tagRomanceI Thought She Made You Up Ch. 04

I Thought She Made You Up Ch. 04


This thing is starting to grow legs, I may need to change the classification to Novels and Novellas.


Early the next morning, about the crack of noon, people started stirring. One of their friends knocked on the door to invite us to breakfast. None of us thought to lock the door, and when we didn't answer she opened it, determined to wake us up.

I was face down, sleeping on my stomach, Cece sprawled across me with her back to the door. Amy was curled up in a ball on her bed. None of us were covered and were all still naked. She gave a little gasp of surprise, left the door open, and woke as many as she could. I felt like we were a point of interest on a guided tour. I finally woke enough to hear them talking.

"I hope he turns over."

What did I have to lose? I stirred and rolled
over. I was about to burst and had my morning wood. There were five girls standing in the room, who ran out screaming and laughing. This was turning into a hell of a weekend.

CeCe mumbled but didn't wake. They both had a lot more to drink than I had the night before, I actually felt pretty good. I covered both girls, took a shower and went out to find breakfast. I asked one of the girls if there was a Dennys or IHOP close. The two next door offered to take me, so we left. I bought their breakfast and got something to go. We were probably only gone for 45 minutes, the IHOP was on the next block.

They were still asleep when I got back. I lay out breakfast on their tiny table, found a small coffee maker and started it. Found some juice in the mini fridge and poured each a glass.
Going to CeCe first I nuzzled and kissed until she was awake. I pointed to the table.

She got up, used the bathroom, came out, put on a tee shirt.

"Food first, shower later." she mumbled.

The smell of coffee roused Amy. She sat up and streched, wishing us a good morning. Looking down she noticed she was naked. Surprisingly she didn't freak out, grabbing a pair of panties and a shirt as she went into the bathroom. She came back out and sat at the table. I placed a cup of coffee and juice in front of her and backed off.

"No loud talking, no big noises. Let me get this coffee working through my system. I'm sure I want to hear what happened last night at some point, but not right now. Could I get a glass of ice water please?"

I got Amy the water and and some more tylenol, then went outside. It was another beautiful day. While I sat at the picnic table the girls from next door sat down and apologized. What they did was a lot of fun but wrong. I told them not to worry. This was like Vegas. What happened here stayed here.

They said they wanted to take us to a bar that night to make up for it. I told them this was CeCes' weekend, what we did was up to her.

CeCe came out first.

She kissed and snuggled.

"Thanks honey. I'm now officially an urban legend."

We sat and enjoyed the sunshine. Amy came out wearing an enormous pair of sunglasses. She snuggled on the other side of CeCe.

"Did I make a fool out of myself last night?"

I started to tease her, but just couldn't do it.

"No, we found you passed out and carried you to the room. Old advice, never mix liquor and beer. We had to put you in the shower to clean you up, then you slept like a log the rest of the night.
But thanks to the guided tour this morning I think we're officially a threesome."

They looked at each other and something passed between them.

"Is that such a bad thing?" said Amy, hugging CeCe.

I shrugged.

"Not to me, I don't have to live here. Might be a little rough on you. Guys might hit on you a little harder. Girls too for that matter."

CeCe sat up and grinned.

"If they do I'll tell them to leave our girlfriend alone. After all, You're only a phone call away."

Not the conversation I was expecting, not at all.

By four o'clock everyone in the dorm was starting to feel like a human again. Room 402 was becoming girl central. CeCe told me she had never seen so many people come by before.

At one everyone was swearing they would never touch alcohol again if God was just let them live another day, but by five everyone was making plans on which bars to hit. The glory of youth.

CeCes' friend Beth came by, saying she had to see it to believe it. Every time I sat down CeCe was on one side and Amy was on the other. Perpetuating the myth, they said.

Her mouth was hanging open.

"Girl, I've been hearing things. Wild things. I think maybe some of them were true."

CeCe didn't confirm or deny anything. I didn't help when I said I wished she could join us, but I didn't have a spare hand at the moment. Amy just snuggled tighter and said she wasn't about to give up her spot. She left shaking her head.

