tagLoving WivesHow It Began Ch. 01

How It Began Ch. 01


How it began: This is the fictional story of a man and wife who recognized that monogamy wasn't a role they wanted as much as they thought. It closely parallels my own experiences and is offered as just an example of how three people can find even more happiness by expanding their sex life.

Rose is the model wife. What's even more impressive about her is that she has the same love of sex that most men do. Before we married, we spent many hours discussing our relative experience level. I learned she had been as active as I had and had enjoyed herself equally.

If you were to see her, you could understand why. Rose stands just a little over five feet three inches and weighs about 120 pounds. Her hair is a light brown with red highlights and hangs to her shoulders. She has a cute, pixie like face that brightens the world around her when she smiles. With measurements of 36-24-38, she has just enough padding that she fits perfectly in my arms. And that's where I kept her for the first several years we were married. Making love to her was always an adventure. As I said, she had plenty of time to experiment before we were married, she at 25 and me at 28.

Her experience had taught her what men want and she was as good at oral sex as anyone I had ever known. But what impressed me most was how she loved to fuck. When she was aroused, she wanted a hard dick in her hot pussy and admitted that she also liked to have her men slide it deep into her tight ass before they shot their load. I spent many nights using both her ass and that tight pussy, curled around her back and barely moving as I felt her channels gripping and vacuuming my cock as I cupped and caressed those delightful tits. They were a perfect mouthful and filled her 36C cups to perfection.

Like most couples we went at it hard and often for the first years, exploring the sensuality that marked our lovemaking. Then, although I had started my own business and could work from our home, I realized the frequency was diminishing, although the intensity remained as delightful as ever. We both recognized how we had slowed down from the time during our first years together. That's when we found out discussing our experiences with previous partners helped to build us to the point we could no longer keep our hands off each other.

What I found surprising was that hearing her tell of her exploits in the back seat of her boyfriend's cars, in motel rooms, and in their apartments, made me hard as a rock as I visualized the delights she had shared with them. Her descriptions of the events that turned on her inherent sexuality were vivid and detailed. I found myself wishing I could have been there to see them fuck her and to join in.

That's what brings me to Mac's part of this story. We had known Mac for a few years before it happened. Mac was a cabinetmaker whose craftsmanship required him to spend many hours getting the detailed work done to his satisfaction and that of his customers. He entered our lives by building some closets in our remodeled home. With the time he took to complete that and later projects, he was spending more and more time with us, becoming more of a friend than a hired man. He joined us in the pool after a hard day's work, and soon he was enjoying quiet evenings with us, invited to our evening meal, drinks and swapping stories about our earlier days.

Mac was about our age, maybe a bit younger than my 35 when this began, but not much. He was single at the time and seemed to enjoy his time with us as much as we enjoyed hearing his stories about some of the things he had done and seen in his business. He admitted one night, after a couple of drinks too many, that it wasn't unusual for him to enjoy the wife of some of his customers while their husbands were at work. Rose had giggled and blushed. I laughed, but my ears perked up immediately. Our continued conversations about how much I wanted to see another man fuck her had gotten to Rose too. And Mac was exactly the kind of guy that I knew Rose would have been attracted to when she was single. Tall, broad shouldered, and not an ounce of fat on him from his physically demanding job, he had a sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye that intensified when he saw Rose in her tiny bikini swim suit that left so little to the imagination. That same gleam told me he had probably been as successful with the needy ladies as he had with his profession. I also didn't miss the fact that he was as interested in Rose as I had been when we first met. He was a playful bear and never missed the opportunity to tease her by yanking her bikini top off or sliding between her legs underwater causing Rose to screech in mock horror. I noticed that his tight Speedo trunks invariably were bulging after such playful antics. Yeah, Mac would be perfect, I thought to myself.

