tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 04

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 04


Jacob was doing warm-ups when he saw his mom and Aunt Gail enter the auditorium. The sight of both of them together nearly took his breath away. His Aunt Gail was four years older than his mom and equally as striking. Both women were in knee-length skirts and form fitting sweaters, which accentuated the swell of their enormous breasts.

Jacob could hear the clicks caused by the four inch heels of their dainty high-heeled sandals as the women strode towards the stands. They found a place on the bottom row and took a seat, crossing their long matronly legs.

Michelle and her sister spotted Jacob as he did his stretches. She blew him a kiss and Gail fed him a cute little wave.

Jacob felt his cock begin to stir and tried to focus on his warm-ups. A hard dick beneath wrestling tights wasn't something he wanted.

"Oh my God, Michelle, he is so adorable." Gail said.

"Don't you just wanna eat him up?" Michelle asked.

"I wanna get him between my legs, that's what I want." Gail said, staring at Jacob with goo-goo eyes.

"And you think I don't? Remember, we can't fuck him...not yet. It's blow-jobs only tonight." Michelle said.

"He better win, damnit, 'cause I am so craving some big strong teenaged cock." Gail said, letting her tongue do a little wiggly dance between her lips.

Jacob couldn't help but get a boner after he had defeated yet another opponent and he found himself being escorted across the parking lot by two sexy middle-aged moms. His mom and Aunt each had an arm as they ushered him to Gail's car.

Stopping at the vehicle Jacob's mom moved around to the front of him and threw her arms around his neck.

"So how impressed were you with our little wrestling stud, sis?" She asked.

Gail stepped up behind Jacob, resting her chin on his shoulder. She let her big breasts kiss his back and brought her hands around, running them up his chest.

"Oh, I think he made my little heart flutter." She said softly.

"Mine too. I think he made me flutter other places too." Michelle smiled naughtily.

"Uh-Oh, Jacob...I think you're giving your mom a serious case of puppy-love." Gail said softly.

Michelle smiled and bit her bottom lip, staring straight into her son's eyes like a smitten teenaged girl.

"So I heard them say the coach is taking the team out to eat. Do we wanna go or should we just head back to the house?" Gail asked.

"No, I think we need to get him home. Is that okay, sweetie? Michelle asked.

"Yeah, fine." He said, his heart pounding with excitement.

"Well then let's get him home. He has a long night ahead of him." Gail said. Jacob and his mom sat in the back seat of his Aunt Gail's car as they drove to her house a few blocks away. As she sat close to him Michelle gently grazed Jacob's cock and balls through his pants with the tips of her nails. It was if she priming him for what was to come.

Gail's house was dark and empty when they arrived. She didn't even bother turning on any lights as they moved through the kitchen.

"I convinced Bill it was a good weekend to go fishing so him and a buddy are staying up at the camp." Gail said.

Michelle held her son's hand as they followed Gail up the steps. Jacob's mom smiled as she caught him staring at his Aunt's big heart-shaped ass as it swayed seductively with each step.

Ten minutes later Jacob found himself in the middle of his Aunt Gail's big fluffy marital bed. His mother's head bobbed up and down on his lap, his big dick gliding in and out from between her big pouty lips.

Jacob could feel her wet tongue rolling across his cock-head. She like her son was completely naked and her big pendulous tits hung from her chest, gently rocking from side to side as she worked his dong.

Gail's boobs were just as large if not larger than her sister's. Her soft udders were pancaked against Jacob's chest as they kissed like horny teenagers. Their tongues flailed together wildly with animal-like lust.

"Oh, he is good, sis." Gail said, then eagerly continued sucking face. Michelle's fist had a tight grip at the base of her son's cock, tugging at his meat while she sucked sloppily on his shaft. Every dozen strokes she would keep only the bell-shaped head in her warm mouth and flutter her long pink snake against it.

Gail smacked her lips against Jacobs as she gazed into his eyes, her big beautiful green eyes glazed over with lust.

"Mmmmm." She softly moaned.

Soon Gail moved down to join her sister, both women now on their knees beside Jacob. She moved her lips down close to Michelle's, watching her sister suck hungrily on the meaty pecker.

"Okay greedy-butt, time to share." Gail joked.

Michelle's head continued bobbing up and down. It was like nothing else existed accept the big teenaged sausage between her lips.

"Huh-uh." She hummed, refusing to give it up.

"Come on, let Aunt Gail have a turn." Gail said.

