tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 08

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 08


Marie was continuing being taken deeper into submission by Michael. He had brought out this side of her since meeting at a party. Her wardrobe was being changed, gone the more conservative clothing, instead she was being dressed in, what previously; she would have considered 'slutty clothes' Giving in, allowing herself too be changed, used, and photographed, and to admit she wanted more! How far would Michael go in changing her?

Marie's best friend sue had got her into black guys and now she had received instructions to take Marie to a private club where, her guy Marcus and Marie's new black lover, Michael were waiting.

Sue had explained to Marie 'It's a place where anything goes. I was supposed to go there, meet Marcus and several of his friends, and 'entertain' them. Have sex, fuck them, you know.'

'And I'm supposed to go as well? Marie had asked her friend.

'Marcus said Michael wants you there, sounds like you are going to be ganged too. Are you ok with it? I can always say I couldn't get hold of you.' Sue had said wondering if this was a step to far for Marie, after all she hadn't been into this for very long. Who could blame her if she wanted to back out now?

'I have nothing to go home for and if I don't go Michael wont like it and it sounds like it might be fun.' Marie replied, thinking to her self if she didn't go Michael would want nothing to do with her and she did love being with him, the sex was so much more than she had ever experienced.

The story continues:

Marie looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a tight black mini skirt and a red halter top. Sue was right; she thought the bra doesn't look right, I can see the outline of it. She flipped the top over her head and undid the new front fastening bra she was wearing. Slipping it off and replacing the halter top. The red was a vibrant scarlet, not the sort of thing a lady would wear she remembered thinking as she had tried it on in the shop. But was she a lady any longer?

Again she looked at her reflection and saw that the top now hugged her like a second skin. 'Sue was right, it looks better without a bra' she adjusted the halter straps and the material rubbed against her nipples, at once they were erect, thrusting through the red cloth. As she adjusted it she noticed that her tits were visible, not only at the front but also at the sides. 'I think Michael will like this' she said to herself. She turned her attention to her skirt. She moved her legs and stood in different positions and she thought she could see the outline of her suspender belt and her thong. 'What had Sue said about losing the thong? Something about it not being on that long?' she looked again and decided to remove it. She tried to slide the skirt upwards over her thighs but it was too tight and she finally reached around and unzipped it, sliding it down and stepping out of it. She again looked in the mirror. Her long legs were encased in sheer black nylon. 'Just what Michael likes' she mused and decided to leave them and the suspender belt in place. She slid her fingers in to the string sides of the black thong and slid that down, kicking it off with her foot; it ended up in a tiny heap on the floor. She slipped the skirt back on and adjusted it in the mirror.

She was ready to go, she grabbed the brush from the dressing table and began running it through her shoulder length brunette hair. She noticed her hand was shaking slightly as she did it. She was nervous about going to the club, about what would happen. 'Would Michael really get her gang banged?' Her hands might have been shaking but between her legs she felt a tingle, she knew her body was giving her signals and that it was looking forward to the evening.

"There that's better?" she asked Sue

"You look great, every bit the white slut that Michael wants you to be. What about me?"

Marie looked at her best friend. She was almost wearing a bright red mini dress. The material had a shine to it, looking almost as though it was wet. The top was low cut and showed ample cleavage. The hem line just showing a glimpse of the lace top stockings under it. Sue looked taller than normal; looking down Marie noticed red platform shoes. She had never seen her friend in them before but they did go with the dress. It made her look slutty and Marie wondered if she ought to get some like it, after all that was what she was becoming, wasn't it?

"You look great" she said to her friend, smiling and still looking her up and down. "I like the new shoes as well"

"Thanks, Marcus took me to a fetish shop that specialises in these sort of shoes. He said they help create the woman he wants me to be. I am glad you like them. Maybe you ought to get some too?"

"I was just thinking that" Marie replied laughing.

Sue turned and said "Come on then sexy lets go and see the guys. We can get a taxi just down the road."

