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Hot Wife's First Time


It started innocently with more frequent photo shoots. We took all kinds of shots, upskirt shots, blowjob shots, just plain sexy shots. All of the photos got tons of attention on online. We even did a few webcam sessions. The thought of having other people watch you in action, live, was a real turn on for both of us. You loved filling requests, wearing outfits people asked for, doing sexy things people wanted to see, all while getting instant feedback made your pussy soaking wet every time. After a few months of this we both agreed that it was time for you to show off for another guy in person. The sheer thought of this made your mind race, would you really let another guy watch you be a total slut? It was one of my very favorite fantasies that you secretly wanted to fulfill.

For our first encounter we picked a local guy. His name was Noah and you did several private shows for him on the webcam. I never participated directly, instead I ran the webcam and took pictures while you pleasured yourself for Noah. You liked watching Noah stroke his hard cock just as much as you liked seeing me stroke mine while you were on camera. To be honest, I got off on watching you eagerly spread your legs for guys online. Sometimes he would ask you to spread your pussy, or your ass, both of which you did without hesitation. He was really into you and sent many requests over that you were more than happy to fulfill. Sometimes he wanted you to have a hairy pussy, shaved, or trimmed neatly, all of which you gladly accommodated. One time, knowing how much I liked it, you dyed your bush red, which drove Noah wild. He even sent an outfit in the mail for you to wear during one of your webcam romps.

The thought of wearing sexy lingerie for a man you've never met made your pussy dripping wet. You spent 45 minutes getting ready that evening. When you emerged from the bathroom you looked like a porn star. I loved it. You went from an innocent blonde, girl next door type, to a dolled up, blonde slut that loved spreading her pussy and ass on camera in just a few weeks. You and Noah got on a webcam session that evening and you showed off your body in the outfit he sent. He was stroking his hard cock on the camera for you while you ran the vibrator across your soaking wet pussy. You really liked watching him stroke his cock knowing that it was your sexy body he was getting off to. He quickly shot his load for you and you rubbed your wet pussy until you had numerous body shaking orgasms. I enjoyed this session as well and soon after you came for the second time I walked over to you and shot my hot cum all over your pretty face.

After that encounter we setup the date that Noah was going to come watch in person. We were both very nervous, but every time we spoke about it, we ended up having some of the hottest fuck sessions ever. On the day of the encounter you made me leave the house in the morning and told me you would meet me at the hotel room that evening. I did as instructed, wondering what it was you were up to. That day dragged on for what seemed like forever. Finally, 8pm rolled around and I drove over to the hotel and headed up to the room. You had left a room key for me down at the front desk so I just let myself in. When I went into the room you were in the bathroom with the door locked. I tried to enter but you said it was a surprise. Disappointed, but excited, I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it and there stood Noah.

He was a good looking guy, about 6 feet tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. His face was one of pure excitement. He had his camera in hand. I invited him in and we sat down and chatted awkwardly for a few minutes. Five minutes later you cracked open the bathroom door and asked if we were ready. We both eagerly said yes and you opened the door and walked into the room. We were shocked at what we saw. You had your hair cut into a short bob and it was dyed bleach blonde. Your eyebrows were a dark brown color giving you the look that you were a brunette trying to be blonde instead of a natural blonde, a look that is extremely hot and you knew it drove us both crazy. You also had all your nails done and there was white gold hoop earrings in your ears. You had on a very nice perfume and you were wearing very high black heels.