Jacob's cock popped from Michelle's mouth, swollen and glistening with saliva. Will her hand still wrapped around the base, she tilted his shaft, moving the big bulbous head towards Gail. Before her sister could get it between her lips, Michelle giggled and stuffed Jacob's dick back into her own mouth, nursing on the big spongy bulb.

"You fucking bitch." Gail whined.

She circled her hand around the shaft just above Michelle's and pulled gently, bringing her lips down close to her sisters.

"You've been down here twenty minutes now it's my turn." She said.

Jacob peered down at the two gorgeous moms as they fought over his cock. As the purple cap began to slip from Michelle's mouth, Gail was already wrapping her lips around the shiny egg. It literally slipped from one mouth to the next.

Gail gagged a little as she worked half his cock into her gullet, fucking it with her lips and tongue.

Michelle still had a tight grasp on her son's cock, watching jealously as her sister worked it up and down. Within seconds she found herself pulling at it, eagerly wanting more.

Pre-cum drooled from Jacob's cock-head as it found itself being passed through one mouth and into the next. Two long pink tongues attacked it from both sides, rolling and flailing wildly against it.

For the next twenty minutes Michelle and her sister took turns on Jacob's cock. While one sucked the other would nurse on his big tender balls.

Michelle let her sister finish him off. Gail was like a cock-sucking machine and once she fell into a rhythm there was no stopping her. Her head bobbed up and down tirelessly, letting Jacob's meat worm back and forth past her soft palate and into her larynx. With each down-stroke her lips would bump against his soft scrotum.

Michelle had both her son's big balls crammed in her mouth, bathing them in a hot pool of saliva. Her tongue fluttered like the wings of a butterfly, battering his young balls from every direction.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum." Jacob finally announced.

He felt as if his entire soul was firing out his piss-hole as the ropes began to erupt. Thick, milky strands of cock-cream rushed down Michelle's throat as Jacob's cock pulsed with orgasmic bliss.

Michelle came up and snuggled up against her son, watching his facial reactions as her sister milked him dry.

"I think my little baby's lost in heaven." She smiled, stroking his hair.

"Oh...that was amazing." He sighed, catching his breath.

"Mmmm, I think you're amazing." Michelle said softly.

Staring into each other's eye's mother and son became lost in the lovers trance. Rising from Jacob's lap, Michelle broke the spell.

"Yum." She moaned, licking the cum from her bottom lip.

Gail noticed the private little moment that they seemed to be sharing.

"Do you two wanna be alone for awhile?" She asked.

"Do you mind?" Michelle asked her sister.

"Promise you'll save some more for me?" She smiled.

"Don't worry, he's not going anywhere, sis." Michelle giggled.

Jacob watched his Aunt slip from the bed, her big breasts flopping across her tummy. Her ass was absolutely gorgeous. It swayed invitingly as she strode towards the door.

"Don't wake the neighbors you two." Gail said playfully as she closed the door behind her.

"So do you like you Aunt Gail's big boobies?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, they're awesome." Jacob muttered.

"Well, hers may be a little bigger, but they aren't nearly as soft and squishy as mine." Michelle said.

"Your boobs are the best mom." Jacob said.

"You'll like them a lot better when they're rolling up and down my chest." She said.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Well, that's what happens when you thrust into a woman. You make her boobies dance." Michelle said.

"I can't wait to see that." Jacob muttered.

"Oh, you will darling. My state champion's gonna make his momma's boobies roll and swing and dance." Michelle said.

"But until that day comes, they won't wander far." She said.

"I hope not." Jacob said.

"Care if mom spends some time loving on you?" She asked. "Are you crazy, of course I don't care." He said.

"We're naked so we're gonna have to be careful that the monster down there doesn't wander anywhere he shouldn't. He can slither through the garden, but no plowing it, understand?" She said with a little grin.

"Okay." Jacob said.

"Roll over on top of me." Michelle whispered.

Michelle moved onto her back and Jacob followed, taking position between her legs. Her pubic fuzz tickled the bottom of his shaft as it pressed against her nest.

Jacob watched in fascination as his mom's boobs rolled off the sides of her chest as she positioned herself comfortably beneath him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

Michelle's lips parted and her pink snake began to peek from it's hole as Jacob's lips descended onto hers. He felt a sudden jolt of arousal surge through his young body as his mom's long silky-smooth legs rose up and circled his waist.

Time stopped as mother and son began to float on a cloud of love. They closed their eyes and let their tongues dance as Michelle ran her long nails across the back of Jacob's head.