Amy, CeCe, Flower[I think that was a nick name], and Jan began to plan our night out. Jan and Flower wanted to go to a new bar, Amy wasn't sure. CeCe was the tie breaker, saying that she hadn't been in a bar yet where she was afraid as long as I was with her. That should have given me a warning.

Before we did anything I wanted a good meal. Burnt wieners and pancakes weren't exactly sustaining, and that had pretty much been it for the last two days. They suggested Chinese.

It was pretty good but a little pricy. CeCe wanted to pay, and kind of made a fuss about it.
Picking up the bill, I told her no, and if I heard any more I was going to spank her right there in the dining room. Three mouths hung open, Amy just looked bored and told us to take it back to the room.

CeCe wanted to pay because one, she[her dad]was rich, and two she knew I was still saving to go back to college. Holding on to my dream of being a teacher, I lived tight. Working full time with all the overtime I could get, plus my part time job at the grill on Friday and Saturday night, I had $11,000 in the bank. It was enough for one year at the prices back then. I figured I could enroll next year, and make it if I got a decent part time job.

That being said, this was the first time since high school I had done anything that resembled a vacation, and I came well funded, with a willingness to spend it.

The Black Dog Saloon. That was where they wanted to go. It was a place college students were discouraged form going to, strictly a working class place, blue collar with a few bikers mixed in. It was my kind of place. Locals.

They had a four piece band setting up when we walked in, and all eyes turned to us. There's always a pecking order in places like this, and the big dogs look you over before deciding whether they want to fuck with you or not. I've had to dance a couple of times before, though luckily while not with CeCe around.

I had gained another ten pounds since high school for a total of forty, but I had always been a bit too thin back then. Six feet one inch and now weighing 212 pounds, none fat. Couple this with my beard and hair, and people usually left me alone. I also looked older than I actually was.

You don't walk into a place with four attractive women and not get noticed. Especially if all four have on tight jeans and biker shirts. Plus they all had their hair up in a french braid, except Flower, who had short hair. She made up for it by wearing a bandana over her hair. This was all their idea.

Snagged a table close to the dance floor,I ordered a couple of pitchers of beer from the bartender. We looked at each other and recognized kindred souls.

"You folks from around here?" He asked, pretending to just make talk.

"Nah, just passing through and stopped to see an old friend."

Not an outright lie, college kids are always passing through. Very few stay around after graduation.

I looked around.

"I think I'm gonna like this place. It looks a lot like where I hang at when I'm home."

"Yeah, where's that?" He was still fishing.

"The Broke Spoke. Ever been there?"

The Broke Spoke was the roughest biker bar between here and the coast.

He looked at me with new eyes.

"Can't say as I have, heard about it though. Up scale place, fairly new?"

I grunted.

"Hell no, the place must be a hundred years old. Every time it rains I think the roof is gonna fall in. I think it's been condemned twice, but Grizzly must know somebody or have shit on someone because the place hasn't closed yet."

Everybody that rode had heard of Grizzly and his notoriously bad temper.

"See the little blond? That's Grizzly's granddaughter. She's in school here. He's paying for it. I promised to check on her since I was up this way. Good thing she don't take after him. He's uglier than homemade shit."

Amy didn't know it, but she had just gotten a new grandparent. I had actually been in the Broke Spoke and had met Grizzly. Long gray hair, long beard, he had a broken nose that had never been straightened, a deep scar under his right eye, and half his left ear was missing.

I told him I had to get back to the girls and left him with things to think about. Caught him talking to guys and looking at us a time or two. we were probably a pretty hot topic.

Two pitchers don't last long if five people are drinking out of them, so half an hour later when the barmaid came to get the empties, I asked her for a new one. She was pretty in that rode hard put up wet look, and she didn't try to hide her interest in me.

She took in the girls.

"They yours or are you just babysitting?"

I felt CeCe tighten up. Here we go, tossed out before the band even starts.

I was between CeCe and Amy. I hugged them in close, mostly just to keep CeCe in line.

"These two are mine, we're just auditioning those two. Might work out, what can I say, I got a lot of energy."

The girls giggled and relaxed. Flower and Jan assured her that before the night was over I would be looking for a bed big enough to hold five permanently.

