tagLoving WivesI Am Cuck Ch. 01

I Am Cuck Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - Me and Jess

My name is John and I am 29. I am a dark haired, slim and six foot tall. I am a regular guy with regular desires. I work in an office every day as a financial advisor. I let my eyes wander as the pretty girls in the office walk past my desk. Like I said, I am a regular guy with regular desires. I never act on them though because I am married to the lovely Jess, she is 27. We have been together for a long time now. We met at college and married five years ago. We are very much in love. She is five foot three with long blonde hair and a delightfully curvy figure. I find her sexy but I guess most guys would say she is cute. She certainly does not look like an archetypal computer scientist; there is not a single hint of geek about her (until she starts talking about work of course).

We have a fine life. We have plenty of money, a lovely big house, fast cars and luxurious, if infrequent, holidays. Life is good. I just wish I got a bit more action in the bedroom department. Everyone thinks we are the ideal couple. Hell, even Jess thinks our life is ideal. What no-one knows is that I am in an almost constant state of sexual frustration. When we started dating we had a quite a lot of sex, maybe three or four time a week. We kept this up for a number of years until about a year after we got married. Then it started to gradually get less frequent. We now make love about once every two or three weeks. This may not be that unusual for married couples but it is just not enough for me.

I find myself between a rock and a hard place. I am a very loyal guy and I would never dream of cheating on Jess or hurting her in any way. Well, I might dream but I would never do anything. However I never talk to Jess about my frustrations because she does not like talking about sex and always changes the subject. We do not really argue and I never want to cause one so I let it slide. So I am stuck with my frustrations.

Now I appreciate that many counsellors would say that avoiding talking about my frustrations is not healthy. They may be right but everything else in my life is wonderful and so I can easily live with it without it being destructive. That said, I do need an outlet and so I do what most guys do. I use porn. My current genre of choice is cuckold porn or anything with slutty wives in. I masturbate to this practically every day. When accessing porn is inconvenient I make up fantasies in my head and masturbate to these. I find the cuckold genre a particular turn on. I cannot really explain why because the idea of me being a cuckold is my worst nightmare. I guess it is just some light relief, some escapism. Maybe it is the fact that Jess is the exact opposite of a slutty wife, some people would even call her prudish. Who knows?

Anyway, my story is about how my nightmare became my reality, how I became a cuckold and Jess a slutty wife and how, much to my surprise, I found that I liked my new life and so I embraced it enthusiastically.


Chapter 2 - My Birthday Week

My 30th birthday was approaching. It is a big milestone I guess but I was cool about it, just another birthday. The only difference was that Jess had not yet commenced our annual ritual of her persistently asking me what I want for my birthday and then getting annoyed by my indecision. It was a nice change, she had obviously already decided without needing to ask me. Perfect. It was Sunday evening when Jess finally mentioned my birthday present.

'I've got a big surprise for your birthday. A big sexy surprise.'

'Oh yes?' I replied eagerly. I was instantly desperate for her to tell me what it was. Jess never describes anything as sexy. My mind was racing. I was mainly imagining Jess in some new skimpy Victoria's Secret outfit shortly followed by Jess stripped of her skimpy outfit and making love to me. I was excited. I knew the anticipation would kill me but I knew I had to wait until Friday to find out what my big sexy surprise was.

In fact, I was so excited that I vowed to myself that I would not masturbate until the big night. This was unheard of but I wanted to save my seed for Jess. I had convinced myself that I would be getting some on my birthday.

As the week progressed my frustration grew stronger. It had been almost three weeks since I had last had sex with Jess and by Friday morning it had been five days since I had relieved myself and so my balls were almost aching. I found my eyes wondering more often at work, particularly when I saw the office slut Sharon. She was tall, and very curvy. Her ass, hips and tits were the things of fantasy and her slightly-too-tight clothes always accentuated them. Sharon had been with most of the single guys in the office (and a few of the married ones). She had flirted with me on many occasions but I have never been tempted. She has however inspired many sessions of masturbation.

