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I Watched In Amazement


Holidays have always been something my wife and I have looked forward to so much. Although we try to get away somewhere every year it had been two years since our last holiday and that had made this holiday special for us both.

It is our usual idea to get away from the big city life each year but this year we changed our pattern and travelled to another big city on the other side of the country. Last year we had opted for a camping holiday but this year Colleen had suggested a city holiday having confided she wanted to do some shopping so the matter was fixed - I am very easy to get along with.

Our hotel accommodation is wonderful. We have a large apartment style suite on one of the top floors and not only do we have great views but it is very quiet and restful when we want to sleep. Colleen is 33 years old and really an attractive woman despite the two children she bore and nurtured as well as looking after myself. She has been working in a law office for the past 4 years, as the children have been less trouble to look after. Colleen has a dark complexion and has very dark, short hair with her lovely smiling face always beaming under her carefully managed mop. Her hair is very nice and the fact it looks unruly but exciting is one of her attractions. She looks very sexy and can turn me on in a flash. Our sex life is great. We knew each other at high school and have been with each other since then. We dated, became engaged, married and have been together for most of our lives. I am also 33 and am a lawyer but at a different office from where Colleen works. My name is Chris.

Our interests in life have been so similar all through our lives it has been very easy for us to get along so well. When one wants to visit something or other it always interests the other and we both go along. So it has been on this holiday. We spent the first week doing all the tourist-like things - going on bus trips, visiting interesting sites, going to the theater together etc., and everything has been running very smoothly on this holiday. Even when Colleen went shopping I went with her. I love watching her rummaging through the shops looking for a bargain. She develops this very sexy stance of hers when she sees something she wants and I know because of the way she is looking at me that I just have to agree with her and we buy it - whatever it is. I also love watching her buying clothes. She likes my opinion and loves to model dresses and even underwear in the hope I will say it looks good on her and she will buy it.

We have nothing planned for today and so we will have a restful day in preparation for a big night out tonight. We have been to the opera (we both like this), theater, and movies and tonight we plan to go to a couple of bars and do a bit of dancing and drinking and perhaps see what the night life of the city can produce. We rose late, showered and went out for breakfast after which we returned to our room and rested for a couple of hours. It was during this restful period when we were lying on the bed together that I reached over and began caressing her nipple through her bra. She was lying on the bed in just her bra and panties having just slipped her dress off to avoid crushing it. I just had my underpants on but I was feeling just a little frisky!

Colleen and I have such a wonderful sex life we just know what signals to give each other when we need something! My caressing of her nipple soon had her breathing differently which is a sign she is turned on and wants to continue. I had persuaded her a few years ago to buy bras, which had front fastenings because this would make it easier for me to get if undone if, need be! This morning was no exception - I soon had the clasp undone and her lovely breasts were released from their imprisonment. Colleen has lovely breasts which are just a little bit larger than one would expect for her height but she carries herself so well it is soon accepted her larger than normal breasts are quite normal! She has lovely expandable nipples - expandable because they grow with her excitement and arousal and end up sticking out prominently. She loves to have her nipples sucked and wouldn't I be an idiot if I didn't like doing it! We can make her cum rather easily when I suck her nipples and caress her navel area! She just loves having her belly button played with and I love playing with it.

Anyway, she was soon very aroused and had already cum twice before she reached for my cock, my respectable 8in cock, and soon had it released from my underpants. Her panties soon ended up on the floor and without saying a word, we both knew when it was right for me to place my cock in her cunt! We made love slowly and gently for about 40 minutes before I just couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load of cum deep into her heaving cunt. Of course she had cum herself about 6 times already and the last one was with mine - we make a lovely sexual couple.

Colleen confessed to me early in our married life she had played with a couple of boy's cocks when we were at high school and they had played with her cunt but she had never fucked any of them. It was me who took her cherry on our first love making experiment. I had never had much to do with girls when at high school but I guess I did grab a feel of a couple of breasts but that didn't do much for me at the time. We have been a very devoted couple with eyes for no one else at all. After our love making session we were both tired and fell asleep until lunchtime.

We went out for lunch and enjoyed a light meal near the waterside at a restaurant catering mainly for tourists, with their seafood specials, and other culinary delights. After our meal we wandered aimlessly around the waterfront looking at some old ships tied up and then saw a small cruise boat which conducted tours around the harbor so we clambered aboard and spent a lovely afternoon in the cool breeze watching the sights go by. We were both a little tired by the time the cruise was finished and then we returned to our hotel for another rest before our night out.

Again we slept for a while and, following our pattern of the morning, I began caressing her breast and nipple again and soon we were making love again. We never tire of making love and pleasuring each other. We were a couple so much in love!

