tagIncest/TabooI Introduce My Aunt To My Brother

I Introduce My Aunt To My Brother


I'm Jana, a twenty- one-year-old gal who had finished my freshman year at a nearby college this spring and was just waiting around for the fall term to begin. Summer-time jobs seemed to be a lot more difficult to get than they had been in previous years so I was spending a lot of time at the local malls just passing the time away. I have my own house and I let my younger brother Jim use one of the spare bedrooms. Our folks were killed in a car accident a few years earlier and we have been on our own ever since.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my mother's youngest sister Sara who lives in the next town over and was fortunate enough to marry very well. Her husband has a senior position in one of the large financial trading firms in a large town forty miles away. He commutes most days but it is a bitch of a commute in any kind of bad weather. The road from his town over to the Interstate is nothing more than a dirt/gravel fiasco that the county keeps swearing to pave but they have been swearing to do that for years and still nothing gets done on it. The difficult commute has him frequently staying overnight in the town in which he works so Sara's always moaning about how lonesome she gets.

She is a great thirty year old gal with a fantastic body and no kids yet even though they have been married for four or five years. Her call was to invite me over for a barbecue and to enjoy their huge pool. Their house is a humongous place on the highest spot on a large hill so they get all of the privacy they could ever ask for. If truth be known, all she wanted was company.

I drove over just after lunch and found her out at poolside soaking up some rays. I wore a bathing suit under my shorts and tank top so I was going to be ready for a swim without too much fuss. I dropped my clothes on a poolside chaise lounge and made what I thought to be a fantastic poolside dive. My splash soaked her and she let out a scream of shock.

"You devil, You'll pay for that." She screeched while laughing like a hyena.

She jumped in and we had a mini race up and down the length of the pool that she won handily.

We jumped out and she went over to the outdoor barbecue grille and fired it up. We were going to have some grilled chicken and in the meantime she went inside and came out with two tall glasses of something. One sip and I was sputtering. It was Scotch and water and I never had tasted any before. I sat at poolside and just sipped the drink and the more I sipped the better it tasted. When it was finished I held up the glass as a signal I was ready for another one. Sara just laughed but hurried inside to freshen our drinks.

The chicken was great and the scotch made it taste even better. We sat near the grill and just talked for what seemed to be hours when Sara jumped up saying,

"I'm going to catch some more rays before the sun leaves us." As she made her way from under the awning and out to the poolside lounges. She was slipping her bathing suit off as she was walking and then said,

"I want to get an all over tan so I hope you aren't going to be bashful seeing me nude."

"Hell no, have a ball. I may even join you." It was impossible not to see what a great body she had. I always thought I had decent size breasts but hers made mine look like those on a young schoolgirl.

I was still sipping my scotch but I got up to join her on the big chaise lounge.

She was covering herself in some lotion and when she lay on her stomach she handed it over to me asking if I would do her back. I did and once again couldn't help but notice what a small tight ass she had. She may have been thirty but she had the body of a gal in her early twenties. I could certainly see what my uncle saw in her!

She lay like that for a half-hour or so before turning on her back so her lovely breasts were skyward. She was able to put the lotion on herself so she didn't ask me to do it for her. I sat there sipping my scotch and it wasn't long before I heard her snoring. I got up and went to the far end of the pool before diving in and then swam a solid dozen laps before getting out and took a shower in the outdoor bathing area. I grabbed a couple of towels and pulled off my bathing suit and dried off before pulling my shorts and tank top again. I slipped out of the yard as quietly as I could and headed for home. An hour later I gave her a call and heard that she was sorry I left without saying goodbye. I was more interested in just giving her a thank you for the barbecue and the drinks. She made me promise to come back over sometime in the next few days. I agreed but wasn't sure when I would make it.

Over the next several weeks she had me over for barbecues, drinks and swimming a number of times. I got to be very envious of her pool and magnificent home but I guess they are the rewards for marrying well. We became frequent customers of the two malls in the area but even they got tiresome after a while.

