I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 14


He was wet and his sweat was dripping on my breasts as he held my legs up high and thrust his hips pumping his cock into me like we were dogs in heat! We were. Faster and faster harder and harder the fucking was continuously moving us towards what I knew would be the best orgasm of my life.

Faster and faster now Frank was moaning and panting as he pumped. I cried out as I began to cum I squeezed his dick so hard he had trouble pumping and I cupped his nuts in my hand and licked his neck. I bit his shoulder and held him as we fucked and fucked and fucked. Bouncing all over the damn bed Frank's cock was locked inside my hole and it was a contest now. We fucked harder and harder and I was milking his cock and he was rubbing my clit! And then.........Frank arched his back and I felt his ass cheeks tighter and I felt his balls tighten and that wonderful first shot of cum slam into me.

I moaned from the super feeling a man's cum does to the insides of woman's pussy. I moaned and felt the second shot as powerful as his first pump into me. It coated my pussy walls and his shaft and then the third shot pumped into me and that set me off.

I screamed and yelled and cried as my orgasm swept over me and my pussy started to cum too. My clit throbbed and ached and every nerve in my body was centered in that clit. Frank pushed as deep as he could get into my body and pressed my clit with his thumb and index fingers. We hung like that as we both peaked together.

My ass was a foot off the bed and his cock was buried deep into my cunt as I held his balls and felt them moving and pushing what was left of his cum out of his body and deep into my hole. Such lust, such passion and such wonderful delight from the fucking we gave each other. The feel can't really be described in words properly. Let's just say heaven can't be better than feeling a man fill your vagina hole with his cum as you are peaking with your orgasm.

We finally collapsed with Frank on top of me. Bob sat there and took my hand and held it as I opened my eyes smiled at him and told him I loved him. Frank rolled over and I just laid there feeling cum run out of both holes. Frank sat up and touched my face and bent down and kissed me gently. "Thank you baby, you were magnificent", he whispered in my ear.

Then Frank walked out of the room and into the shower. Bob sat with me and touched my pussy and asked me if it was sore. I told him it was numb. Frank had fucked me so long and so good I was numb down there now. Bob ran his fingers up and down my slit. I took his hand and saw it was covered with cum. I wiped it off on the sheet and he helped my up. We watched as Frank came out of the shower and walk out of the room. He smiled at us both and we watched his big dick still swinging from side to side but it was soft. I felt proud I had done that to him!

Bob helped me to sit up and then we both sat on the edge of the bed with our feet hanging off the side. I sat there and let the cum drain from my body. It formed a puddle under my ass. Once I was sure I could stand he helped me into the shower. He washed me and gently cleaned my body.

Then we dried off and Bob wanted to lap my pussy and bath it with his mouth to make me feel better but when we tried I just didn't want any more stimulation. We went out of the room and went to the kitchen for something to drink and eat. Saturday night was gone it was now 1AM Sunday morning. Bob took me in his arms and told me we should go home and sleep and to rest up because Sunday afternoon was going to be just as good as last night was.

He kissed me and we sat outside by the pool watching the few folks who were still there fucking and playing in the pool. I sat fully nude, my husband fully nude next to me and I wasn't blushing any more. We rested and fell asleep.

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