tagGroup SexHouston II Ch. 15

Houston II Ch. 15

byParis Waterman©

Author's Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What's good, and what's not so good. Thank you.

Chapter 15.

Orgy at the Club, Part 2

John surveyed the room quietly while Martina sipped her beer, her eyes closed and her back arching as he absent-mindedly fingered her. Ivana and Callie had switched positions, with Ivana now on top of a reclining Callie. The Scandinavian - 'Jeff,' Franck thought, recalling his name, was still having his lengthy dick sucked by Bobbi, who in turn was being fucked energetically by a balding, but well built man of perhaps forty.

To John's left, a threesome had ended their mutual masturbating and gotten more adventurous. Ajax was stretched out on the couch, with Jenna straddling him, his cock up her cunt. Thor had taken his pants off and was kneeling behind Jenna. John watched as Thor inserted his hard, red tipped cock into her ass. He smiled knowingly as it slipped in effortlessly. 'A well used hole,' he thought. Then he glanced over at the bar, and was surprised to see Morgan and Dan still dressed, and apparently talking. But a closer look revealed that Dan had popped a button in the middle of Morgan's dress and one of his hands was working furiously at her crotch.

Actually, Morgan wasn't talking, she was moaning as with one, white-knuckled hand she griped a bottle of beer, and the other attempted, albeit haltingly, to undo his fly. However, before she could release his cock, she dropped the bottle of beer on the floor, and covered his fingering hand with both of hers and began to quiver as her orgasm enveloped her.

John decided to give Martina the full treatment, and whispered into her ear after tonguing it, "Oh, Marty . . . you're so fucking hot!"

"You think?" she responded as if lost in a dreamy world other than the one they were in.

"Oh, yeah," he told her. "I love your little tits."

"I'm sorry they're so small," she whimpered.

"I've sucked smaller. I like them actually."

"Want to pinch them? I like that," she said softly.

John pinched each nipple in turn.

"Pinch them again, harder . . . Please," she pleaded, "I won't break!"

He obliged her.

"Mmmm . . ."

She moaned happily.

He noticed that both Dan and Thor were smiling at him. Thor gave him a quick nod, as if to say, 'She likes it. Give it to her. She can take it.'

"Don't stop," Martina gasped. "C'mon, harder!"

John was beginning to feel uncomfortable. He wasn't adverse to S&M. On the contrary, he enjoyed being a Dom. But not in public.

"Oh, shit," Martina bleated as he pinched her left nipple again.

"Harder . . . do it harder!"

"Like this, baby?" he asked.

"No! Harder, you bastard!

He pinched harder.

"No! Fuck! Rip them off of me!"

"Hey... wait," he said harshly, "I don't want to make a scene. This is my first time at the club. I'm not . . ."

"You motherfucker," she snarled, "Do it!"

"Then let's get our asses into the bathroom," John snarled right back at her.

Apparently that was what Martina wanted to hear. She got to her feet and headed for the bathroom. He looked sheepishly at the others in the room, shrugged, and followed her.

He closed the bathroom door behind him and made sure they were the only ones in the room, pulling the shower curtain back and checking the stall.

Then he sat down on the toilet, and said, "Get down here, get your fucking sorry looking face down here, bitch!"

He realized that he was breathing hard, and took a moment to recover. Martina knelt slowly, her face reddening and he slapped her face hard as soon as she was down.

"I expect quicker results when I ask for them," John yelled into her startled face.

"Oh! P. . . Please," she started to protest, but it was just part of the game.

John grabbed a fistful of her hair in his right hand, and then pushed her face into the toilet bowl, forcing her downward until her nose was touching the bottom, the water splashing and soaking her face and hair, and his bottom and balls.

Her smallish breasts were pressed against the porcelain, and her long graceful neck was stretched out and down, curving as her fingers wrapped themselves around his ankles. He held her down while she struggled, weakly at first, and then harder, as her air was running out and he wasn't letting up.

He waited for her to panic before pulling her head back up so she could cough and sputter. Martina's eyes were red, and her mouth slack, as she panted for much needed air. He slapped her face again, hard enough that it left a large red stain on her cheek.

"Tell me, Martina, do you like this?"

She had to fight through a variety of sensations to understand him and find her voice.

