tagLoving WivesHusband Away, Wife Plays Ch. 02

Husband Away, Wife Plays Ch. 02


It's time for me to post another story. I'm sure the ignorant comments from those that can't handle an open marriage will come in again. Really people, we're on an adult site, with stories of adventure, maybe you came to the wrong site? As with my previous stories, the rude comments will be deleted, so don't bother posting them.


My name is Jayde. I'm 41 years old, 5'10, 135 lbs. I'm a tall, sexy brunette with perky breasts. I am happily married, and my husband and I have been in an open relationship for years. It is not a cuckold relationship, but he does love to watch, and does love to share. He loves to see me pleasured. We always get back together and have incredible sex after sharing the details.

On this particular weekend, my husband was away on a fishing trip and encouraged me to have some fun adventures. I put a few ads on various personals sites hoping to fill my Friday and Saturday night with adventure while he was away. You can read about my Friday night in my first story, this one is about my Saturday night.

I had many responses to my ads, but I was very particular about what I was after. I wanted well endowed men that knew how to please a woman from head to toe. I wanted a partner that had stamina and could last more than a few minutes, and could bounce back for a few more rounds.

I had an interesting response from a couple that pushed my buttons. They were in their early 30's, been together for a few years, and had already had experiences in the swinging lifestyle, they knew what they wanted and were secure about it. I love the scent and touch of a woman, so I was thrilled to meet them. We exchanged a few pics and agreed to meet at a local pub late Saturday afternoon.

I was nervous and excited, but open to the adventure ahead. I showered, shaved my long sexy legs and my smooth pussy, and struggled with several different outfits, trying to pick the perfect one to wear. I settled on a sexy summer dress that was very flattering to my legs, showed off my round ass, and showed just the right amount of cleavage. I put on a sexy pair of high heeled sandals, and painted my toenails a bright red to match the dress. I splashed some perfume over my breasts and just above my pussy and threw a few toys and some lingerie outfits in an overnight bag and headed for the pub. I was unsure at this point if we'd just meet for a drink and part ways or whether the evening would continue on. I couldn't wait to find out though!

We met up around 4 PM at a pub and sat outside on their patio soaking in the sunshine and enjoying a few cocktails. Her name was Andrea, his name was Dave. Their pictures did not do them justice, she was absolutely gorgeous, had a radiant smile, and a firm sexy body. She had beautiful long legs, and her hips filled her dress nicely. I wanted to devour her on the spot. Dave was a sexy, muscular construction worker with big arms, a chest that made me wet, and a beautiful flat stomach that I wanted to eat breakfast off of. We enjoyed our drinks on the patio, and I was feeling a little tipsy already. We walked down to a nearby restaurant and had a nice dinner together. There was a lot of flirting, a little touching, and we both teased Dave to the brink. We sat on each side of him and ran our hands over his thighs and cock through his pants. He was loving the attention and couldn't wait for us to get back to their place.

We decided to build up the tension even more and decided on a strip club nearby to go watch some dancers. I flirted with both of them there and of course we all got a lot of attention from the dancers. Andrea and I went to the ladies room together to freshen up and when we came out of the stalls, we met by the sink and shared a very soft kiss. Her lips were so soft and her touch was so tender. I wanted her so badly, but I knew the best was yet to come.

We watched a few more dancers and decided to move the party back to their house. I hopped in their car because I was definitely not safe to drive after a few drinks. Andrea and I rode in the back, kissing and touching each other the whole way to their home. We told him to drive slowly. Dave watched the whole show in the rearview mirror and was sporting quite a bulge in his pants. We drove up to a beautiful home on the outskirts of town and pulled into their garage. Andrea and I climbed out and we all wandered inside. We decided to change into our lingerie as Dave poured us a glass of wine. I put on a sexy white mesh top, a white g-string, and white fishnet stockings and a pair of stiletto heels that enhanced my long calves. They both commented on my legs as I strutted out feeling so sexy. Andrea had a yellow satin bra and satin panties and black fence net stockings. She was also wearing thigh high boots that accentuated her beautiful legs. She looked so delicious. Dave took his shirt off and was sitting there in just boxer shorts that were so tight that they left nothing to the imagination.

