tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 07

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 07


I woke up the next morning and as I lay there, the memory of what I had done with Trent the night before, and I felt sick. How could I have done that, I had turned into a complete whore. I had lain over the hood of his car and begged him to fuck me like a common slut.

My phone rang and I checked the number, it was Trent. I knew why he was calling, to say that he never wanted to see such a slut again. I turned off the phone and threw it back on my night table, laid back down and cried.

Mom came up after a while and brought in two cups of tea. I rolled onto my side facing the wall and would not look at her. I could not bear the shame. She rubbed my back and just let me cry. After a while I felt the bed shift and a new hand touched my shoulder.

"Janie, roll over and talk to me." My sister ordered. I found myself obeying. "Now tell me what happened."

I saw that Mom had left us alone and I started to cry all over again.

"Come on, it can't be that bad."

I got a hold of myself and told Susan what I had done the night before. I left nothing out, my whorish behavior, my slutty begging for cock, everything. By the time I was finished, Susan had me sitting up in bed and sipping my tea and only sniffling occasionally.

"Is that all?" Susan asked. "I thought you and Trent had had a fight and broken up or something."

"What do you mean, I turned myself into a complete tramp last night."

"Yes, and Trent loved it and so did you. You didn't do anything that the rest of us women have not done before you."

"But what does Trent think of me now?"

"That he loves you." Susan said confidently.

"How can he love a whore?"

"You are not a whore; you just got caught up in the moment. You would only be a whore if you are fucking other men for money. Begging your boyfriend for cock while he fucks you falls under the heading of love and passion, and maybe role playing."

"You really think he still loves me?"

"I know he does, he called the house phone when you would not take his calls. He was worried about you and wanted to know if you were busy for lunch."

I sat bolt upright and almost spilled my cold tea. "He really wants to see me for lunch? He probably just wants to dump me in person."

"I doubt it; he invited us all over to his parents' house for lunch. Something about the Thanksgiving party. Now get up and shower, we have to get going soon."

Susan dragged me out of bed and into the shower. I cleaned up quickly and headed down stairs wrapped in my robe. Mom had more tea on for me and some toast.

"Feeling better?" She asked. I only nodded.

"Janie, don't worry about last night." Mom said and I looked up sharply. "Susan told me about it, don't worry we have all acted like that at one time or another. I used to beg your father to fuck me until I passed out."

"EEEEEWWWWW Mom, way too much information." Susan said

"The point is that I will bet you that Trent will take you aside at some point today and tell you how much he liked it."

I sat at the table and munched on my toast, trying very hard not to visualize Mom begging Dad like a whore. I finished my toast and headed back upstairs to dress. I put my fake pussy back on and then started to look for an outfit.

Half an hour later I came back down stairs dressed in white jersey hot short panties and no bra, a navy blue knit sweater crew neck dress, and patent leather Janice shoes. Mom wore a white shirt dress and white deck shoes. Susan wore a stretch A line skirt in powder blue with a white button down shirt and blue sandals.

We made it to the McKabe's in about fifteen minutes and Trent was waiting for us at the door. He led us in and Heather and Jason were waiting for us on the deck.

"Welcome, welcome." Jason said, coming over and hugging each of us. Heather was a step behind.

"Glad to see you again." Heather said, hugging and kissing Mom.

"Come and sit down and we can talk about the party." Heather said.

"Janie, can I talk to you for a minute." Trent said pulling me to stairs. I followed him up to his room and sat down on the chair in the sitting room attached to his room. Trent sat across from me.

"Janie, I need to talk to you about last night."

I couldn't help it, I started to cry. "Trent, I'm sorry," I sobbed into my hands. "I am sorry that I acted that way. I won't be like that again. I will try..."

"Janie, whoa, slow down." Trent said, kneeling in front of me, holding my hands and trying to lift up my face. "I am not upset about what you did, but about what I said to you."

"What you said?" I hiccupped.

"When I asked about touching your pussy, I'm sorry I was so insensitive. It's none of anyone else's business what we do. Can you forgive me?"

