tagLoving WivesHow Easily This Fantasy Happened...

How Easily This Fantasy Happened...


How Easily This Fantasy Happened And The Result!

My husband, Rod, and I have been married just over 12 months. We celebrated our anniversary the week before last and it has been a very happy marriage. We lived together for 3 months before we married and, of course, we had fucked lots of times before that. I am 26 and Rod is 29 and we have known one another for about 5 years altogether. I lived for a short time with a former boyfriend, John, who was a good friend of Rod. I had been with lots of men before John and Rod but that is another story.

All of the time I was with John, I knew Rod had the hots for me and I must admit I liked Rod a great deal. John was very jealous of Rod and it was this jealousy which eventually broke us up. We had a blazing row one night just after John had fucked me - he didn't make love to me, he just fucked me - when he accused me of thinking of other men while he fucked me! Actually he was quite correct - I was thinking of Rod while he was pounding into me. I very rarely came when he fucked me, mostly because I always thought he just wanted sex and didn't really care about me.

Anyway after this row I told John I was moving out - it was his apartment - and so next morning I packed up my few belongings and moved into a cheap hostel for women until I could find somewhere permanent to live. By chance I met Rod in a supermarket whilst buying the weekly groceries and once we began talking I started to cry. He asked what was wrong and I told him about leaving John. He was very thrilled to hear this and asked me to move in with him straight away. I told Rod I would be happy to go out with him but I wanted to sort out my life before I moved in with anyone else. Rod accepted this and we had our first date that night.

We dined at a flash restaurant and afterwards he wanted me to go to his apartment so we could make love. I wouldn't go with him but we continued to date and it wasn't very long before we were having sex on a very regular basis. It wasn't terribly long after that when we moved into our own apartment. As I have already said, we lived together for 3 months and then decided to get married. Well we both settled into married life and our greatest joy was to be able to make love whenever we wanted to. This was certainly the best benefit of married life.

Immediately after we were married, Rod started asking me about the men I had had sex with. He wanted to know what it was like having John fuck me. He also wanted to know all about all of the men who had fucked me before I lived with John. In fact he became obsessed with my previous sex life to such an extent that we always seemed to be talking about who had fucked me! I found I was telling Rod some of the intimate stories about my previous lovers and I was more than a little disturbed by this. Probably it was 8 or 9 months after we were married that Rod began really obsessed with my sex life before him and he told me he wanted to see another man fuck me! He didn't want it to be one of my previous lovers but a different man altogether. I hadn't been married all that long and this thought troubled me a lot. Why would my loving husband want to watch me get fucked by another man? I started to think he might be a little sick and tried all the time to change the subject but he was relentless in his pursuit to watch me get fucked!

Just after our 12 month anniversary he dropped the subject of sex with another man for about 2 weeks and then he started up again. By this time I was starting to get worried but I didn't let on to him. Our sex life was great, in fact, it had probably improved steadily ever since he started wanting me to have sex with another man.

Whenever we would go out shopping together or perhaps to a restaurant or even a social party, he would be always pointing out men whom he thought would be good for me to fuck! I hated this but just put up with it anyway. Strangely it didn't diminish my love for Rod but it was very annoying just the same.

On a Saturday evening just after this we went to a football party. Rod is on the management team and he is rather important in the club. The party was a great success with over 150 members and supporters present. About midnight the party started to wind down and quite a number had gone home. I guess there must have been about 25 men left and some of them had their wives or girlfriends with them. We were all drinking and having a very good time when one of the girlfriends got a little bit playful and took her top off and danced around topless amongst the men. It didn't take long before a couple of the men grabbed her and played with her tits and kissed her although her boyfriend didn't seem to mind at all. Naturally it didn't take long before someone undid the clasp on her skirt and down that dropped to the floor leaving her standing in a tiny little thong which really hid nothing.