It was almost a year into his latest project with us before I began working on the plan that I hoped would lead him into be the first man to seduce my wife. I realized that he could be the perfect answer to my interest in seeing another man fuck her. I think Rose probably had it figured out before I did and showed by her nonchalance around him that she wouldn't mind. Rose got along very well with Mac and there was just enough teasing between them to tell me Rose probably wouldn't mind a relationship that included occasional fucking from him. She had never said anything one way or the other about her own sexual needs, and I knew it would be up to me to get it started.

Rose had been, up to this point at least, and as far as I knew, completely faithful. But I had also seen some of the same hunger for sex that had brought us together from the first begin to diminish and I wanted that back.

I began my campaign that night. It started with a slow, gentle fuck that seemed to last even longer than normal, without either of us wanting it to end. Rose was on all fours and I had those lovely tits in my hands as I slowly screwed her. I knew I had her on the edge of her orgasm before I slowed the action and began spinning a fantasy.

"Umh, this feels so good, I wish it could last forever. I wonder how Mac would like to screw you like this."

I felt her tense as she realized what I said, but I continued, keeping her right on the edge of release. Her body relaxed slightly hoping to continue the delight as my cock stroked that hot juicy core which seemed to have become even more lubricated.

"I can just imagine how much he would like to suck these sweet tits," I added, pulling on them gently and feeling her nipples tighten. I began to move faster and felt her body begin to stiffen once more from the early stages of her orgasm.

"Yes, yes," Rose said softly, lapsing into a moan of delight as she reached for her peak. "More, more, just like that!"

That may have triggered it, I really don't know, but Rose was soon bucking against me in the throes of her own release as I continued to tell her how much Mac would like to be in my place.

"He would fuck you silly," I whispered in her ear as I drove into her, "and you'd love it, wouldn't you?"

Rose' body was jerking and shuddering, her eyes tightly closed. She was clutching the sheets so tightly I expected them to tear at any moment as I ground into her. Then I heard her softly say 'yes' twice more between her panting, moaning and final release.

We lay quietly holding each other closely as we both slowly recovered. A few minutes later, our sweat slicked bodies separated. Rose pulled her pillow beneath her head and rolled over onto her side, looking at me intensely but with a slow smile beginning.

"What brought that on?"


"What you said about Mac."

"Oh, nothing, really. I just thought how good it would be to watch him screw you."

"Are you serious? Do you really think I would let him do me?"

"No, not if you thought I would mind, but I'm sure he would love to and just the thought of his cock filling you up gives me a thrill."


"You know how hard it makes me when you tell me about the other guys who fucked you. I would just like to have been there to see it happen. Since I couldn't, I'd like to see him screw you."

"Wouldn't you be jealous?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I might, but just the sight of anyone doing you would probably make me cum and cause me to fuck you again myself. I can't help but think you'd enjoy a little strange stuff every now and then, wouldn't you?"

She dodged the question. She was quiet for a minute and stared intently at my eyes before she asked, "Are you getting bored with me?"

"Not in the slightest, honey. I love you more every day, but I have to admit that I think watching some lucky guy fuck you would really turn me on."

"And makes you want to try something strange too, right?"

"Believe it or not, no. You're more than enough for me. I just think it would be something I'd like to see and Mac is the kind of guy I would like to do you while I watch."

Rose' smile broadened. "And what would you be doing while he fucked me?"

"Probably nothing at first, but then I'm not sure what would happen when I saw his hands all over you and making you cum. All I know is I would love for it to happen."

"Of course this is all hypothetical, but how would you go about arranging it?"

It was my turn to smile, and I did as I told her I wouldn't.

"I'd leave that up to the two of you. I wouldn't tell him anything, but I know that if you decided that you would like to try him and gave him the slightest opportunity, he wouldn't waste a minute getting his dick into your pussy."

"And doing what," she asked. Her smile widened as she reached between her thighs and took two fingers worth of my cum from her now drooling pussy. "Filling me with this?"

As she asked, she offered me her fingers coated with the elixir of love. I took her hand and brought the fingers to my mouth, sucking them one at a time until they were spotlessly clean.