Jacob's cock began to harden between them, crushing against her swollen clit. Her son began to instinctively rock his hips and mom helped him along by pushing his ass with the heels of her pretty little feet.

It wasn't long before Jacob's cock was a rock-hard pillar of flesh grinding against his mom's pubis. Michelle began to lap at the side of her son's face like a puppy-dog.

"Squeeze my titties." She whispered.

Jacob's hands moved between them and found his mom's squishy boobs. He was amazed at how soft and spongy the were. The supple flesh literally oozed between his fingers. Her areola were as big around as a coffee mug. The thick rubbery caps were covered with milk-glands and stretched against her son's grasp.

Michelle tilted her hips back slightly and the length of Jacob's fuck-stick began to glide along her creamy groove. Jacob signed as he felt his teenaged dick sink down between his mom's soft labial meat, sliding up and down against her warm cleft.

Michelle had that beautiful tingling sensation in her groin as she felt the cap of Jacob's penis drag along her engorged clitoris.

"Oh my God he's big." She thought.

They fell into a ten minute dry hump. I was like their own little sexual wrestling match. Michelle's legs were now up so far that her feet were locked around Jacob's back. Her arms held him tightly to her, his head nestled in the soft of her neck.

Jacob's hands still had a tight grip on Michelle's tits, his fingers digging into their pillowy softness.

Jacob's dick slid a little too far and popped down between his mom's ass-cheeks. He continued grinding, his love-muscle now pointing down towards the mattress. He felt his cock-head dragging past his mom's butt-hole. With every downward motion it would momentarily get caught in her butt-socket, kissing the big puckered ring of her anus before traveling down between her soft cheeks.

Michelle let her son plow at her ass a little bit, then reached down and grasped his rod.

"Sit up love." She said.

Jacob released his mom's tits and sat up on his knees. He watched as she bent her knees back further, her cunt splayed completely open, like a bud in full bloom. Still grasping his penis from the root, she began to slap her son's cock-head against her clit playfully.

Jacob shared a smile with her. Michelle's big beautiful brown eyes stared up at him seductively as she continued to beat his meat against her steaming genitals. She drug the mushroom tip between her fleshy peddles, watching her son's reaction.

Jacob sighed as he felt his sensitive bulb sink into a warm wet pocket. The mouth of Michelle's vagina stretched around it's guest, swallowing just the big purple cap.

Jacob's body quivered as he saw the tip of his cock disappear. It felt like it was being dipped in a pool of warm butter. Reacting, his cock flexed and his bulbous head ballooned with more blood.

Michelle's body reacted too as her birth canal expanded and released it's milky lubricant, preparing itself for intercourse.

"This isn't the first time you've stretched that little opening. You were a big baby, Jacob Little." Michelle smiled.

"It feels so good, mom." Jacob sighed.

"Oh sweetie, you haven't even begun to experience good." She said.

"Can I go just a little deeper?" He asked.

"Be my state champ, then you can go all the way to my womb." Michelle smiled.

She popped his cock from her creamy furrow and sat up. Jacob was still on his knees, straddling his mom's legs. His big boner now pointed directly at her chest.

"Here." She said, hefting her saggy mammaries.

"Put it between them." She whispered.

Jacob moved forward and Michelle sandwiched his cock between her tits so that only his purple plumb stuck out the top. She reached over and took a bottle of lubricant from her sister's nightstand. She squirted some on and they watched it coat his knob and run down between her tits.

Michelle squeezed her tits together and worked them up and down her son's cock. Jacob let out a quivering sigh as his cum-drooling cock slid through the slippery channel.

"Does that feel good.?" Michelle asked in a sweet motherly tone.

"Oh yeah." He muttered.

"You like momma's big soft titties, don't you baby?" She asked.

"Oh, God yeah." Jacob groaned.

"Oh, yeah, that's it. Come on, bounce with me." Michelle said.

Jacob rested his hands on his mom's shoulders for leverage and began a thrusting bounce on the bed. His dick cut through the smothering, greasy tit-flesh, his bulb emerging from the cleavage, big and shiny, before slipping back down into the deep canyon.

His balls boiled as they beat against the butt of his mom's tits. Beside's the cock-sucking he had received earlier it was the most amazing thing he had ever felt.

Michelle worked her tits on him, watching his blood-engorged cock-head peek out from between her breasts. Each time it did, she could see his piss-hole yawning, bubbling pre-cum dribbling from it's mouth.

"That's it, sweetheart, fuck those titties." She said.

