tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Know Who You Did Last Summer

I Know Who You Did Last Summer


Sultry screen babe Rose McGowan and girl pal Millie Sanchez were cruising along the highway in a red and white 1959 Thunderbird convertible going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a weekend vacation. Buddies since high-school they were so happy being together again and their time was filled with fun and laughter.

Naughty Rose was so intoxicated by bliss that when they were overtaking a 16 wheeler truck, she lifted her top and flashed her tits to the sleazy looking truck driver. The truck driver's beady eyes bugged out and yelled: "Show more, you fuckin' whore!" She did it one more time and the driver squirmed on his seat and laughed with delight.

"Man did you see that? That beautiful cunt just showed her tits. I bet those girls are so hot to have lotsa good fuck!" the driver said turning to his companion who appeared not as much as excited.

"Yeah, yeah, it seems they all are in heat when it's summer and going on vacation," the companion simply said.

"Rose, you're acting like a drunk," Millie snorted.

"I just had the kick out of doing it," Rose said.

"You're silly! Don't over do it girl. We might be chased by some lurking evil men on the road for all you know."

"You know me I'm not scared of them. Can you pull over somewhere I gotta pee."

"Can it wait till we get to the next station."

"No, I want to do it in the field."

The thunderbird pulled over the shoulder road. The two got out and run to the field and chose a spot. Just as they were pissing they saw the truck they overtook a while back. It pulled over in front of their car. A guy alighted and the truck eventually pulled away.

"Now that's a hunk of a guy," Rose said. The guy was tall, rugged, superbly athletic not in the bulky department but lean. He wore Ray Ban sunglasses, cut off sleeves checkered shirt and well-worn jeans. "What's he gonna do?" Millie said.

"Maybe, he's gonna ride with us." Rose said.

"Oh no, I don't like this, maybe he's gonna steal the car or rape us." Millie appeared uneasy.

"C'mon let's confront the guy," Rose said adamantly.

The guy was examining the car when they approached him and made their presence felt.

"Hey, what's up cowboy?" Rose asked. The guy turned to them and his eye-popping biceps bunched up when his arm raised to remove his dark glasses.

"Hi! I'm Ted Harden going to Fort Lauderdale and trying to hitch a ride if you care to give me," he said, lifting an army bag on his shoulder.

The girls looked at each other. Ted quickly psyched them out. "Hey, look I don't have any bad intention. I'm no criminal. Just hitching for a ride that's all."

"How do we know that? You might be carrying a gun, drugs or any illegal thing?"

Ted laughed. "Search me out or frisk me till you're satisfied." He's got some Tom Cruise expression, when he smiles only his nose is straight and thinner. His hair is black, straight and a bit longer.

"Millie, frisk him I'll look into his bag," Rose said.

Ted cooperated and leaned forward pressing his hands on the side of the car hood.

"Don't move," Millie said and started frisking him, feeling his muscled thighs and tight butt and alerting herself to use some of her martial arts knowledge in case it becomes necessary. She even has a maze in her jeans pocket. Rose searched into his bag.

"Nothing, Rose."

"Ok, he's clean."

"Then why did you get down from the truck?" Rose asked.

"Well, first of all we weren't going any faster and I'm impatient. I saw your Thunderbird, and gee I love fast classic cars and the chatty truck driver has got rotten bad breath that if I don't get out I might not reach my destination alive. We even stopped for awhile because he had to jerk off after seeing you flashed your headlights to him."

"And why are you hitchhiking?" Rose asked curiously.

"Well, haven't you heard of hitchhiking? You will encounter hitchhikers along this way, there are plenty of them guys and gals doing it. For me, I am an adventurous guy, a free spirit and loves to meet people."

Rose was turned on with those words, adventurous and free spirit. They sounded like her qualities.

"Ok let's go and don't try anything foolish,"

"Promise I won't and Gee! Thanks!" he said and happily threw his bag in the backseat and jumped in. Millie fired up the engine and rocketed off.

"Wow! You're some driver," he said as he was jerked back to his seat.

"Where you heading girls?"

"Same place as you're going to."

"This is my lucky day. Gee this is great! I love this car! My dad used to have one like this. By the way you look like somebody to me," Ted said leaning on the backrest of the front seat and directing his attention to Rose. "You're an actress, aren't you?"

"You can call me Rose and this is Millie."

"Fine. Ah, I'm parched. Wanna have some beer?"

