tagNonHumanI Love You, Lil Ch. 01

I Love You, Lil Ch. 01


This is the second part in what I hope to become a rather lengthy series, all revolving around the girl named Viona.


Very important note: The story describes the girl's entire life up to the point when she is around twenty-two years old. No character under the age of eighteen engages in any sexual acts whatsoever. It takes a while before the characters turn eighteen, but no sex will happen up to that point.


This story is dedicated to and inspired by a very good friend of mine. You know who you are, and I love you dearly.


August 16, 2008

Lily was different today. As if she had broken a cup and felt guilty about it. Everything she was doing had an obvious, awkward I don't feel comfortable vibe to it. The two safety pins in her right ear even seemed to sound sad when they'd jingle against each other today.

I wasn't enjoying it. Both of us had a bad day now and then, but we were usually able to talk about it. After all, we were sisters and lovers. We shared everything with each other. Any difficulty we'd face would always be so much easier to conquer with one another's help. It had always been like that.

For a while, I thought she'd spill it, so I didn't ask until after lunch. She just sat there, poking a last chunk of bread with her index claw. I glanced up from my phone while my fingers darted over the keys, texting my friend that I wasn't going to be able to see him today.


"Mmm?" she answered, distracted and reluctant.

"What's the matter, sis?"

"I don't know."

Please no, not this. I dreaded this answer so much that I hadn't even dared to think about the possibility of hearing it. I stood up and walked over to behind her back. My hands comfortingly squeezed her shoulders, but she kept poking that piece of bread.

"Something bothering you?"

She finally looked up at me. I saw her lip trembling, and my heart skipped a beat. This wasn't good.

"Vivi... I really love you, but..."

More tension. More reason to think I shouldn't have asked. More reason to continue asking anyway. My voice turned shaky like the vibrator I still vividly remember her using on me the night before.

"But what?"

"I think should stop dating."

The world exploded. I cried and begged through her explanation and didn't hear a word of it.


September 24, 1985

The music was way too loud, and talking was next to impossible, except for the people who cared to go outside, running away from the party's ear torturing abience. Michelle was nineteen years old and having a rough time, while simultaneously having the time of her life. Or maybe the beer and cocktails made it seem like that.

"Michelle, ma belle!" A familiar, male face was looking at her. She vaguely recognized him, and he knew her name, so they were probably friends. She shaked her head and walked past him.

"Fuck you, ass."

Being named after a song by The Beatles was one thing, but costantly being reminded of it was another. All her life, she had vowed to murder Paul McCartney if she ever got the chance.

Stumbling on her way outside, she immediately fell into the arms of a tall, handsome feline. His furred arms and chest felt warm, and she was yet again reminded of the fact that she was one of the few humans on a furry party. Her main reason to come here was to find out whether furry people were able to speak, and whether their brain was indeed so much smaller than a human's. She had no idea, though. The first thing she knew when she arrived was that she immediately got a free cocktail, and her noble, biology induced intentions were forgotten on the spot.

"Hey, will you be okay?"

Michelle clumsily stood up again and looked up into his eyes with a nod. She had spilled her glass all over his pants, but neither of the two actually noticed this.

"Of course I will! Wuh... Why are you growling at me?"

"I'm not. That's called purring."

"Well yeah, caaaare. It's the same thing."

She looked around, and saw the party building twirling and moving around. When she looked up into his eyes again, he pressed his feline lips against hers, and she didn't resist. Minutes later, they were sitting around the corner, secluded by nothing at all, and she was bouncing up and down in his lap. Whimpers, moans and cries all were ignored by their surroundings, and even they didn't really know what exactly they were doing.

The next morning, Michelle awoke in her apartment and groaned. The hangover was way unbearable. While she was brushing her teeth, her eyes suddenly went wide and she dropped her toothbrush, her hand remaining motionless next to her mouth. She sat down on the floor and sighed, grinding her teeth against each other as she realized what had happened the night before. Her hands found her face and she cursed. She didn't even know his name.


June 10, 1986

"You're almost there, Michelle. Try to keep controlling your breath."

