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"Mr. D'Agustino (not my real name of course) your purpose here is to provide the male orgasm experience. We appreciate the information you've provided to us the past few weeks. It has greatly helped our research. You are well liked here. Was there something bothering you? You seem less than enthusiastic lately. Are you not enjoying the research?" Dr. Paresh inquired. Her accent was South Western India. She appeared to be in her early 50's and her once jet black hair was now streaked with gray. She wrapped herself in a lab coat and I never saw her anywhere other than at her desk. Her bearing was regal. Her dignity immense. Every time we spoke I marveled that her type of research in no way matched her personality. She was gracious, thoughtful and incredibly intelligent.

"Please do not misunderstand me, Madame. I believe this place is as close to heaven as I'll ever get. I have been treated with every kindness and your staff has taken every one of my requests as a demand. I'm here for a different reason. There have been some things happen that I'd like to explore to greater detail. With your permission of course."

"If I understand you correctly what you're saying is that you liked some of the things you've done and want to do them again?" her eyebrows raised in inquiry.

"Uh yes. You could say that. I prefer to think of it as expanding on certain theories." I said squirming. Damn that woman was perceptive.

She steepled her fingers then brought them under her chin and looked me right in the eyes. "If I agree to this you'll have to wear additional monitoring sensors."

Additional? What more could they possibly add? I was nearly covered in the damn things during the experiments.

"Madame if that's what it takes then I'm willing to do what I can to help you further your research."

"Excellent! If you'd accompany me now the preparations for our newest trial are finished. The technicians are anxious to begin. I would like to be sure the additional sensors are placed correctly too. They are newly arrived and I'd hoped to do the first test myself," she explained.

She got up from the desk and beckoned me to the door. I was surprised and pleased to see her standing for a change. She was tall for a woman, nearly 5' 10" or so and thinner than you could tell from her in a lab coat sitting down.

As we walked down the long hall I thought about this whole situation and what I'd just been given permission to do.

During college I became a sperm donor for the extra money. It amused me that someone would pay me $50 a shot (forgive the pun) to cum in a little plastic cup. It was an excellent way to supplement my income and I could "donate" twice a week. After college the extra $400/month helped pay for my car, vacations and kept me in pocket money. Eventually the lab told me I passed the age limit for donors and my income supplement was about to expire. Then one of the lab techs told me about this place. 6 months and countless physical examinations later I was finally in the program. This was my 3rd session with them and the second day of a two week trial and I was using my vacation time.

We entered a fairly large very antiseptic room of warm blue tiles. I say warm because the tiles themselves were part of the heating/cooling system. The temperature of the room was a steady 72 degrees F. The "technicians" were familiar to me. The taller older one, Terry, had black hair streaked with neon blue. She was medium framed about 5'6" and 130 or so. Nice tits, carrying a bit more then most in the ass but an absolute freak. The shorter one, Amy, had bottle blond hair and was slightly slimmer than Terry. Both ladies were average in looks. Of the two I thought Amy the true freak. She did whatever you asked her to do without comment. They both smiled at me then became more business like when they saw who was with me.

I headed for the shower area. It was in the room but there were no walls or curtains. I had long since gotten over any lingering body modesty I may have had. I was an inch under six foot and an athletic 195. I didn't have a pack but was damn close. I watched the ladies watch me as I applied the special soap they provided. It was supposed to not dry your skin. Good thing because you were required to wash several times a day.

I applied a generous amount of KY to the tip of the nozzle before inserting it in my ass. I pressed a button and body temperature fluid, exactly what I can't even guess, shot into me. It wasn't painful and could even be an enjoyable sensation but the after effects was tingly and gave you this strange but excited sensation. I sat on the toilet and eliminated the enema. The ladies were watching, I knew but studiously looked away from me. After cleaning up I walked toward them completely naked my cock twitching.

They went about applying the the various pads to my body. Soon my head, crotch and part of my ass were the only uncovered areas. The pads were loaded with sensors each monitoring a square millimeter area. The pads were then secured to a frame that could be moved in a 360 degree axis. I could be moved but I couldn't move at all.

