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Hot Wife Play-by-Play


"Are you tied up good honey? Let me check."

Click-click went her hot red pumps, making their way across an immaculate floor, polished to the point that her moist pink pussy lips could be seen in its reflection, appearing and disappearing behind her toned, supple thighs sliding over each other as she walked towards him seductively.

She was stunning. Her brown tresses framed her smoldering green eyes in a bob, eyes that twinkled knowingly as she neared him. He was naked and on his back, his racing, excited hearbeat visible in his pulsing erection. He was tied down, spread-eagled on her lace-covered bed.

Her white garters swayed as she pranced towards him. She paused as she reached the bed. She lifted her right knee off the floor carefully so she could adjust the perfect little ribbon at the top of her thigh-high with delicate fingers. Then she did the same on the left, her shapely sexy leg lifting up to her touch. He could only watch her, his cock aching, pulsing, straining for her touch.

She tugged at his restraints.

"Oooh, you are tied up good! I do such a good job."

She giggled. He struggled. She pouted at him.

"What are you doing? You know you can't escape! You taught me those knots!"

Clip-clop, clip-clop, she walked around the bed, looking at him with a predator's eyes, slowly.

"I like you like this. So helpless, but sexy too."

She bent over to whisper in his ear: "You wanted this, remember?"

Looking up dreamily, she sauntered around the room, sucking a finger teasingly between her glossy red lips, looking down at him from time to time with a wicked smile, knowing how he loved this, enjoying the power she had over him.

"So, let's review our situation, honey."

She turned to face him, one arm resting on the other one as she pretended to think it over, but this was obviously planned well in advance. She kept a glistening finger bent by her cheek so she could suck it once in awhile as she revealed the kinky plan she had in store.

Her eyes glinted at him again. She was enjoying herself.

Leaning over slightly, she gave him a view of her perfectly formed tits, globes touching at their inner soft edge, held by her lacy bra. She cocked her head to look at him sideways, in mock pity, then squatted to rest her elbows on the bed beside him, looking into his eyes, her head propped up by her hands. Her peachy cheeks were pressed upward slightly, which made them a little more pink from the pressure.

She was flush with sexual excitement. Microscopic diamond flecks of sweat, fragrant like rose petals, burst into bloom invisibly along the surface of her sleek, sensuous skin. She made the air hum and vibrate around her with the anticipation of sex.

He was transfixed by her completely. A captive audience.

"Night after night, year after year, you have told me you want me to fuck other guys. Is that right?"

"Mmph!" he protested, but her panties were in his mouth.

"Almost forgot! My poor hubby can't talk. Well, we both know the answer to these questions. I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything."

She noticed his cock, bursting at the seams with cum for her.

Licking her lips, she struck like a panther, grabbing his stiff cock, and started wanking it relentlessly, staring into his eyes, smiling wickedly. His hips began to rise off the bed.

"Oh yeah, you like it, huh?"


She went on a while longer, accelerating unexpectedly, slowing to prevent him from cumming, then speeding up again, obviously driving him insane.

She stopped, still giggling at the power she had over him.

Looking at him hungrily she squeezed his cock base tight, then moved her clenched fist slowly up his cock to the tip like it was a tube of tooth-paste, forcing his pre-cum out, to dribble onto her fist. With a strength that belied her dainty frame, she almost lifted him off the bed by his cock, so intense was her effort to extract his pre-cum.


She let go.

More giggles as she stopped.

Watching his reaction, she ran her tongue along the side of her hand, gathering up all the precum, smearing it over and around her lips. She was wearing him as lip gloss. What a tease she was!

She wagged a finger at him, naughty-naughty style, seeing him strain to move his cock towards her again.

"Nuh-uh, not yet..."

She stood. A moan of disappointment escaped him.

"I've been thinking," she said, after she ran her tongue along her finger one last time before she resumed walking around him, eyeing him wantonly all the while, batting her eyelashes in mock innocence.

"Maybe you're right." She put her hands on her hips.

"Maybe I should fuck other guys."


"Why not?" She asked, like a lawyer leading a cross-examination.

As she walked towards one of her full-length mirrors, an excitement lightened her step. She looked at herself, turning this way and that, examining her hard-won body with pride.

"After all, you've said it so many times: I've got a body that's made for sex."

