tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHunting-Close Confinement Sequel

Hunting-Close Confinement Sequel


This story is a sequel to 'Close Confinement', but it is possible to read it alone without losing too much.


When Anka was told to get in the pick-up on a hunting day she knew that she was going to be busy. She was not allowed any clothes except a long fur coat, she was wearing wrist cuffs and she was told to bring her blindfold in a pocket.

The brothers' business was good, but it had to be nurtured. Government permits were needed, haulage contractors must be kept sweet, tax inspectors required special attention and then there were the buyers from multi-national companies. It was not good form to hand over cash sweeteners, although that was sometimes necessary. The men preferred to put on good social activities from time to time for important people. Today they were going to have a brown bear hunt for nine men.

Their last little special had not worked out quite as well as they had hoped. They booked a private room in a gentlemen's club with a whore for each guest and a lot of alcohol. Hookers are cheap in Bulgaria, but these were not good value. When they were supposed to put on a show they were useless strippers and dancers. On getting down to the real business, the guests were unimpressed. Too ugly, too stupid, too boring and not willing to meet the demands of some of the guest's little kinks were the reports they got. If an important contact wanted to give the woman a bit of a spanking or take a piss in her mouth, the brothers wanted him to be kept happy. That didn't happen and they needed things to be better this time. Of course Anka knew nothing of this. All she was aware of was that she must to do whatever her husband wanted, and if it was anything to do with his work it was especially important.

Kosta stashed the rifles carefully and his brother helped load the cases of drink and ammunition in the back. When they drove off with Anka between them, Kosta told her to remove her coat. Apart from enjoying Anka's nakedness beside him, he wanted any passing driver to have a double take on what he might have seen.

Not long after they arrived at the hunting lodge and unloaded the truck, Marko heard the minibus tyres crackle on the gravel outside. He called out to his brother that the two guides and the guests had arrived. One of the men was a senior government official who had made it clear that he was not to be seen in any embarrassing position. To make him more comfortable Kosta ordered Anka to put on her blindfold before kneeling naked near the drinks table with her wrists cuffed behind her back.

Kosta and Marko went out to greet their guests and lock all the hunting equipment in the store, before inviting the men into the log cabin for a drink. Some female company is usually expected with corporate hospitality, but seeing a good looking girl presented so nicely right at the beginning caused a lot of interest. The brothers invited everybody to take a large glass of vodka before Kosta presented Anka.

"This is my wife gentlemen and she is available for your use as you choose throughout your stay."

There were one or two gasps and mutterings of:

"Your wife, really. And you are offering her!"

"Please use one of the condoms provided if you fuck her cunt or ass, but that will not be necessary if you are using her mouth."

The men talked quietly among themselves as they picked up their drinks. Kosta and Marko raised Anka to her feet to point out the welts and bruises on her ass, belly, tits and thighs. They explained that Anka had given birth five weeks previously and since then she had been receiving the punishments that she had earned during her late pregnancy and saved up until after the delivery. The brothers invited their guests to inspect and feel her. Anka spread her legs to allow probing fingers and bent forwards when a hand on her back suggested that she should. Erections quickly became evident under the clothing of the group who drew close in examination of her body. Kosta slipped off his trousers and underpants. He said

"Allow me please gentlemen."

They all dropped back. He told Anka to kneel and presented his ass to her face. Putting his hand behind him he told her to push her tongue right in. She did not need any further instruction. Kosta liked to have a rimjob very often and he always expected her to work her tongue into his ass very vigorously. The big hand on the back of her head didn't give Anka any time to think. Her nose was flattened against him and she wriggled her tongue into his sphincter as quickly as she could. Marko undid his clothes and suggested to all the others that they might like to have Anka give them a rimming while they enjoyed their drink and got to know each other.

Licking some ass was OK with Anka. With the three men in the house there weren't too many days when she didn't have her tongue up one or other of them and sometimes all three. But that was different from having to do a dozen guys in one session. Before she was finished her tongue was numb and her jaw ached more than she could ever remember.