Michelle groaned, cursed, moaned, cried, screamed in protest, but we couldn't be stopped. When my sister was born, things got even worse for our mother. The baby had little cat ears, and a tail that was already more flexible than her arms and legs. When Michelle grabbed the kitten's hand to count its digits, five needle-like claws tickled her finger. The doctors and nurses were all astonished, thinking they were part of a fairy tale.

Things got even worse when Michelle realized that her daughter had a twin sister. I, Viona, was born seven minutes after the girl whose name would end up being Lily. No Lianne, Lilandra or Liselot. Just Lily. A simple name that would define and color my world from the day we were born.

Our mother hated us, and was depressed for years. She spent several hours per day working hard for her money, and had to spend every dime feeding her two little monsters. Each time when we'd meow or purr, she'd turn the radio louder and tell us to shut up.

We grew to be what you'd call hybrid cathumans. Our bodies were furless, except for our big ears and long tails. We had claws with sheaths, and when we were young, we meowed more than we spoke. I myself had sharp fangs instead of normal teeth, and my canines were notably long. Lily's teeth were similar to a human's, though.

By the time we were four, Lily and I still only had each other. We were exceptionally intelligent, but oblivious to the world outside our house and garden. By this time, we were able to team up on mice, rabbits and even birds, which we caught and ate raw - like real kitties. Our mother did feed us, but she never cared to make enough for the two of us, often even giving us one plate with barely enough food for one child.

Lily was my best friend. We shared everything we had, and did everything together. We were like siamese twins. Our happiness together frustrated our mom even more, as if she was jealous of how close we were. She'd often get annoyed over simple things like when we'd be giggling a bit to much, and her favorite way of punishing us was by merely sending one of us to our bedroom, while refusing to allow the other to follow.

Until we were six, we never realized that we were any different than our mother. When we first went to elementary school, we were surrounded by humans, who did nothing but bully us. Our ears and tails were pulled, we were called names, and we were generally seen as filthy animals. "No! Don't use that pencil! Those kitties had it earlier." We were used to it; life with our mom was much of the same.

School suddenly became better than being with our mother though. When we were thirteen, one of the teachers once told us he had a nephew just like us, and he began loving us as if we were his children. He protected us from bullies, bought lunch for us when our own money got stolen, and convinced our mother to put a little bit more effort into us. Mister Janssen.

For half a year, things were gradually improving. Mister Janssen occasionally visited us, and helped our mother with the heavy burden she had. Our fourteenth birthday was the first one we celebrated. Three weeks after our mother finally bought both of us our first bras, Mister Janssen was caught trying to seduce a girl in our class, and he was forced to move to a different school. My mother shrugged it off, and life went back to what it had been.


June 10, 2002

"Do you, Viona Vanwonderen take me, Lily Vanwonderen, as your wife?"

I giggled and mouthed those two words to her. She slid the second of the two stolen rings around my finger, and we were married. We exchanged happy birthdays for the one millionth time that day, and we hugged. The hug lasted for several hours, and we eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

It wasn't until the next day that we realized our mother hadn't come home. She was probably having her brains fucked out by a person she had met only a few hours ago - like she did about once or twice every week - but now it was two nights in a row. This had never happened before, and both of us were ironically worried.

There's something about the relationship between a mother and a daughter; both are undeniably supposed to love each other, no matter what. In our situation, there had never been any love, but there had been a peculiar kind of affection. When we were thirteen, Lily had been hit by a car, and our mother was crying her eyes out in the hospital while she waited, unable to deal with the possibility of having to give her daughter away. When Lily was eventually allowed to leave the hospital, she was nearly suffocated by our mother's enthusiasm when she hugged the little girl's head to her chest.

Now it was the day after our sixteenth birthday, and our mother was gone. At first we didn't let it bother us, but a day turned into several days, and days turned into weeks. After our exams, we awkwardly told our teacher that our mother wouldn't be able to come and talk about our results, and he eventually made us call the police.

Our mother was found in a forest near the Botrange on the first of July, and everything showed that she had shot herself in the head, in the middle of nowhere. She died at the age of thirty-six, and took a four months old fetus with her.