She continued to admire herself, walking back towards him, flaunting her body along the way like a model on a runway. Reaching his side, she bent and enunciated each word carefully to him: "Made. to. fuck."


Striking a pose, she ran her hands down the smooth curve of her darling sweet ass, protruding to within only inches from his face, peering over her shoulder at him.

"Mm-hmm, honey, you're right," she moaned, sliding a wet finger towards her pussy, running it first over her inviting, tight asshole.

"Mm-hmmm..." she moaned as her finger disappeared into her wet pussy. She pushed it in and out slowly, which made a squishy sound that pushed his buttons. His legs tried to kick his bonds loose to no avail.

"Wait!" she said in mock surprise, after a few strokes of her mesmerizing finger-fucking.

"I don't want to ruin my pussy's appetite."

She turned back to him, playing the sweet innocent girl, as if she had discovered her sexy body for the first time.

"After all, there's a line of cute guys outside that door, all with cocks ready to fuck me."

"Mmph! Mmph!"

He sounded worried.

"Oh honey, it's ok! I've been working on this awhile. You see," she said, seeing his eyes frozen in surprise, somewhere between shock and disbelief, "I have been interviewing for this position. I've recruited far and wide for the cutest, hottest guys. For almost a year now."


She chuckled, and sat on the bed, legs crossed. She was all business as she addressed him.

"If I'm going to fuck other guys, honey, it has to be done my way. I won't fuck any old guy, you know."

"Mmm-hmm.." she said, running her fingernails up and down his cock lightly, barely touching his balls; still, he jumped at her touch.

"So don't worry honey, I'm a very picky girl... and sexy too. So I had the pick of the litter... "

She continued to trace out lines along his growing cock with her fingers as she told him more.

"The guys I pick are gentle and kind, as well as cute. I made sure. And their bodies and faces are dreamy of course. And ... well..." she said, watching him carefully, her finger back near her mouth.

"Well.. they have rather nice cocks."


"No, honey, no! I haven't fucked them yet, of course not, but I had to test them out somehow. I had to be sure they were gentle, and clean, and nice to me, you know." She said, watching her hand run up and down her husband's chest, nodding her head slowly, willing him to agree that this all made perfect sense.

She could feel his question burning into the back of her head. How did she test them sexually?

Finally she could avoid his gaze no longer.

"I gave them all blowjobs!"

"Mmph! Mmph!"

She looked a little embarrassed at first, but emboldened by her husband's restraints, she couldn't help running her tongue along her lips.

"Oh honey, not all at once of course, and it took me awhile to get up the courage, but once I did, well..."

She sighed, dreamily.

"Well, I fell in love with each and every cock that is outside that door. Thick ones, long ones..." she stopped and frowned a little in thought. "Actually, come to think of it, they are all thick and long!"

She smiled at him sexily.


"But their cocks are all different, in their own way." She edged closer to him.

"Like how long and how hard I can blow a cock before it cums."

She leaned into him, sucking her finger between her stirring words. More pre-cum oozed out of him now than had been produced by her milking fist earlier.

"Like how much cum each cock can spurt into my mouth. Mmm hmmm..."

She smiled down wickedly at him.

"The texture of the cum in my mouth. As it slides down my throat."

His cock was nearly bursting.

"The taste of a cock's cum, on my tongue. How salty? How sweet?"

He was stunned into silence.

"I was very thorough. And it goes without saying for a guy to qualify, he had to let me run the show. No grabbing my head, no thrusting. Oh, I give these guys the time of their lives, each and every time..."

"... But only if they follow my instructions. Like you," she said, tapping the tip of his nose before rising and climbing onto the bed, over him, her tits grazing his forehead.

"Mmmm, honey, just thinking of all those tasty, hard, thick and virile young cocks, that I sucked off each afternoon for months and months, oh..."

She straddled him, her eyes closed in ecstasy, biting her upper lip. She began to slide up, and up, and mounted his face.

His head, eyes wide, disappeared as it was locked deep between her sleek, powerful, thighs.

"Those hunks with their beautiful cocks, full of tasty cum, right outside my door..."

She began rubbing her increasingly wet pussy over his face.

"Their hands stroking my hair as I blow them up and down... oh ..."

"Mmph! Mmph!"

She lifted her pussy from his face for a moment to observe, "Such gentlemen too, honey. You know they warn me when they are about to cum?"