The two friends walked out and down the road to the taxi rank. Marie could feel eyes staring at them as they walked. It was quite busy at this time of night, people going for meals or to the pub. As she walked she was aware that her high heels made her bum wiggle and she wasn't too surprised when she heard a guy say 'corrr' as they walked past. "If he only knew where we were going and why, I bet he wouldn't have done that?" she said to Sue.

"Probably not but who cares what others think anyway? I certainly don't. As long as I feel ok then to hell with anyone else's opinion."

"Damn right" was Marie's reply.

They found an empty taxi and gave the address of the club to the driver. Marie noticed he was using his mirror to get a better view of them, so she did something she had never done before. She moved in such away that as she sat on the rear seat her skirt rode up, her stockings clearly visible and she hoped that he liked the view.

The girls looked at one another and then at the eyes in the mirror and they burst out laughing.

The drive to the Coffee and Crème club only took a few minutes. The club was in a side street and the entrance was lit by bright neon lights. The sign outside read: Private Members Only.

Sue went to the door and rang the bell. A section of the door was pulled back and a face appeared. A black face with deep brown eyes stared at the 2 girls, saying nothing but viewing them from head to toe. Sue told the face that they were there to join Marcus and Michael.

Marie heard bolts being undone and the door opened. Stood in front of them was a Big Black man, he had to be at least 6'6" and it was obvious to both the girls that he was a body builder, the muscles were clearly visible. He said "I'm Clyde follow me"

They followed Clyde up some stairs and he took them into the bar. Marie could see a small dance floor in the centre of the room and what appeared to be large settee type seats around the edges. There were several 'couples sat on these seats. She noticed that most of the woman were white like her and Sue but that all of the men were black. Strange rhythmic music played through the sound system and the air was filled with a blue haze which smelt like incense.

"Seems quiet" Marie said to no one in particular.

Clyde said "It's early yet, most people get her around 10pm"

Marie saw Michael and Marcus sat at the bar and they motioned the two girls over.

"Here you are at last" Marcus said to Sue. "If you hadn't been here soon I might have had to punish you!"

He grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissing her hard and shoving his hand under the hem of her dress.

"MMMMM just how I like you stockings and bald pussy, just right for the evening we have planned."

Michael followed his lead and grabbed Marie. His hand slipped up under her skirt and he smiled as he found that she too was naked under it. He slipped his finger in to her pussy and said to Marcus "She's soaking wet already" They both laughed. Marie went red but she was enjoying the fingering she was getting. She just wasn't used to it happening in view of others yet.

"Has Sue told you about the club and what happens here?" he asked

"She has mentioned some of the things that go on yes" Marie replied looking around to see if anyone was watching. She noticed a couple of guys staring in her direction and when they saw her look they smiled and winked at her.

"They know what you are doing here" Marcus said to both of them. "Who knows they may even get to sample both of you later."

"Marie let me tell you what the club is all about, come with me and let's get a comfy seat shall we?" Michael took her hand and led her to one of the large seats. As she sat she held her skirt so it didn't ride up too much. Michael saw this and slapped her hand gently. "Its ok you don't have to do that, it doesn't matter how much you show! They have seen it all before anyway, well maybe not yours but you know what I mean. When you are here with me Id like you to be relaxed and if your skirt or top shows you off then its ok. Do you understand Marie?"

"Yes I think so. Sue did say that you'd want to show me off I'm just not used to it that's all."

She removed her hand from the hem of her skirt and sat on the seat. It was quite soft and she sank into it a little. This caused the skirt to ride up and her stockings and suspenders were visible.

"There that isn't so bad is it?" Michael asked smiling and looking at her long legs. "I really like your legs in black nylon; it makes them look so sexy and very long." He had placed his hand on her upper thigh and was stroking the nylon. "So soft and smooth I want you in these all the time is that understood?"

"Yes it is and Yes I will do as you say" she replied meekly.