Before I left for work on Friday morning Jess kissed me and said 'Happy birthday darling. Now do not be late home from work. You need to be here by six-thirty for your surprise.'

'I cannot wait.' I meant it.

When I got to work, my desk was decorated with balloons and happy birthday banners courtesy the girls in the girls in the office. As they walked past my desk each of them gave me a peck on the cheek. This did nothing for my aching balls. It was all I could do to stop myself getting an erection. Then I noticed Sharon, she look amazing as usual. All curves and make-up. She was the only girl who had not kissed me yet. I secretly wished it would not be a long wait.

About two hours later she had disappeared from my eye line and I had my nose in my work. I was getting thirsty so I got up and started making my way to the little office kitchen to make a coffee. I saw Sharon coming in the opposite direction and I hoped I would get my birthday kiss now. We caught up to each other outside a store cupboard but she did not kiss me. She grabbed my tie and quickly pulled me into the cupboard. She closed the door and pinned me against it. Without a word she pushed her body hard against mine and kissed me deeply. Her tongue shot into my mouth. The feel of her massive soft boobs pushed up against my chest was amazing.

I was instantly full of guilt, this was the closest to cheating on Jess I had ever been. I knew I should push Sharon off. I do not know what came over me, probably the sexual frustration, but I did not push her off. Instead I responded and started to kiss her back. It felt amazing, it was naughty and it was sexy. Anyway, no one saw us enter the cupboard so it would be our little secret. Sharon might be a bit of a slut but she never discusses her sex life, she is discreet. I only know about her sex life because the guys in the office talk about what they have done with her.

After a few seconds of passionate kissing Sharon quickly and very expertly undid my flies and thrust her hand into my boxer shorts. She grabbed my instantly hard cock and began rubbing it, gently at first but gradually getting faster, all the time kissing me hard and deep. I was intoxicated by her. All thought of saving my seed for my big sexy surprise had momentarily disappeared. How far was Sharon going to go. I truly believe that at that moment I would have done anything she wanted, I would have let her fuck my brains out right there in the cupboard.

As our tongues played with each other and as Sharon brought me ever closer to blowing my load I took the opportunity to grab hold of the big round ass I had admired for years. It was so soft and fleshy; I just had to have her right there and then. I lost control completely. I started to lift her skirt up. More and more of her amazing legs were exposed as I worked her tight skirt higher. I could not believe it, this was going to happen, I was about to fuck Sharon at work. By the time I got her skirt up to her thighs she had got my cock very close to exploding, and I just wanted it to explode inside her. God, I was so close.

I was about to finally expose her panties so that I could rip them off when Sharon suddenly stopped kissing me. She removed her hand from my trousers and pushed herself away a little. She pulled her skirt back down and then leaned in for one last kiss. This time it was on the cheek and she whispered in my ear 'Happy Birthday John from me and all the boys in the office.' With that she winked at me and left the cupboard.

I was suddenly a whirlwind of emotions. I was unbelievably frustrated, how could she get me so close and then deny me? I was feeling incredibly guilty, how could I have cheated on Jess so easily? I may not have fucked Sharon but what I did was bad enough and I certainly would have fucked her if she had let me. On top of that Sharon had made it clear that all the guys in the office were in on it. Secrets known by a lot of people are much harder to keep. However, despite my guilt Sharon had got me hornier than I ever remember being. I could not work in this state. So I left the cupboard and quickly made my way to the toilets.

I was relieved to see that they were empty. I just had to get some relief so I made my way into a cubicle, locked the door and took my pants and boxers down. It only took me thirty seconds of vigorous rubbing to make myself cum hard. Five days worth of saved up cum wasted in a crappy toilet cubicle whilst dreaming of cumming inside Sharon's ample ass. After I finished I tidied myself up and went back to work.

I was pretty distracted for the rest of the day. A new emotion, disappointment, had joined the others. I was now disappointed in myself for not being able to hold off masturbating until my birthday surprise. I hoped that I would still be able to produce a decent amount for Jess later.

