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How I Quit Smoking

byLinda Jean©

Smoking has always been my biggest vice. I did not realize just how bad it was until after I got married to Richard just over two months ago. Everyone at work smoked and all through High school and collage I had smoked. I got my job at the factory after I quit collage in my second year. I had planned to go back later in a few years.

I got my job working the visitor’s center with Gail and Ann. In fact that is where I met Richard, he and two of his friends came for a factory tour, we hit it off and began dating. After 8 months of dating he asked me to marry him and on the anniversary of our meeting we married.

I was a virgin on our wedding night; I went to great lengths to stay that way during my Junior and High school years as well as my year and a half at Collage. I loved being a tease and I got the biggest thrill out of turning guys on. Quite a few times that got me in to a predicament. When I did get myself into them, I would manage to get myself out of it. Twice during the year that I dated Richard we had anal sex only after the oral and hand sex would not do it for him. I gave him many, many blowjobs before I finely gave into his pleas, but my vagina was only for my wedding night. Now while I was a virgin in the biblical sense, I deliberately broke my own hymen one night after a sex discussion in Collage. I remember that we discussed how being a virgin on our wedding day was quite rare, and that no woman could ever give a greater gift to her husband than to give of herself for the very first time on the wedding night. We discussed the down side of being older and still a virgin, there was the pain of breaking the hymen. And that the older we are when that happens, the greater the pain.

It was agreed that while the hymen was a measuring device for the technical definition of a virgin. You were still a Virgin as long as you never have vagina sex. As long as we do not have vagina sex with a man we would be a true Virgin. Looking back right now I guess some of the other girls were thinking what I was thinking. Well in my mind I was going to be a virgin for my husband no matter what age I was that first time. One night I decided that I would break my own hymen, so I used a candle and broke it myself, I did not want that pain to interfer on my wedding night. It did hurt a tiny bit, but I am positive nothing like it would have a month ago on my wedding night at age 24. Richard was great, he loves sex, and I have found that I love it as much as he does if not a little more. I felt lucky to find a man like Richard. Gail at age 26 has been married twice and has two children. Ann was married however at age 31 she was not a happy woman. All she talked about was how bad her husband was. I felt so lucky to have such a loving husband that took his time to insure that I enjoyed sex with him the way he did.

When you work the kind of job we did, there is a lot of time for just gossip and chitchat. The topics never changed we either talked about our husbands, our job, the company or our co-workers. You see we sat at a reception desk and when ever a tourist came in to take a factory tour one of us would give them the two-hour tour. Since we never knew when people would come in, we had to just sit and wait. Some days no one would come in for a tour and other days it was one tour after another.

On a slow day we sometimes would take long lunch hours while the other two covered for whoever was late. Something happen to me one day on a tour, I was taking a couple around showing them the factory when I lit up a cigarette. The woman asked me if I ever tried to give them up. Well what she actually said was “don’t you get tired of buying cigarettes?” I told her I was but I just could not stop smoking, I tried everything on the market, I told her “I have tried the patch, the gum, and support groups” Her husband said “I have stopped many people from smoking, I am sure if you really want to I can help you stop smoking.”

I said, “I really want to, my husband doesn’t smoke and I knew it bothers him, he has been after me for the longest time to quit, but I just can’t seem to give it up”. He said “My dear, I am positive I can help you and if you let me, you won’t be smoking anymore after your one and only visit, give my Secretary a call and we’ll get that monkey off of your back once and for all.” I asked him, “How much would it cost?” He gave me a great big smile and said “I don’t charge anyone woman to help them quit smoking, I have found that I can help woman stop smoking however I have not developed a way to stop men yet. It is 100% free and the visit will only take around twenty to maybe thirty minutes. When you arrive it will be the last day you ever smoke, so don’t ask me to help you quit if you really don’t want to quit.”

I took his card and about an hour after he and his wife left, I called and made an appointment 12:30 the next day. I figured I could put my lunch hour to good use for once. I wanted to tell Richard about what happen but because of his work schedule and mine we were like ships passing in the night. I worked 9-5:30 and Richard worked from 6 in the evening to 3 in the morning. I worked Monday threw Friday while Richard worked from Sunday night threw Friday night. Richard was always gone when I got home, I would always get home around 6:15, and he had to leave at 5:30 to get to work. So the only time we had together of any importance was Saturday and Saturday night.