We decided we would eat out for our evening meal and would dine late so we prepared to get ready about 7pm. We both showered and dried each other and then the selection of clothes for the night out began. I selected a very nice open-necked shirt with short sleeves and a pair of lightweight slacks. Colleen took much longer, of course, and in the end I began helping her. She had already selected a rather thin shirt which tied under her breasts leaving about 8 inches of bare skin showing above her trousers or skirt whichever she finally decided upon. In the end I told her I liked the skirt and that was what she wore. She had selected her bra already - it was a half-cup type which showed the tops of her areoles and also her nipples if she adjusted the bra in some way or other. It is a very attractive bra and she loves to wear it. It is just a little bit too naughty for my liking but she loves it so that is O.K. with me! The last item of her clothing apart from her shoes was her panties. She loves very tiny panties and has some which are totally obscene but tonight she had chosen a very small pair but they were actually panties and not a thong. With her tousled hair and her makeup applied, she looked absolutely ravishing and I was so thrilled to be taking her out.

We left the hotel right on 8pm looking a very happy couple in love and I know others admired us in the foyer of the hotel as we left hand in hand for our night out. We found a delightful bar and had a few drinks before we moved into the eating area for a lovely meal. We were doing very well this evening. The atmosphere was pleasant and we were very happy. Every now and again we would hold hands and smile at each other telling each other, without words, that we loved each other!

Following the meal we returned to the entertainment area where there was a band beating out wonderful dance music and lots of couples were already dancing. We soon found a table not far from the dance floor and it wasn't long before we were on the floor ourselves dancing our cares away. After 2 rather fast dances we finished off our dance to a very slow sexy tune and we found ourselves very excited and were kissing each other and gently feeling each other as the dance proceeded. At last it was over and we returned to our table and to our drinks. We had both consumed about the normal amount of alcohol we usually drank to this time and were feeling very good. Talking was difficult due to the loud music but we didn't need to talk much we knew what each other was thinking and were totally in love.

It was about this time that a stranger, a very well dressed stranger, walked up to Colleen and asked her for a dance. She glanced over to me and smiled and accepted the man's invitation. I didn't mind her dancing with another man because it made me feel good knowing someone else admired my wife. They danced around with a couple of fast numbers and they were really enjoying themselves when the music changed to very slow sexy music and now the dancers, including my wife, were in clinches holding each other very close. As I watched them dancing I could see my Colleen was getting rather excited while dancing with this man. It is the way she holds me when she gets excited while dancing that lets me know how turned on she is - but she was doing that now to this other strange man and I knew she must very, very excited by him.

At the conclusion of their dancing he escorted her back to our table and she thanked him for the dances. She was rather flushed when she sat down and she smiled at me and simply said, "Gee, that was exciting - he got me quite turned on but I am back here with you now so that is all that matters!" With than she downed her drink and I immediately went for fresh drinks. There was a crowd at the bar and it took a few minutes before I could return to the table with the drinks. By the time I returned she was gone and I knew she would be dancing with this man again. Sure enough I soon spotted them dancing very close on the other side of the dance floor. They were really close and although I love and trust my wife I wasn't too happy with the way they were dancing. At the end of that section of dancing they returned to the table and this time Colleen invited him to join us. She introduced him as Tom and we shook hands. Colleen was again very flushed and soon was drinking her drink and suggested I get a drink for Tom. Again I fought my way to the bar and bought his beer. When I returned they were sitting together on the opposite side of the table to me but I tried not to think anything of it.

Small talk was almost impossible across the table but Tom and Colleen were managing to hold some sort of a conversation. He would be saying something to her and I would see her blush and I knew she must have been getting very excited being so close to him. Commonsense told me I should just remain calm and not interfere just yet. The music started up again and before I could leap up and ask her to dance with me, he had her up and away they went. I decided I would remain very calm about all of this and also decided I wouldn't drink anymore alcohol to make sure I could watch her closely. This time when the dancing was finished they came back to the table hand in hand and were laughing together at something which must have been very funny. I didn't think it was funny though. Again they sat together. For the first time I began to become alarmed at the way Colleen was acting. I suspected he might be playing with her leg under the table and, if that was the case, I was further worried that she wasn't attempting to stop him. I just had to find out.

I offered to buy another round of drinks and again left them alone. This time I wandered to the bar in a circuitous manner and was able to arrive back with the drinks from a direction behind them. When I was level with my wife's shoulder I could see she had spread her legs and he had his hand well up on her thigh, between her legs, and her dress was pushed up almost to her panties! She made no attempt to move his hand nor pull down her dress when she saw me looking and just smiled at me with the look she reserves for me which says - "I love you!"

Thinking back on what I had seen I knew his hand had only been a matter of inches from her cunt when I was standing there and judging by the look on her face right now he may very well be fingering her as I am thinking about it. Suddenly Colleen stood up and I could see just how far up her dress had been because it hadn't fallen back immediately - I could actually see her panties and they seemed to be a little askew as if his hand might have been inside one leg of them! Colleen yelled out she was going to the rest room and wouldn't be long. Now I should have mentioned one thing about the panties Colleen was wearing and that was that they showed in outline because of the very thin material of her skirt. In other words, as we walked from the hotel I could see the outline of her panties and it looked very sexy. Colleen had told me before that there were two ways of dressing these days - letting everyone know she was wearing panties with this outline visible and the more modern way of wearing a thong which gave the impression that no panties were being worn. Colleen told me she preferred to let people know she was wearing panties because she wasn't the sort to appear otherwise.