Time dragged by very slowly but as five o'clock passed my mind began to turn towards my big sexy surprise. I began to get turned on again imagining what was in store for me and I practically ran out of the office at half past. I cursed the long commute home but knew that it would not be long before I got my birthday treat. I was so excited.


Chapter 3 - My Birthday Surprise

After spending an hour swearing irrationally at all of the other drivers between me and my surprise I finally pulled onto my driveway. I walk through the front door at almost six thirty on the dot. I was immediately greeted by an incredible sight. Jess dressed in a powder pink, completely see-through, baby-doll negligee with tiny matching panties rushing towards me. Oh my God she looked hot. Yet again I was instantly hard. As she got close I could see her perfectly pert boobs draped in pink. Her nipples were sticking out as far as they could and they were obviously hard, a sure indicator that Jess was as excited as I was.

She threw her arms around my neck and jumped on me so I had to catch her by her ass. She kissed me passionately. She smelt wonderful and she felt even better. I could tell as soon as I caught her ass that her panties were a thong and her ass was on show. I was convinced that this night was going to be better than I had imagined. Jess never lets me see her dressed like this any more. The only time I got to see her naked those days was when we are in bed making love.

I did not know what had got into my slightly prudish, not-that-interested-in-sex wife but I liked it. After a few minutes she paused and looked me in the eyes. 'Happy birthday my love. Are you ready for your surprise?'

'Am I ever?' I could hardly contain myself, although my regret at wasting my seed in the toilet at work returned to haunt me.

Jess grabbed my hand and led me through to the lounge. The curtains were all closed and the room was romantically lit with a hundred little candles and there was a large sheepskin rug on the floor. The setting was perfect. I just did not know why she had gone to so much trouble to make it just right but had left a dining chair next to the sheepskin. I would soon find out.

Jess kissed me again and started to strip off my clothes. I looked at her with curiosity in my eyes, where had this sexual confidence been hiding for all these years? Jess got me down to my boxers and I moved in to start to rip off her two items of clothing. Jess held out her hand and said 'No, I am in charge tonight. You do not do anything unless I say so.' She smiled at me sweetly and kissed me once more.

Once I was standing there naked and fully erect she took my hand and led me to the dining chair, I obediently sat in it. As she turned round I finally got a glimpse of her ass in that tiny pink thong. I did not think it was possible but my cock got even harder at the sight of her perfect round cheeks. She was reaching into a decorative box to get something. I was full of curiosity. What did she have planned?

When she turned round I saw that she had four sets of handcuffs in her hands. She smiled at me and grabbed one of my hands and handcuffed it to the back of the chair I was sitting in. She did the same with my other hand and both of my ankles. I was suddenly hornier than I had ever been before; this made my experience with Sharon seem like child's play. My horniness was made even stronger by an overwhelming sense of love for this woman of mine, who had put aside her sexual reservations to give me a wild experience. That is love.

What she did next really surprised me. She went back in the box and returned with a ball gag that she slipped into my mouth before I had chance to say anything. She fixed the leather straps at the back of my head. I was now completely under her control and I was loving it. Then she stood in front of me, looked lovingly into my eyes and started to talk.

'Let me explain your big sexy surprise. I was having the usual difficulty trying to decide what to get you for your birthday. I was about to ask you when I had a brainwave. I checked your browser history to try and get some clues.'

That made my stomach drop briefly until I remembered that I was always careful not to leave any history when I watch porn. My stomach dropped even further when she continued.

'It became very clear very quickly that you clean up after yourself.' My only thought was...OH SHIT, HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID, SHE'S A COMPUTER SCIENTIST.

'Well, that piqued my interest so I recovered your deleted history and I must say I was shocked. I would never have guessed that you were into the cuckold lifestyle. You just do not give that impression. I expected porn but not that.' She did not seem in the slightest bit angry; she was still looking at me with love in her eyes. I, on the other hand, was desperate to tell her that I was not into the cuckold lifestyle; it was just porn and a cheap thrill. My ball gag and handcuffs prevented any such communication. She continued.

'Anyway, I told myself that I would give you something you were really in to and so, despite my initial surprise, I decided to take the plunge and make your fantasy come true.'