His hand continued to move up her thigh and he was soon probing between her legs, forcing them to open. "That's it don't resist let me do it to you, open a bit more let the dog see the bone"

Marie felt her legs parting as his hands rubbed and massaged her, his hand slipped over her stocking tops and she felt a finger against her lips, the finger slid easily in between them. "My, my, aren't we wet down here" he said as his finger slid further inside her. She felt her body shudder as he entered and her legs opened further, wider to allow him access.

His finger was soon joined by two others and he started to finger fuck her. She closed her eyes, the feelings washing upwards causing a small moan to slip from her mouth "MMmmmmmmm"

"There see, you wanted that all along didn't you?"

All she could do was say "MMmmmmmmm" She loved it and had completely forgotten where she was.

Michaels other hand found its way to the side of her top and it slipped inside. He found her nipple, erect already he rolled it between his fingers. He wanted to get her really turned on, really ready for what he and Marcus had planned. If it all went well she would be his for good, unable to leave him unable to refuse him anything. He hoped the other room was ready and that Marcus had set everything up.

He knew the bed was there as he had used it on a previous night. It was the video and camera system Marcus had installed that worried him. He hoped it would show everything and he meant everything! He knew Marie was almost ready to go further, he just needed to make sure and tonight he would have all he needed to do that.

Marie felt her pussy on fire and she knew she was going to cum, she couldn't prevent it the feelings were too strong. The fingers were those of an expert, they probed and touched all the right places; she felt them everywhere her pussy giving itself to them, her nipples craving their touch. She came loudly on Michaels hand and he felt her juices run.

"Oh god" she uttered as wave after wave washed over her; she was totally unaware of her surroundings, unaware of the eyes watching her as she moaned and withed on Michaels hand.

"That was what you need wasn't it Marie?" he asked her when she had finished.

"Oh god that was so powerful I haven't come like that before" she said truthfully.

"I'm glad but hopefully that will be the first time of many tonight. That is if you want more of course. Do you want more Marie?" He looked her straight in the eyes and he knew she was his; at least she was right then.

"Come with me"

"I thought we were staying in the club" she said confused.

"We are, just going next door that's all, come on you'll see what I mean in a minute."

He led her into the other room. She saw the bed in the centre and it was huge big enough for several people. The room it self was decorated with cream walls and had a tiled floor. There was no other furniture in the apart from that bed. She knew then what Michael planned or she thought she did. She didn't see the hidden cameras though. Michael thought that Marcus had done a brilliant job with them.

"Ok" he said "we may as well go and get a drink until everything is ready."

She took his hand and followed him back into the bar. He handed her a drink the barman had already made and she took a long drink. It was very strong and she could taste the gin in it. 'Oh well I may as well I think its going to be a long hard night' she thought to herself'

As she sat she was aware her skirt had ridden up again but instead of pulling it down she did what Michael had wanted and left it there. She looked for Sue and saw her and Marcus with 3 other black guys. They were sat on one of the large seats. The guys were taking every opportunity to touch Sue, one hand was already under her dress and another was feeling her tits. She was obviously enjoying the attention as she was laughing and throwing her head back a lot.

"Good a few of the guys are here now; we can soon get the show on the road so to speak." Michael said looking over to where Sue and Marcus were. "She's really into this now" he said pointing at Sue.

"Isn't she just" Marie replied looking again at her friend as one of the guys parted her legs with his hands. Marie could see everything the lace stocking tops and Sue's bald pussy. The hand went straight to it and began to rub and probe. Marie couldn't take her eyes away from the scene. She was, mesmerised watching her friend surrender herself. As she watched she was aware of Michael's hand taking hers and leading her to the seat opposite Sue and Marcus. She saw three more guys arrive and make there way to the seat Michael was leading her there. As they got there Sue let out a loud groan and it was obvious she had cum.

"Let me introduce Marie" she heard Michael saying. "Marie this is Leon, Vic and Clyde." Marie said "hello nice to meet you all." She saw that the one called Clyde was, in fact the guy who had met them at the door. He winked at her. Michael said "Sit down with the guys Marie, let them get to know you."