If I had something important like this I would have to call home and leave a message on the machine for him and of course if he had something to pass onto me while he worked he did the same. Richard made almost $19.00 an hour and time and a half after 40 hours. I made pretty good money considering the kind of job that I had. I made $9.85 and hour to do a lot of sitting around and talking.

I left a message that I met a Doctor and his wife and he was going to help me stop smoking once and for all. It was Monday when I met the doctor and my appointment was set for Tuesday. I went to work that morning thinking that no matter what the doctor said or did it would not work.

I walked into his office right at 2:30 and checked in with his reception / nurse. I waited maybe 5 minutes when she took me to a room. I expected an exam room however it was his office. I sat in one of the two over stuffed chairs sitting in front of his desk. I no more than sat down when he walked in. after a few moments of chatting, he said “Lets get started Linda, I have a feeling you need to get back to work. Now tell me dear have you ever tried Hypnotism in trying to quit smoking?” I said, “No, I never gave it any thought, that kind of stuff doesn’t work”.

He smiled and sitting down in the other matching chair in front of his desk. He moved close to me and facing me he said, “Well if it doesn’t work, I’ll be very surprised. I have never had a relapse so far, so my record is pretty good so far.” He took his watch off of his wrist and held it in his open hand in front of both of us. He said, “Look at the watch Linda, look at the second hand, think of nothing but the hand sweeping around and around the watch. Look at it, your eyes lids are heavy, but you have to keep them open.

Listen to my voice, you hare only my words as the hand sweeps around the clock. Your eyelids are so heavy you have to fight to keep your eyes open. You hear only my voice; you’re so sleepy that as hard as you try your eyelids are too heavy, you need to close them. Your going deeper and deeper into a deep sleep, you hear my voice and you are comfortable and very safe. Can you hear me Linda?”

“Yes I hear you”

“Good, now listen close to my words, what we are going to do is trade one craving for another. Do youreally want to quit smoking or are you just saying that to everyone?”

“I want to quit, I want to quit smoking”.

“Good, now from this day forward Linda no matter what time of day it is, day or night when ever you feel a desire for a cigarette your subconscious will change that desire and craving from cigarettes to sex, do you understand me Linda?”

“Yes I understand.”

“Good now say it back to me, tell me what is going to happen in your mind the moment you feel a desire for a cigarette Linda.”

“When ever I want or desire a cigarette I will now crave and desire sex and a climax”.

“Good girl Linda, you have that correct, now tell me dear, at what age did you start having sex?”

“I have been making love for 67 days”.

“67 days, why just 67 days Linda?”

“That’s how long I have been married silly”.

“Oh, so you got married as a virgin then, well did you sexually play around on dates a little bit before you got married Linda?”

“Sure, but I never did it, I mean I never went all the way, I mean have intercourse. I would only give a date a hand job or sucked them off, but a few times I let them do me in my behind.”

“Linda you don’t like using the word intercourse, the word you like to use is Fucking, you like using the street words and names because it gets you sexually excited, So tell me again dear what did you do on your dates and stay a virgin?”

“When I would go out on a date before I got married and the boy wanted to fuck me, I would jack him off or suck his cock, it depended on how hot he would get me first. There were a few times that I let the boys fuck me in my ass.”

“That is much better and a lot sexier to talk dirty isn’t it Linda?”

“Yes, I like talking dirty.”

“So you like to get fucked in the ass Linda?”

“Yes I like it a lot, it always hurts at first, but once the pain is gone, God, I really love it.”

“Have you ever received an obscene phone call Linda?”

“Yes, I have”.

“How do they make you feel when you get them Linda?”

“I feel funny, part of me wants to listen to the man talk dirty to me telling me all those nasty things he wants to do to me, but I know I shouldn’t listen so I always hang up on them. After all, who ever is calling is sick pervert, and I shouldn’t talk to a stranger like that, so I always hang up.”