Now I was beginning to panic. I desperately tried to shake my head to try and make her understand that she had it all wrong, it was just wank material.

'We are both going to have an amazing night. You will get to live out your fantasy and become a cuckold.'

My heart was racing. How could this have been happening to me? Then memories of Sharon came back to me along with thoughts that I deserved all I was going to get. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Jess ran off to get it. I thought I was going to be sick.

She soon came back with a huge black guy. He was enormous. He must have been six seven and you could see his immense muscles through his tight white t-shirt.

'I noticed in most of the videos you watch that it is a white wife with a big black man. So I have tried to make tonight as true to your fantasy as I can. Happy birthday my love. Enjoy the show.'

She turned her attention to the black man-mountain. He lifted her up and supported her by her ass as they kissed tenderly. Only a few minutes ago she was doing that to me. Now I had no choice but to watch my wife give herself to a huge black dude and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Despite my intense jealousy I just could not take my eyes off them, I had to see what would happen.

He lowered her down and she removed his t-shirt and jeans. Then she pulled down his Y-fronts. I could not believe my eyes. He was huge in every manner. His flaccid cock was about three inches longer than my rock hard cock (my cock is about five and a half inches fully erect) and almost twice a thick. She looked at it with wide eyed wonder. She grabbed it and turned to me. 'Isn't he magnificent? Look how much bigger he is than you and he isn't even hard. He really is going to reach places you never have. Just imagine the orgasms he is going to give me with this.'

These words were like daggers through my heart but, despite that, something was stirring deep inside me. I looked down and noticed that my cock was still rock hard. I was confused because my overriding emotion at that item was pure intense jealousy. So, why was I still hard?

Jess turned her attention back to her black play thing. He pushed her down onto her knees and she instantly took him in her mouth. She began sucking his flaccid cock, coaxing it to life. She had about half of it in her mouth and used one hand to rub it at the same time. Her other hand gently played with his fully shaven balls. She continued working until he was fully erect. He must have been ten and a half inches at least and unbelievably thick. Jess looked up at him with a huge smile and licked her lips seductively.

She began licking all around his tip. It was as if she was tasting every bit of him, whilst her hand still stroked his balls. After what seemed like forever, she began working her tongue down his shaft, again tasting every bit of his cock, relishing it. She eventually made her way down to his ball and she began to lick these too before taking them one at a time in her mouth and gently sucking. I was transfixed. Where had she got this technique from? She had never used it on me in the few blowjobs she had given me.

She came back up for air and took him in her mouth. She could only fit about half in as she began bobbing her head back and forth. There was plenty of cock left for her to masturbate him with one of her hands at the same time. She worked hard and it was obvious that her guy was getting close, his breathing was getting heavier. He grabbed her head and forced himself further in until she gagged and choked. He let her go and she coughed before laughing and taking him straight back in her mouth.

He was in control now. He held her head in both hands and fucked her face hard and fast. How long could Jess take this punishment? She had never experienced anything like this but she seemed to be loving it. Whilst he was brutally fucking her face she was gently caressing his firm buttocks with her hands.

His paced got quicker and quicker until I saw the base of his cock spasm. He stopped fucking my wife's face whilst he shot his first load of cum into her mouth. Jess needed no encouragement, she started rubbing him hard causing him to ejaculate load after load into her eager mouth. He eventually finished and Jess's mouth was almost full with his hot white cum. She turned to me and looked me in the eyes as she used her tongue to play with his cum, showing me it all before she swallowed the lot.

By this stage I was truly conflicted. I was still full of jealousy. Everything seemed to make the jealousy stronger. The blowjob was bad enough but the fact that she swallowed it made it worse. The principal reason being that she had never once swallowed my cum in any of the seven blowjobs that she had given me (none of which had been since we were married - this was her first blowjob as a married woman). But despite all of these contributors to my intense jealousy I realised that I was so turned on that I could hardly take it. I so wanted to grab my rock hard cock and masturbate whilst watching them. Maybe cuckolding really was a genuine fantasy of mine.

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