The same fellows grabbed her again and tore off the thong and she was completely naked amongst the group of fairly randy men. She was lifted up by these men and held at waist-height with a man at each arm and leg and another holding her head. She was enjoying the fun until one of the men holding one of her legs suggested they pull her legs apart and have a good look at what she was hiding. They did this and her beautiful cunt, partially hidden by her pubic bush, became totally exposed to any man standing between her legs. Whilst they were holding her like that, one of the men dropped his pants exposing his very long, hard cock sticking out in front of him. He quickly moved between this girl's legs and entered her cunt which made her give out a scream of excitement. Whilst the other men held her up in the air, this man fucked this girl much to the delight of the rest of the men!

Her boyfriend encouraged other men to join in and soon this girl had been fucked by at least 6 of the men. This was really a sign for some of the other men to grab their wife or girlfriend and soon there was a lot of general fucking going on in the football club rooms. It wasn't long before all of the women, except myself, were being fucked by more than one man and a general orgy had begun.

Watching all of this fucking going on around me made me get rather hot and I could feel a lot of dampness between my legs and I was obviously turned on by it all. I looked over at Rod who was standing apart from the rest of the men and he hadn't taken any part of the fucking at all. When Rod eventually looked at me I pointed to the orgy going on around us and then pointed to myself indicating that I wondered if he wanted me to join in with the rest. I wouldn't have normally wanted to join in but I was very turned on by this time and I really wanted to be fucked, even it if was only Rod. He glared at me and shook his head but this didn't put me off completely. I wandered over to Rod and asked him why he hadn't joined in with the fucking. He told me he only wanted to fuck me and not all of these other women which I thought was rather strange for him as I knew he would love to fuck someone else.

I then asked him if he would fuck me! He turned to me and with a shocked look on his face he said, No! I didn't like his rebuff of my request so I told him I had better get someone else to fuck me! I guess that troubled him (strange because he was wanting me to get fucked by someone else anyway) because he said we could go straight home if I wanted to be fucked so urgently. I don't normally tease Rod but tonight I was much more turned on that I had thought.

I reached down and grasped the hem of my skirt and pulled it up to my waist, holding it there with my elbows. I then eased my thumbs into the top of my very small panties and pulled them down and off. I didn't drop my skirt so that anyone looking at me would immediately see my hairy pubic bush! I suddenly felt like a real slut but didn't want to stop. Standing like that and exposing myself really got Rod going. He came over to me and told me if I needed to be fucked so badly he would do it but wanted me to go into one of the other rooms to do it! I said no to that idea and then, to really tease him, I undid the clasp on my skirt and let it drop to the floor. Now I was standing there naked from the waist down in front of my husband and all of these other men.

Rod could see I was likely to be fucked soon if I moved closer to the rest of the men so he pulled me roughly over to a large chair and bent me over the arm. He then pulled his hard cock out and from behind plunged his cock into my cunt! He fucked me hard and soon shot his load deep into my body but he had done it so quickly I didn't have time to reach my own orgasm.

The orgy around us had been going on for about half an hour and some of the men were getting their second wind. One of the men came over to me and, without any ceremony or asking, he shoved his hard cock into my cunt and began fucking me in front of all of the other men and women. Some of the women cheered as I was getting fucked because they reckoned they would get a bit of a rest with another woman getting fucked. The man in me was a considerate lover and he aroused me sufficiently for me to reach my orgasm as he shot his load into my cunt. He was no sooner out of me before another took his place. I had never experienced this wonderful sensation of having a man fuck me, with others watching, and know he was just one of many who would have me before the night was over. The sensation of these different sized and shaped cocks felt wonderful as they slid into my willing, wet cunt. Apart from several of the men presenting their cocks to be sucked (which I did very willingly) I was fucked continuously for the next hour with only the barest rest between men. Some of the women even came over and played with my body as I was being fucked and this excited me more because I had never been played with by a woman before. I loved what they were doing to my body - both the men and the women! Soon I had lost my top so now I was naked and being fucked by lots of men.