“Have you ever had phone sex with someone Linda?”


“Do you think it would or could be fun to have phone sex Linda?”

“I don’t know, maybe it would be fun, it sort of depends on who I am talking with.”

“Do you like to fantasize when you masturbate and when you have sex Linda?’

“Yes, I do, I fantasize when Richard and I make love.”

“Good girl Linda, then this is going to be very easy for you to quit smoking, from now on you are going to never crave sex all the time just as you now crave cigarettes all the time. I want you to repeat back to me in your own words what I say. When you repeat it back, those words are going to be engraved into your brain, into your subconscious will know in your heart that what you say is the truth and it comes from only you. Your brain will know that what you say is exactly what you want and desire. You will not think of anything else that contradicts what you say here today. You know that you love sex and that you crave sex. You know that thinking or acting any differently goes against everything that you know, believe, and desire. When it comes to having sex, there is nothing wrong, bad, or dirty for you to do in order for you to have a climax. It is not important on who you are with for sex, it is only important thing for you is to love it and to enjoy a climax no matter what. Sex to you means that your little cunt is hungry for a cock, you need a cock to fuck, and if one id not around you will use what is. It is only important is that you fuck and you have a climax. You know that the nastier the sex is to everyone else in the world the more that you will enjoy it. No sex act of any kind is a turn off for you. Just the opposite Linda, the nastier it is the more exciting it is to you. Do you understand Linda?’

“I understand.”

“Tell me Linda, tell me exactly what do you understand?”

“I understand that what ever I say back to you is true and correct. It is my true feelings about sex. I am telling back to you the way that I truly am, the way that I really think and feel about sex. I am telling you what I want and need for my sex life. The nastier and dirtier the sex is, the more that I love it and crave it, any other way of thinking is wrong.

“Do you have a computer at home Linda?”


“Have you ever used it to look at Pornography video’s or read dirty stories on the Internet Linda?”

“No, I have never looked up any pornography of any kind on the internet.”

“Do you enjoy watching Pornography Linda?”

“I don’t know, I have never seen any Pornography.”

“Do you know what Pornography is Linda?”

“Yes, it is dirty sex stuff that people read and watch movies about nasty sex.”

“That is right Linda, but you do know that you love reading about dirty nasty sex and you know you love watching dirty nasty sex movies don’t you Linda?”

“Yes I do love reading and watching Pornography.”

“You enjoy everything you can read and get your hands on involving Pornography, you love watching a slut like you in dirty movies, you love reading and watching a woman being fucked over by two and three men, you really love reading and watching porn involving Gang-Bangs. You always wish it were you that you are reading about or watching in a dirty movie. You love reading and watching two women having sex using Dildo’s as well as watching two men having sex. You love watching anal sex movies and reading about anal sex. When you look at a porn movie you always get extremely horny and when you read about sex you always put yourself in the story as the slut that loves all the nasty sex that is going on. When you watch and read about sex, you always identify with the whore that loves all the nasty sex. You even enjoy talking about the stories that you read and the dirty movies you watch, it excites you to speak about porn to others and it is more exciting to speak of porn to a stranger. In fact Linda there is not one dirty movie that you watch that does not turn you on and get you hot as hell. Tell me Linda just how much you enjoy Pornography.”

“I love Pornography, I love putting myself in the stories, and in the movies, I love any and all kinds of dirty story or movie. I get so turned on reading porn and watching dirty movies. I love talking about Pornography with others I find it very exciting and it turns me on. I love it more when I speak to strangers about Porn I find that it makes me horny when I talk to strangers about Porn.”

“Do you ever go rent Video’s Linda?”


“You love going into a Video store and asking the clerk where their porn selection. In fact Linda, you always want to rent porn tapes than any of the other videos in the store. When you go into the selection room, you always take your time to find the Porn that is the raunchiest and has a story about a whore or slut that loves sex almost as much as you. You know that there isn’t a porn movies or tape that is anything like you. They are all mild compared to your sexual hunger Linda. If others are in the porn room or selection area, you always feel free to ask the person or others about their opinion on different videos you think may be hot enough to take home and watch. You always look for videos to take home and watch alone so you can masturbate as you watch the movie. It is always a good idea to ask others if the movie is a turn on for them and do they think it is a good enough movie to watch and masturbate with. You always try and turn on the people you speak with letting them know just what kind of a whore you are. Tell me Linda how you feel about renting and selecting Porn Video’s.”