"No, we're looking for somewhere to eat, a diner," Millie said.

"Oh I know a good place, right after the first one in sight, the next is better. Hey, I'm gonna treat you girls. It's all on me as my gratitude for giving me the lift."

"You don't have to," Rose replied.

"Fine I won't insist. Where are you staying in Fort Lauderdale?"

"In a hotel. What about you?" Rose asked as if she cared.

"Well, I got friends and relatives there," he said gulping down his beer.

"Maybe we'll bump with each other there in one of the beaches if I ever get lucky again to see you, huh?" he added slouching comfortably in the backseat.

"What do you do Ted?" Rose asked.

"I'm a marine biologist. I like diving too. What about the two of you?"

"I don't do anything. Millie is an advertising executive."

Millie frowned a bit too wary of identifying about herself too soon.

"Looks to me that you two are real friends."

Millie was now more relaxed. She's beginning to feel that Ted is harmless.

"Yeah, friends for life." Rose said. The two finally smiled.

They ate in the diner and the threesome got along fine. Ted had a good sense of humor and they warmed up to his company.

"Here's my number, if there's anything you need to know, just call on me, might help you in anyway I can."

"You bet, thanks," Rose said.

When they reached Fort Lauderdale, Ted indicated where he was going to drop off and from there they separated ways.

"I like Ted. Don't you?" Rose asked.

"I do, seemed like he's a nice guy," Millie said.

"As a matter of fact, I got turned on. He's gorgeous," Rose said.

That Friday night, Rose was left alone in the hotel because Millie had a date with a guy she met in Syracuse. Finally she thought of calling Ted and rummaged through her bag for his phone number.

"Where is it?" she said frantically looking for it in her bag. "Oh, here," she sighed and immediately picked up the phone and dialed his number. It was an answering machine so she hung up. She imagined Ted and thought of him as a potential lover.

Half an hour passed and she called him back. Same thing, answering machine. She thought of leaving a message of where she is staying but she thought of Millie not approving to give him their address for precautionary reasons. She called for the third time but lost the nerve to leave any message. Finally she did call back and identified herself as Rose and reminded him of what he said that they might bump with each other on the beach. "What beach? There were so many beaches here? She wasn't able to tell.

Being free-spirited Rose ventured out on the beach hoping to bump with Ted. The more she thought of Ted, the more she becomes hot about him. Finally her pussy ached for him as she walked along the beach. Everyone she saw had a date whether in groups or just by two's holding hands. She suddenly felt the pang of loneliness and solitude. Being celeb is not easy sometimes. It was already eight in the evening and no sign of Ted around. She ordered a Margarita in a bar kiosk in the beach and when heads started to turn around her she felt uneasy. She was even madder when she was dissing out guys who came on to her like she was some easy lay. But she knew she looked fabulous and with a body to die for so who wouldn't try their luck to get into her pants. Finally, she couldn't blame them and got more lonely, walking the beach all alone.

Suddenly a hand tapped her shoulder while she was sitting on the sand. It was Ted. She almost jumped with joy. "What are you doing here, all alone?" Rose felt like she was suddenly in love. "Oh, Ted, I've been looking around for you. Where have you been?"

"Where's Millie?" asked Ted.

"She had a date," Rose answered.

"Oh, poor baby," he said in a teasing tone and held her hand. Rose was thrilled by his touch.

"What are you doing here Ted?"

"Oh, I'm going to a far off island. I rented a boat and I'm on my way to get to the boat. Wanna come with me?"

Immediately her eyes lit up and said yes. "But I gotta go back to the hotel and leave a message for Millie and get some things to bring along."

"Ok I'll come with you," he said.

"Oh, great. You got anything to bring along?"

"All my stuffs are in the boat already and I'm all set off to go."

Rose's heart palpitated at Ted's look. He's definitely sexy. He looked like those guys she had crushes on back in the 80s when she was a teenager and not like today's young guys who are called homeboys, baseball caps and very loose clothing. Ted was clad in a blue Polo Ralph Lauren shirt; faded Levi's hugging his athletic thighs and Reebok crosstrainers.

In the hotel she scribbled a note for Millie. She wrote: 'Dear Millie, I hate to be alone. Gone off with Ted Harden to Boca Chica Key, somewhere off the Pirates Cove. Have a good time with Larry. Bye, see you. Love, Rose.'

