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I Get Friendly with Friends


As a free-lance writer, I pick up jobs where I can and some time ago I wrote a script for the popular television show, "Friends". The regular writers, knowing the show was about to go off the air, had mostly left and the producers hired me for the one episode only. In case my script needed revisions, I was there for the first rehearsal, but everything went smoothly. The six main members of the cast liked my work so much that they invited me to join them after rehearsal to unwind. I wasn't sure what they had in mind, until I joined them in their "unwinding room" and saw that it was furnished only with mattresses and pillows lying on the floor, covered with sheets and pillowcases. My companions started undressing as soon as they entered.

When he saw my surprise, Ross told me, "It's like this, George. All the women in the cast are beautiful and sexy and the men aren't bad either. We spend a lot of time in intimate contact with each other, in erotic situations with suggestive dialogue so we get really turned on. The sexual tension builds up like crazy so, after every rehearsal or taping, we come in here and unwind with a sex orgy. Maybe we should have told you, but we didn't think you would object to having sex with Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. We are all straight, though, and we're pretty sure you are too, or no more than bisexual, or we wouldn't have invited you. If you are bi, the men are off limits to you."

One thing that I noticed right away is that, while we were unwinding, everybody referred to each other by the names of their characters so I will do the same thing here. By contemporary standards, all the women are beautiful but I think of Monica and Rachel as being rather too slender for my tastes, so I quickly turned toward Phoebe. The other cast members didn't seem to mind and Ross and Rachel immediately started fucking in the missionary position on the mattress next to us. On the next mattress over, Monica was down on all fours with Joey fucking her doggy style. Chandler joined in, kneeling in front of Monica and she started sucking his cock. When Phoebe and I kissed for the first time, all she was wearing were her panties. After our tongues reentered our own mouths, she said "I've heard you like to eat pussies, George. I hope so because my pussy really loves having a tongue running around on her and inside her. She is wet just thinking about it." Phoebe wasn't kidding about being wet; I could see the front of her panties was soaked and I could smell her delightful juices while her pussy was humping into the air.

Apparently the cast members and whoever joins them use the mattresses interchangeably with nobody having any claim on any one spot. Phoebe and I lay down and continued kissing while I gently caressed one of her firm, shapely breasts. Besides her pussy fucking into the air and her juices flowing, Phoebe's big nipples were rigid even before I started licking them. Using broad strokes, I painted them with my tongue, changing from one luscious globe to the other. I could hear her making happy sounds and I thought she was cooing until I realized she was humming "Smelly Cat".

That was just the name of the song; there was certainly nothing smelly about Phoebe and, as I licked her nipples, I really enjoyed the delightful aroma of the juices her pussy was producing. Although I very much wanted to get my mouth down there and taste them, Phoebe has such lovely breasts, firm and shapely, with big, puffy nipples that I almost hated to leave them. She was enjoying it too but knew what she wanted even more, and she told me.

"That feels nice on my boobies, George, but it's my pussy that really needs your mouth." It was not exactly an onerous chore to start licking my way down her body until I reached where her pubic hair would have begun, if she hadn't shaved it off. As I moved around to get between Phoebe's legs and start putting my mouth where we both wanted it, I glanced around and noticed the other women also had clean-shaven pussies.

Once I was in position and had pulled off her wet panties, I told Phoebe how I wanted to eat her pussy. "I want to slip a pillow under your ass and wrap my arms around your thighs and lick all around your pussy for a long time until I finally home in on your clit. I like to take my time and build up so you will enjoy your climax the most"

"That sounds like a lot of fun for the second time and the pillow is okay but I am so horny and ready to cum that I just want you to suck on my clit, and after I cum, you can take your time and get me off again." Phoebe raised herself off the mattress and I slipped a pillow under her ass and buried my face in her crotch.

Sometimes one of my lady friends will be very horny and I go quickly to her clit for her first orgasm, and then eat her pussy slowly until she cums the second time and that's how it was with Phoebe that day. Once I had sucked and licked all the delicious juices from her pussy, which she seemed to already be trying to wrap around my face, I clamped my lips onto her clit and started sucking. While I sucked, my tongue swirled around and caressed the swollen sides and top of her adorable love button.