"I...I thought you wanted to dump me." I sniffled at him.

"Why would I want to dump the perfect girl? I said that I love you and I meant it then and now."

"You are not ashamed of me for acting like a slut?"

"You can act like a slut for me any time you want, but not for anyone else." He said smiling and pulling me into a hug.

"Oh Trent, you don't know how upset I have been about last night. I thought that..." He put his finger over my mouth to stop me talking.

"Shh, I don't want to hear another word about last night." He said firmly. "You did nothing wrong and I have apologized for being such a jerk, the matter is closed."

"No it isn't." I said firmly. "You did nothing wrong either. You asked a legitimate question about our relationship. I am glad it came up so that you understand that it is not because I don't trust you, but that I want to save myself for just a while yet."

"I understand, but I should not have brought the other guys into the..." I put my fingers over his mouth this time.

"Shh, it is finished. We have both apologized and the matter is closed. But, I want us to agree now that we have to talk about these things together. If we don't we won't have a chance in this relationship."

"Okay," he said smiling. "I think that would be best. Now, on to new business, Mom and Dad are planning a big charity ball for Thanksgiving here at the house. I have to go and I want you to be my date."

"Of course I plan to be your date, just who did you think you were going to take?" I asked in mock outrage.

"That is not what I was leading up too. I wanted to take you to the family cottage after the ball for the weekend. Just the two of us, what do you think?"

"Ohhhh Trent, I can't. Aunt Karen and Susan have planned a shopping trip for black Friday. We were planning on hitting the malls at like four in the morning. Sorry."

"Well, at least you are saying no for a good reason. I know better than to try to get between a woman and her shopping. How about the day after Christmas? We could go for a week or so. The cottage backs onto a mountain with a ski resort, but it's far enough down the slope that it is still warm enough to go out on the lake in a bathing suit."

"Well, that sounds almost tempting enough to ditch shopping, but I think a week at Christmas would be better. I just have to clear it with Aunt Karen. Speaking of which, we should get back downstairs before they think we are doing the nasty up here."

"Oh, I didn't know that we had that option." Trent said with a devious look in his eye. I hit him with a pillow.

We joined the others and found them discussing the arrangements for the party, including the fact that they wanted us to spend the night. Mom tried to nix that idea, saying that we were going shopping, Heather said that was the point, she planned to go with us and we could all nap a little first if we wanted.

The weeks leading up to the ball were hectic. I never realized all the planning that went in to a party of this size. The logistics were enormous, tables, chairs, place settings, linens, waiters, caterers, and bands, entertainment, bar, parking, landscaping and cleanup. Heather had it all organized like a military operation. She pulled out her computer and rolodex and had lists and files for each item. She made a dozen calls to confirm that the orders placed earlier in the year were still on schedule.

Thanksgiving rolled up on us and we spent the day getting ready for the ball. Susan had met a guy at the club and invited him as her date, but Mom was still flying solo. She said that since Jason insisted on dancing with me, she would just have to steal Trent.

I decided to wear the red backless mid calf dress that I had gotten before my first date with Trent. He had not seen it and it would be perfect for the evening. The sequins would catch the light perfectly and the black patent leather two inch heels and black stockings and garter belt would be the perfect, until I tried it on two days before the party. It didn't fit. The bodice was too tight. I was shocked and called Mom.

"What is happening?" I demanded.

"I think I know, but let me make a call and I will let you know." Mom said, picking up her cell phone. Five minutes later she was back and smiling.

"Just as I thought and Kelly confirmed. The hormones are finishing puberty for you and you are getting bigger. Now we have to go shopping for the party and we will need new lingerie for you on Friday."

We hit the mall and went straight to see Candy at Pink. She confirmed that I had increased my bra size to a B cup. We picked out a plan bra to get me through the rest of the week and promised Candy we would be in Friday. She told us to come to the back door at three thirty in the morning and she would get us in without the fuss. We told her Trent's mother was joining us and she said that it would not be a problem, but no more than the four of us.