Dave put on some sexy music and we all danced together in front of the fire. I kissed Dave passionately, slipping my tongue into his mouth as Andrea's breasts pushed into me from behind through her soft bra. I turned around and rubbed my round ass against Dave's bulge and kissed Andrea passionately, sliding my tongue into her mouth and grabbing her hips, pulling her against me. The passion and desire was through the roof and I knew we were in for a hot night. I turned around and told Dave to sit on the sofa for a few minutes and let me explore his wife.

I lay Andrea in front of the fire, kissing her passionately as my hands explored her body. I kissed her lips, slipped my tongue in her mouth tenderly again, and ran my fingertips over her arms and hands. I slid her bra straps over her shoulders and gracefully kissed her neck and shoulders softly. Dave was rubbing his cock through his shorts watching me explore his gorgeous wife. I reached around her back and unclasped her bra and let her beautiful 34 B breasts escape. My mouth moved down and gently kissed her upper breasts. I moved down lower and circled her breasts with my tongue, lightly flicking my tongue between her rib cage and the lower part of her breasts. She was whimpering and calling out my name. I kissed my way down to her tummy and teased her navel with my tongue. She cried out and begged me to make love to her.

I slowly lowered the zipper on one of her boots, making sure to trace her inner thighs with my fingertips as I removed her boots one by one. Her body was bucking upwards and I could feel the heat from her body. We smiled at Dave and Andrea commented on the big wet spot developing in his shorts. He begged to join us, but we told him to relax. After I had her boots off, I ran my fingertips up and down her legs and over her feet. I took one foot in my hand and flicked my tongue over the tips of her toes, as she whimpered. I teased her relentlessly and made her beg for me to touch her pussy. I teased her inner thighs gently first, then breathed my breath over her panties. I could smell her musky scent and couldn't wait to devour her pussy. I flicked my tongue over her pussy through the panties, and she lifted her ass off the floor to meet my mouth. I buried my face into her panties and licked her clit so fast and so hungrily. She was at my mercy. Andrea let out a loud scream and pulled my hair as she gushed and had her first orgasm of the night through her panties. I gently pulled her panties to the side and caught the tail end of her orgasm as my tongue dove straight into her clit. This brought her even higher and her orgasm continued as she let out a scream of pleasure.

Dave lay there stroking his cock through his shorts as he watched me pleasure his gorgeous wife. I removed Andrea's soaked panties and buried my face into her sweet pussy. This time it took a lot longer to bring her there and I settled down to a long, sweet, passionate oral session with her that allowed my tongue to explore every sweet inch of her pussy. I teased her clit, licked her inner and outer lips, licked and tongued her hole, and worked my way over her beautiful ass. Finally, after almost an hour of tongue lashing, Andrea started to buck again and she let out a loud moan as she had an explosive orgasm all over my face.

I slid up Andrea's body and kissed her softly, letting her taste her juices on my mouth and face, she did not hold back, and licked my mouth and face clean. Her smell was hypnotic, I was in a trance and wanted this woman so badly. Her pussy tasted so sweet.

Andrea smiled, said it was my turn, and laid me on my back. Dave was in his glory and was happy he had the best seats in the house. Andrea kissed me passionately while I was on my back and slowly removed my top. She kissed my small, perky breasts and sucked my nipples until they hardened. My nipples get very long and hard, and she brought them out in all their glory. I cried out her name, her mouth felt amazing on them and I told her to nibble on them gently. She tugged on them gently with her teeth and I exploded, crying out her name and begging for her to touch me. Andrea rubbed my sweet pussy through my panties while she sucked on my nipples and I knew I was near a massive explosion. I thrust my hips up to meet her strokes, and I squirted through my panties and soaked her hand. She tore my panties off, climbed between my legs, and sucked and licked up all my juices. Her mouth and tongue felt incredible on my pussy and I couldn't stop cumming. I am always multi orgasmic, but with her incredible oral skills, I just couldn't stop. She had me begging for more. I cried out her name over and over, pulling her hair as she made me cum. Her face was coated with my sweet juices and she was taking me places no woman ever had before.