One morning I got a call inviting me over for another barbecue and an afternoon in her pool. The outside temperature was forecast to be in the low nineties so I jumped at the chance to swim some laps and maybe even taste another scotch or two. I got to her place at eleven and was in the pool within the next ten minutes.

Sara came tiptoeing out with not only two glasses but also a complete pitcher of scotch and water. There was enough booze in it to give us each three or four drinks. It looked as if it was going to be some day!

I told her I wasn't really very hungry so the barbecue could wait until late afternoon. We could use the pool and just chat until we were ready to eat.

My second drink went down a little too easy and I was ready to catch some rays and perhaps a little nap to make up for the lack of sleep I had suffered with for the previous few nights. I didn't know what was troubling me but I wasn't getting more than a couple of hours a sleep a night.

I made at least a dozen fast laps of the pool and Sara was ooohing and ahhing at my new found speed. I guess I was holding it in reserve up until then.

"Sara, I'm going to strip this suit off and try and get the all over tan you seem to have acquired. Do you mind?"

"Not at all, get comfortable."

That was all I had to hear and I had soon covered my chest and front with some lotion and was on my back and beginning to catch some Z's.

I don't know how long it was but I was awakened with a very warm feeling on my lower abdomen in the area of my vagina. I ignored it but soon came wide-awake when I felt something touching me there. When I opened my eyes all I cold see was the back of Sara's head getting very close to my pussy. Holy shit, she was going to eat me.

Without saying a word I reached out with one hand and rested it on the back of her head and pulled it slowly but firmly into my crotch. She looked up at me with a questioning look and I said,

"Do me Sara. I'm going to really enjoy having your face buried between the lips of my pussy"

With that I pulled even harder on the back of her head and I soon felt the warmth of her mouth burying itself in the folds of my pussy. It didn't take her long before she had a few fingers penetrating right along with her tongue. I turned around so she was lying between my legs with her face buried in me. I put both hands on the back of her head and did some serious pulling of her head into me as I wrapped my legs around her back. Holy shit this woman can really eat pussy. My boyfriend did me every now and then but nothing like this. She must have known what felt good to her when she had someone doing it to her and that was what she was doing to me and that must have made the difference.

As much as I was trying to prolong the enjoyment of what I was feeling the warmth was starting deep inside of me and I knew it wasn't going to be long before I would be filling her mouth with my juices.

"Yes Sara. Spread my lips and get your tongue as deep inside of me as you can get it."

She began attacking my pussy with her mouth and outstretched tongue fast and furious and that was it. I could feel my juices flowing around her cheeks and then being lapped up with her tongue as I was filing my Aunts mouth with my juices.

"Aunt Sara, you sure do eat a mean pussy." I said with a laugh.

"Oh God Jana, drop the 'Aunt' bit. It sounds terrible."

"It would sound a lot worse if our friends, would hear about it." I joked.

"Geez, they would flip out if they ever knew I did this to you."

"Well, put your mind at ease. You can bet I'll never tell." I answered.

"I know it must sound terrible but I have been wanting to do this for you for several years now." As she was saying this she had each of her hands spreading the lips of my pussy as wide as she could get them and had her tongue flicking back and forth over them. Every now and then she let it delve deep inside of me to work my clit over. I'll be ready for another go-round if she will do the same thing a half-hour from now.

"I think it's time for another few laps of the pool. Care to join me?" I asked.

We both hit the water about the same time and she swam right up to me and planted her lips on mine while she had her hand between my legs and twirling her fingers in and around my pussy.

"You are quite the lover Sara. I could get used to a lot of this." I said as I backed up to the edge of the pool and had my back against it with my arms stretched out along the top of the side of the pool as she dropped her head below water just to suck on my tits.

I lifted her head with my hand so she was facing me and drew her even nearer as I kissed her and had my tongue deep in her mouth.

It didn't take long before I said, "Sara, we better get out of the water if we are going to continue like this before we get so excited we drown."

She reached the chaise lounge a minute before I did and was lying on her back looking at me as I approached it. When I got right next to it I lifted one leg over her head and lowered my pussy down on her face.