We hit the dress salon and picked out a new dress for me, a black sequined ankle length with a deep cowl neck in the back and a slit up my left side to mid thigh. I could still wear the same shoes and stockings with it. The slit was just high enough to expose the garter belt, but only if I wanted to. I planned to us that to my advantage on Trent.

The ball was a great success, both for the charity and for the guests. The main foyer was where the most of the guests stayed. The rest circulated through the house. The pool room was locked of course, but the patio got quite a workout as did the grounds. Trent was a perfect host, and even pulled me into the receiving line with him. I was introduced to so many big wigs in the city that I lost count and just smiled and made a little small talk as the line moved along.

Dinner was a buffet affair and the food was set up for most of the night. If anyone went home hungry, they must have really worked to avoid the food. I spent the night wandering and making small talk and sipping sparkling cider. I knew better than to drink the champagne being served. At my size I am a real light weight when it comes to drinking and this was not the night to get loaded and embarrass my boyfriend.

I danced with Trent, Jason and a few others, but Mom danced by me several times always with a different partner. Susan spent most of the night in the arms of her new friend from the club. I could see that getting serious quickly.

The party ended at two in the morning and rather than try to sleep for an hour, we just showered, changed and headed out to the mall. Candy kept her promise and slipped us in the back and we went nuts in Pink. I got so many new bras and corsets and bustiers that I did not think I would ever be able to wear them all. I asked Mom not to spend so much in case I grew still more, but she said that Dr. Kelly said I would level out at around my current size and we could go crazy.

From there we hit Victoria Secret and got still more lingerie, but this was a little more risqué. The leather corset with the mesh between the bra and bottoms with a black g-string, garters and black stockings could only be for sex. I said that I would never wear it, but Heather insisted on buying it for me.

By the time we finished, the mall had opened and the crowds were not too believed but we carried on and hit a bathing suit store. There Mom found me something that could be called a bathing suit, but only by the greatest stretch of the imagination. It was called a teeny weeny monokini. It consisted of two straps that met behind the neck, extended down the front to cover the nipples, but only the nipples, one set of strings continued down the front to met the scrape of material that covered the crotch, but turned into a thong with the string coming up the back and reconnecting with the bottom of the nipple covers.

We bailed on the mall and headed downtown to the adult section of town. Mom and Heather dragged me into an adult boutique and into the clothing section. I fell in love with a bra and panty set, just plain white bra with a front closure, but only half cups and the back had the most delicious little bow on it. The panties matched, more of a g string than anything, with another bow at the back. The stockings that went with it had bows at the back of the thighs. Then Heather pulled out the most outrageous bathing suit I had ever seen. The bikini top was string that formed hollow triangles over the nipples, with jewelry rings to hide the actual nipple. The bottoms were string that tied on each side and a pouch that cover the vagina and pulled into a g string in the back. You could set the pouch as wide as you wanted, all of two inches or as narrow as half an inch depending on how reckless you felt. The yellow mesh one was almost as bad, but I flatly refused the one made out of clear plastic.

We left the boutique with the suits and I insisted that we start on the winter stuff I would need for skiing, but Heather and Mom put me off. They dragged me into a photo place and had pictures for all of us for our passports. Mom said that I would need one if I was to travel over next summer and it would be good to get it started now.

From there we hit the electronics stores in search of a new laptop. Mom got me a great one with all the bells and whistles and a new digital camera. I had liked photography for a while now and with the next semester starting soon, I would need one for my elective. I was even considering taking photography in university.

We made it home shortly after noon and passed out. I woke up Saturday morning about ten and started to sort out the clothes we had bought. I noticed something that I had not while shopping, between Mom and Heather; I had not gotten anything but warm weather clothes, nothing for skiing.

I went downstairs and found Mom and Susan sitting at the kitchen table. Mom poured me some tea and I sat with them.

"Mom, I wanted to ask you about the skiing trip with Trent over Christmas."

"What about it dear, I said that you could go away with Trent weeks ago," Mom replied.

