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I watched Clarise climb the stairs, going with her boss to the observatory. Her tight sheer black dress was so short that I could plainly see her naked asscheeks. The thin string of her g-string disappeared into the tight cleft of her naked butt. As he followed her up the stairs, I knew he was getting a fantastic view.

She had purposely worn the most revealing dress in her wardrobe for this party. Brad was known for throwing wild bashes and this was the first we had been invited to. She thoroughly expected that this party could be a pivotal moment in her career with the magazine publisher. Under this practically transparent frock she wore only the scantiest g-string. Accessories included ear-rings, an anklet, bracelets, a necklace and rings.

Brad's secretary smiled as she came to me. She slipped her arm around me and pressed her boobs into my arm. "He's going to do her, you know." She said, matter of factly.

"Yeah, I think she expects that." I answered.

"In a half hour she'll be dancing with you while his cum leaks out of her cunt. I've seen it before." Cindy searched my eyes. "She won't have any panties on."

I ran my hand across her satin covered body, along the smooth roundness of her ass. "So, tell me, do you have any panties on?"

She smiled. "Well, you could check."

I reached to move the slit of her skirt aside. When I did, I found only bare skin.

Cindy and I danced for a while. I loved the feeling of her tits crushed against my chest. I also thoroughly enjoyed the rubbing she was giving my cock with her thigh as we danced. She reached between us and slowly stroked him a couple of times, then seemed to increase the intensity of her contact as we danced.

Then I took her outside. The evening was very warm and I stood behind her, with my arms around her. A few minutes later, she turned to face me. I didn't move my arms. We kissed. Our tongues darted and probed in each other's mouth. She dropped her hand and fondled my raging erection. "fuck me with that thing...do it here"

I knew that her husband was inside the crowded living room, making a play for Joel's wife. Word has it that Nora was a nude dancer before Joel married her. I moved Cindy's dress so that the slit was in the front. Cindy deftly freed my man meat and raised a leg for better access. She reached between us and guided him home.

A few minutes later my hips were bucking and her knees were weak. My cock almost exploded with the force of my climax. She shuddered and whimpered at the same time. Then she dropped to her knees and licked the muff mauler clean. I zipped up just as her husband appeared at our side. He patted her on the rump and asked if she was having a good time at the party. She said she was, since I was paying good attention to her. He winked at me and said that he was sure that I was paying great attention to her..

I wandered back into the party and sat in a chair facing the stairs just in time to see Clarise descending the stairs, arm in arm with Brad. The position I was watching from gave me a clear view up her skirt, all the way to the little puff of fuzz she left above her bare labia. They came to me. Because her dress was so sheer, it was as if a naked woman was approaching. I could see everything, including that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy looked inflamed and it glistened with juices. While Brad stood with his arm around her slim waist, she bent over to kiss me, her red stiff nipples threatening to poke holes in her dress. She smelled and tasted of sex. "So," I asked, "are you having a good time?"

She smiled, " Yes, Brad's taking great care of me." He smiled at us as he ran his hand over her bottom.

A few minutes later we were dancing out on the patio. Clarise made an "oops" sound then stepped back and looked between our feet. A milky dollop of spunk, about the size of a half dollar coin, glistened where it lay on the marble. She smiled sheepishly as she removed the handkerchief from my jacket pocket and wiped the insides of her thighs.

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