She giggled, covering him again. "As if I didn't know."

"They are so kind, so thoughtful... but I don't care, I just keep going, I keep bobbing away. You know why, honey, don't you?"


"Because this girl swallows, that's why. Oh yes she does. Mmm hmmm..."

She ran a finger around her gleaming full lips, her eyes still closed, bucking and riding his face.

"I earn every drop of cum I get, honey, so why shouldn't I swallow it all?"

"And boy," she giggled, "have I been swallowing lately! These boys have been supplying me with all the yummy nutrition I need, babe. Have you noticed how I barely touch my dinner these days? Mmmmm..."

From behind the panty stuffed in his mouth, he managed to get the tip of his tongue around one side. With a quick intake of breath she felt it, and positioned her clit directly upon his frantic little worm of a tongue-tip and gyrated over it, her head thrown back in ecstasy.

Her breathing quickened, her chest rose and fell, a little smile began to spread as she felt the point of no return arriving...

"Your pretty little wife... she blew them all... swallowing ... all their cum... hun ... oh! ... yes I did, and oh... all that yummy cum... young cute guy cum ... sweet and thick... oh honey.... like a milk shake..."


"And they are waiting to fuck me... they want me bad... I want them to do it... Honey, I do want other guys... these guys... to fuck me... I do... I want them to fill me up... to spread this sweet pussy wide, honey... oh! OH!"

She spasmed, she shook, she grabbed her husband's sweaty head covered with her pussy juice, and pulled it closer, closed her thighs around it and screamed "Oh! OH Honey! Oh!"

Silence. Her breathing gradually slowed down, the powerful orgasm finally loosened its grip on her, her head dropped, chin against her chest...

Her eyes flew open. "Honey!"

She got off him, he sputtered for air. "Mmph! Mmph!"

"I'm sorry honey! I got carried away!" Her scared look turned to relief, and then to amusement.

"You look funny! Your hair. Oh, honey, what have I done? Here..." she used part of a pillowcase nearby to wipe his face, which was returning to a normal color.

"Now, where were we... oh yeah!" She brightened, again playing the innocent girl role. "They're going to fuck me!" She clapped, excitedly.


"Honey, now, I have this idea for how I want to do it." She looked at his captive face. Did he know how serious she was at this point, how far she was willing to take this? Interpreting his expression as either approval or resignation, she continued.

"When we're fucking, and you want me to talk about fucking other guys, well, I give you the play-by-play. I pretend your cock is some cute guy's cock I can't resist, right, and I talk to you about how it feels as he fucks me, how he's so thick and big and how good it is and how-- oh-- he's going to cum in me! Like that. Remember?"


"Ok, then. So I figured, let's do it that way, but with a real cock! I'll still be talking to you, and on top of you, but he'll be fucking me from behind, and I'll be giving you the play-by-play. Face to face. For real."


"Great. Now, I'm not sure what to do with your cock during all this. Maybe I'll give you a handjob or blow you some, but I want to be like usual, right near your face, telling you about it."


"We'll figure it out. Ok. I'll go fill them in."


"Don't worry honey! I'll be back. See you soon!"

Clip-clop. She walked over to the door, and blew him a kiss before disappearing through it.

Sounds of voices behind the door rose-- deep ones mixed with hers, laughter, talking, like a small party. Eventually she came back through, a little flustered, fixing her hair, and got on the bed, settling over him on all fours. She grabbed his cock and worked it up and down, then sucked the tip a little, but her mind was elsewhere.

She put her finger in her mouth and looked at him as if to ask, "Can I?"

He nodded.

She seemed to shiver with pleasure, then gathered herself.

To the door: "Number 1 please!"

In walked the type of guy she had described, as if from the pages of a magazine. She assumed the position over her husband, looked at him, and winked.

"So honey, I met this cute guy. Boy was he hot." She looked over her shoulder, signalling him to start.

Looking back at her husband, she said, "He's going to fuck me now."


"Oh honey..." she said as she felt the guy kneel behind her, carefully avoiding her husband's tied down legs, and begin to push his lubed-up, massive cock into her. Her husband saw it all unfold, play-by-play, upon her face.

"He's... so... big..." she said. "For real! Oh honey..." she frowned from the effort of tensing her pussy to get the muscle-tone just right as he entered her, so he could slide in fully. She exhaled in relief when he had... her mouth was agape, as she adjusted to his size, moaning...

