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I Am Woman


Once in high school, and then again before I left for college, my mother sat me down for a mother daughter talk about sex. "Now, Sally, as I told you before, both your father and I would be very angry if we were to find out that you experimented with sexual intercourse. That is for common girls. When you are with a boy, tell him that he may touch you above the waist, but nowhere else."

I smiled at her comment. There was nothing of interest above my waist. "Yes mother."

That is what I did. I was neither mature as a person, or sexually mature. I tended to just have friends. The few boys that dated me in college did not phone after the third date, when they were sure that I was firm about the no-below-the-waist rule.

I dated again for a few months after college. In that case, it was a shy guy by the name of Tim Leary, who was the son of a minister. He convinced me that it was okay for me to let him put his finger in me, since he had promised his father that he would not have sex before marriage. True to his word, he never tried to put his cock into me, but he would finger-fuck me during a whole Block Buster rented movie. I loved it. He would suck on my nipple. I had no breasts then. Then, suddenly, he was gone to New Zealand to perform missionary work. He did not tell me until the week before he left. I should have seen it coming.

I did not have a single date for the next three years. I was now a twenty-six year old woman who had never experienced sex. No bells were going off. I was just passing time. I took a position helping foreign students adjust to American colleges. You marry who you date. I started dating a Chinese boy by the name of Harry Wong. Harry was a studious, quiet, soft-spoken person who at five foot, five inches was six inches shorter then my five foot, eleven inches. I really went out with Harry, at first, just to have a buddy to go to the movies with. That changed the second date. We had returned to my place.

"You are most pretty woman, Sally."

"Thank you, Harry. It is nice of you to say that."

He took both sides of my face in his hands to hold my head still as he kissed me full on the lips. One of my hands was pinned behind him, while the other was full of pop corn. He pushed my onto my back, which freed the one arm, but pinned the one with the pop corn. He continued to kiss me as his hand lifted my skirt, pushed my white panties to one side, his hand was now at my mound, rubbing it.

I closed my eyes. I was conditioned by Tim to accept and enjoy long bouts of finger-fucking, so I did not change my position or question his intentions when his finger entered me.

I closed my eyes, let the pop corn loose on the couch, opened my mouth taking deep breaths as the sensations of his finger in me started the feeling that I knew would soon bring on an orgasm.

"Panties must come off," he whispered as he removed them. My legs were spread. His finger was deeply in me. His finger was withdrawn. He shifted himself. I felt his body lower onto me. I opened my eyes as I felt his chest lower to mine. My pussy lips were split. There was a quick shove of his ass. His cock was in me.

"Harry, we can't do this. I told my parents that I would not do this until I was married. Harry, we are not even engaged, or anything. Harry, I will let you put your finger in me."

I might just as well have been talking to the wall. Harry was merrily plunging his cock into me, with his head next to mine. His little ass was a trip-hammer fucking me for all he was worth.

I weight more then he did. I probably was stronger then he was. I lie there with my eyes open, sort of a puzzled look on my face thinking, just what the hell do I do now? I've given him my speech.

Harry knew what he wanted to do, and was doing it. With several grunts, which I did not understand the meaning of, he pumped his sperm into my vagina. I was so intent on my first fuck that I never thought of the fact that I was not on the pill. Never had been.

"Mmm. Very good, Sally. Me enjoy you. You are very tight woman."

"Harry" I said in exasperation. "I was a virgin."

"Oh, super, super, super. We fucky-fucky, more, more, more."

It never entered my mind that he would want me a second time. In just a couple minutes, he was hard again. Already on me, he just put his cock in me without fanfare to fuck on, and on, and on. He did not let me off my back for two hours.

Four days later he phoned to set up another date for Saturday night. I told him that I was not available. I was very confused as to what I should do. I phoned my doctor to set up an appointment for an exam so that I could go on the pill. I knew that if I was alone with Harry that I would let him have me for more fucky, fucky. I had no intention of getting serious with him, but he was available, and he did feel good in me.

It was four weeks after that night that I finally was with my doctor, Jane Gibbons. "Sally, I'm afraid that you will not need the pill. You are pregnant. I almost passed out. The unthinkable had happened.

I became Mrs. Sally Wong four months later.

Harry's hobby is photography. From the start he took pictures of me. Since he did his own developing, I believed him when he said, "No person see pictures except Sally and Harry."

At first they were with me fully clothed. Because of the baby, for the first time in my life, I had breasts. When nursing, they were a B-cup. After, they would fit in a coffee cup.

