tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHuge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 05

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 05


[Continuation of exhibitionist party, now in full swing... of body parts that is! All the characters are over 18 years old.]

The nudist party was already bustling with more than a couple dozen guests by mid-afternoon when the Vietnamese twins boss's brother arrived. George was pleasantly surprised that my daughter Melody hadn't been kidding about a house party full of naked people. He quickly stripped after following Melody to the clothes shedding room, his gaze locked on her sexy ass the whole time. Melody's plan was coming together, while as she had hoped, George had a thick forest of hair covering his balls and really needed to have them shaved clean. She kneeled down in front of him and sucked his dick to nearly full erect, of which she didn't enjoy, doing purely for the sake of the game. His dick was typical Asian, small and never quite becoming rock hard.

Melody felt for him with her usual reassuring charm, but as I've witnessed many times, she wouldn't give him any further attention. Melody was in a unique position, quickly and easily sizing up any potential conquests, as their man tool was already on full display. She coyly bragged about this ability to her close friends, who would beg to experience it for themselves. So Melody would on occasion invite a couple friends over for a Saturday cookout, guys and girls, but only after they agreed to the house rules of course. Us guys got the best of the deal though, mixing it up with young, naked beauties for the day.

But back to her task at hand, Melody slowly rose from her knees, seductively wiping her lips as she struck a sexy pose for the stunned Asian man. She had George's full attention, which made it easy to convince him of a badly-needed pubic trim. So he eagerly followed Melody closely down the hall to the makeshift salon, hoping to spear her ass with his fully-erect dick when she stopped at the end of the hall. He got his wish just outside the doorway to the master bedroom, causing Melody to spin around in full giggle. She then positioned herself tightly behind him, and led him into the bedroom while she reached around his front, covering his entire crotch area with both her hands. The odd couple quickly gained the attention of the Vietnamese twins, who froze in nervous shock at the sight of their overly-zealous pursuer, with the only skin not on display delicately hidden behind a couple hands.

Melody quickly broke the awkward silence, ceremoniously presenting George to the ladies, and commenting that they now had the upper hand for once. The twins visibly relaxed and stood taller upon realizing the opportunity. They were both thinking the same thing, and demanded Melody remove her hands. They really wanted their due revenge, gaining full control over a naked guy who has been pestering them for a few years. Melody quipped back that it was still her party, and she made the rules, reminding the girls of her accomplishment so far. The buxom twins reluctantly gave in because they desperately wanted their revenge, but also realizing that the rules would no doubt involve becoming naked themselves at some point.

Melody then proceeded to explain the details, creating a few along the way. She explained that she was currently groping a full pubic bush, which actually grossed her out, so he would first need his balls shaved, so they would be properly displayed as a proper nudist before he was allowed to join the main party. The Vietnamese twins initially resisted, but quickly realized the extra power gained by taking a razor to their nemesis' private parts.

Melody also mentioned that George's dick had become almost limp by this time, no doubt caused by his embarrassment of being naked and not in control. One of the twins cautiously questioned Melody where she was going with this, knowing full well that a guy must be almost rock hard for a nick-free shave job, hoping that the task didn't involve either of them. But that was the purpose of this entire plan in the first place. So for the sake of minimal bleeding and a smooth set of balls, Melody demanded that both girls needed to get fully topless, knowing that two sets of surgically-enhanced breasts bouncing in the free air will get George's dick quickly back to full erection.

The girls loudly complained, but Melody was insistent, adding also that the house rules dictate that once clothes come off, they don't go back on. But to be fair about removing clothes, she would remove her hands from George's crotch only after each girl was down to her bra. The stripping and shaving soon commenced, George's dick remaining fully erect from the display of those perky tits that he had been lusting over for many years.