Finally, Dave couldn't take anymore and joined us on the floor. He kissed his beautiful wife first, then he met my lips and gave me a hungry kiss, his mouth thrusting into his mouth. I reached down and squeezed his balls through his shorts while his wife gently stroked his cock through his shorts. I moved between his legs and began to lick his balls through the shorts while she rubbed his shaft. He moaned quietly and loved the attention of the two sexy ladies he was with. I grabbed the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. Dave had a beautiful cock, approximately 8 inches long, circumsized, and reasonably thick. I could barely wrap my hand around his beautiful cock and I knew this was going to be a great night. I flicked my tongue over his head while Andrea sat back and watched me tease and taste her husband. He moaned and was taking in the teasing I was giving him. I spread his legs and nestled myself beneath his balls, tracing a path from the underside of his balls to his puckered ass. He bucked to meet my tongue, but I pushed his hips back down. Andrea joined me now and teased his head while I licked back and forth from his balls to his tight anus. I rimmed him, making him beg for more. She slowly sucked his head softly, taking my cue and flicking her tongue over his head. We had him begging for us, and we teased and tortured him for quite some time. Then my tongue grazed over his balls and up the base of his shaft as hers slid down his shaft to meet mine.

Andrea's sweet tongue met mine on his shaft and we french kissed tenderly on his cock. The passion and desire was so intense, we all wanted this so badly. We licked up and down his shaft and then she slid her mouth over him again as I speedily licked the base of his cock. We changed places and I took his head in my mouth, tasting his sweet precum as she licked and teased his shaft. I reached across his body and slowly slid a finger inside of her, bringing up the intensity of both of their moans.

After much buildup, they had enough and took control of me. Dave pinned me to the floor and held my hips down while Andrea buried her face in my pussy once again. She ate me with such lust, I cried out and gushed on her face again. Dave rolled a condom on and she held his shaft as she slid it up and down my juicy slit. Dave's head was throbbing and I begged him to fuck me.

I grabbed Dave's hips with lust in my eyes, and pulled him inside of me. The sensations sent me through yet another orgasm. It was mindblowing. After all the buildup, I knew I just had to have this sexy hunk fuck me. His muscles were glistening as he got on his knees and pulled my hips up into him. Dave pounded me as his wife encouraged him to fuck me. Andrea straddled my face and placed her sweet pussy right above my mouth. Her smell was intoxicating and I thrust my tongue inside her. All three of us moaned with pleasure as the sensations were incredible, the connection so strong. Dave fucked me hard and deep while I licked her. She leaned forward and kissed her husband while they both used me. It was so hot.

Dave started to moan louder and his wife told him to cum so hard inside me. Dave let out a loud grunt as I licked his wife and unloaded inside of me (in his condom) and I bucked to meet his thrusts and gushed all over his balls and legs. Dave pulled his soaked cock out of me, Andrea rolled off his condom, and she licked his cock and balls clean while she continued to ride my face. She came hard on my face and slid beside me to lay in my arms, all of us gasping from what we had just done.

We took a little wine break, laying there naked, smiling, enjoying the sensations. I started to play with Dave's cock, it was still throbbing. I squeezed and stroked it and told him I wanted to feel it inside me again. Andrea slid another condom on him, I climbed on top of him, and slid down on his thick hard cock. This time she sat on his face, and leaned forward and kissed me while our breasts rubbed together. Our hard nipples were touching and our kisses were so intense. Her husband's cock sent me off into orbit again and I couldn't stop cumming. I told him to fuck me and he started to thrust up into me, holding my hips while I kissed his beautiful wife. Dave was a wild stallion, his face covered in sweat, his sexy chest glistening, and his muscular arms pulling me down on him. It was too much for him, I pulled off of him, we pulled the condom off of him and let him shoot his load all over both of our faces. Andrea licked my face clean and I returned the favor. His cum tasted so sweet.

Dave lay beside the fire and dozed off for a few minutes, catching his breath. Andrea and I lay side by side, tenderly touching each other and exploring each other's bodies. We kissed and teased each other for a while, then Andrea went into her bedroom and returned with a few toys. She put on a glove that had vibrating finger tips, and used it to touch my breasts and my clit. I was lost, head spinning, and loving the sensations. She brought me to one of the longest, deepest orgasms I've ever had, just using the glove, and her soft lips and tongue on my nipples. Then she put a vibrator on my clit and kissed me tenderly.