"Well, we were supposed to get me some new ski stuff when we went shopping yesterday. All I got was summer clothes."

"Oh, we must have missed that." Susan said smiling. "Tell you what, when we get closer to the trip, we will take you out shopping for that then."

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan." Mom agreed. "That way we can get you all set up before you go and have them tuned just before the trip. Now, let's get the clothes sorted out and washed before school Monday. Also, you need to sign your passport application so that I can drop it off on Monday as well."

"What about yours and Susan's?"

"Ours are fine, they are good for another three years, and yours still says Jamie." Mom answered.

Monday found me back a school and like all the seniors, I was sent to the auditorium to hear the lecture about our future. It was time to select a career and a field of study for college. There were several recruiters there from different schools waiting for us. The counselors gave us the usual spiel about seizing the day and making the most of our lives. Most tuned them out and waited to get out.

I sat with Trent and we both paid attention, but that did not stop us for making fun of some of the things we were told. Candy was seated with Kevin and both were paying rapt attention. Kevin had his choice of schools with his programming skills, and Candy was being scouted be various schools for her cheerleading.

After the assembly we went into the cafeteria to meet with the recruiters. Trent talked to several that I never thought he would be interested in, including the military. He seemed interested in careers that would have him outside and active. I could not see him behind a desk for very long, but the thought of him in the military chilled my heart. I spent most of my time at the booth for UCLA. They had a wonderful photography and film department and I thought that I might try that, with a minor in computers, a girl has to be prepared after all.

The month till Christmas passed just a quickly as the lead up to Thanksgiving. Trent and I only had time for sex on the weekends, and then just a quick blowjob from me. The work load coming down on us was not to be believed. Colleges were looking at us and our transcripts as well as current projects and letters from our teachers.

I got a letter from the dean of film at UCLA; apparently the recruiter had spoken about me and told her I would be good on either side of the camera. I was encouraged to apply to UCLA and to submit a portfolio before the beginning of March for consideration. I was to model and take pictures. I was thrilled.

Mom and Susan immediately got on board and started working me through a fashion shoot with all the new clothes that I had got in November. Just before Christmas Mom took me to the mall and had one of those glamour pictures taken after a day at the spa. Even I could not tell it was me.

Christmas was the usual chaos; I got lots of pictures for submission. The hardest part was going to be narrowing it down. My essay was completed and all I needed was my portfolio. My grades were good enough to get me into UCLA for computing if nothing else, but I wanted the photography major.

My main Christmas present from Mom was a complete new ski outfit, complete with new skis. The clothing was perfect, hot pink, right down to the boots. She also got me a black one and a red one, but the pink boots would have to do. I had skied before, but not anything to write home about. At least I knew that I would not kill myself or anyone else on the hill.

We went to dinner at Trent's house and the meal was a feast. Heather was up and down all through the dinner fetching courses from the kitchen, and she would not let us help her. I learned that they only hired staff for parties and had a cleaning service come in once a week. There was no full time staff for the house. Heather did all the cooking and Jason handled the landscaping when he could.

After dinner we girls went into the kitchen to clean up while Trent and Jason went into the living room to watch a game on TV. I was glad for the absence of the men because I had something I wanted to talk to the girls about.

"I need your advice." I said to all of them while we sipped wine and loaded the dishwasher. "I can't keep lying to Trent about what I am and I want to tell him over our trip this week."

"That is something that you have to think about very carefully." Mom replied. "How do you think he will react?"

"I don't know that is why I wanted to discuss this with Heather."

"Well, I think it will be quite a shock for him, but he will probably rally." Heather said thoughtfully. "I know that he loves you with all he is, but this is a big issue that you need to let him in on."

"I can't keep lying to him, it is killing me." I pleaded with them.

"Are you sure that you want to do this now?" Susan asked. "What happens if he takes it bad and outs you at school?"

"I will just drop out." I replied and before Mom could say anything I went on. "I have enough credits to graduate without attending the last semester if necessary."

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