"Oh God Jana, this is going to be fantastic."

Little did she know just how fantastic it was going to be for her. As my pussy touched her face she reached out and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me even tighter to her mouth and when her tongue touched my pussy I let out a huge groan and then lowered my face down between her legs. It didn't take me long before my tongue was as deep into her as hers was into me. Whew, this was going to be something else.

She pulled her face away from my pussy and let out a screech louder than I ever imagined. "Oh God Jana, Yes, yes, yes eat me" and then returned her mouth to where it was just a few seconds earlier ---- deep in my pussy.

We were almost matching each other's actions as we were each doing our thing. She began to throw her hips high in the air as I was throwing mine down to her face. It didn't take long before we were each moaning loud enough for the neighbors to hear us and it was a good thing that with all the land they had those neighbors were a good ways off and out of earshot. I think I came first but she wasn't far behind. Her juices come flowing out of her and I did my best to lick up every drop. She did the same for mine.

"Jana, you were terrific. I've only had one other gal do that to me but you were the absolute best."

"Glad to be of service Auntie."

"Damnit, I asked you to stop that Aunt stuff."

"I know but I get a kick out of bugging you." I said laughingly

"Sara, I have a great idea that I am sure you will go for. You have heard me talk about my boyfriend a few times and I have a confession. My boyfriend is my brother Jim. But that's not the reason I am bringing it up now. Jim is well endowed and I am sure I could sweet talk him into coming over some afternoon under the pretense of a barbecue and pool and have him introduce you to his huge cock. What do you say?"

"Heck, I know him as well as I know you. How old is he now?" she answered.

"He's twenty, plenty old enough to fuck your eyes out. What do you say? You could be eating my pussy while he's filling you with his meat"

"Wow, that sounds great. Set it up."

I talked to Jim the next day and he was more than just a little leery that Sara had a big mouth and would let it slip to our friends that the three of us were having sex.

"Jim, she has more to lose than we do if she blurts it out. Her husband would throw her out of the house and all of the good things that go along with his wealth. Hell, she'd be scared to death to let it out."

"OK big Sis if you feel that good about it. What are you going to be doing while I am fucking our Aunt?

"Oh hell, she'll be eating my pussy while you are fucking hers."

"That I have to see" he mumbled

I called later that day and set Jim and I up for a visit to Sara's the next day. We were going to get there around eleven and let things go from there. Sara's husband was going to be traveling out to the West Coast so he wouldn't be walking in on us.

The weather was fantastic for a day at the pool and Jim and I made it to Sara's at almost eleven on the dot. She was waiting for us at poolside and greeted us both with a touch of excitement in her voice.

"Hi guys, the water is super. I won't start the barbecue until we all have had our fill of swimming."

"Sounds great. Give us a few minutes to shed the street clothes we have over our swim suits and we'll give you a little speed competition in the pool."

"Hell, I know I'll clean the clocks of both of you." She said with a laugh.

She didn't know that Jim didn't have a bathing suit under his street clothes so when he stripped she was going to see him naked and I knew where her eyes would be focused.....no higher than his cock.

She was still on the chaise lounge and when Jim threw his street clothes on the adjacent chaise he instantly went over to where she was lying and stood there with his huge cock hanging inches from her face. It wouldn't take much attention from her before it was harder than a steel rod.

"Wow, what do we have here? Looks like a cock looking for some action." She said.

Jim never said a word but simply reached out and pulled her face to his crotch and she sure didn't need any more of an introduction to it than that. She had her mouth open and an arm around the back of his ass pulling him the remaining inch or so to her. That was all it took before she had him buried deep in her throat and she had began her bobbing action on it. As I expected he was hard almost before she was at it for a couple minutes.

She pulled off of him screeching "Holy Shit, look at the size of this thing. Jim, I'll never be able to take that monster in my tight little pussy."

"Aunt Sara, sure you will. I'll go real slow and slip it in a little at a time."

"No you won't if you keep calling me AUNT Sara." She shouted.

I jumped in with "Jim, Sara is a little sensitive about us calling her 'Aunt'. Drop the 'Aunt' business."