We both stood there, awestruck, as large bulges grew in each of our pants, something you very much enjoyed seeing. You walked over and greeted Noah and I. As you did, you rubbed each of our cocks through our pants. You liked what you felt on Noah, his cock felt very big. We both started taking pictures of your sexy body. You drank in the attention, posing in various positions around the room. Your pussy getting wetter with each click of the camera lens. After a few quick shots, Noah told you to bend over and show us your sexy ass. We both watched in awe as you stood straight up, bent at your waist with your feet apart, and spread your ass cheeks. Noah kept at it, asking you then to show us your pussy, which you did, by pulling your skimpy fishnet thong to the side. We could both see how wet your pussy was and you reached back and ran a finger across your wet lips, lingering for a few moments on your clit. Both of us had raging hard-ons at this point and we each snapped numerous pictures of your pussy while you wiggled your hot ass in front of us. I couldn't take it any longer so I dropped my pants and started stroking my hard cock. Noah took this as his cue and he did the same. You watched intently as he undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. I was a bit jealous to see that it was quite a bit bigger than mine and also that you seemed to be completely fixated on it. I was so turned on watching you stare at his hard cock that you could see a small drop of precum drip from the head of my dick.

You were incredibly turned on and ready to show Noah how slutty you could be in person. With that, we both sat on the couch to enjoy the show. You walked over on your fuck-me pump high heels and stood directly in front of Noah. He got a good whiff of your perfume which made his mind race. He could also see that you shaved your pussy into a small little landing strip, just as he requested. What he didn't expect was that you had dyed it brown, just like your eyebrows, to complete the bleached blonde look. It looked fantastic and really made you look hot. Noah looked you up and down, nodding his head in satisfaction, and then he put a hand on each one of your hips and guided you down onto his lap. His cock was laying flat against his chest and your pussy was pressed against it. I was enjoying watching you and wondering what you might do next. His hands went exploring all over your body, up your sides, down your back, across your tits, up your inner thighs and around the curve of your ass. You put your hands on his knees and tossed your head back as he rubbed you all over. You really loved the feel of another man's hands rubbing your body. You saw Noah's eyes fixed on your pussy so you pushed your pussy down harder on his cock and started grinding like a Vegas stripper. Noah guided your actions with his hands on his hips. You loved feeling his hard prick pushing against your clit.

You continued to grind your pussy against Noah's cock for several minutes. The more minutes went by the more you got into it as you saw how hot it was making me. After a bit longer, you stood up, turned around, and bent over right in front of Noah so that you could slide your panties off. With your panties off, you reached back and grabbed hold of Noah's cock. You pulled it forward and sat back on his lap facing away from him. His cock was now curving up between your legs and around over your pussy. You looked down and saw the head of his cock buried up between your pussy lips and against your clit. I was up now, I couldn't sit on the couch any longer or I would have shot my load already. Instead, I was kneeling in front of you, snapping pictures of you and Noah, while you ground your pussy against his hard dick. When you saw me, you reached down and spread your pussy so that Noah's cock was between your wet lips and began rocking back and forth along its length. It took only a two passes until your juices coated his cock. You and Noah were now grinding against each other with a good rhythm. He had his hands on your hips and he was trying to guide you so that his cock would slip into your pussy. You denied him though, preferring to tease him instead. You wanted much more attention than just this before a cock, Noah's or mine, entered your pussy. From my view in front I could see from the look on your face how much you were enjoying this.

At this point you stopped worrying about me and told yourself that these two guys were here to use you like a slutty cock whore and that that's how you were going to act. Soon, the feeling of Noah's hard cock rubbing against your clit was too much for you and a few moments later your body tensed up as you had one of the strongest orgasms you've ever had. As much as I didn't want to interrupt you two, I suggested that you give Noah a break, he objected, of course, and that you should move over to the bed to give us a show. Reluctantly you got up off Noah's lap and started towards the bed. You felt so naughty being such a slut, it felt wrong, and you loved it. You laid down on the bed, with your legs together, while I took the camera over to the laptop. You asked me what I was doing and I replied that I told the guys online that I would be posting some pictures during this. I then said I wouldn't have time to blur the images first and you said it didn't matter. I took just a few minutes to post some of the hottest pictures we'd taken so far. It was only moments before the first comments starting coming in. Every guy, and girl, on the forum posted about how they loved your bleached blonde hair and your sexy outfit. They were also very jealous of you grinding your pussy on Noah's hard cock.