Life went on, but it was incredibly hard. Financially it was okay, and even the work we spent in household didn't change very much. We had been able to cook ever since we were toddlers, and were perfectly able to take care of ourselves. We missed our mother simply because she was our mother.


August 1, 2004

I woke up to the feeling of Lily slipping out of bed. With a sly smile, I caught a glimpse of her breasts before they disappeared behind the folds of her white bathrobe.

We were eighteen now, and had changed drastically. Five years ago, everybody had mistaken us for identical twins, but now people often even thought we were just friends who happened to be joined by the hip. While we had both always had brown, straight hair, my hair had decided to become curly when I was seventeen. I did everything to make my hair look as beautiful as Lily's again, but to no avail.

Apparently, my body had simply liked being the odd one out. We had developed similarly during our puberty, but when she stopped growing breasts and getting taller, I continued doing exactly that. At 5'4", I was now three inches taller than her, and I was blessed with a 34C bosom while she contented herself with a B-cup. She was even more thin and less curvy than me, and I usually outweighed her by five or ten pounds. Even my ears had become larger than hers.

I've always known I was good looking, but my fondness of Lily made me jealous of her. She was extremely attractive, and wore glasses which were like picture frames to her large, green eyes. I had grown to worship her, and she felt the same towards me.

When I closed my eyes again and thought about Lily - who was now downstairs already - , I suddenly went through a realization that made my smile fade into a thoughtful, seemly emotionless expression.

I was in love.

Everything made it evident. I loved watching her do anything she'd ever do, and I often blushed when she caught me doing exactly that. My life was never complete without my sister, and whenever I needed to decide something important, I'd consult my sister and let myself be guided by her wise advice. Her presence was everything that was important; all else was trivial.

I yawned, and covered my mouth with my left hand. The feeling of my cold ring against my lips made me smile again, and I opened my eyes again to look at it. Such a beautiful little thing. I had often wondered who we had stolen them from; the engravings in it were incredibly hard to read and we never figured them out.

"Lily?" I called out.

"Yes, Vivi?"

Silence. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what. After a few seconds, I surprised myself as I blurted out the most genuine thing I had ever said.

"I love you."

More silence. Now I wanted to hear her say something. It took her ten seconds, but my nervous brain thought it was an hour or two.

"I know you do, little dyke."

I laughed and sat up, rubbing my eyes. The blanket fell down and I didn't bother covering my breasts when I called out again. I was uncertain, but had a point I wanted to make at any cost. I really loved her.

"Come here, Lily. I mean it."

She didn't respond, but I saw her appearing in the doorway. Her tail swayed sensually. Actually, she moved sensually in general.

"And you need to show me your tits for that?"

"Shut up and come here."

Now it was her turn to laugh, and she flopped down next to me in bed. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, while she reluctantly did the same. I had no idea what to do, and I knew she'd be taken aback if I kissed her. Her eyes told me my love was mutual, though. The only difference was that her love was merely sisterly.

We quietly lay there for a minute or five, holding each other close. She began purring contently, and I returned the rumble, closing my eyes and perking my ears up to listen to her. I was suddenly jerked out of my little trance by the sound of her voice.

"Don't fall asleep on me, Vivi."

I weakly opened my eyes and looked into hers again. She was already returning the stare before I started it. I inched up a bit, slowly bringing my face closer to hers.


She smiled at me, and I saw her eyes glancing at my lips a time or two. I continued moving up in her embrace. Her eyes kept looking at me, alternating between my eyes and my lips. I must have held my breath for over a minute without even noticing it. The tension was enormous, and I eventually gathered my courage.

Just as I closed my eyes and pressed my lips forward, Lily was suddenly gone. She was running all over the place, as if she had a whole lot of things to do but couldn't decide which she'd do first.

"I'll go get breakfast ready, Vivs."


I feigned agreement, while I actually felt like punching her. She knew I wanted it; what could possibly have made her retract? I rolled over to lie on my front and buried my face in the pillow. People and their fucking useless boundaries. When I heard Lily busying herself downstairs, I rolled over again and quietly fingered myself to a mindblowing orgasm.