A stiff drink and an ass licking from a good looking woman is not the way most hunting trips start, but it was a very mellow group of guys who set out into the forest. They took Anka with them. She was still naked and blindfold. Her right wrist cuff was hooked to Kosta's belt.

Hunting brown bears takes a lot of skill and experience if you are going to be successful. Corporate guests need to be given a good time and made to feel they are good when they are not so the event organisers hired by the brothers knew what they had to do. When the men had only gone a few hundred yards into the trees their guides told them that some bears had recently been seen in this spot and they should be ready for a sighting. One guide slipped away and after a decent interval he released the gate on a cage concealed in the undergrowth. The bear that they had caught a few days ago and left unfed, looked around cautiously before making its way out of the cage. It started running to where it could smell the bait.

Kosta had just hooked Anka's wrists behind the post of a gun stand when Marko shouted "bear!" He pointed to the edge of a clearing and a volley of shots rang out. The animal howled, but didn't drop. It staggered to the tree line. When the bear was lost to view, the two guides left the gun stands and went off with a dog in pursuit.

No shooting could now be done so Kosta and Marko broke out some beer cans from the ammunition trailer.

"I think you guys enjoyed what Anka's tongue did for your ass. How about pumping her belly full of cum. There were nods and laughter all round. Marko unhooked her and led her to a grassy spot to kneel. The government guy said:

"clip her arms back behind her. I don't want her putting her hands in the way of me giving her throat a good fuck." He did so and suggested that the Minister might like to be the first to use her. In his sixties and rather fat, the man didn't lack any enthusiasm for an attractive young woman. When he put his chubby little prick in her mouth she sucked and tongued it to try to get it hard. It took a while, but it did stiffen up and he grabbed her hair to fuck her mouth as hard as he could. Despite the force of the face fucking, Anka was surprised that the dick never entered her throat like Kosta and Marko's did. In fact old Ivan took more handling than this one. Soon the man started grunting and his sweaty belly slapped her face before he pulled her in tight to shoot his load into her mouth. When he walked away Anka opened her mouth as she had been trained, to display the runny cum before swallowing it.

The men all moved in closer, swigging heartily at their beers. When Kosta told Anka to swallow and asked who would be next there was only a moment of hesitation before their biggest buyer stepped forward.

"Sure, I'll gag her."

The brothers glanced at each other and smiled a little. Sure enough it was thick and stiff, but Anka took it without problem.

When the sixth dick was roughly thrust into her throat, Anka was getting uncomfortable from the hard treatment, but she had an odd feeling of familiarity with this one. She recognised the feel of Marko's cock and the isolation caused by her blindfold lessened a little. By the time the guides were heard shouting and the men went off to help drag in the large bear on a tarpaulin Anka had swallowed the cum of both brothers and all the guests. It was by far the most she had ever had and she was unsure whether to feel disgusted by it or pleased to have helped the family.

Now the men all had their cameras out and were taking trophy pictures of themselves posing with the bear. Kosta brought Anka over and positioned her with the bear's nose on her cunt so that looked as though it was licking her. The guys were delighted with this and all clicked away madly, comparing images with each other. The brothers rearranged the body of the animal and put Anka's face into its groin for the photographers to take some more pictures to share with their mates. The smell was incredible. Anka had often seen wild bears in the distance and a few times one had been brought back to the house. She had noticed the kind of wild animal whiff they had, but now she had her nose in its groin it was just overpowering. She felt a bit sick and could feel the sperm starting to churn in her stomach. Even more than the nausea though, the feeling coursing through Anka was the power of this big animal. His odour was male and she couldn't help wondering what it would be like to feel the lifeless prick that was by her mouth if it was still full of the vigour it had an hour ago. She felt her thighs moisten and a tingle ran through her body.

The bear was loaded on to the ammunition trailer and the men went back to the shooting stands where there was the pretence of attempting to flush out some more bears towards the bait. Nothing much else happened on the hunting front. The guests drank a lot more beer and a hapless goat which came into view was shot by Marko. This was enough to mark an end of shooting for the day. Everybody made their way back to the lodge where the guides skinned and gutted the goat before putting it on the barbecue spit.