She couldn't help it. She looked round the table and then deliberately leaned over, giving me a boob shot while she looked at my crotch. CeCe actually growled.

"Hush, honey."

I looked back at the waitress.

"Don't mind her. We've only fucked once today and she gets edgy if she don't get it at least three times."

I slid my hand up to CeCes' left breast and massaged it gently for just a second.

"Don't get mad honey. I told you I wanted to save some energy for those two. Amy can keep you company tonight."

Amy caught on quickly and slid her hand under CeCes' shirt, rubbing her tummy.

"That's right honey, we'll have our own party."

What can I say. I felt good, and was spreading shit faster than an oil spill could coat an Alaskan bay. The waitress started to say something, stopped, looked at me hard, and went to get our beer.

The band started. They weren't too bad, and soon we were dancing. I danced with every one of the girls, except the slow ones, CeCe got those. After the second set she told me to dance a slow one with the others just to keep up appearances.

I thought it was odd, but except with me the girls wouldn't dance. I think the were still afraid.

I picked a fairly decent looking guy at the bar, walked over and bought him a beer. He had been
eying Flower since the band started

"Say, bud, how 'bout doing me a favor? My girls like to dance, and I can't dance with all of them at once. Would you dance with them? No funny stuff. Remember, they're all going home with me.
But if you like to just dance, here's your shot.
And if they say no, no means no, got it?"

He looked at me like I had just offered him a winning lottery ticket. I brought him over to the table.

"Girls, this is Todd. I have it on good authority he's a hell of a dancer. Who wants to make him prove up on that?"

Flower was dragging him out on the floor before he could put his beer down. That opened the flood gates. Guys would come by, and they would dance, but only if they asked me first. They didn't understand it, but they went along with it. Except for CeCe they all danced with a bunch of guys. She was frowning until I whispered in her ear that now I could have all her dances. She cheered right up.

We made a bunch of friends, and had three tables pulled together. I saw Flower slip Todd her number. Everything was fine until the last set, then it kind of went to hell.

The waitress grabbed me coming back from the bathroom and headed for the dance floor. I went along not wanting to make waves. CeCe was laughing and having a ball until she saw me. Suddenly the joke she was hearing wasn't so funny.

Jan was sitting beside her when this big guy walked up and grabbed her wrist. She was shaking her head no but he kept dragging her to the dance floor. I stopped dancing and headed towards them.

"Jan, would you like to go back to the table?"

She was nodding yes, crying. It was plain to see she was scared to death.

I turned around to the guy. He was a big sucker, about six four, and easily three hundred pounds.

"Bud, she doesn't care to dance right now. Why don't you ask her later?"

He looked about half wasted.

"This ain't your business asshole."

I sighed. Well, if that's the way it's got to be.

I grabbed the little finger of the hand he had on her wrist and pulled backwards. Try it sometime. It makes people let go of you pretty fast. That's why it's a standard in self defense classes for women. Always go for the weakest point.

I didn't care if I broke it or not. He must have been smart enough to know it because he let go. Jan ran back to the table. I turned and went to check on her.

Todd was there, trying to calm her down. I sat beside her. She was about to hug me when I saw asshole coming up fast. I pushed her away and turned to face him. He stopped on the other side of the table.

"Who do you think you are, coming in here with a herd of hot bitches and not sharing. Now, me and this cutie here are gonna go back and dance. I'll let her come back when I'm done, unless I decide to keep her. What do you think of that, motherfucker?"

Except for the self defense class I had taken, I never had a formal lesson in my life. But my buddy taught me a lot of tricks over the time we lived together. One of the classes he taught was adapted for handicapped people, especially the wheelchair bound.

There was a whole set of moves designed to incapacitate an adversary from a sitting position, and he taught me most of them.

I grabbed the table and jammed it into his legs, hard. If he fell back it would give me time to get to my feet. If he fell forwards, like most people, I had him. He fell forwards, putting his hands out to stop him. That put him off balance and tied his hands up. I put my left hand behind his head, pulling, adding to his forward momentum. When he got close enough I gave him a fast elbow to the head. Your elbow has ten times the striking speed and power of a fist, and I wasn't trying to be gentle. He hit the floor, knocked out. Todd looked at me like I had grown an extra head. Jan actually stopped crying, then she smiled. She was going around the table to kick him, I think, but I stopped her.