I rolled Andrea over and took control of her. I grabbed the glove she had used and explored her whole body with it, teasing her from head to toe. I had her moaning and groaning, and I wanted to take her higher. She had a much harder time reaching orgasm than me, so I reached into my bag that I brought and pulled out a toy I had brought. I pulled out a nice thick dildo that I had bought recently, and placed it in the harness. I strapped the harness on, rolled a condom on it, and climbed above her. I lay down on top of Andrea, and slowly entered her with my strapon, then thrust deep inside her. I kissed her lips, pinched her left nipple gently and let her cry out with pleasure. Then I got up on my knees, took her hips in my hands and began to thrust inside her. Her moans woke Dave up and his eyes popped out as he watched me fuck his wife. She loved the feel of my strapon inside, said it felt so real. Her hips were bucking, her eyes closed, and she was crying out for me to fuck her harder. Dave moved in to kiss his wife and tease her breasts while I fucked her hard. Her clit was swollen and throbbing hard as I rammed her deep.

Dave motioned for me to pull out and he entered his wife bareback while I watched. I touched and kissed her beautiful breasts while he rammed his wife with his thick cock. Andrea screamed out his name and told him to fuck her harder, she was delirious now and begging for it harder. Dave shot another load deep inside of her and pulled out and let me lick their cum off of his cock. They tasted so yummy together.

Dave took my strapon and cleaned it and returned with it and handed it to Andrea. She smiled a sly smile and said it was my turn. She strapped it on and lay on top of me. She thrust directly into me, and I let out a scream, it hit all the right buttons and she started to fuck me with such wanton lust. I was bucking again to meet her thrusts. Then she got me on all 4's and thrust into me doggy style, grabbing my hips and slamming into me. I was again having orgasm after orgasm, sometimes one on top of another. Dave played with my breasts while she pounded my tight pussy. She talked dirty to me and told me to take her thick cock. It felt so amazing. I cried out one more time as she came with me, she had never done anything like that and loved every minute of it.

Andrea was gasping for air, so I laid her on her back and mounted her. I slid down slowly on the strapon as she caught her breath. Our breasts touched again, we kissed softly, and I barely moved, just softly making love to her. The dildo felt so incredible inside. The view of me mounting his wife was too much for Dave, he slid on a condom and pushed his cockhead against my ass. He gently entered my ass, giving me time to accept his thick cock. After a few minutes, my muscles relaxed and Dave took hold of my hips and thrust his cock deep into my ass, causing me to move back and forth on the strapon. They were DP'ing me and it was so hot. I lost it and started to shake. I wasn't sure I could take much more, but they gave it to me. They both held my hips and talked dirty to me as they told me to take their cocks.

Andrea pinched my nipples and twisted them as I had another mindblowing orgasm and squirted all over both of them, the three of us collapsing into a sweaty pile.

We lay side by side for a while, Dave's cock going limp in his condom. He was exhausted, but we had ridden him hard and long. We looked at the clock and laughed, it was 4 AM and we had been at it for the better part of the night. We all got up and moved to their stand-up shower off their bedroom. We showered together, soaping each other up and making sure to not go to bed too sweaty. Dave lay down on the bed and we lay on each side of him. We fell asleep quickly, all with smiles on our faces.

I awoke first, around 8 AM, with a smile on my face and my pussy throbbing. I climbed out of bed and walked around to the other side. I climbed in next to Andrea and explored her beautiful body while she slept. I touched her breasts tenderly and she finally awoke as my lips touched hers. We shared a passionate kiss and I told her I had to go. She asked me to stay, but I told her to take Dave and share the desire I had left her with. I kissed her, kissed him while he slept, and went to the living room to get dressed. I called a friend that lived nearby and asked her to pick me up and drive me to my car. I gathered my clothes and stuff and as I moved to the door, I heard her moaning for him to fuck her harder. I smiled, opened the door, and quietly closed it and went outside and waited for my friend to arrive. I smiled all the way to my car and my friend told me I was acting odd, I just told her I had quite a hangover from a party the night before. She gave me a sly smile and told me I had a well fucked look. I just laughed and said, "I wish!" She dropped me off at my car and I went home, anxious to share the stories of my weekend with my husband.

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