"Oooo, yeah! Yeah! Like that!" Phoebe told me, as her pussy pounded against my mouth. "Keep doing that, George, I'm gonna cum like crazy." She wasn't kidding about that either. It took a few minutes but suddenly, her legs were squeezing my temples and her hands were on the back of my head, holding my mouth against her clit. While she held me where she wanted me, which was where I wanted to be also, Phoebe's eager pussy fucked strongly up into my face. She must have really needed badly to cum because she continued for the next five extremely pleasurable minutes, her legs swinging back and forth with my head imprisoned between them. Her hands on my head and my arms around her thighs kept us together and I continued sucking and licking her clit until Phoebe climaxed, arching her back and giving one last thrust of her pussy into my face.

After she finished cumming, Phoebe removed her hands from my head but, surprisingly, I was still held captive by her thighs. Usually, when a woman climaxes, her legs relax and I lick up all the fresh cum juices and move away but my head was still a prisoner of Phoebe's thighs. "That was really good," she told me. "But my pussy needs to be eaten some more. If I let you go, will you eat her until I cum again? Raise your right hand if you will."

It was a no-brainer. Phoebe's pussy had been juicy and delicious and I really wanted to eat her some more, so I waved my right arm high and enthusiastically above my head. Phoebe spread her legs and I was released but I didn't leave right away. There was a plentiful supply of delectable fresh juices and I licked and sucked all over her crotch and thighs and pussy, including sucking the nectar directly from her love hole. Nothing went to waste. After devouring it all, I backed away and straightened up, but remained kneeling between Phoebe's legs, ready to start eating her pussy again, this time taking our time and making it last.

"I hope you don't mind, but now I want to sit on your face. You promised and I like to look around and see how often everybody cums. I always cum the most."

What Phoebe wanted was certainly no hardship but before I lay on my back, I looked around at the other people. Ross and Rachel were still fucking next to us but she had gotten on top and was bouncing happily up and down in the cowgirl position, her upper body rocking from side to side and both she and Ross moaning and sighing from the pleasure. Two mattresses over, Joey and Monica were still fucking doggy style, her body writhing in front of him. She was no longer sucking Chandler's cock and he was standing patiently behind Joey, waiting for his turn in Monica's pussy. Phoebe also looked at the other people before straddling my chest and moving forward to line her pussy up with my mouth. "None of them has cum yet and I have, and I'm going to stay ahead of them."

That was fine with me but I hoped she would want quality this time, rather than speed. I curled my arms around her thighs, resting my hands on her hips, and started licking between a pair of Phoebe's pussy lips, where they begin, below her love hole. "That's good, George," she told me. "I want to cum a lot but I want to really enjoy myself before cumming. Your tongue feels great there and I like the way your mustache tickles me."

Thus encouraged, I slowly licked my way to the place where her pussy lips are close together. Once I was there, I probed the seam between the labia, licking both surfaces, always moving very slowly and covering all the area of both lips several times over. My tongue made its way to where Phoebe's inner lip ends and continued on to the end of her outer lip. I enjoyed the feel of her smooth, hairless mons so much that I continued licking her there until Phoebe, impatiently, moved to get my mouth on the part of her pussy that she wanted me to lick next.

I think she actually wanted me to use my tongue on her clit, and I expected to do so later but I wanted to go slowly and make our fun last so I concentrated on licking the top of her clit hood, where the two inner lips merge. Phoebe liked it there too. "Oooo, yeah, lick me there George. That feels really good. I think Joey is getting ready to cum and so is Monica but Rachel hasn't yet." Because my face was covered so pleasurably by Phoebe's pussy, I couldn't watch what everybody else was doing, even if I had wanted to, so I let her keep track of the others and concentrated on bringing Phoebe to the kind of orgasm she wanted and that would also bring me pleasure.

"It looks like Rachel is getting ready to cum and Chandler is fucking Monica now. He has such a big cock that she will probably cum for her second time pretty soon but I beat both of them for the first time. I'm going to cum more than either one of them too." I expected to help her win the championship, but I wanted to take a long time because her pussy is such a great place for my mouth to be.