"Unh hunh," I nodded sliding down the length of the bed until my mouth was even with her breasts. She cooed with delight as I fondled one and sucked the hard nipple of the other into my mouth. I waited, enjoying the taut nipples of each until I felt her hands tangling in my hair and her hands pulling me closer to her chest. Rose knew what was coming and she pushed me down further as I relinquished her breasts for an even more delightful spot.

"Ah-h-h, that's it," she sighed as my tongue moved over the slippery lips of her cunt, then penetrated the softness to taste my own juices that were being given up slowly by her vagina. "I love it when you eat me."

She didn't have to say that, it was pretty obvious by the pressure I felt as her hands pressed me tighter into her crotch. I used my tongue like a scoop at first, taking all that she had to offer at the moment, then suctioning as much as I could from her core. My nose nuzzled her clit with each searching motion of my head and soon I felt her body going rigid again.

"Yes, yes," she said once more as my arms slid beneath that lovely ass and I lifted her pussy to my face. Her hips were jerking hard enough to bruise my lips. I knew Rose would cum any second now and I opened my mouth wide to receive the juices that lubricated that tight channel. The shudder of her body and her body going rigid told me she was there and loosening my oral grip on her, I let the effect subside slowly while delicately laving that little bit of heaven between her tightly locked thighs

I woke the next morning with the crust of cum hardened on my face and smelling like it had been an all night excursion in a whorehouse. I heard the shower running and got up to join Rose.

After draining all the previous day's liquids from my system, I opened the shower door and slid into the stall with her. She offered no objections as I used the soap to produce a lather that cleaned my face at first, then another to smooth over her breasts and pubic pelt.

"They've already been washed, thank you," she laughed. Then, turning and taking my dangling rod in hand she looked into my eyes and asked a question as she soaped her tormentor.

"Do you remember what your said last night?"

"About what?"

"About Mac fucking me?"

I certainly hadn't forgotten and with my cock in her hands I felt it swelling immediately at just the thought, earning a smile from her

"Unh hunh," I nodded

"Were you serious?"

My cock jumped as if answering the question itself. Rose' smile broadened as she said, "Looks like you were, and feels like it too."

We fucked the rest of the day away.

It took a lot longer than I had expected, and our summer weather had turned chilly before Rose assured me that she thought Mac might be thinking that he had a chance to fuck her. She made it sound like she was still considering it until I reassured her that my thoughts hadn't changed.

"Well, it could happen I suppose." She wouldn't say anything more, but I knew it was going to happen eventually. Rose' interest appeared to have picked up too. She no longer wore the housedresses she had worn before Mac came into our lives. Now it was usually a blouse and skirt combination, often with the blouse showing deep cleavage. Bras were a thing of the past; not that she needed them.

Within a month she told me that each time they were alone now, Mac was coming on to her in various ways making it obvious he wanted her. I asked her about the progress Mac was making. He had been at our house almost daily over the last three weeks, doing a restoration job on the kitchen cabinets. Mac insisted that she be there when he was working so he 'could be sure she was happy with each step.' She told me she knew that her recitation of the day's events would bring me to arousal as she told me of his progress.

"I just have to make him think it's his idea, not mine," she told me after I had gotten the latest report and we had fucked ourselves to a standstill.


Laughing, she hit my shoulder with a tiny balled up fist.

"You haven't figured that out by now?" she asked, feigning incredulity. "All you guys are the same. We let you chase us until we are ready to catch you, and by the time you figure that out, we're married to you."

I grinned. "You aren't planning to marry him, are you? I think they call that bigamy."

"Of course not, but it wouldn't be any fun just to let him have a little without making him think he had seduced me."

"Oh. So how's it going? Is he getting close yet?

She hesitated a moment before saying, "Maybe. I've noticed that he's always 'accidentally' rubbing my boobs or my ass. I thought I'd give him a little extra eye candy tomorrow."


"Well, you know that old tee shirt you like me to wear when we're just sitting around at night. The one that you always say you can see my tits through?


"Well how about giving him a little to look at. I was thinking one of my half cup bras and my tennis skirt with no panties."

