fucked by your big dicks, so just give them to me."

"Get on your hands and knees" commanded Colin, "I want to watch you get fucked from behind."

I was more than happy to follow his instructions. Mike teased me by rubbing the tip of his cock on my soaking wet pussy.

"You want it, you want to get fucked?" he asked. "Oooh yes..You know I do. I want that cock. Give it to me."

Mike thrusted his dick up my cunt. He was huge and it hurt to fit all of him inside of me, but I took every inch of him eagerly. Colin shoved his dick down my throat and I sucked it hard while I was getting fucked from behind by Mike. Colin loved watching me get fucked by Mike's big dick and each time Mike rammed my pussy, Colin rammed his cock in my mouth even harder.

I was enjoying it, but I craved more. Colin knew I always wanted two cocks up my pussy.

Colin gave me his orders. "Turn over on your back and spread that dripping wet pussy wide open so we can fit both our dicks up there. Are you into that Mike, you want to fuck her with me?"

Mike couldn't wait to double penetrate me with Colin's cock. "Hell yes, let's fuck her hard."

Mike got underneath me and stuck his dick in, then Colin positioned himself over me and started to plow his cock in too. I was so surprised that both fit in me so easily. I guess it was because I wanted it so bad, my pussy was leaking all over me and all over their dicks.

I was getting fucked like I always wanted to. Nice and dirty.

"That feels so good, you like my tight wet cunt boys?"

Colin and Mike responded by fucking me even harder. They were groaning and grunting while plowing me.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum up that pussy," Mike yelled.

"Fill her up, fill that pussy up," Colin commanded.

I was really getting pounded now. Colin and Mike were fucking my pussy so hard. Each time they shoved their dicks up me, I moaned louder and louder.

"I gonna fucking cum," yelled Mike.

He shot a huge load of cum up inside of me. It poured out my pussy, all over both of their dicks. Mike pulled out, got up from underneath me and stood over my mouth.

"Put that cock in my mouth, let me taste it," I yelled to Mike. I wanted to taste my pussy and his cum all over his dick. He was still hard when I wrapped my mouth around his dick. I could taste his cum, Colin's dick and my pussy juice all over his huge cock. It was so good, I gobbled it up. Colin was still fucking me, not yet wanting to cum, he pulled out and started to eat my sopping wet cunt. He licked it up, devouring every drop that dripped out.

It was so hot and sexy. I started to finger myself as Colin ate my pussy. Colin's dick was harder than ever and I wanted it up my ass.

"Fuck my ass baby, fuck it hard for me."

Colin did as he was told and put it up my ass so good.

I was still sucking on Mike's cock while I had Colin's up my ass.

I started to cum.

I moaned, "Yes yes yes! I'm going to cum for you!"

They guys couldn't wait any longer.

Colin shot his load up my ass and at the same time Mike shot his down my throat. I was playing with my pussy at the same time and had the most intense orgasm ever.

I laid there covered in cum, exhausted from getting fucked like I always wanted. The guys looked at me.

I said, "So, when can we do this again?"

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