"Yessss . . ." Martina hissed softly. "I like it."

"What do you really want, bitch?" John demanded of her, slapping her again when she didn't answer immediately. "Tell me what you want!"

She had no idea what he wanted to hear. Nor did John know what he wanted to do to her.

"I . . . I want to . . . to please you," she gasped, and spittle ran out of her mouth as she spoke.

His hand was between her legs, rubbing her with a slow, circular motion, splitting her engorged labia. Martina gasped, and then uttered a low guttural sigh.

"Have you used the bathroom for this stuff before?"

"Yes, once or twice."

"Anyone intrude?"

"Not so far, but you never know."

"Over here," he said, and led her to the tub.

"Lean on it. Stick your ass out."

Martina complied with his request and he walloped her right cheek with the flat of his hand. She took the solid smack in silence, and allowed herself a quiet moan during the second and third blows, but pushed her ass even higher in the air trying to afford him a better target for any subsequent slaps he might bestow on her.

John wondered where this would finally lead as he continued to rain slap after slap on her reddened rear. The red welts rose from her pale skin, first whitish, and then taking on a dark, angry red glow. When he finally stopped, she sighed and he knew he had ended it too soon for her pleasure.

He reached into the tub and grabbed the soap, wet it and rubbed it over his rock hard erection. Balancing herself by pressing her chest against the tub, Martina then reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart a second before John rammed his cock into her exposed rectum, forcing himself into her until the ridge of his cockhead slipped past the ring.

"How's that feel?"


"Describe it to me."

"T . . . There's a pleasant burning sensation . . . from splitting me."


"A . . . a dull, sweet kind of pain," she said after a moment.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked it, and she twisted her neck to turn and look at him. Her tongue lolled out, and she was having some trouble breathing. John took this in and decided to ignore it, and worked his hips, driving his cock in and out of her ravaged asshole.

Slowly he took his cock out of her ass. He rubbed her behind with his hand, and asked, "How's your ass, Martina?"

To his surprise, she giggled and glanced covertly at him before replying. "Sore, it's really sore."

Martina shivered when he pressed his palm flat against the welts on her rear, using a circular motion that kept on adding pressure slowly, and finally worked two thick fingers into her loosened, slippery ass.

"God, you've got a great ass, Martina," he told her and then caught her off guard by pinching her right breast.

She moaned, and moaned again when he slapped each breast almost as hard as he had her ass. He turned her about and fed his shit-flecked cock to her eager, open mouth, and dug his nails into her breast flesh as she tried to accommodate his thickness in her smallish throat. Only when he realized she was choking on his swollen appendage did he relent and withdraw.

Marlene immediately took him in her right hand and moved her fist rapidly up and down until he arched his back, thrust forward with his hips, and let loose with a series of thick cum filled spurts that hit her in the forehead, eyes, and into her nose. Still Martina kept jerking him off, until he told her to stop. By this time her face was covered in what might be construed as a mask of sperm.

"Did you like it?" John inquired of her as he carefully cleaned himself off in the basin of the sink.

"Yes, I love the taste of hot cum!" Martina replied, her voice hoarse, and he knew that it was painful for her to utter the words.

"We're not done," he told her.

"Mmmmm," she sighed.

"I want to fist you."

Martina shuddered.

"Are you usually treated like this at these meetings?"


"Explain yourself," he said demandingly.

"I . . . I like it . . . the rough stuff. But sometimes the others punish me by not allowing me to be roughed up."

She blinked several times, and John saw that some of his sperm had run into her eye. He gave her credit for not rubbing the eye to clear it, and knew she would not only tolerate his fisting of her cunt, but would relish it.

John methodically maneuvered three fingers into her pussy. "You ever fuck a horse, or a donkey?" he asked mirthlessly.

"N . . . No," she sighed, "You want me too?" and hunched her hips upward to meet his fingers.

"No, I don't. But ask me to fist your cunt."

For emphasis, John slapped her cunt twice in succession, and then a third time, but this time his palm came down hard on Martina's aching clitoris.

"Ahhhh!" she moaned.

Then she was begging him. "Fist me please! Pease, fist my cunt!"

John reached between her legs and pinched the small nub of her clit, along with a parcel of wrinkled flesh around it. He pulled hard, eliciting a loud sob from Martina's dry vocal chords as she reached down to grab at his hand, trying to protect herself.

