How She Succumbed Ch. 02


"Not one of me at my best".

Phil took out his wallet again and carefully restored the picture into the middle of his collection. Looking at the contents of his wallet, a strange look came on her face and she whispered,

"Oh my godfathers, have you got copies of all of them? I thought it was just the one".

Phil chuckled wickedly. "I'm afraid not - I've got the whole collection here and boy, are they something. It wouldn't be the first time I've had them out and been staring at your hard nipples when I've given myself a good seeing to".

Maggie squirmed in her seat. But was it randiness or embarrassment? I soon found out. She asked hesitantly - almost in a whisper,

"Has anyone else seen them?" Phil made no reply for a moment or two; then,

"Would it worry you if they had?"

He responded very quietly and held his breath, waiting for her answer.

"Well .... yes .... of course .... I .... I think ..... well, yes, of course it would" She sounded as if she were trying to convince herself, before expanding,

"I can't have just anyone seeing me naked, can I?". There was an emphasis on the anyone, as if she had accepted that Phil was now different.

"Are you sure?" he said uncertainly.

"I think so. Yes. Absolutely". She looked at him quizzically, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh hell Maggie, I'm really sorry .... and now I feel bad about this - but OK, yes .. they have been seen by a couple of my friends. No one from round here or anything but you know, people from round my home .... and a couple of blokes I do business with. I've never let on who you are or anything though". He looked rather worried; but then as if to justify what he'd done,

"They reckon you look fucking fantastic with clothes and without clothes. They really pushed to find out where you come from; but I wouldn't say. They wanted to meet you but I told them I wanted you for myself .... but I said they could look".

He gazed at her for a moment, then continued, "And I really do want you Maggie. Now I've seen and touched part of you in the flesh, I want to take off all your clothes now - to see all of you - completely naked".

He sounded unquestioningly confident of her agreement with his intentions; but she ignored his remark - instead asking tremulously,

"Has Claire seen them?"

This time it was his turn to blush, as he realised she must know of his liaison with my PA. A second or two later though and he re-captured the advantage.

"I'm really sorry if you mind .... but yes, I did show them to her one night when we'd had more than a few drinks. She wanted copies and I agreed at the time to make her some. Then when I'd sobered up the following day, I wouldn't let her have another look when she asked me; and I refused to make any copies for her. She got really pissed off at me and said I'd showed her the night before and why not now?"

Maggie seemed not to be able to help herself as she almost whispered breathlessly,

"And why wouldn't you then?"

"I just though it wouldn't be very nice. She swings both ways and obviously had the hots for you; and .... well, I just thought no, why should I help her, I'm the one who really wants you Maggie, even if your old man is my friend." Phil reflected for a moment and then added,

"I don't care what Claire wants at the moment. I know I want you .... "

He thought for a second or two; and then with a lop-sided grin, went on,

"but then again, it might be quite interesting later though, mightn't it .... it could be quite kinky really couldn't it .... that is, if you didn't mind?".

He laughed nervously to himself and looked closely at my little wife, whose breathing rate had now increased considerably. Her face was twitching slightly with excitement and she looked about to come to some decision. Phil reached out his arms to her again and beckoned.

But Maggie had made her own decision and was now the one in control. Almost as if trying to mesmerise him, my wife moved slowly towards Phil, again staring determinedly into his eyes and sexily running her tongue around her lips.

She reached her hands down to grasp the hem of her jumper and tantalisingly slowly, pulled it upwards and over her head, once more exposing to him the two beautiful soft mounds of her white breasts, topped with hard brown nipples. Her eyes remained locked on his.

Seeing her half dressed topless state, my own cock sprang immediately back to life and I reached down to touch myself. There's little more sexy than to see your wife with her tits bared in front of a friend, part clothed with her jeans still on. I watched fascinated as his hands reached out to cup the white softness and draw her towards him.

Then one hand moved down to her belt and loosened it. The button came undone and with a swift movement, he undid the zip and again manipulated his hand down the inside of her panties.

Quite roughly, he thrust upwards against her naked sex and with the other hand, worked her jeans over her hips, until gravity took them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and then took the initiative back by reaching a hand forward to cup the bulge in the front of his trousers. She closed her fingers along the length of his cock and began to gently rub him through the material. They were both breathing very fast and heavily. Maggie began whispering provocatively,

"Your cock feels really lovely Phil ... it feels as if its quite long. Come here, I want you, I want you now .... Oh please, come on, I want to feel you inside me now .... please now".

With a low moan, he pulled back from her and hooking his fingers in her panties, lowered them down to her ankles and buried his face in her sex as he crouched down, trying to pull them off the foot she raised to help him. Maggie dropped to the floor as soon as his tongue found her clitoris and she clutched his head tightly, so that he had to go down to the floor with her.

They moved to lie alongside each other and Maggie twisted round to fiddle with his waist fastenings. Now she'd started, she went for it properly!

"Come on Phil, move over a bit, I want to see that cock. I want to see what you've got in there. Come on, move over. I can't get at it, I want to see your cock ....I'm dying to see what your cock's like". She was completely lost in lust now.

The waistband came loose and she pulled his trousers and boxers down his legs until he could work them off with his feet. Her hand went immediately under his shirt flap and I saw her fumble for a second until with a gasp, she pulled his cock free at its base - the end thrusting out beyond her fingers and rubbing against her naked stomach. Her other hand reached down and circled the dark bulbous head and her fingers began to feel along its length.

I was shaking like a jelly. Here I was, watching a friend of mine being played with by my normally slightly stand-offish little wife, who was now exclaiming away in her lust; exploring another man's cock for the first time since we'd been married.

"Oh Phil, that's a fucking gorgeous cock -- just feel the size of it .... what a lovely big head it's got. Oh it's really nice, oooh yes .... Mmmmm" Her face disappeared into his crotch to quickly kiss the large head and I could just hear her saying,

"I'm going to suck you Phil. Do you hear that .... I'm going to suck your cock and lick the head all over with my tongue. You don't mind, do you Phil?".

Suddenly, I found I couldn't handle it. Although unbelievably randy, I just couldn't actually let it happen - too many fucking inhibitions. I ran back across the lawn to the barn and started my car. I drove it round to the drive and made quite a noise getting out. I gave them a few minutes before I went into the house and on entering the sitting room, I found them both sitting in separate places, smoking nervously. Shortly afterwards, Phil politely turned down coffee or a drink and went home.

Later that evening, under my insistence that I had no problem if she'd been naughty Maggie at last relaxed and opened up. She told me that they'd just begun to get things going. She'd taken her jeans right off and they'd lain down on the floor together in front of the fire. Phil had just managed to get his cock out - but hadn't put it in her properly, when they heard my car in the drive and had both leapt up quickly to re-dress.

She'd only just had a chance to feel what his cock was like with her hand; and she laughingly asked,

'Why couldn't you have been a bit longer .... why did you spoil all our fun!!?

Now it was in the open and for some time, our love-making was liberally seasoned with thoughts of what had happened and what might have been - neither of us realising that some months later .........................

© Peter Simpson 2006.

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