Most of the men had fucked me and that was a lot of fucking! I heard one of the men ask Rod if he could fuck me in the arse and Rod told him no way but the man got behind me and shoved his cock into my cunt and got it very lubricated and then pushed his cock into my arsehole! At first it hurt but I soon got used to the feeling and soon I was really enjoying the sensation. He didn't take very long before he shot his load into my rectum, a feeling I had never experienced before, and I loved it! I wanted more and asked if any of the men wanted to fuck my arsehole. I had plenty of takers and over the next 30 minutes I was fucked many times in my arsehole as well as in my cunt. I was a disgusting slut and I knew the other women had stopped their activities and I was getting all of the men now!

A number of times while I was being fucked I looked over at Rod to see what his reaction was but he was scowling all the time at me and I knew he wasn't too pleased with me. At last I seemed to have run out of men! Considering all the fucking which had taken place this evening it was amazing that the men had lasted as long as they did after all there were many women to cater for their wishes. I was quite pleased when they finished with me because my poor cunt was getting a little sore after all the pounding it had received.

Most of the people had left by the time I walked over to Rod to tell him I wanted to go home. I asked him if I could shower in the men's showers but he refused and told me I had to go home looking like the slut I was. Cum was running down my legs at a very sloppy rate - both my cunt and arsehole had been filled with cum apart from that which had been pumped out by the continual fucking. I was leaving a trail of cum as I walked to the door. I hadn't bothered to get dressed and so I was walking naked to the door. Rod went to get the car and he brought it over to the door so I was able to slip in the car still naked. He had placed a rough bag over the front seat and told me to sit on that to save the car upholstery! The bag was very rough but I would have sat on a bed of nails tonight because I was so fucked out!

When we arrived home, Rod went into the house first and came back with a towel which he made me pull up between my legs as I walked inside. I went immediately to the shower and just stood there with my legs apart allowing the rest of the cum in my body to just run down my legs onto the shower floor! I made quite a mess of the floor but the water soon washed that away when I turned the faucet on. I was so high I just couldn't believe how well I felt. I even asked Rod to come into the shower and fuck me but he refused point blank calling me a real slut!

When I had finished my shower I walked straight into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed feeling very tired indeed. I needed a good sleep now! But at the same time I still thought of Rod and so I rolled over onto my back and asked him to come and make love to me! He really hit the roof and called me every bad name he could think of! I couldn't have cared less and simply moved my legs together and was almost immediately asleep. I didn't wake until late on Sunday morning and I was surprised to find Rod was not next to me. I needed to visit the bathroom and on the way I was intrigued to see Rod was sleeping on the lounge - he hadn't been in bed with me all night.

I wanted to return to my bed but I thought I had better get some breakfast so I didn't bother dressing (it was a lovely warm morning) and so I walked naked into the kitchen and began making toast and scrambled eggs! I guess the noise and the smell woke Rod because he came in shortly after. He had pajamas on although he usually didn't wear them to bed. He must have been cross with me to be wearing them this morning. I asked him if he wanted eggs and toast and he mumbled something which I took to be yes so I started making his breakfast as well as mine. When all was ready to eat we sat down at the kitchen table and ate our breakfast. Rod kept looking over at my naked body. I wondered to myself if he thought I might have slut tattooed on my body somewhere after what I had done last night but he didn't say anything and neither did I.

After breakfast he mumbled something about I should wear clothes around the house which is a joke because he is always wanting me to walk around the house naked so he can play with me and even make love to me over the kitchen table. But that wasn't the case this morning. He was really pissed off with me and I knew it!

I almost ignored him for the rest of the day which I spent completely naked, even when I walked outside to take out the garbage. There wasn't much chance of being seen by anyone when I was outside (nice high fences) but he was more pissed off when I did that!