In response, he realized that he may have gone too far, and eased up on the pinching, contenting himself with jamming several fingers into her sopping cunt and heard her moan with pleasure again.

He allowed her a moment's pleasure, and then tucked his thumb into his palm, and set to working the widest part of his hand into her grotesquely stretched cunt.

Martina accepted the pain without complaint, grunting loudly when she realized his hand was inside her.

"I'm in you," he told her. "Does it hurt too much?"

"No, it feels . . . kinda good," she croaked.

John curled his fingers inside her, pushed at the soft tissue of her vaginal walls. The air whooshed out of Martina's lungs, and her body lifted up from the floor with a sudden rush of pain.

Martina was incapable speech, and couldn't tell him how much it hurt. She grabbed his forearm and holding on tightly, kept him from moving in either direction. Her mouth hung open, breathless and silent. She tried to breathe, but it was impossible. The intensity of his hand pressed inside her was too much. And when he twisted his arm, and the fist inside her turned as well, she started to writhe and jerk, cumming as she'd never cum before, her body bucking of its own accord in tune to the sweet pain and ultimate pleasure his hand was giving her. She was dying. She was in heaven. She passed out from the sheer gratification of it all.

John eased his hand out of her cunt and washed and dried his hands. Martina was still unconscious. He shrugged, stood over her for a moment, and then left her there on the bathroom floor, secure in the knowledge that she was alive and well, and very well fucked.


Having completed the tour of the second floor with Adonis, Argie headed up the stairs to the third floor. At the top of the stairs was a landing. There were three doors off the landing, one to the right, one straight ahead and one to the left. They went to the room on the left first. As Adonis opened the door, Argie saw a young woman sitting on the top part of the back of the couch. Her black blouse was pulled up to her armpits, above her breasts, and her black pants were almost off -- except for the bottom leg, which somehow clung to her left ankle. Her partner, a lithe, thirtyish male, wore only a gray T-shirt. He was standing there between her legs teasing her sex with his prominent erection. The woman was staring into his eyes, her copper-brown hands gripping his pale white chest and left shoulder. He looked as if he were concentrating hard not to get too carried away with her. Maybe he was holding back, maybe he was only playing with her.

Argie and Adonis stood there silently, the fornicating couple completely unaware of their presence.

The couple kept at their game of cock-teasing for some time. At times he would enter her deeply, and those were the only times she made any sound. A kind of moan that came out as "Oh," and, now and then she added a, "please don't."

Argie wondered if the woman wanted him to stop, then dismissed the thought; after all this was an orgy, and they were here, participating. After a while Argie turned away, and gave Adonis' cock a gentle reminder type squeeze, finding him ready for more titillating action.

They started to leave, but after three or four steps down the corridor, she heard the woman scream. It was a pain-filled scream, and she pulled Adonis back to the doorway again, and glanced inside at the couple. But the woman was on her stomach on the floor, the man hovered over her, pressing down slowly with his hips. She could see his cock pressing deep into her rectum, while he whispered into her ear. Argie saw the woman nod her head vigorously, crying out, "Yes, yes, oh, Daddy, yes!"

This was followed by a shout of ecstasy moments later. Argie realized that she was tugging at Adonis, trying to get him to leave. And he did, escorting her to the next room down the corridor.

With some reluctance, Argie peeked into that room and saw a red-headed woman in her early twenties on the bed and on her knees facing away from the door. There was a man in front of her, and although Argie couldn't see clearly, she could tell the woman was sucking his cock. Argie clearly heard the sucking and slurping noises she was making all the way across the room; and the look on the man's face was unmistakable. For some reason Argie noticed the girl's ass, the globes of which were perfectly rounded and proportioned. Between the cheeks she could see the mound of her perfectly shaped pussy, and wisps of hair surrounding her slit. It looked so enticing to her that she wanted to run in and put her mouth on the woman's pussy and eat her till she came. But Argie didn't move, just stared at her.

Suddenly she became aware of movement from the side of the room. It was Dr. Coughlin. He climbed on the bed behind that beautiful ass, and slid his cock into her pussy in one long slow smooth stroke. The woman must have been very excited and wet because Coughlin's long cock went in so easily.