As soon as I said I was finished you spread your legs wide open, giving Noah and I a great view of your slut pussy. Your fingers immediately began rubbing your clit. Your other hand was caressing your breasts and tweaking your nipples. It didn't take long before you were bucking your hips up and down on the bed with several fingers pushed up inside your tight hole. I reached in and handed you a vibrator, which you immediately turned on the highest setting and started working on your swollen clit again. Noah and I both watched intently as you worked the toy over your clit. When you looked over and saw Noah and I furiously stroking our cocks you pulled your knees back and plunged it deep into your pussy. I couldn't contain myself any longer and I started talking dirty to you.

"That's right you slut, fuck that tight little pussy of yours!"

Your only response was a low moan as another orgasm sent waves of pleasures surging through your body. Once you recovered yelled out,

"I need a cock in my mouth! Someone please fuck my face!"

Noah looked at me and I nodded. You watched him as he walked over to you, his penis sticking out in front of him. You wanted his cock so badly that you had your mouth open before he was even half way to the bed. I took pictures as Noah reached the bed.

"Here you little cock whore, suck my dick while your husband takes pictures of you."

And with that, he pushed his cock into your mouth. You wrapped your lips around his cock and sucked greedily on it as Noah pulled it in and out. The sight was almost too much for me and I had to stop stroking my cock or I would have blew my load right there. I was really amazed at how uninhibited you were becoming. Here you were, on a hotel room bed, dressed in sexy lingerie, your hair bleached like a porn star, fuck-me-pump high heels on your feet, a toy buried in your pussy, and the cock of a man you only met 30 minutes ago stuffed in your mouth. I was watching my fantasy of you becoming a porn star play out right in front of me. I took continuous pictures.

"Yah you slut, suck his cock for me. Do you like having another man's cock in your mouth, you little cock whore?"

You could only respond with satisfied moans as Noah pumped his cock in and out of your mouth. Soon though, Noah's pace started to increase. He had two handfuls of your hair and you quickly lost control. Noah was pumping his cock in and out of your mouth at a rapid pace. You felt like such a whore with him fucking your face but you didn't care because you knew I getting off watching you get used like a slut. A few minutes later Noah's balls tensed up and you knew he was about to blow his load in your mouth. Sure enough, a few strokes later, Noah's cock was pumping hot cum into your mouth. It was more than you were used to and you tried to swallow it but some of it leaked out of your mouth. You then sucked Noah's cock clean and let it fall out of your mouth. An intense feeling of accomplishment filled you, having sucked another man's cock to orgasm. Noah then looked at you,

"Wow, you really are quite the cumslut, aren't you?"

You smiled, "You haven't seen anything yet."

With that, you laid down on the bed and spread your legs again. Noah took that as an invitation and he moved in and buried his face in your pussy. He sucked on your clit while he fucked your dripping wet pussy with the vibrator. I sat back and watched as Noah expertly worked your wet hole. You were really getting into it and your moans were getting louder and louder. It didn't take long for you to reach down and grab Noah's hair, pulling his face into your pussy. Soon you pulled your knees back and curled your toes as another orgasm shot through your body. When you opened your eyes you saw that I had climbed onto the bed and was now laying next to you, stroking my hard cock. Not needing an invitation you rolled over, grabbed my dick and slid it in your mouth. Noah continued to work his magic on your clit. It felt amazing as his tongue darted back and forth on your pussy. You sucked my cock for several minutes while Noah and I continued to give you dirty talk encouragement. You were well past feeling slutty, you were a slut and you loved it. With my cock buried in your throat, you heard me tell Noah what you were hoping to hear,

"Let's give this slut what she's really looking for!"

And with that, Noah climbed up on the bed and positioned his hard cock in front of your hot wet pussy. He started slowly, rubbing the head of his dick up and down your pussy lips, teasing you. You could feel your lips parting as he pushed harder against your hole, tingles running through your body each time the head of his cock pushed against your clit. Noah continued his slow pace and you were rocking your hips back and forth with his rhythm. Your pussy was soaked and it wasn't long before Noah's cock was covered with your wetness. A moment later, Noah's cock stopped at your hole. You gasped as he slowly eased into your tight pussy. His cock was bigger than mine and it filed you completely.