Melody's plan was to get the twins so overly honey that they would be powerless to resist joining the naked party games. So to seal the deal, and ensure the two girls would get naked soon after finishing George's trim job, Melody convinced one of the frat boys to take his girlfriend into the master bedroom, and fuck her silly, all within full view of the twins, who would probably still be wearing their pants. Melody figured there was no better way to get somebody charged than a voyeuristic experience.

The excited college couple burst into the master bedroom, making the excuse that it was the room with the fewest people and they really needed to relieve a little tension. Melody's plan obviously worked, for within 20 minutes George and the twins joined the main party, nervous and embarrassed, but each sporting cleanly-shaven genitals on full display.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening, Melody's friend Sara was on a determined mission to find the perfect guy who would have the privilege of popping her cherry. She wanted her transformation into womanhood to be bold, extremely exhibitionistic, under her full control and of course finish with a round of applause. As for the lucky guy, he of course had to be well-toned, handsome, respectful, sexy and of course have a perfectly-shaped cock. It didn't need to be overly thick or long, but it must have a well-shaped helmet topping an erection that stuck straight out without any curve. Sara had seen enough dicks over the previous couple years hanging out with our family that she knew exactly what she wanted. Power to her.

By late afternoon, most of the guests were either mingling in the great room or on the back patio. It was pleasing to see that just about everybody, even the most petrified, had become comfortable partying in the nude. Some had even been caught up in the erotic teasing, and performed various sex acts in full view of everybody. I even spied a few occasions when a couple who were fully-engrossed in a public sex act continued their casual conversation with a nearby party guest. Now, that's what sexual confidence is all about.

I was making the rounds through the party, when I found Melody's cool chick group huddled in the pool table den, far removed from the main party rooms. I almost missed discovering them, as I was briskly walking down the back hall and caught a sliver of flesh color through a nearly closed door. I stopped abruptly after it registered, and slowly maneuvered for a sneak a peek through the slightly opened doorway.

I found all five girls sitting in a close group on the far bench, hunched over and nervously mumbling quietly. It was obvious they were completely uncomfortable being naked and petrified to rejoin the main party with all the other naked people. I felt the adrenaline rush building as I was about to once again experience my all-time favorite thrill and the main reason I continue my nudist evangelism.

I'm just totally addicted to those situations when I'm personally able to convince a person to initially get naked with us and guide them through the process of becoming a card-carrying nudist. And even though I had been introduced to these five ladies earlier in the day when they first became naked, the unfolding scene through that door will be much more personal and thrilling.

I performed a quick dick check before entering, squeezing any remaining blood from my half-erect dick so I don't appear too creepy, knowing the girls were probably already freaked out enough. I boldly walked in, acting relieved to find them, saying that there had been a concern that they had freaked out and bolted. I stood right in front of the five girls, hands on hips, proudly displaying my nude body as I scanned slowly across the group of taught 20-year-old bodies. Bashful was an understatement, as their flailing arms and hands were desperately trying to shield their naked bodies from the unwelcome intruder.

I took a seat on the floor directly in front of them, to ease their discomfort of my crotch at their eye level. I made small talk with the five girls for a while, fully enjoying each time I caught one sneak a curious glance at my exposed and slowly rising dick. I tried to ease their discomfort with plenty of complements and reassurances, sneaking my own leers of their nubile young bodies whenever I could. They soon began to rise a little from their huddle and relax their hand bras. Their legs were still clamped pretty tightly, but I knew they already passed the party entrance inspection by Sara and none needed our complementary trimming service. I did notice that two of the girls had high pubic bones and I could see a slight hint of their pussy fold, which caused a little more blood to flow into my dick.

My practiced technique of explaining the confidence-building benefits and positive life-altering emotional enlightenment that result from group nudist experiences, was quickly altering each girls perception. They became very curious, asking lots of questions and relating personal experiences. As their emotional state transitioned from shameful fear, to passive exploration, I directed the conversation to the obvious, and asked each in turn how they were feeling about their nudity.