When I finished licking the top of her clit hood, I moved my tongue back down to the other pair of Phoebe's pussy lips. After enjoying the delicious juices she had produced, I started licking her other labia the same as I had licked the first pair. This time, when I got to the end of her outer lip, I brought my tongue down to her clit hood right away. Her thighs were partially covering my ears and I thought Phoebe was humming "Smelly Cat" again, but then I realized she was cooing. Besides cooing she was expressing her pleasure by fucking her pussy into my face and I could smell more of her marvelous juices and feel them running out onto my chin.

Phoebe interrupted her cooing to give me more directions. "That feels wonderful, George, but lick my clit now." I did as she asked, curling my tongue under her clit hood to gently caress the swollen love toy that was hiding there. Although I knew Phoebe wanted to cum a lot I also knew she wanted to take a long time so I was in no hurry for her to cum and my tongue only fondled her clit for a few strokes. That was enough to get her pussy fucking more strongly into my face and her delicious juices running more freely.

Just as I was licking up the last of those free-running juices, I felt someone getting on the mattress above my head. When I rolled my eyes back, I saw Joey's face and, several feet below his face, his stiff cock. "Scoot down on the mattress a way, George. Joey wants me to suck his cock but he will have to sit down so I can do it. I love the way you are eating my pussy, though so I don't want you to stop." After she said that, Phoebe started moving backward toward the end of the mattress and I slid myself down until my knees were at the end and my feet were on the carpeted floor.

After I reconnected my mouth with Phoebe's pussy and started probing my tongue into the lower edge of her love hole. There was more motion above my head; apparently Joey had sat down, and then Phoebe leaned toward him. My hands moved from her hips until they rested comfortably on her ass, with my fingertips well inside her ass cleft. As my tongue explored the inside of her inner lips, Phoebe's pussy started fucking even harder into my face. She didn't say anything because her mouth was otherwise occupied and I could hear her loud slurping as Phoebe sucked Joey's cock. She didn't need to tell me anything because from the determined motion of her pussy into my face and the flood of fresh juices, I knew she was getting close to cumming.

Joey knew it too and he was worried. "George, let me know when Phoebe starts cumming, will you? I really don't want my cock in her mouth when that happens. If you can't talk, hit my foot and I can pull clear." I knew what Joey was worried about. I still have vivid memories of painful bruises from when a woman climaxed with my cock in her mouth. That's one of the reasons that I prefer taking turns to 69ing. I reached out one hand to pat Joey's foot reassuringly, and then returned my hand to the inside of Phoebe's ass cleft where both my hands were caressing her soft skin. Phoebe's mouth was too full of Joey's cock to say anything but she was making plenty of noise, obviously enjoying herself.

We were all enjoying ourselves and Joey, knowing of Phoebe's competitive streak, kept her up to date. "Monica didn't cum when I was fucking her but she and Chandler are both about ready. I thought Rachel was ready to cum but she hasn't yet and neither has Ross. You're still in first place, Pheebs. Phoebe couldn't say anything but I noticed faster movements of her upper body as she increased the stroking speed of her mouth on Joey's cock.

I knew Phoebe was almost ready for her second orgasm because of the way her pussy was fucking so hard into my face and because of her gushing juices and the way her body was thrashing and squirming on top of me. All women give different indications but those are almost universal, at least among young women. I was ready for her to cum also, and ready to warn Joey when that was about to happen. In order to make it happen, my tongue was busily moving back and forth between her inner pussy lips, probing under the labia and thrusting into the edges of her love hole. Every time I moved across that delightful pink place, I relished the delicious juices that were flowing heavily.

"Monica just finished cumming and so did Chandler. It looks like Rachel is cumming too so they are tied with you, Pheebs, but I think you are about to move back into first place. You will tell me, won't you? George." Joey was worried but he was getting so much pleasure from what Phoebe was doing to his cock with her mouth that he didn't want to stop it.