Argie watched as Coughlin began stroking into her, gradually picking up his pace, a pace with which Argie was quite familiar. The woman immediately matched him, adroitly heaving up at him each time he thrust into her, while still sucking the cock of the man below her.

The man getting the blowjob came first, releasing his load into her mouth. Argie found herself in desperate need of a cock to either suck or fuck, and was surprised to discover that Adonis seemed to realize it.

"Come on," he said, pulling gently on her arm. "We need to find you somebody to fuck, or you'll jump on top of that pile of flesh on the bed."

"Wouldn't be the worst idea in the world," she replied, thankful for his action on her behalf. As they left the fornicators behind them she asked, "Got someone, or someplace in mind?"

"Another room to peek in first," he replied, tugging her along.


John, wearing only his skivvies, returned to the large room with the bar at one end and saw the woman who had worn the skimpy black cocktail dress earlier. The last time he had seen her, all she had on was a black garter belt. But in the time he had spent with Martina in the bathroom, she had apparently donned the black cocktail dress again. It took him a moment to recall her name. Jenna, it was Jenna, and Coughlin had told him that she would probably be pissed at him for not eating her to a climax before Yolanda.

"Jenna," he said with a broad smile, "How are you?"

"I don't know if I want to be with you," she said coldly.

But John knew she was flattered that he had taken the trouble to learn her name. After all there were plenty of women available at the club this evening.

"I want to be with you," he told her, and saw her eyes soften.

"I may owe you an apology," he said, continuing his attempt to melt her aloofness.


"Yes, for making that 'other woman' cum before getting to you."

"Oh," Jenna said and sighed. "That wasn't your fault so much as it was hers."

He moved closer to her and ran his fingers the length of her arm, raising goose bumps along the way.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "You do have a nice touch."

John glanced around the large room, and saw only two other couples. 'Have all the others paired off?' he wondered.

"Where's everybody else?" he asked Jenna.

Looking thoughtful, Jenna responded, "Hmmm . . . Ivana has probably got two guys on board. She likes sandwiches. Get my drift? And that's Callie and someone I don't know over there with Ajax and Thor."

Jenna looked directly into his eyes and asked, "Why, do you want more than one woman at a time?"

John shook his head from side to side, and said, "Come sit with me," and led her over to a large sofa. Once they were seated, he leaned in to her, and she smiled. He kissed her. His tongue entered her mouth and found it full of warm saliva, which she promptly spat into his mouth. With little or no reaction, John swallowed it all. Her response was fevered. She pulled him against her. Her tongue darted throughout every nook and cranny within his mouth.

The kiss went on, and he pushed the wispy shoulder straps aside and exposed her breasts. She moaned into his mouth and he pinched her left nipple. He was careful not to exert as much into the pinch as he had with Martina earlier, and was rewarded by another satisfied moan.

When the kiss came to its conclusion, Jenna shimmied her way out of the cocktail dress and let it fall to the floor beside them. Her hand wormed its way into the fly of his underwear and grasped his cock. It was firm and erect.

"You have a nice one," she told him.

"I bet you tell that to all the guys," he said and laughed.

Jenna laughed along with him, as she jerked his cock. "Not all the guys," she giggled. "Lift up, please."

He did, and she deftly removed his skivvies, leaving them bunched around his ankles. He kicked them off and waited for her next move. He didn't have to wait long. Jenna hoisted herself up above his mid-section, and lowered her body slowly onto his lap. He reached between her thighs, and guided his straining cock into her very wet pussy.

Jenna sighed in pleasure, and brought her legs together, crossed them at the ankles, trapping him within. John luxuriated in the tightness surrounding his member, and concentrated his efforts on pinching and rolling her sweaty nipples between his fingers. Her pussy began and kept up what proved to be a delightful squeezing action around his captured cock.

John completely ignored the actions of the others in the room, instead he allowed himself to revel in the superb techniques Jenna was applying to him.

After several minutes, of kegling, Jenna abandoned those muscles, but before John could signal his dismay, she began to arch her back and straighten her legs, then starting a bouncing motion which pulled at his embedded organ.

John moaned in orgiastic delight, and came in torrents inside her. Even as he climaxed he was thinking he would have to have Argie learn to do this.

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