Rose took her bag, containing her essential swimsuits, make up and some emergency kit including an insect repellant. Rose didn't change anymore her white silk georgette-and lace top by Sharagano Paris and cut-off lace up jeans by Express complimented by beaded bohemian necklace by Erickson Beamon for Anna Sui which was more expensive than the clothes she was wearing.

Soon Ted and Rose were savoring the sea breeze on board a high-speed cruiser boat with sleeping accommodation. Ted had on a parka jacket and Rose in her velour hooded sweat suit. The night sky was sprayed with stars and the phosphorous sea was easy to negotiate.

Finally they reached their destination, a coral reef island with a cove. It was deserted and Ted said it had a good diving sight. He chose a spot to anchor. "Wow, this is paradise, so tranquil and romantic!" Rose exclaimed. "But do sharks roam around here?"

"Sometimes," he said.

"You're not scaring me, are you?"

"Nope, in fact I'll take a dip and swim here," he said and started stripping off his clothes. Finally, not a stitch was left in his body. He looked stunning. Perfect tan. Perfect body. Perfect teeth and what a dick! Rose shook her head.

"Well, you want to swim or not?"

"Why not?" Rose said and stripped naked herself. Ted didn't as much looked at her and jumped into the water ahead of her. He sliced through the water in freestyle. Rose dove and tried catching up with him. The moon was bright and the water was warm. Rose was exhilarated and so was Ted. After half an hour of swimming they waded to the shore. Ted was carrying a bottle of Stolichnaya.

They sat on the sand and Ted was unmindful of their stark nakedness. He was just natural about it. Rose did not receive any compliment at all from him of how she looked—not a regular feature about her if she's gone naked in front of a guy. They shared the drink as Ted talked about corals and his experiences in the sea. Rose felt somewhat frustrated because there was no hint of a promise of romance just all talk of scientific this and that which almost bored her to death. "Tomorrow we'll look at the coral reef and the beautiful fishes," he said and finally stood up to walk back to their boat. They put out the bonfire they made and headed back to the boat. Somehow she was elated because she could get laid at last in the boat. What an adventure!

They lay naked side by side on the bunk. Rose anticipated for his moves. Ted covered themselves with the blanket and hugged her like a pillow. She was glad that she was snuggled to him like that. It gave her a sense of protection but apart from that she wanted to get fucked. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. Connected skin to skin with a hunk and nothing. It was like married to this guy for 30 years and everything was so familiar and sex had gone out-of-fashion. But she hadn't got the nerve to ask for one reason or another. His body was a tingling sensation to her skin. However, it didn't take long and he was fast asleep. He must be so tired she thought. She thought to let it just pass and tried to sleep instead. But she couldn't. How could she when his long dick was nudging her and radiating heat to her pussy? She reached down to play herself silently. The motion of the wave helped her come fast and Ted was a little bit snoring. She looked at him and he was so handsome. She lifted her finger she played with her cunt and smeared the juice on his lips. His nose just crinkled but kept sleeping soundly. "Oh, my god, this is a new experience to me, unbelievable!" she murmured to herself as she stared the ceiling with bewilderment. Finally, she yawned and fell asleep.

The sun was up when Rose awoke. It was 8:30 am in her watch and Ted was still asleep. The covers were drawn down and the hem had gotten stuck by his erection. Slowly she lifted the cover so she could see his cock. Her eyebrows raised. It was magnificent, long and thick. It was the first time that she saw a cock with a foreskin. Immediately she was tempted to touch it. Her hand was about to reach it but when Ted folded his arm across his forehead, she quickly retreated her hand. Instead she moved closer to examine it. Her nose came very close and was sniffing it. It smelled like seawater and remembered that they swam last night. Rose really wanted to touch it, even just lightly but her hand was trembling. She was mortified. However she was undeterred and started gathering courage within her. Slowly her wild-child character was coming out telling her that this was her chance to play with it. Finally her courage had gotten stronger. First the tip of her finger touched the rim of the soft feathery foreskin. His cock strained and the head peeped out a bit. She looked at his face and it jerked sideways still sound asleep. Then gently she wrapped her hand around the shaft. It felt warm, soft on the outside but underneath it had like a bone. She dragged the foreskin downward as far as she could until the head of his cock bulged out totally bare. Ted's body jerked a bit and his eyes started fluttering until he was awakened. He bolted upright. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. I was just tempted to touch your Sycamore dick. It's huge," Rose said biting her lips, her eyes staying focus to him. Ted rubbed his face and brought his feet off the side of the bed. He looked at his cock and stared out to the sunlight.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"Almost nine."