We were really enjoying ourselves too, and, as I probed my tongue into her wet love hole, I could feel Phoebe's thighs rotate out, presenting her pussy even more fully to my mouth. The time had almost arrived for her to cum, and Phoebe thought so to. She seemed to be trying to maneuver her clit into my mouth but I wasn't quite ready for that yet. First, I probed my tongue against the small area just above her love hole and below where she wanted me to lick, stimulating her even more and causing her pussy to slam into my face even harder. With my tongue, I moved her clit hood out of the way, and when it was clear, I enveloped her adorable love toy with my mouth and started sucking on it. While my tongue caressed the sides and top of her clit, I could tell the little darling was fully engorged. Phoebe would start cumming within minutes, maybe in less than one minute, so I slapped Joey's foot to warn him.

I thought he got his cock out of her mouth in time but I couldn't really tell because Phoebe was thrashing around so much, slamming her pussy into my face and swiveling her hips that I couldn't feel any other motion of the mattress. "Yes! Yes!" she crooned. "Suck my clit. I'm gonna cum!" Obviously, her mouth was empty, and Joey was safe but all thoughts of his cock were driven from my mind when Phoebe started cumming.

She had been on her knees and straddling my head but Phoebe's legs shot out behind her and her pussy pressed fully on my face when she started cumming. My arms were around her ass, holding tightly while she rocked from side to side and back and forth, grinding her pussy delightfully into my face. "Yes! Yes! Suck my clit!" she babbled, enjoying herself thoroughly, probably even more than I was enjoying myself. For several minutes, Phoebe continued loudly cumming, until she climaxed, thrusting her pussy extra strongly into my face. I really enjoy having a woman cum while I am eating her pussy and I especially love it when she cums loudly, expressing her pleasure the way Phoebe had. I was glad that Joey had gotten his cock out of her mouth, mostly for his sake but it made it more fun for me as well.

"That was great, George," Phoebe told me. "Thanks to you, I'm back in first place. I know you like my juices so just lie there and lick my pussy for a while. Come here, Joey. I haven't finished sucking you off yet. Oh, George, here comes Monica and I think she has something nice for you."

She was right. As I lay under Phoebe, licking all the delicious juice from her pussy, legs and all the other nice places where it had splashed onto, I felt a soft hand on my cock and I heard a voice making me an offer I certainly didn't want to refuse. "Hey, George. How about a little monica? From Monica?"

"That means she wants to suck your cock," Joey told me, unnecessarily. "Ever since the Ken Starr report came out she has been saying that." He didn't have to tell me that because I considered the expression to be self explanatory. Monica didn't wait for my answer, even if I had been able to give her one, which I wasn't, because my mouth was pressed against Phoebe's pussy. I felt the mattress moving and I felt her warm mouth enveloping my cock, her lips moving down the shaft and her tongue caressing me.

Monica's mouth moved all the way down to my pubic hair and then back up the shaft and I could feel her lips nuzzling the head. She took my cock out of the mouth, held it in her fingers and licked the tip, including the slit at the end. Her clever tongue caressed all around the ridge, including the lower and most sensitive side of my cock head, and then her mouth engulfed my whole shaft again. Expertly, she continued sucking my cock, her mouth going up and down, her lips brushing my pubic hair on every stroke and her tongue delightfully laving my cock while it was inside the pleasure chamber that was her mouth.

Phoebe was still sitting on my face and, even though I had already devoured almost all her available juices, there still were dripping from her pussy to please my taste buds. I immensely enjoyed the aroma and the feel of her pussy on my face and I enjoyed the slurping noises she was making and Joey's moans of pleasure as she happily sucked him off. Most of all, I delighted in the way Monica was sucking my cock. Her lips provided the perfect amount of pressure and moved at the perfect speed while her tongue was perfection in the way it caressed my shaft while it was in her mouth. Although I still had a way to go before I reached my climax, my cock was throbbing in delight from what Monica was doing. Suddenly, she stopped and my cock was sticking into the air instead of sticking into Monica's wet, talented mouth.

"That's what she calls a monica," Joey told me. "She sucks your cock for a while, and she is really good at it, but hardly anybody ever cums into her mouth. I know I never have.

Phoebe removed Joey's cock from her mouth, caressed it a few times with her tongue and said, "If you're good and horny and can make me cum again, George, you can fuck me."

"No he can't," came Chandler's voice from behind Phoebe. "It's my turn now, and I will make you cum, but Rachel needs somebody."

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