"No problem Sara. I've brought some lube if you think you'll need it. Why don't I smear some on myself and we can started?"

It was obvious that Sara couldn't take her eyes off the tool that would soon be knocking at the door of the lips of her pussy and she was wondering if she was going to be able to handle it.

Jim knelt between her legs and smeared a gob of the lube on the head of his cock and up and down the shaft and then dropped forward and planted a huge kiss on her. That really flipped her out for he was slipping the head of his cock in her pussy as his tongue was down her throat.

He was in her a couple of inches before she started moaning and that was all he needed to hear. He then reached under her hips holding her tight as he pushed down far enough that he had about six inches buried. That was almost the end of his penetration but he drove the last three or so inches in to the hilt.

"Oh my God, you are going to split me open. Stop Jim, don't go in me any further."

He answered with, "I'd love to be able to but you have every bit of me deep inside of you already."

She was tossing her head from side to side as he slowly drove in and out of her. "Calm down Sara, you have some more action coming your way." I said quietly.

She lay still and I knelt over her face with my pussy touching her lips and Jim was still slipping in and out of her. She was moaning big time but it was impossible to tell what was getting her excited the most ..... the cock in her pussy or her tongue in my mine.

I was really worked up watching Jim slip into her so I wasn't going to be far away from my own orgasm.

It only took another few minutes and I was covering her face with my juices as I squished my pussy all over her cheeks. I rose up a bit giving her the chance she needed to lick my juices up. I slipped off her as soon as I thought she was through and gave Jim a chance to do his thing. He had started to thrust faster and harder and he was almost bringing tears to her eyes but when she heard him say. "Sara, get ready, I'm going to fill your lovely tight pussy with my love juices," it drove her over the top. She let out a low scream and threw her ass high in the air as she was having her own orgasm. Jim lowered his face to hers and gave her a huge kiss realizing that he was also licking my juices with his kiss. No problem, he eats my juices several times a week.

"Oh my God, I never imagined that sex could be so wonderful. I never want to let the two of you get away from me." Sara yelled.

Jim answered her with, "I wonder if you will still say that after I slip this thing up your ass."

"Oh no. NEVER. You can fuck my mouth or my pussy but that's it" She cried out.

Jim responded with, "Awwww, pansy, pansy."

I laughed and told Sara, "Don't sweat it Sara. If he ever even tries it he'll have both of us to contend with."

Jim goaded her a little with, "Sara, it's time to get the barbecue going. I'm a little hungry after taking such good care of your sexual needs."

"You're right. You really did a job on my pussy. I never thought you would be able to get that thing in me without splitting me apart."

Jim answered her with, "After lunch I want to see how much of it you can get in your mouth."

"Why don't we all go for a dip in the pool while the grille is getting warm. I got some great steaks for today but I want the grille to be real hot before I drop the meat on."

I hit the water first followed by Jim with Sara following behind. Jim was being a smart-ass thinking he would beat her with a race and she absolutely cleaned his clock. They were going to do four laps and she was through with all four and he was just making the turn for the last one. Rather than just being embarrassed he was pissed getting beaten so badly. She wouldn't let it drop and that was pissing him off even more.

She taunted him with things like, "Maybe I'll teach you how to swim if you will show me the best things to do with your cock. Ahhhh, I think you are too big a clod to ever be able to beat a lil ole gal like me."

He was going a little bit crazy with that kind of teasing and I could see that he was trying to figure a way to get her back.

The steaks were great. I like mine medium-rare and she cooked it perfectly. She had made another pitcher of Scotch on the rocks and poured three to go with the meat. What an afternoon!!

An hour later Jim was stroking himself and when he got it hard went over to Sara and dangled it in front of her.

"Ready for round two?" he taunted.

"You bet" and she reached up and took over the stroking from him.

She got up on her hands and knees and said she loved sex this way and he was only too quick to accommodate her.

I watched as his cock opened the lips of her pussy and slowly slipped in all the way. Her moaning started when it was about half way in and he began some slow thrusting.

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