I prepared lunch for us both but he refused to eat anything. Late in the afternoon I began preparing our evening meal. I thought I would make his favorite meal for him but he didn't seem interested in what I was doing. We ate the evening meal and as it was getting late and we were both tired, we went to bed early. I was a little surprised that he came into the bedroom with me and more surprised that he didn't wear his pajamas to bed. He slipped in next to me just as naked as I was. We didn't make love but we didn't argue either so I guess that was a good sign.

Next morning we both had to go to work. He watched me like a hawk as I showered and prepared to dress myself. I didn't wear a bra (my tits are not too bad but I can comfortably get away without a bra when the weather is warm) and slipped on my blouse which is fairly opaque so no one would be able to see my breasts and nipples. He watched as I pulled on the skirt I usually wore to work but he watched even closer when I picked up a pair of panties, looked at them, and then tossed them back into the drawer! He became upset that I wasn't going to wear panties to work! Now he was becoming very worried about me. I had previously slipped a pair of my panties into my handbag and intended wearing my panties as soon as I was out of his sight and able to change into them.

I looked him straight in the eye and told him he had been wanting me to fuck someone else for the past months and now that I had done as he wished he was being nasty with me for doing what he wanted! I further added that if he thought I was a slut then I had better act as a slut. To add fuel to the fire I asked him if he would mind if I went out with some men tonight and perhaps I mightn't come home at all. He became very upset at this thought so I decided I would ease of the pressure and tell him I would be straight home from work - without any male company!

Naturally, as soon as I left for work, I had hardly reached the first set of traffic lights when I had my panties in my hand ready to slip on when the car stopped. I didn't care if other drivers were watching me - I just pulled my dress right up and slid the panties up my long legs and then lifted my behind from the seat to pull them right up. I chuckled when I thought about Rod worrying all day because he thought I wouldn't be wearing any panties at work.

When I arrived home the first thing Rod did was to grab me, hold me tight and pull up my dress to my waist. He looked at my panties and then realized he had been fooled all day - I was wearing panties! By now he was very embarrassed and I just let him be. I prepared our evening meal and we sat down and ate in silence. After the meal we sat down and watched boring TV until I stood up, stretched in front of him and said I was going to bed. He didn't stir much and so I walked to the bathroom and took off all my clothes and then returned to the lounge room, completely naked, and said goodnight to Rod. He glanced up at me and saw I was naked and I could see his eyes widen. He mumbled something about nothing on TV and followed me into the bedroom.

I rolled onto the bed and laid on my back with my legs spread as wide as I could and still look natural! He walked around the foot of the bed a couple of times and I knew he was looking at my cunt but I didn't say anything and pretended I was going to sleep. He was soon alongside me and his hand came over and touched my nipple. I was a little surprised but didn't say anything. He continued to play with my tits and nipples and then worked his hand down my belly into my bush and eventually touched the lips of my cunt before he pushed a finger inside me. I turned my head over and just looked at him but still didn't say anything.

He started to talk at last. He said, "You know I really hated you when you let all of those men fuck you last Saturday night. I know I was wrong to want to make you have sex with another man but that was really going overboard! You must have been fucked more than 30 times by 20 or so men and that is just too much! No man wants to see his wife acting like that sort of a slut! I don't think I can forgive you for doing that and embarrassing me so much!"

Still acting very calmly I just closed my legs and rolled over away from him making him lose his hold on my cunt. He soon saw he had made a mistake telling me off and calling me a slut. After a few minutes he leaned over and shook me gently and asked if he could apologize for calling me a slut. I waited just a very short time before I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs again. I didn't say anything but he just resumed his position with his hand between my legs and a couple of fingers inside me gently stroking me.

He began playing with my clit and I knew my body would betray me soon if he kept that up. I made out to roll over again but he held me tight. He then asked me, in the most apologetic manner if we could make love? I replied, sounding very haughty that I didn't think he fucked sluts! He then tried to smooth things over and told me I wasn't a slut and that he loved me and would never ask me to go with another man ever again! I told him I didn't believe him but if he thought he loved me it would be O.K. to make love.

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