The lady techs laid out the additional sensors. One was a cock ring that went around the base of my nearly hard cock. The other smaller one went over my balls to squeeze them right up next to my body. Either of these bands could be tightened if they slip or loosened if they restrict blood flow remotely. They actually felt pretty good being put on and they were comfortable to wear. I knew there were exactly twenty rings all made of some kind of soft silicon that would completely cover my cock from head to base. I know because for my first two day trial I had them all applied and manipulated until I came. All remotely.

The frame I was attached to began moving until I was slightly crouched. My knees were slightly bent as was my waist. Then my legs were spread apart. The frame supported my weight somehow making me feel like I was almost laying. Dr. Paresh had control of the frame device and manipulated it/me was practiced ease. Amy and Terry moved to begin applying the rings when Dr. Paresh stopped them.

"I'll take care of it this time. There are more sensors that need to be applied." she said. "Ms. Turner (she said to Amy) can you bring me the tray that I brought in this morning, please?" the Dr. asked.

Brought in this morning? Wait a minute! She knew I'd agree to more monitors? Damn that woman was too smart for her own good!

Dr. Paresh donned the clear latex gloves while looking at me. Her eyes focused on my cock as she approached. She picked up a ring, inserted the fingers of her right hand then spread them out. Her left hands encircled my balls with a caress that made my cock rock hard. She took my balls in her right hand and the ring squeezed the top of the sack up close to my body. Her hand grazed the underside of my dick in an exquisite tease of what would be next. Amy set the tray on the table behind me and to the left then disappeared from view. Terry winked at me and smiled her nasty smile as if she knew a delicious joke. I felt hands on my ass pulling my cheeks apart. Judging from the size they must be Amy's. I hear Dr. Paresh say, "Terry"

Terry approaches me and begins kissing me. A lubricated finger enters my asshole and goes directly to my prostate. It presses and rubs then withdraws. A second later that finger slides back in and I hear Dr. Paresh whisper to me, "Relax" then to the girls,"How many samples from him do we have?" Terry is deeply kissing me our tongues explore each others. A helmet is placed over my head and:

The big tittied redhead caressed my balls while working a finger up my ass. The two blonds on the bed sucked each others pussies in a frantic 69 while coaxing me to pump their assholes. The redhead pushes me toward the blonds until I'm straddling the face of one. I feel a hand on my cock directing it to the puckered brown crinkle of the top blond as the blond below me begins lapping at my balls. The redhead spits on the blonds asshole and rubs my engorged purple head all around in the saliva. The blond below me locks her arms around the top blonds hips and ass and jerks hard back towards me. Suddenly my cock is buried to the base in the top blond's lovely super tight asshole. She screams out loud and tries to get away. Her assholes struggles to accept me and convulses all around the length of my throbbing cock sending waves of intense pleasure through me. The blond below me sucks my balls one at a time into her mouth suckling them gently while the redhead works my prostate. My own asshole clamps down on the fingers massaging my prostate and bellow out my orgasm. I shoot and shoot into the grasping, struggling asshole of the beautiful blond kneeling before me. My cock continues to spasm long after the cum has shot out. My orgasm continues as all three beauties keep working on me. The struggling blond's rectum feels like its actually sucking cum from my balls out the top of my dick. Then everything goes black as the intensity and the length of my orgasm overcomes me.

The blue tiles remind me that I'm not actually fucking a beautiful blond's asshole while to other braods pleasure me. The frame I'm attached to supports all my weight. Good thing too or I'd have a concussion right now. Amy and Terry are silently un-securing me from the frame. They're busy trying to not look at me or each other. "What the hell.." I mutter.

"Take it easy, Dag. You just experienced a very intense and lengthy orgasm. You passed out too but at the end. Do you know how long you just came?" Amy asked.

"It felt like it went on forever. No how long did it last?" I asked.