Marie looked again at Sue her legs were spread wide and one of the guys was between them obviously licking her while the other 2 were squeezing her tits and trying to slip them out of the dress. Marie sat and noticed that Clyde had moved from the end so that she sat next to him. On her other side was Leon and Vic. The guys were giving her the once over from head to toe. She saw that her skirt was again over her stocking tops, but who cares she thought to herself.

Clyde made the first move he turned towards her and started to ask "What do you think of the club" as he said this he slipped his hand on to her leg.

"I haven't been here long enough to decide" she said.

"No first impressions?" his hand sliding higher up her leg.

"Its seems nice, so far"

"Good,Good and what about the other room?

"I'm not sure yet, all that's in there is that bed."

"What more is needed" he asked with a smile.

"Nothing, I suppose" she said feeling his hand going under the hem of her skirt. She flinched slightly as she felt another hand slide in to her halter top and start to grasp her tit, then one slid in from the other side and she realised that Vic was now behind her.

The hands were gentle but firm making her body rock as they massaged her. She felt Clyde prizing her legs open and then the hand was at her pussy, she was being treated just like Sue. She was powerless to stop it, even if she had wanted to, which she didn't at that moment.

The hand between her legs expertly found her clit and was kneading it between thumb and forefinger; the hands on her tits had found her nipples and were doing the same. She was being well and truly worked on.

Michael looked at her and saw the far out look on her face. 'Good she getting into it well' he thought to himself. 'Not long now and she'll be begging for anything'

Clyde slipped his fingers inside her and began to move them around, at the same time using his thumb on her clit. He really wanted to turn this tall woman into the begging slut she needed to be. Who knows he might even be able to get her to work in his club, it would need discussing with Michael. They had done this sort of thing before with another one of Michael's conquests and he was sure Marie would fit in well.

Before she could cum the three of them stopped. She hadn't seen the signal from Michael. They took her hands and led her to the other room.

Slow sensual music was playing and the guys were demanding she dance for them, she hadn't danced for anyone other than Jon before and her hubby had been so turned on he came before he even entered her properly. She hoped it wouldn't with these guys but she had a feeling that they would cum when they were ready and not before.

She danced in time to the beat and began to swirl around and around, there were chants for her to strip and so she began to do what they wanted. Her hands went to the back of her skirt and slowly undid the zip, she tugged the skirt down, somehow managing to do it in time with the music, loud cheers went up as she kicked it off and they saw she was only wearing stockings and suspenders. Then she flipped her halter top off and shook her tits at them. They seemed to like this.

'This is fun' Marie thought to herself. She then saw Sue being brought into the room and she Joined Marie dancing. The men cheered again and demanded Marie strip Sue for them. She didn't have a problem with this and got behind her and unzipped the red dress, allowing it to fall to her ankles. Sue stepped out of it and she too was naked apart from hold up stockings.

The atmosphere was full of sex and Sue reached out and squeezed Marie's tits and then her hand found its way between her legs, Marie did nothing to stop her friend instead she opened her legs and thrust herself on to Sues hand. The men all clapped and cheered. There were 8 in the room, including Marcus and Michael but they were the only two who weren't also stripping off. Soon the men were naked like the girls, they separated Marie and Sue and started to dance with them, hands were everywhere and mouths were on nipples sucking and biting, Marie found that Clyde had come straight to her and he was again using his fingers on her pussy while 2 hands felt her ass and 2 mouths ate her nipples, she felt Clyde slip another finger inside her.

"That's four inside you now, before I'm finished you will have my hand in you and I'm going to make you love it."

He frightened Marie a little but there was nothing she could do. She opened her legs wider and let him do what he wanted. She was getting high, high on sex she wanted it to go on and on.

Clyde suddenly stopped and Leon took his place, Clyde moved behind her, she wondered what they were doing, Clyde's hands came from behind her and spread her lips wide. Leon took his hand and started to insert his fingers. "Go on Leon stick them in her, get her ready for me!" she heard Clyde yelling. Leon soon had four fingers in her and then he started to work his thumb in twisting it around and around until he was able to push his whole hand inside her. Once he was in Marie came so hard she shook and screamed.

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