One evening we had been to a party. I had consumed a whole bottle of Turning Leaf, Cabernet Sauvignon wine. When we got home he told me, "I want to take photos starting with you fully dressed. Then more shots as you undress, until you are naked, except for your stockings and shoes."

Two or three times between shots he would come to me, kissing me as he finger fucked me hard. It was done so that I would have a horny expression on my face. He posed me in obscene positions, such as from the rear, with me looking around my ass, while I have my hands holding open my pussy lips.

When finished, he took me to bed. He fucked me for an hour. The next morning, I remembered that he had taken many photos of me, but I had no recollection of the obscene positions. I forgot about it all. Remember, he had told me, "No person see pictures except Sally and Harry."

Well the Shit posted them in a voyeur site in four segments.

At the time, I was employed as the four to ten PM librarian at our local library. The evening custodian was Buzzy Donaldson. Our custodians had their own room in the basement, with a cot, desk, small refrigerator, as well as a computer, hooked to the internet.

Much more friendly then normally, Buzzy leaned on my desk when the last patrons had left. "Sally, You are a really hot woman. You sure had me fooled."

I thought that he had lost his mind. After all, I always acted with decorum.

"What are you talking about, Buzzy?" I said with a sour look on my face.

"Hey, don't pull that stuff with me. Come on down and see yourself. You are all over the net."


"Let me lock the door. I'll meet you at the custodian's room."

I wanted to run out of that building, but I had to see what he was talking about. Whatever it was, he was very sure of himself. I had to see what this was about. As I walked down the stairs, It dawned on me that Harry's photos of me must be what this is about. Harry, you son-of-a-bitch, I thought. If you have splattered me all over the net, I will be a hard woman to contain.

Buzzy walked by me, turned on the computer. Brought up the site, to click on a submission called, "My Drunk wife." Not only did Harry post the still shots of me in the living room, but unknown to me he had movie spy camera shots of us having sex.

In the hard-sex section he had submitted movies of him on me, his little ass jerking up and down. My legs first low, then as I neared orgasm, lifted, as I swung my ass to meet his descending cock. There was nothing left to ones imagination.

"Sally, read the story." I did. "These are photos of my wife. She is the easiest woman to fuck that I have ever had. All you have to do is put a finger in her, for her to want you to fuck her." I was mortified.

Buzzy stepped up to me. I was standing there stunned, as though I was alone in the room. He lifted my skirt, slowly slid my panties to the floor, as he said. "I have a finger for you Sally."

He slipped his index finger into me. I turned to face him. There was no expression on my face. His finger was slowly rising and lowering in me. It was all happening in slow motion. What had Harry done to me, to our marriage?

"You're a tall woman, Sally. I like them tall." Buzzy took off my skirt, then my blouse, bra, stockings, and shoes. I offered no resistance. I was aware that he was taking off his clothes, but my mind was not thinking of me having sex at that moment. It was on me on the internet for millions of people to see.

Buzzy lowered me to the cot. His mouth locked on my clit. A mouth had never been there. I had the strangest reaction to it all. My mind was not in the room, but my ass was beginning to lift and thrust at the activity on my clit.

I found myself panting. Then I snapped. "Buzzy," fuck me Buzzy!"

Now, I'm a tall girl at five foot eleven. Harry is a small person of one hundred, forty-one pounds, with a cock that is thin and just five inches long. It was the only cock that I had ever known.

Having Harry on you was like having a child on you. Not so Buzzy. At two hundred and fifty pounds, standing six foot, seven inches, for the first time a man covered me.

With one long steady push Buzzy buried his thirteen inches of cock right up to the balls in me. "Ooohhhooo."

"Like it, Sally?"


"C'mon, Baby, You took it all right up to the balls. You have to like it?"


"I'll get you humping Baby. Take some of this."

With that, he gunned his motors to swing his ass high, low, hard in, out. His cock bumped my cervix, then would suck, pull, yank my insides.

"Oh, My, my, my, Ooohhhooo. Aaahhhaa." I cum.

"Uhh, Uhh, Uhh" Buzzy grunted out, as he cum in me.

"Let me phone that son-of-a-bitch."


"My husband."

"Be my guest."

Ring, ring. "Hello."

"Harry, my sweet. I will be a little late coming home."

"What, is there problem, Sally?"

"No problem, Harry. Some nice man has read on the Internet that all he had to do is put his finger in me to fuck me."