"Oh God, mom." Jacob grumbled.

"Jacob, look at me." Michelle said.

Jacob looked down to see his mom staring up at him. The tops of her boobs rippled like jello each time his balls struck them from beneath. Her compressing palms made the ends of her tits swell so that her nipples looked like the devil's headlights.

Yet despite all the sexual eye-candy it was her eyes that got to him the most. Her big, gleaming brown eyes staring back at him with nothing but pure love pouring out of them. Michelle's tongue peeked out the side of her mouth and slithered onto her teeth as her mouth curled into a devilish little smile. That was all it took for young Jacob. Hot boiling cum rocketed up his shaft and fired from his piss-hole. Michelle felt the warmth of the first rope between her tits.

When Jacob's cock-head peeked from her cleavage, it blasted a second rope into the air. Michelle saw the geyser travel up past her face before splashing down onto her tits.

"That's it, baby...cum for me. Cum for Momma." She said.

The next creamy strand splashed against Michelle's chin and across her lips. Her tongue instinctively cleaned it from her top lip.

The next one erupted deep down inside tittie-heaven. Jacob's bulb peeked out and just after it disappeared back between the pancaked breasts, rope number five spurted out. Cock-cream bubbled from the dark crevice, forming a small pool on top of Michelle's boobs. A half a second later, Jacob's cock-head rose like a creature from the deep, bursting through the spooge puddle and sending another long milky strand rising into the air.

"GNNNNNAAAHHH!!!!" He grunted, as yet another pulsing strand squirted between his mom's boobs.

As his orgasm subsided, Michelle pulled him back down on top of her as she lay back on the bed. She stroked the back of his head as he rested in in the soft of her neck. Her sexy bare feet trailed softly up the back of his calves.

"That's my baby." She said.

A little while later Michelle stepped from the shower just as Gail stepped into the bathroom. Her eye's traveled from the sleeping teen on the bed to her sister. "You didn't." Gail said.

"I did...but just with my tits." Michelle smiled.

"Poor baby...you wore him out." She said.

"Oh don't worry, sis. He'll be back and ready for more lovin' before you know it." Michelle said.

"So do I get some time alone with him now?" Gail asked, walking over to her sister.

"No...I don't trust you." Michelle smiled.

Gail threw her arms around Michelle, stepping in close so that her bare breasts pressed gently against her sister's.

"I'll be good...I promise." She said.

"Yeah, a good lay. The answer's still no. I barely trust myself with him, let alone my cock-hungry sister." Michelle said.

Jacob woke up with his head resting in his mom's lap. She stroked his hair as she looked down at him over those big drooping breasts.

"Good morning, handsome." She smiled.

Jacob could feel his cock being sucked to life and he peered down to see his Aunt Gail kneeling between his legs, worming his hardening cock in and out of her lovely mouth. Her huge droopy breast hung from her chest, wobbling back and forth as she sucked.

Michelle cradled her son's head and lifted it to one of her breasts. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and began rolling his tongue across her big rubbery areola. The soft spongy sack molded around Jacob's entire face as she rested it's full weight on him.

Jacob felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Here he was smothered in breast-meat, chewing and nursing on his own mother's nipples while feeling the warm wet sensation of having his cock deep-throated by his Aunt.

As his tongue dug against bumpy surface of his mom's areola, Jacob opened his eyes and stared into smooth flesh resting warmly against his face. He could hear himself breathing through his nose, his mom's breast molded around his face like a big spongy mask.

Jacob felt his cock pop from his Aunt Gail's mouth. He felt her big tits drag up his chest. His mom's nipple was pulled from his lips as Gail's mouth crept under Michelle's breast and found his Jacob's. The two of them kissed hungrily.

Jacob heard his mom giggle and he peered up to see her looking down at them with a smile.

"Does baby like to suck tits...huh?" Gail said between smacks.

"Uh-huh." Jacob muttered as his Aunt's tongue twisted around his.

She moved her face and Michelle's breast wobbled back across Jacob's face. He swept his tongue across it as it bobbed back and forth. One of his Aunt's big boobs bumped against his mom's and Jacob found himself staring at two breasts instead of one.

Like his moms, Gail's areola were enormous and Jacob's mouth was drawn towards it like a magnet. He sucked and chewed like a hungry baby, watching his mom's nipple slide down his nose and rest between his eyes. He tilted his chin up and went to work on Michelle's nipple, then he reached up and maneuvered his Aunts breast so that both their giant areola were side by side.

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