"Beautiful day huh? Did you sleep well?


"Good, let's go out."

It was a really beautiful morning. The sky was blue the sea was calm and most of all it was clear at the bottom. They could see little fishes swimming underneath. Ted took his underwater camera and was exhilarated like a child. "Let's dive!" Ted dove and Rose followed. They swam underneath and while Ted was absorbed with anything that moves underneath the water Rose was following the movement of his long cock. It was amazingly crystal clear underneath. "This is paradise," Rose screamed when they surfaced out of the water. They explored back underneath and Rose began appreciating the nature around them. Schools of various species of fish and marine life swell into this part of the sea. Ted picked up a coral. Finally Rose was diverted from his cock.

Soon they waded to the shore and Rose was jumping with joy. "Are we alone here? I can't believe what I'm seeing here. It's beyond my words to describe it. Birds in the sky, flying way up high, fishes in the sea all born to be free. I think I want to live here," Rose said bursting with so much joy.

Then she noticed that Ted turned his back on her and dropped the coral on the sand. He looked like he was going to pee. She walked to his side. Then she watched him like an amazed child as he peed like a race horse. "Can I hold it?"

"What's the matter with you, can't have enough dicks in Tinseltown?"

The smile on Rose lips faded. "You're so rude. We've been running here all naked since last night and..."

"Alright, hold it."

"Forget it! I lost my enthusiasm. I won't ever touch that cock of yours. You are a snotty, arrogant, conceited, pompous, egotistic individual I've ever met."

"Alright, I'm sorry I won't argue."

"Why did you bring me here?"

"Because you took my invitation."

"C'mon don't be mad at me. If you'll follow me we'll get some fruits around and climb that tree house over there."

"A tree house!" she said her face lighting up like a child again.

"Wait! I gotta pee first."

Ted turned his back on her.

She began to squat and, "Well, aren't you gonna watch me?"

"Why should I?"

"Well, I watched you, didn't I?"

Suddenly he turned to her and she hadn't peed yet.

"Ok, then do it standing up."


"Just do it."

"Ok, as you wish."

She half stood parted her legs wide and a gush streamed out from her.

Ted went up closer to her, stooped and scooped his palms in front of her to catch her pee.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said so surprised her peeing got halted.

"Just go on."

She tried to suppress a giggle and peed into his open palms. Suddenly she enjoyed it and found it erotic.

When she was through Ted brought his scooped hands brimming with her golden fluid right up his nose. He sniffed it and then splashed them on his shoulder.

"Yuck! That's gross. Why'd you do that for?"

"Well, urine has the best moisturizing agent called urea," he said rubbing them around his upper body.

"I bet you drank Margarita last night," he said.

"How'd you know?"

"Well, really takes a while mastering the ingredients of substances," he answered.

"Nobody had ever done that to me before," Rose said.

Deep inside her she loved it. Never had she gotten erotically close and intimate to any guy as Ted even though there wasn't any sexual intercourse that was performed. Well, not yet. She had not lost hope, anyhow.

Ted walked briskly almost running and she could see the shadow of his flapping cock on the beige sand. It was warm and breezy. Rose loves the sunlight and the breeze whooshing between her legs, drying the pee that trickled along her legs. They entered a wooded forest and the sounds of it permeated the air. "Are there wild animals here?"

"Rare birds and lethal snakes."

"Oh my God, do you have an antidote for snakebites?"

"If you ever get bitten, I'll suck you. I mean the snakebite."

"If you do that you'll get poisoned and you'll die and left me here all alone by myself."

"You could survive here. You want to live here, don't you?"

Rose was silent. Then Ted bent over to the ground and picked up something.

"See this?"

She shrieked. "Oh my god! It's a snake!"

Ted threw it away.

"How could you do that?"

"Now look at this tree. It's heaping with avocado fruits. Can you climb this tree and get some."

"Ok, I'll try,"

Rose had forgotten she was all naked. Ted watched her go up. She was tantalizing. Ted was beginning to feel aroused peering at her naked plump pussy with vulva cleared of pubic hair. His cock was taking a 45 degree angle rise.

"Hey get down," he was mumbling feebly under his breath as if he had complete control over his cock. But it was adamant so he slapped it."

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