I gently set the phone back in its cradle.

Turning to Buzzy, I said, "let him stew on that for a few hours. Where were we?"

"Ha, ha, ha. I love it. Where we were at, Sally, is you were about to ask me to stuff my handsome cock into your nice tight pussy."

"Buzzy. Please stuff you handsome cock into my pussy? I can't believe that I said that."

"Here, spread your legs. Put your hand on it. That's a girl. Now guide the end to your snatch. Good girl. Now feed it into you pussy. Hmmm, yes. Hmm Goood Girl."

"Is it good for you?"

"More then you know. Not many girls can take me. Usually only a woman who has had several children. Never a girl your age. This is heaven."

"Push Buzzy. Stir me. Push me hard Buzzy." Louder, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Huh, huh, Ooohhhooo, Ahhaa, I'm coming again."

When I got home, Harry asked, "You have seen the pictures, yes?"

"Yes, I saw the pictures. Now you look at this." I raised my skirt to show him my pussy. My brown pussy hair was coated with a sticky white substance.

Harry and I had a long talk. I told him that I would never had married him except for the fact that he had made me pregnant. Tonight, I had found out that all men's cocks were not the same size as my index finger, nor did all men fuck by letting their ass quiver in place, like some sort of vibrator. That might float-the-boat of a Ninety-pound Chinese woman, but it was not what this one hundred and sixty pound woman needed, or would accept. I was history. Tomorrow, I was filing for divorce.

Harry's only comment was, "me wish that I was there to record your sex on camcorder. "

I had been married to that idiot.

As soon as I moved to my own place, I was reminded just how many people were eager to see if a finger would do it for them. I had phone calls every night asking me to go out. I turned them all down.

Then one night I was very lonely. As I walked to my car, four guys approached me. They were all local college guys that I had spoken to at the library.

"Hi, Sally. How about joining us for a party?"

I hesitated. Then shrugging my shoulders, I said, "Sure, I would love to have a few drinks, some laughs."

:"Great. C'mon in my car. It is just a few blocks. We can drop you off to get your car later."

Again, I hesitated. They are safe. Just college kids.


No one said or did anything except make small talk during the ride. I was handed a quart of Peppermint Snaps. I took several swigs right out of the bottle. The drive was longer then I thought it would be. We were soon in the country. Finally we stopped at a camp on the lake.

Once inside, I was provided a milk glass of vodka, and orange juice. I think that they called it a "Stinger."

Soft dance music was put on the stereo. Sure, I know that it is odd for one girl to be with four guys. I did not care. I was lonely. I started to dance with Billy Johnson. We danced. The others sat in the shadows softly chatting. Billy and I slowly moved to the music. It was so peaceful. The drinks made me so warm

Larry Williams broke in after the second dance. There was no chatter. Billy said, "I liked that Sally." Two dances later, I was taken by Andy Turner for several dances. Another "Stinger was downed. There was only me, the music, and a man in my arms. Any man.

I felt myself getting horny. Why had they not come on to me? In the back of my mind, I guess I knew from the start that being boys that they would want to fuck me. I guess in the back of my mind that I also knew that I would welcome their cocks in me.

I kissed Andy on the cheek. Just loud enough for him to hear, I whispered, "Andy, please fuck me?"

He kissed me on the lips. I felt him lift my skirt. I stood there as he lowered my panties, then he removed my skirt, blouse and bra. I stood naked. He kissed me again as he inserted his index finger in my pussy. Gently he spread my legs a few inches. I was as still as a statute as his finger rose and fell in my pussy. The other three boys all saw what was happening. They turned to watch as I was finger fucked.

Andy, speaking loud enough for everyone to hear said, "What do you want, Sally?"

It came to my lips so easily, so naturally, "Please, will you all fuck me?"

They took me to the bedroom. A storm was brewing. Thunder was rolling, the wind whistled through the trees. Rain begin to beat on the roof. The curtains of the bedroom at times were blown out straight. Rain coated the window sill, the floor. Brilliant light would flash, as the lightning danced overhead.

During it all, I was on my back, legs spread wide, or held next to my shoulders, as one after another of the four boys gently placed his cock in me. Slowly at first, then their speed would pick up, until, until, he and I would try to cum at the same time. I had learned with Buzzy how to use my pussy as a squeeze box.

An hour later the storm was over. They were spent. I felt glorious satisfaction. I had found out just exactly who and what I am. I am woman.

I'm Softly.

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