“I love renting Porn Video’s, I hardly rent any other kind of movie. I love talking to the other customers and the clerks about dirty movies, I get a thrill out of talking about just how dirty a movies is in order to figure out if I want to rent it and take it home to masturbate with alone. I love getting others opinion on the real dirty video’s. “Very, very good Linda, now say after me what I say to you, only say it so, it comes from you and your deep dark hot sexual desires. Tell me that you are a whore and that you are an easy woman for any man that’s wants to fuck you.”

“I am a whore, I am easy for any man that wants to fuck me”.

“Good girl, now tell me that you are a slut Linda and your cunt craves any man’s cock, and tell me that you have a cock hungry pussy and you love calling it “your cock hungry pussy and cunt”.

“I am a slut, I am a cock hungry slut, my pussy and my asshole crave a man’s cock in them, I need a man to fuck me when I am horny”.

“Good, very, very good, now tell me that you like sucking any man’s cock and how much you like to swallow their cum when they cum in your mouth and throat Linda”.

“I love sucking a man’s cock, I love sucking a hard cock and feeling it cum in my mouth, I love the taste of a man when he comes in my mouth, I love to swallow his sperm, I crave men’s sperm inside of me.”.

“Very, very good Linda, now tell me how much you love getting fucked in your asshole.”

“I love getting fucked in my asshole, I love the feeling of a hard cock fucking me there. I love the way it fill’s me and the way it makes me climax, I love to rub my cunt when a man fucks me in my asshole, it gives me twice the feeling and pleasure.”

“Good girl Linda, now tell me dear how much you like being fucked in your cock hungry pussy, tell me how you feel so empty when you are not fucking someone. Tell me how bad you desire a man’s cock in your cunt while you are working at your office or driving home or when you are out shopping, and use the words “my cock hungry cunt” because that is exactly what is between your legs.”

“I love to get fucked, I love the feeling of a cock in me filling my cock hungry cunt, I feel so empty when I don’t have a man’s cock in me fucking me. I love thinking of sex while I am at work, I love thinking of The men I am with when I take them on a plant tour, I wish that instead of walking around the plant with him, that he would take me and fuck me. When I am out shopping, I see men, all kinds of men, and I want them to fuck me, I want them to take me to their car and fuck me. My cock hungry cunt is always wanting to be filled with a nice hard fucking cock.”

“Very, very good Linda, God Linda, you are such a slut and whore, you love being a cock hungry whore don’t you Linda, you love being a nasty ass cock hungry whore wanting to fuck anything in pants don’t you dear?’

“Yes, fuck yes, I am a nasty cock hungry whore, I’m a fucking slut, my pussy craves to be fucked, I want to fuck any man in pants, I want men to fuck me, I crave men to fuck me.”

“You know that your only purpose in life is to have sex, and as much sex as you can. You live to have sex, nothing else in life is as important to you, nothing at all and no one at all. For you, life without sex is no life at all you may as well be dead. You know that sex is almost more important to you, than eating food and drinking water. Just like you use to crave cigarettes, you will now crave sex and you will never be able to stop the cravings or stop having good nasty sex with others. The cravings are deep inside of you. Do you understand Linda?’

“Yes, I understand, I can’t live with out sex, I crave sex all the time as I use to crave smoking. I can’t live with out nasty sex, just as I could not live with out my cigarettes before.”

“Very good Linda now tell me how much you like having sex with different men.”

“I love to fuck men, any man, I love sex with different men, the more men the better I love it.”

“Good, good, now tell me how much you use to crave cigarettes, how many times an hour would you crave a cigarette Linda”.

“One or two cigarettes an hour maybe more”.

“Good Linda, now as you know Linda, you no longer crave cigarettes two to three times an hour, now you crave sex two to three times an hour, don’t you Linda?”

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