I began from the girl on my far right, because I wanted the girl on my far left to answer after hearing all her peers. I had noticed she was acting different. She was not as skinny as the rest of her friends, and wasn't asking any questions or volunteering any related experiences. Starting from the right, each girl admitted to having never done anything remotely like their current situation, but felt that since already going this far, would be willing to re-join the party.

The last girl, Sue, hesitated in agreeing with the others and hadn't been acting nearly as uncomfortable as the others. I then pressed her if she was a closet nudist, and with a little prodding, she admitted that on occasion she was naked at home, and quite comfortable without clothes. Curious as to her current discomfort, we all asked why she was acting as shy as her friends. She admitted her reluctance to reveal her family secret, so just acted along with the rest of her friends. So with the family secret now finally exposed, she turned to her friends, who each then silently gave Sue permission to drop the act for their account and reassured her that they didn't think any less of her.

Sue was awash with relief, finally revealing her long kept secret. She admitted to the others how she always felt they would totally diss her if they ever found out about her naked family. But since they were all currently naked in a house full of other naked strangers, there was at least a little blackmail material to use if the family secret wasn't received too well.

Sue caught my attention when I first entered the room, as she was the only one who didn't have her head bowed and was sitting with her legs slightly apart, unlike the others who had their legs tightly clamped together. While the other four girls were all relatively thin with minimal curves, Sue had a little more meat on her, which as I noticed earlier gave her a sexy swing in her hips as she walked. She sported a nice set of fully tanned C-cups, that even though drooped a little, were still causing me to lose concentration whenever I glanced their direction.

Sue revealed that her parents, younger sister and two older brothers were all allowed to be naked around the house. Although she admitted that her and her siblings were constantly frustrated, as her father kept strict rules forbidding any kind of sexual display or teasing. There was to be no ass wiggling, pussy display or hard-ons outside of their individual bedrooms.

The hormones raging between two boy and two girl siblings barely five years apart were overwhelming and pulling in opposite directions, with an uncontrollable desire to show off their naked bodies, while being prohibited from doing anything about it. Sue revealed though that she and her sibling's bedrooms are on the second floor of their home, and her parents generally keep to themselves on the first floor. So, even though the house rules prohibited a hard-on bouncing through the kitchen, there was plenty teasing going on late at night on the second floor. She also thought her family was totally dysfunctional because she had never heard of any other family walking around naked, and was sworn to secrecy by her over-controlling father.

The other girls gasped in unison, saying how creepy it was imagining their parents walking naked around the house. I piped in and proudly reminded them that Melody sure doesn't mind, even when she catches her mother and me having sex. Sue continued, saying that when arriving at our nudist party, she was overwhelmed with relief discovering other families are like her's. All her friends in the room were riveted learning about Sue's family, which helped explain why they had never actually been invited into the house.

I asked Sue if any extended family or close friends knew of, or joined in, her family's nudity. She bowed her head, sadly admitting that their family would on occasion lounge around their secluded backyard pool in the buff (as she stood and turned to reveal her all-over tan), but nobody outside her immediate family knew.

The conversation with the girls became more interesting when I used Sue's family story to move into questions about their own bodies and what they liked or disliked about various parts. I didn't miss any opportunities to encourage them to show those body parts in detail. It's always interesting how each girl will have a different reaction when asked how they feel about their pussy, but I always seem to get a much more honest and detailed answer when they are fully exposing it to me. These five girls followed the same pattern, and each opened their legs during their turn. With my encouraging comments, the girls all started becoming more confident, sitting up straighter and pushing out their chest for any passing onlookers to admire, as Sue had been doing already.

Since each one had already exposed their clean-shaven pussy to me already, I explained a few of the unspoken rules amongst exhibitionist nudists, especially the sitting posture rule for the ladies. While using my own body to demonstrate the details, I explained, "Us guys can't help that our dick and balls are always on display, even when we sit. And all the ladies appreciate that, especially as we can't really hide a growing erection. But the prudish ladies don't reciprocate. You have the ability to hide that pussy. It's just not fair. So, the unspoken rule amongst nudists is that whenever a lady is sitting with a group, it's a welcome courtesy to sit with your legs spread."