"If that doesn't do it, nothing will!" I told her, remembering how she liked to turn me on with that same costume when she wanted a little extra loving without bothering to get in bed. My cock swelled as I thought of how delicious it made her look - and how hot!

The next day Mac was hooking up our new sink. He hadn't failed to notice Rose' costume and the tenting of his trousers as soon as he saw it told Rose today could be the day. Rose sat on the countertop watching Mac work. To test the connection of the faucet, he turned on the water. Water shot all over the counter top and from under the sink. Rose howled in protest as she felt the cold water hit her. Jumping off the counter, she straddled Mac's supine figure as she clamped both hands around the still spraying faucet connection becoming thoroughly soaked in the process. Grumbling to himself Mac, his head and shoulders still under the sink. Quickly shutting off the water. In a muffled voice he asked Rose to hold the faucet as he got beneath the sink and tightened the connection.

Rose, still straddling his body, was still gripping the faucet tightly as he began to edge his way back out into the kitchen. Rose had been thoroughly sprayed by the loose connection, dousing her tee shirt with enough water to make it transparent. He had heard her howl of protest, but she didn't back up even as he started backing out. Mac, sliding out from under the sink on his back and between Rose' legs, almost gasped as he was treated to the sight of Rose' tan legs, firm thighs and slightly open pussy lips as she did as she was told. Wow, he thought to himself. She's shaved and it looks beautiful! He delayed the trip from under the sink as long as he could and much longer than it should have been but she apparently didn't realize the view he had.

His cock had swollen as a result of the view he had gotten. Rose felt it press against her rear as he stood up behind her. He put his arms around her and tightened the still seeping faucet connection until it finally stopped. She sagged back against his hard frame and even harder cock without comment.

Shaking his head and trying to turn away without giving away the effect Rose had on him, Mac apologized profusely, grumbling that he hadn't expected a bath as a result of the two loose connections, but now felt like he needed at least a dry shirt.

"Looks like you need one too," he said with a laugh, pointing to Rose' burgeoning nipples protruding above the completely visible half cups of her bra. The cold water had swelled them at least as much as her realization of what had taken him so long to get out from under the sink.

Rose blushed, seeing the bulge of Mac's cock swelling against the thigh of his trousers. She knew she hadn't been wrong, he was really very well built. "Well, it's done anyway," Rose said shaking her head. "I don't think there will be any more surprises like that, do you?" She noticed that Mac had been unable to tear his view from her chest. She smiled and said, "Why are you staring? I know you've seen more of me when we were swimming in our pool." He managed to tear his eyes away without response before Rose added "I've got to get a towel or my hair is going to be wrecked," she said moving to the door of the laundry room. "Let me have your shirt. I'll put it in the dryer."

Mac heard the dryer start and then silence. Waiting for Rose to return, he thought of what he had just seen and knew that regardless of how good friends he and Earl were, he intended to fuck Rose. More minutes passed and he felt his cock swelling even more as he thought of just how delightful it would be to sink it in that lovely love chest. Still no sounds from the laundry room as he looked toward the slightly open door. He could see nothing in the gloom of that otherwise unlighted room until he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The view he got was even better than he could have hoped for. Rose was now caught in the light from the kitchen wearing only a smile. Mac got a good view of her luscious body from head to toe. She seemed not the least bit perturbed by his ogling which disclosed that only a tiny strip of hair covered her pubes, as though pointing the way to heaven.

"I thought I'd dry my skirt too," she said softly, stepping toward him. "You should give me your trousers and we'll dry them too."

Moving behind her with a smile, Mac slid his damp trousers down his thighs, leaving only his boxer shorts to shield his rampant cock. Rose turned toward him and lifted them from where they were trapped around his feet. As she rose, Mac stepped forward putting his throbbing manhood only inches from her face. Still he was shocked when she took it in one hand and gathered the damp trousers with the other.

"M-m-m, nice!" She said as she stood up still holding his thick shaft. She relinquished it and turned once again to the dryer, bending forward to put the trousers in the machine.

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