tagRomanceI Hope You Dance Ch. 03

I Hope You Dance Ch. 03


Chantal was so stunned that she just stood speechless for a moment, then wrenched her hand out of the stranger's grasp, violently scrubbing her mouth with her sleeve. "What the fuck did you do that for?"

In an instant, his mouth quickly covered hers again and this time, he held onto her hand, giving it a little squeeze. "Each time you curse, you get kissed. So make up your mind what you want to do. Frankly, I'd like to hear you cuss again."

Franklin burst out laughing, making both angry women swing toward him. "That's an original way to handle the situation. I'm Franklin Warriner, young man. Nice to meet you."

Martin took the man's hand, grinning like an idiot. "Nice to meet you, too, sir, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to kiss a beautiful woman."

"Excuse me!" The verbal paralysis that Chantal suffered from released her and she quickly found her voice. "Why are you talking about me like I'm not here?"

"I'm not." Martin grinned. "I certainly didn't kiss you like you weren't here!" After hearing her father's laughter, he turned back to her. "Is this your first time at Silverglen?"

"No, because I'm not staying here."

"Chantal ... "

"Chantal." Martin let her name slide from his lips. "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Why is it that you don't want to stay here?"

"I'm not an invalid! I can take care of myself."

"Okay, I can understand that. Let's try a couple of tests. Point and tell me where the door is that you came in."

Chantal's blank gaze fell on him and she appeared to give his question a lot of thought. She turned, trying to listen, waiting for someone else to enter the automatic sliding glass doors but no sound came.


"I don't know."

"Okay. Question number two. What direction according to the compass are you facing?"

"I don't fu ... " She paused, turning her head toward Martina and clearing her throat. "I don't know. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Direction has a lot to do with everything. Learning which way your head becomes intuitive and aids you in getting about every day."

"I don't plan on going hiking."

"No, but if you're walking somewhere and you have to turn east, you'll be in a hell of a predicament." Martin continued. "Now, tell me how many people are in this room?"

"Four. Me, you and my parents."

"Wrong. You missed Willie, the maintenance supervisor, Arnold, the head of security and Lisa, our head of intake." What he was saying seemed to finally have an effect on her. "This is not a place for invalids, Chantal. This is a place where people are given their freedom."

"I'm blind." She said softly. "What do I have the freedom to do?"

Martin's reply was just as soft. "To live." He risked taking her hand again, giving it a gentle squeeze this time. "Why don't you let us help you?"

Chantal thought about the long months of therapy and hospitalization she'd just completed, remembering the obstacles she'd overcome. This would just be another and then she could be left alone. That was what she wanted: to be left alone.

"All right." She tugged her hand out of his. "But if you kiss me again, I'll deck you."

"You'll have to find me first." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and danced out of range, noticing that she shared the same goofy smile as he did. He left Lisa to perform her intake duties and went about his job, helping others around the facility as he did every day. It was well past eleven o'clock when he went down to look in on Chantal. Her door was cracked and it was quiet but small sounds caught his ear, the sounds of a woman being pleasured.

Chantal had no idea that her door was still open. She had taken a shower with the help of one of the nurse assistants and had climbed into bed, hoping for a good night's sleep. But sleep eluded her. Being in a new place was certainly unsettling but she was very surprised to find that was bothering her the most was Martin's kiss. It had been a long time since anyone had kissed her and his passion touched a nerve inside her somewhere.

She wondered what he looked like. She knew he was taller than she was and that he had a pretty good build but what color were his eyes and was his hair straight or curly? Those questions fell to the side when she thought back on his lips. She knew everything about them. They were firm and pouty like a woman's and they'd fitted so perfectly on hers ... her hand slid down over her body and she reached down, pulling the nightgown up and letting her fingers slip between her legs.


Her whisper of his name made his heart leap in his chest and he remained out of sight in the hallway, listening to her whimpers of pleasure as he let his own hand steal past the drawstring of his uniform. She sounded so sweet. He imagined what it would be like to be inside her, to have her lips against his and to know that her responses were meant for him. He stroked his cock, his mind awash with the images of them together, their bodies wrapped around each other with the singular goal of satisfaction on their minds.

"Oh, yes. Oh, Martin. Please, please fuck me!"

Chantal drove her fingers deeper into her pussy, panting as she moved closer to the edge. She wanted him. She wanted him deep inside her, his mouth commanding hers as it had earlier in the day. She wanted him to command her ... Martin came in a long gasp, gobs of semen pumping into his hand as he listened to Chantal achieve her orgasm. He remained pressed against the wall for a few minutes, regaining his strength and gently closed the door as he left.

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