During the day the men had all been pissing against trees as they needed to let out some of the beer and after the walk back some bladders were filling again. Kosta unclipped Anka from his belt to use the WC in the lodge when he changed his mind. He told her to kneel and open her mouth. He spurted a strong jet of yellow piss into her and then stopped for her to swallow. The men all came close again as Kosta went on to empty his bladder into his wife's mouth.

"Jeez. I never saw a urinal as sweet as that." Said the tax inspector. "She took the lot. Has she done it before?"

"Oh yes, replied Kosta." It's part of her normal duty. I don't always want to be going to the bathroom. In fact these whip marks on her belly are for when she coughed a load of piss in my lap. I gave her eight strokes for that. She doesn't do that often though, she can swallow plenty. Come on guys, line up and give her all you've got."

Two more men emptied their bladders into Anka's mouth before she turned very pale and threw up a huge amount of piss and cum. Everybody cheered, then moved her to a clean spot and carried on pissing in her mouth.

The delicious aroma of roasting goat was attracting everybody before long. It was sliced onto paper plates and eaten with hunks of rustic bread washed down with more vodka from the lodge. In an hour or two it would be time for everybody to leave. The brothers wanted them all to go home satisfied. Now they were all rather drunk and Anka had been the biggest hit of the day they decided to invite them to sample some more before they left.

They laid out thick, soft blankets near the heat of the barbecue, dropped some packets of condoms down and handed out animal face masks to the men.

"Gentlemen, I think we have had a successful and enjoyable day. You have said kind things about my wife and it is only right that you should enjoy her as fully as you wish before we take her away. So that you can remain discreet and also have some photographs we have brought along the masks for you to use. Will you please select a mask and then fuck her any way you choose. I am sure she will provide you with complete satisfaction, but here is my cane in case you want to give her any encouragement.

Wiping goat fat from their mouths they all put on their masks. Kosta took off Anka's blindfold and told her to get on all fours on the blanket. The men started to pull off their clothes showing that the effects of drink, tiredness, age and having already cum, meant that there were no stiff pricks among them.

The guides had not been drinking and were still busying themselves clearing up the barbecue, when Marko asked them if they would like a fuck as well. They didn't need to be asked twice. While one of them took Anka's mouth, the other Put on a rubber and started fucking her pussy. After a few minutes of expert mouth stimulation the first guide went to get a condom. He laid on his back and arranged with his colleague for Anka to lower her cunt onto his dick and let the other prick fuck her ass. By now the five bear and four wolf faced guests had lined up have her get them hard with her mouth. Kosta and Marko clicked away with all the cameras getting a record of this bizarre sight so that sober minds could have their memories refreshed.

When the two guides finished Kosta told them to empty their condoms into her mouth. Anka had managed to fluff up the guests to decent erections and the men laughed heartily while they took turns having a pack of wolf masks in all her holes or a bear in her ass with a wolf in her mouth. The brothers kept on taking photographs and some video while every combination of fucking was done to Anka by the howling and growling guests playing out their parts.

Anka was exhausted and sore, but it didn't stop her having a massive orgasm when three fat bears were pounding her at once. When the spasms of her climax pulsed through her body she collapsed onto the Minister below her and rolled of him so that three dicks were left waving in the air. Grabbing the cane, Marko ran forward and dragged her by the hair to her knees. He gave her two hard strokes on the tits before throwing her on her back, raising one leg and giving her four more whacks on the cunt. The guests were all transfixed as they watched and they were amazed to hear Anka calling out "one Master, two Master" and so on as she was beaten.

"Our day is at an end gentlemen. Anka will now thank you all properly for the attention you have given her."

Anka Pulled herself up into a kneeling position, Marko clipped her wrists behind her and she opened her mouth. Kosta invited the Minister to be the first donate his final load to Anka's stomach. The rest of the wolves and bears formed an orderly line behind him.

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