I always enjoy the looks I receive from nubile nudists when I drop that bomb, and this time I got the looks typical of teenage girls, shock and disdain. But I glared back, sternly saying, "Well, those are the rules, ladies. And it's only fair, since you've all been staring at my dick for most of this conversation. And believe me, fully exposing your pussy to strangers is a little nerve racking at first, but like the rest of us, you'll soon find it extremely exciting, and seek out every opportunity to expose yourself." I even went on to explain a few of the prick teasing games every woman soon discovers after becoming a nudist.

A properly displayed pussy has great power, with the ability to coerce a guy to do just about anything, especially if you want him loose absolute control over his dick. I kidded with the girls, coyly asking if they had ever wanted to see one of their guy friend's dick at full erection, but without it leading to any sex. They all excitedly nodded at the thought.

So I addressed Sue directly, encouraging her to acknowledge the pussy power I knew she wielded around her own household. She gave in, and turning toward her friends with legs opened wide, seductively acknowledged she could get any male in her house fully hard whenever she wanted.

The other girls were becoming quite impressed with this new side of Sue, and openly admitted they were envious of her confidence, to which I replied that there was no better time than the present to gain their own confidence. The shocked girls turned to each other and silently agreed that they might as well comply with the rule, since they've already abandoned all hope of modesty already.

So, in unison, I'm bestowed a front row view of five tight, totally hairless pussies, which I tell the girls how I hope to see brought into action very soon. I went on to explain more about the party, and that sexual acts were not only allowed, but heavily encouraged, especially within a crowd.

I then convinced them to take the next step, and let me escort them out to my boat docked across the backyard. I earlier saw a few of the college crowd head out there, no doubt to get a little separation from all the adults, and I figured the five girls would be more comfortable around people their age. The girls complained about being naked out of the house, in full view of any neighbor or passing boat, but I assured them we did it all the time and they would each receive a mark on their butt, earning a point for the exhibition game.

They soon found themselves following me single-file through the crowded house and across the back yard, avoiding any direct eye contact with the other party guests along the way. Sue though walked proudly beside me, occasionally brushing her soft, curvy hips up against mine, asking pointed questions the whole way like a bubbly little kid on her first field trip.

I was bombarded with questions about the nudist lifestyle, and especially about my own family dynamic. She was obviously trying to make sense of her own family, trying to figure out how we had succeeded while her family was such a dysfunctional mess. I vowed to keep her close by, as I found her very open minded and intelligent. I was secretly hoping that she would succeed in convincing her siblings and parents to join us for an outing or two, and from the nature of her questions, it sounded like she was formulating a plan to that same end.

I had just earlier that afternoon met Sue for the first time, me locked in stare of her fair-skinned curves and her locked in stare of my engorged man spear. As we walked across the backyard, I offered Sue an open invitation to visit our home anytime she wanted, joking that we should make a pact of never seeing each other in clothes. She responded with a beaming smile while reaching in for a gentle grope of my dick, which was fully erect from all her probing questions. Seeming to have discovered her new path in life, she asked for my guidance to be put on a fast track for a nudist/exhibitionist graduate degree by the end of the night.

Looking directly into her deep blue eyes, I saw both the complete release of a life-time of pent up family shame and a wanton determination to become a world-class exhibitionist. I pulled her tightly into my embrace, welcoming her into a brave new world. And as a congratulatory gesture, while also starting the process with a bang of sorts, reached down between us and guided my swollen dick into the folds of her slippery pussy, but only far enough to engulf the head of my dick, for if she was still a virgin, I wanted her to choose the moment. This act between Sue and myself was only but the beginning of what the other four shocked girls would experience that night.

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