Then such joy, such wicked nasty joy took over her expression. She was looking her husband in the face as she was fucked by someone else, finally.

"I'm doing it honey, I'm fucking other guys, oh ... other guys are fucking me... good idea honey..."

Her face was inches from her husband's face, both of them experiencing so many emotions at once.

She dutifully began her play-by-play:

"He goes into me at.. a different angle than you do... oh..."

She faltered as she felt him moving in her, wide enough to put pressure on her clit. She shuddered.

She was giving off a new scent, one that was the result of this new fuck, the different chemistry involved. It was more pungent lilac than her usual soft rose-scent, more earthy and primal...

"He is touching me... in new places..." she said, trying hard to look only at her husband, but wanting to turn to face her new lover, who was treating her so well, giving her so much...

Then the thrusts began in earnest.

"OH! I'm being fucked!"

Her head nearly crashed into her husbands from the force, but she moved to one side, her head smashing into the pillow beside him, as she looked, glassy eyed, at her husband while being royally fucked by the hunk of her dreams.

"Fucked... so.. good... honey..."

She knew it wasn't part of the plan but she started stealing glances at the guy, smiling with a carnal smile her husband did not recognize...

"Yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me with your perfect cock..." she sneered, glancing sideways at her first new lover, a look so hot her husband almost missed this turn of events.

Looking back at her husband, she couldn't help herself. She was too far gone, too full of the sweetest cock she'd ever known.

"Now I know what fucking really is... oh... now I know..." she said almost sobbing with the thrusts, distorting her words.

To make up for her words, she grabbed her husbands cock and began to wank to the same beat as her relentless fucking.


The ecstasy of this new fuck, the glory of her first new cock, one that could reach the last of the virgin ground deep inside her was overwhelming; for a moment her eyes rolled up in her head. She came back to see the face of her husband, staring at her in awe, seeming to move back and forth until she realized she was the one moving, being fucked back and forth.

She was cuckolding her husband, willingly, inches away, and that fact combined with the ball of pleasure expanding deep within her from the engorged tip of her lover's massive swizzle stick stirred up all sorts of emotions, ones she did not expect.

Tears were streaming down her face.

"Your wife, your honey," she said, in between thrusts, unable to finish.

"Your wife," she resumed, barely able to talk, "She is ... being fucked ... right in front of you."

"Is... this... oh... what... OH! ... what you... wanted?"

He watched her head rocking back and forth as it hit the pillow by his head, emerging time and again, flush and ripe, smelling dangerous, smelling new, stealing grateful, awe-filled glances at the owner of the organ filling her completely.

She was fucked more slowly for awhile, which made it possible for her to talk more easily.

"Fucked right in front of you... better than you ever fucked her, and you had so much time to practice..."

She seemed to have come to a decision. She looked evilly into his eyes, at the man that had foolishly pushed her into the arms of a better man.

"His cock is going where your cock used to go. That's right, hun. But your cock can't go where his can go."

Her gaze burned right through her husband. He was a nobody to her at that moment.

"He's taken your place, honey. Ooooo..." her eyes closed to savor the slow fuck she was getting.

"You had a monopoly on my pussy, but you begged me, over and over, to put myself on the open market. What did you think would happen?"

She moved so that the cock within her no longer was. She pulled her lover by his cock so that it was dangling near her husband's face. She was making a point.

"This is what happens, honey: Stiff Competition."

She winked and licked her lips as she took her new lover's cock into her mouth, wetting it, while watching her helpless husband on his back beside her, his mouth full of her panties.

Her lover moved back into place and began to piston deep within her again.

She let out a moan that shook her husband to the core. It was like nothing he'd ever heard from her.

She wanked him so fast it was a blur. "Oh watch me finally being satisfied... watch me... watch what this real cock does to me..."

Something was happening, something momentous. Her eyes flew open and locked on her husband's.

"Oh... oh... honey! He's going to cum in me! ... Mmmm hmmmm ...."

"He's going to fill up your sweet wife's pussy right in front of you... oh..."

She seemed determined to wank him over the edge so that when her lover's cock began shooting cum deep inside her, her hand would make her husband's cock shoot cum too, so that it was like her lover made her husband cum.

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