"How does that feel? Do you like having his big cock buried in your pussy?"

"Ooooh yes!" you replied, "Fuck my slut pussy, I love it!"

I handed Noah the camera and he snapped a picture of you with a cock in each end. When he was done snapping pictures he began pumping your pussy with earnest. You could feel his broad hands on your hips as he guided his length in and out of your hole. He made very deliberate and long strokes so you could feel every inch of his cock in your pussy.

"Wow, your slut has a tight pussy, it feels great!"

You couldn't respond though as I had a handful of your blonde hair and was guiding your head up and down my hard cock. Soon you felt my balls tense up and you knew I was about to blow my load in your mouth. Sure enough, a few moments later, I shot my cum down your throat. As soon as I was off the bed you sat up and had Noah lay down on his back. You quickly climbed on top of him and grabbed the base of his cock. You paused for a second so I could take a picture and then lowered your tight pussy onto it, reverse cowgirl style. You slid all the way down the length of his cock so his balls were pressing against your clit. You looked at me, camera in hand, cock already hard again,

"Is this what you wanted to see? My slut pussy stuffed full of another guy's hard cock?"

"Yah, you little cock whore, this is exactly what I wanted!"

Then you leaned forward, put your hands on Noah's thighs and began riding his thick rod. His hands were on your hips again, controlling your speed as you rode him while I took continuous pictures. Soon, I was back on the bed, feeding my cock back into your mouth. Noah took on the duty of pounding your pussy while you sucked my hard dick. You wondered what you must look like riding a hard cock with another one in your mouth. The thought drove you crazy and you found yourself wishing for a third or forth cock to play with. Soon you were fantasizing about being the center of attention for five hard cocks. Each guy groping and rubbing your body while another had his cock in your mouth, pussy, and ass.

Noah and I continued to double team you for a short while longer before I climbed down off the bed and watched you and him go at it. Noah and you changed positions constantly. He took your slut pussy over the couch, missionary on the bed, bent over a chair, you name it, you did it. Each time his cock left your pussy you felt empty until you felt him slide his length back in. He did it slowly and deliberately every time until his balls were pressed up against your pussy. Then he would grab your hips and pound your tight hole. While Noah was working your pussy, your hand was between your legs, feverishly rubbing your clit. I watched from the couch, with my cock in hand, as my blonde slut had her pussy used by a man she never met.

Noah seemed to have a favorite position, doggy style. He kept bending you over so he could take you from behind. Each time he would grab your ass and spread cheeks so he could watch as you backed your pussy onto his member. Soon you noticed his pace was getting quicker. You knew he was getting close to unleashing another load of cum for you.

"I'm going to cum! Get on your knees slut so I can cum all over your pretty face!"

You didn't hesitate and you were quickly on your knees, looking up at Noah as he stroked his beautiful cock. I hopped off the couch and took my place opposite Noah where I started stroking my cock. You looked like a real whore, kneeling on the floor with your mouth open, waiting for us to shoot our jizz on you. It didn't take long before Noah shot several thick blasts of cum all over your face. The sight of you taking a facial from another man was too much for me and soon I shot my load on your face. You looked great, covered in our cum, and you took great satisfaction in knowing you were able to make the two of us cum multiple times.

As fun as it was, all good things must come to an end. We all cleaned up and said our goodbyes. Noah thanked you for showing him an especially good time. You thanked him as well, for giving you the best fucking you've had.

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☆☆☆☆+ (4.4/5 = 88%)! I LIKED THE STORY.

Years ago i shared my wife with a very good buddy of mine whom i trusted with my life.
He was recently divorced. Actually his wife kicked him out because he had cheated on her 1 or 2 times too many! Hismore...

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