The day was rather uneventful, and I spent most of my time tanning outside. Our garden was quite secluded, and I have always been a person who feels very comfortable in the nude, so I tanned naked. While I was doing my front, Lily sat down next to me and gave me a greeting smile.

I was purring softly, and turned on my side to face her. The day was quite warm, and Lily was wearing a beautiful yellow dress, which was modest yet showed off her light curves.

"Flaunting again, are we?"

"Ah shut up. You know I hate tanlines."

She smirked and lay down on her side, facing me. Her eyes were fixed on my breasts, and I shifted uncomfortably.

"Now who's the dyke?"

"Hey, you were the one hitting on me earlier, Vivs!"

I rolled my eyes. Are you doing this on purpose? I felt like punching her yet again, before shredding her clothes off her body and making passionate love to her. I wasn't going to, though. God knows why. I guess I was scared.

With a shrug, I rolled over to lie on my front. She did the same, with her right side touching my left, and I heard her purring. I wondered what she wanted, but it appeared like she just wanted to be close. I felt her tail coiling up around mine and I casually returned the grip; that's something we usually do. Our own special way of snuggling.

"We need to go to the mall today, Vivi. I don't know what to cook."

"Order pizza. I feel like being lazy."

She smiled and nodded. It was quiet for a few minutes again. I was enjoying the sun, while I had the impression that Lily was lost in thought. My faint, content smile faded when she spoke again.

"Do you think mom regrets not loving us?"

Bang. There it was. One of the questions I had never dared to ask myself, especially since I had always pretended that she actually loved us. Of course she did. She was our mom. Moms love their children. Yeah right. I didn't know what to say, and I thought it over for a while before giving it a lame shrug.

"I don't know. Why do you ask?"

"You know... Sometimes I had the impression that she was trying to change."

"I guess. Like when that Janssen guy started coming over?"

"Yeah. I think all she missed was a husband or so."

"She fucked and dumped every potential husband, Lil."


Oh right. I was supposed to be respectful towards the dead. Because the dead were respectful to me too... Or were they? Something told me that our mother hadn't even thought about how our lives would change when she'd leave. She had always been selfish, and I wasn't really thankful for anything she had ever done.

"Look, Lily. Mom was a pathetic, egotistical slut. She-"

"Vivi! Stop it!"

"But it's true! Don't y-"

Another bang. This time, it was her fist and my face, something that had never happened to me before. Sure, we went through some fights, and we clawed at each other's cheeks sometimes, but a punch like this had never happened before. It snapped me out of my rant though, and I immediately felt sorry. Despite my negative feelings towards our mother, I gave in and shrugged, painfully rubbing my cheek. And here I was, thinking that our only defense was our claws and fangs.

"Ugh... I'm sorry, Lil."

"Just realize she's our mom. Don't be so selfish."

Some more silence followed after I nodded, and I gradually became a bit more comfortable with my sister's presence, so I rolled over on my back again. I could sense that Lily was contemplating something, and when I looked into her eyes, I found her gaze fixed on my face. She was smiling very faintly, but her eyes showed she was going to say something very sincere. I perked my eyes up and returned the smile as she spoke.

"About this morning, Vivs..."

My smile faded again and I nervously broke eye contact. Suddenly, I felt like hiding my breasts and sex or running away from her, but I calmly controlled my breath and looked up at the sky.

"What did you want?"

I blushed and sighed, shaking my head and whispering softly.

"I don't know..."

Lily gathered her thoughts and shifted uncomfortably in turn, but then gently cuddled up to me, her left hand caressing my right cheek.

"I think it's wrong, Vivi. I don't think I'm gay... And I certainly don't think it can be a good idea to hook up with your own sis."

I nodded and sighed again, turning my body to hug her tightly. Her tail sneaked to my ass and coiled up around mine, which showed me she wanted to comfort me. I returned the tailhug, and we lay there for some minutes, but eventually she slowly slipped away.

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