"Almost 30 seconds. Considering most male orgasms last on the average 9 seconds I'll bet you're ready for a nap," she giggled. Amy look at Terry and their expressions changed. Terry smiled, then giggled. The two of them burst out in laughter. "Did you see what she did?" they both exclaimed at once!

I looked around remembering the Dr. was there. No sign of her now. "What happened?" I wanted to know.

Another burst of laughter. Then when they could speak again Terry said, "I hadn't had the sensory helmet on your for twenty seconds when Dr. Paresh had your cock in her throat! I never saw anything like that, have you Amy?"

"Are you serious? I thought the old broad was asexual! I mean she's always so clinical. I don't think I ever saw a flicker of interest on her face no matter the circumstances and as you can imagine, this place has seen some kinky stuff!" Amy said. Then she giggled some more. "It's so completely out of character for her."

I let them finish unstrapping me. When they pulled the sensors from out of my ass Amy winked at me and kissed me. Terry had her index finger way up probing to make sure there were only three. "Hey!" she said holding them up to Amy. Amy took one in her hand and examined it. Then looked at Terry. "Is this sensor vibrating?"

"It feels like it doesn't it?" Terry agreed. "Well that's probably why Dag here just broke a record for the longest orgasm: these things were buzzing directly against his prostate. Three of them! Between that and the other stimulation all Dr. Paresh had to do was wait. Didn't even have to deep throat you like she did."

"Omigod, Terry do you think she overheard us talking about how sweet Dag's cum tastes? Yesterday in the specimen lab....remember?" Amy asked.

"You may be right. I don't know how long she was at the door before we noticed her. But still, why would she suck him off?"

The let the it rest and got me out of the sensor pads. I grabbed a pair of the generic "scrub" pants that were everywhere here and almost ran out of there. I headed down the hall to Paresh's office. I knocked then entered quickly.

I could just see Dr. Paresh moving in her chair. It was facing out towards the windows at the amazing view of the Rocky's. She turned towards me as I crossed the distance to her desk. I held out my hand to her. She blinked up at me then put her hand in mine. I raised her hand to my lips and confirmed what my nose had suggested when I entered her office: she was finger fucking herself.

"Dr. I'd like to return the favor." was all I said before pushing her back on the chair to see her skirt pulled up around her hips revealing her glistening wet fur covered pussy. Without waiting for a reply I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her cunt. She tasted musky and slightly peppery. I held her clit between my top teeth and bottom lip while thrashing it lightly with my tongue. The Dr. ground her pussy onto my face and came. Twenty minutes and at least eight orgasms later ( I stopped counting after six) I had my tongue crammed halfway up the Dr. Ass while using my finger like a windshield wiper against her clit, Dr. Paresh said, "Stop that please. Stop that at once and fuck me!"

I picked her up off the chair and put her on her desk. Her pussy was at the perfect height and I slammed full length into her. There was no finesse. No skill. Just a pure hard fast pounding. She pulled on her nipples while I rubbed her clit all the while fucking her. She came hard grunting low and cursing in Hindi. I slowed down the thrusts making them deep but not as hard. I leaned down sending my cock deep into her then ground my pelvis onto her clit. I kissed her mouth and she kept it shut at first then let her tongue touch mine as another orgasm broke over her. We kissed and rocked like that until she was done cumming.

I pulled my still rock hard dick out of her and said, "Thanks for letting me repay." I grabbed the scrub pants and walked out the door without a word. Amy and Terry were just outside the office.

"I can't believe you just walked in there and fucked her!" Terry said.

"I didn't. I ate her pussy through 8 or 10 orgasms first." Amy quickly bent at the waist taking my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for a second then Terry elbowed her out of the way and did the same thing. "You BOTH want to know what her pussy tastes like? I guess one of you could have KISSED me." I said

"More fun this way," Terry said taking her mouth off for a second.

"Let me have another taste! Stop hoggin the cock!" Amy complained.

"Lick his balls. They're practically dripping." Terry countered.

Amy got down behind me licking my balls and teasing my asshole. You gotta love this place I thought then groaned under the girls efforts.

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