tagRomanceI Knew Ch. 04

I Knew Ch. 04


Jeremy had picked Lisa up from the hospital and they had gone back to her place so she could pack some clothes and essentials so stay at Jeremy's. The doctor had said they she didn't know how long it would be until Lisa would be allowed to actually go home it could be weeks or months, it all depended on her recovery. Doctor Stevens believed the therapy process would take a while.

"Nice place," Jeremy commented.

"Yeah it's nice, just right for me I guess," Lisa blushed, as realised she had left her apartment in a complete mess, she had been planning on doing a big spring clean the day after…. Tears began to form in Lisa's eyes but she pushed those feelings away. "Sorry about the mess, I guess I was planning on cleaning" she smiled and giggled.

"No worries, all I've done is clean since I realised you were actually gong to be living with me" Jeremy laughed and gave Lisa one of those award winning smiles she had come to love.

"Would it be ok if we come back in a couple of days so I can clean the place? I feel horrible knowing I'm about to leave it in this state."

"Yeah of course, just let me know when you're ready." Jeremy hoped she would be ready for a lot of other things too. He was starting to feel things he hadn't felt in a long time, every time he saw that look of her remembering what happened he just wanted to pull her into his arms and protect her. He hadn't felt this way since… well that's something he didn't want to remember either, all he knew was her wanted her to be more than just a friend, but he would have to work slowly, last thing he wanted was to put her back in that hospital for scaring her or something.

"Jeremy…" Lisa had been talking but Jeremy had totally blanked out.

"What? Oh sorry" he smiled.

"Where did you go?" Lisa asked, laughing at him too.

"No where sorry" he giggled. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got everything."

"Awesome, lets go."

As they were driving to Jeremy's the two chatted about different things, just finding out different bits and pieces about the other. Lisa was looking out the window where she realised what part of town they were in, it was the classier, maybe even described as posh, part. She was starting to wonder exactly where he lived, when he turned down a street she knew he must had a huge place. "When you said that you had a room spare, exactly how many rooms do you have?" Lisa asked

"Yeah well… um lets just say I have money, I don't like to flaunt it because, well because its not who I am, I inherited it from my parents when they passed on." They pulled up outside this beautiful almost mansion type house. "Come in, I'll show you around and which is your room, then we'll come back and get your bags." As they walked through the house Jeremy showed Lisa all the rooms, there were some bedrooms that he had converted them into something else. There was one that he transformed into a studio; another was now a photography lab. Lisa couldn't believe it. Jeremy then showed her where his room was and just next door was hers. They had joining rooms but Jeremy had said that she was quite welcome to lock the door if she wished.

After the tour the two of them went down and unpacked Lisa's things from the car one they had finished they sat in the lounge room. "So what do you want for dinner?" asked Jeremy. "I can cook something or if you want we can order in, it's up to you."

"You can cook? I might have to see this for myself" Lisa teased. "What is your speciality?" Lisa laughed.

"You think I can't cook? Ok well I make a mean beef casserole if you're interested?"

"Sounds good, anything I can do to help?" asked Lisa.

"No it's fine you go and relax, you know where everything is."

Lisa thought about it, "I might go and put my things away, come and get me when you're finished." With that Lisa walked upstairs and started unpacking. She still couldn't believe it, he was hot, a fantastic singer, a great guy and had all of this. She didn't care about the money; she wanted him before the money. Lisa finished packing and was thinking of what she could do next and then she thought about checking out the studio. She had been around sound equipment before, hell her dad used to produce music, she knew her way around it. Surely Jeremy won't mind, I'll just put a CD in and sing along. With that she went down to studio and looked through all of the CD's, finally she found an old Beatles records, turned on the mic and started to sing along. When Lisa was little she used to sing along with her dad, it made her happy.

Jeremy had finished cooking, had set the table and served the food, he yelled up the stairs for Lisa but she didn't respond. Jeremy decided he'd go up and find her. As he walked down the hall he could hear music coming from the studio, Jeremy slowly opened the door to find Lisa singing, she had her back to the door and didn't see him come in. She has the voice of an angle, thought Jeremy. He couldn't believe it, he may have found that girl he had been always been looking for. Jeremy decided he'd join in on the fun, he snuck in and grabbed a mic. As he started to sing Lisa jumped, not realising she had company. Lisa turned to see the smiling face singing along, they both continued until the song finished.

"Sorry if I ruined your fun but dinner is getting cold… haha" Jeremy smiled.

"Oh sorry I didn't here you call" Lisa thought he might have been mad, she put down the microphone and started down stairs. As they were having dinner Lisa felt she should apologise. "Sorry if I wasn't allowed in there, it's just, well my dad used to record music and when I was little I would sing with him after hours, I always felt my happiest when I sang with him." Lisa smiled shyly.

"No it's fine, really, you have a beautiful voice, have you ever thought about going professional?"

"Yeah, I was on my way but then the accident happened, which I'm assuming you know about because you have never asked me about my parents, and I don't know, I just lost my love for it." A tear trickled down Lisa's cheek.

Jeremy immediately moved to sit next her, placing a hand on hers. "I know what you mean, when my parents went it was hard, I lost my love for a lot of things, music is something I picked up afterwards. Photography was my real passion; I've barely picked up a camera since they died." Jeremy squeezed Lisa's hand and she looked up and smiled at him. "Well I don't know about you but I am full, want to help me wash up and then we can go and watch a movie and have a couple of drinks?"

"Yeah sounds good." Lisa agreed

They stayed up until 3am that night talking and getting to know one another.

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