"Enough, Jan. He can't bother you anymore."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, uh, I mean dance floor, things were getting interesting.

CeCe and I had passed each other, me going to get Jan away from asshole, her to get the waitress.

She was screaming at her to keep her slut hands off her man. The waitress was giving it right back to her, saying if she ever got me I would leave her fat ass in the dust. CeCe wasn't fat, but she was big and sensitive about it.

Amy, Flower, and one of the girls they had made friends with were between them trying to get CeCe to go back to the table. One of the bartenders had hold of the waitress. I gently took her arm, trying to get her back to the table. She turned around and slapped me so hard you could hear it over the band. She started to slap me again when I grabbed her, turned her around and swatted her ass, hard.

Then I grabbed her braid and pushed her face to mine.

"If you don't calm down right the fuck now, I'm gonna walk out of this bar and catch a ride back to your dorm, pack my shit, and leave. And you won't see me again. Your choice."

I let her go and stepped back. She looked at me for a second and broke out in tears.
She threw her arms around me.

"Please don't leave, please, don't leave. I'm sorry."

How could I stay mad at her? I hugged her back.

She turned around and stuck out her hand to the waitress.

"I'm sorry."

The waitress hesitated for an second and took her hand. CeCe pulled her in close and hugged her. I thought it was a nice gesture. Amy told me what really happened.

While they were hugging CeCe told her "touch him again and I'll fuck you up so bad your own DNA won't recognize you."

The waitress, not to be outdone, said "you turn your fat ass around on him and I'll have him and be gone before you can scarf down another doughnut".

They almost started again.

When we got back the manager was looking down at the guy still on the floor.

"What happened to him?"

I shrugged.

"I don't know, I think he had too much to drink
and passed out. Maybe you should have cut him off sooner."

He just smiled.

"Well, I guess some people can't handle alcohol."

He looked at his buddies.

"You boys pick him up and put him in his truck. He can sleep it off there."

The girls were gathering their things.

"Leaving so soon?" He asked in mock surprise.

"Yeah, gotta get my beauty sleep." I replied as seriously as possible.

"Well you folks have a good night. Come back anytime."

I sent them out to the car. Then I bought them all a tee. The bartender threw mine in free.

"I'm glad you're not from around here. I don't think I could handle the excitement on a regular basis."

"What excitement? This isn't a normal Saturday night? What made it so special?"

Innocence coated my face like sun screen.

"Well, let's see. First this guy appears out of nowhere with four hot women and pretty much says he's fucking them all, and they seem happy about it. Then he knocks out the meanest motherfucker in here without even getting up from his table, hell, I don't think you even put your beer mug down. Then your Amazon girlfriend nearly kicks my best waitress's ass because she developed wet panties for you after making a career out of shooting guys down. On top of that, when you told them it was time to go they trooped out like brownie scouts, leaving half the guys in here with blue balls, and not one offered to stop you. In fact, they all invited you back."

"You're either the luckiest, meanest, or smartest dude I've ever seen, or all three, to get by with shit like that. It might not be exciting all the time you're around, but I bet it's damn sure interesting."

I offered my hand and he shook it.

"Well, I gotta go, have to put my babies to bed."

We were back to the dorms before one. A lot of people were still up, and all the girls except CeCe stayed up and regaled them with the nights' adventure. More fuel for the myth.

CeCe and I didn't say much as we got ready for bed. I asked if she wanted me to go to a motel. She gave me a look that would melt steel and told me to get my ass in the bed.

I had her palm print still on my cheek, and when she took her jeans off I saw a perfect print of my hand on her left cheek. I felt really bad and apologized, offering to kiss it and make it better.

She had me do just that, several times. Then we snuggled up and slept the sleep of the pure. Well, she did, anyway.


Sunday I was partied out. We went out for breakfast, Them took CeCes' car and went for a ride.

We went on twisty little mountain back roads that made me wish I had my bike. We stopped at tourist traps and bought overpriced junk.

She made me buy two huge stuffed toys, purple turtles. One was for her, one for Amy.

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