It wasn't long before Colleen was back with us and she again sat down alongside Tom. While she had been away we had tried to talk but couldn't manage more than a few words which were intelligible due to the noise. They were sitting very close together again and I was sure he had his hand on her legs and perhaps even in her panties by the way she was looking. There was no doubt she was aroused and loving it. I tried the same trick and went for drinks again and when I came back for a closer look I could see he had his hand right up between her legs but this time her skirt was hiding just what he was doing. A couple of sips and the music started up and once again I was foiled because he had her up on the floor before I could get to her. This time I watched as they danced around the floor and for the first time, although the lighting wasn't bright, I thought I could see no outline of where her panties should have been. Could it be possible she had taken them off in the rest room? If so where had she put them? While they were dancing on the other side of the room I slid around to her side of the table and picked up her handbag from the floor under her chair and quickly opened it. Yes, there in her purse were her panties all quite damp and scrunched up into a ball. I was amazed how wet her panties were and wondered if she had wet herself but holding the ball tightly in my fist I sniffed her panties but knew instantly it was pure sex I was smelling and there was certainly no piss in that lot! It was me who was pissed off right now. I was about to return her panties to her handbag when something white caught my eye. Looking further I found her bra which had been folded tightly and was stuffed into the bottom of her handbag! She was now dancing with Tom on the dance floor wearing neither panties nor bra and was obviously enjoying herself in a very sexual manner. I returned her panties and bra exactly where I had found them and also placed her handbag back on the floor.

When they returned to the table she was very flushed and I knew she was very aroused and this was just how she looked when we were together and she wanted me to take her home and fuck her! There were times when we fucked and times when we made love - this was a sign she wanted to be fucked! I leaned over the table and asked Colleen if she wanted to go back to the hotel now but she shook her head and said, "Later after a few more dances." I settled back in my seat and watched the two of them on the other side of the table. I knew he had his hand up between her legs and was probably playing with her cunt right now but didn't know what to do about it.

The old trick of getting fresh drinks didn't really work because again she had her skirt over his hand wherever it was and again I couldn't see properly. After another drink I was busting to go to the rest room myself so I stood up and pointed towards the back and they nodded and I left them. When I returned I found, as I expected, they were dancing again and were holding each other very close indeed.

This dance session lasted quite a long time and when it was over I was surprised when they didn't return to the table immediately. They had disappeared for several minutes but then I spotted them walking towards the table having been out of my sight for over 10 minutes altogether. They sat down again and although I had seen them kissing on the dance floor I was amazed when he leaned over and began kissing my wife in front of me. For the first time, apart from the kissing, I looked at my wife's breasts and saw that her nipples were clearly visible through her shirt and there were no buttons done up at all, it was only held in place by the tie under her breasts.

Suddenly Colleen stood up and grabbed Tom's hand and pulled him around to my side of the table and announced we were all going back to the hotel! There was no consultation with me - just we are going back to the hotel now. We three walked out of the bar and into the fresh air for the short walk back to the hotel. They were holding hands as we walked along and although I tried to hold her other hand she kept it out of my way and just held his. I was very pissed off and wanted to just stop where we were and settle this once and for all but Colleen just ignored me and kept on talking to Tom as we walked to the hotel.

Once in the foyer we headed for the elevators and were soon on our floor and at our door. I wouldn't open the door demanding from Colleen to know what she was doing. Colleen smiled at me and told me she loved me but she wanted Tom to fuck her tonight and either I open the door and we all go inside or she would go with Tom for the rest of the night! This just wasn't the way Colleen had ever talked before but I couldn't risk losing her for the night so I opened the door and we all went inside.

I demanded to know what had gotten into Colleen but she told me she wanted Tom to fuck her and that was that! She then began kissing him in front of me and I could only watch in amazement. The kissing was very passionate and soon he was undoing the knot on her shirt and that slipped off her shoulders and she was standing naked to the waist in front of this man and he was feeling her up and kissing her! I tried to stop them but Colleen told me this was a one-time thing and I could either watch or leave but she was going to fuck Tom! Soon he had her skirt off and there she stood, naked except for her shoes in front of a stranger. Her body looked lovely to me and I was horrified she was doing this terrible thing but she stepped back from Tom and let him look at her naked body. Her triangle of black pubic hair is obviously a focal point of her naked body but to show this man was beyond my belief. I just couldn't believe how wet her thighs were between her legs. Either she had been incredibly wet and it had run from her cunt down her legs or he had been playing with her enough to spread the wetness everywhere.

In no time at all Colleen had stripped Tom and he was standing there in front of my naked wife with a long, hard cock standing out in front of him. She took his cock in her hand gently stroking it as he played with her breasts. I just couldn't believe my eyes! Colleen looked over at me and with her best loving look and said, "Chris, I know what this is doing to you and I am sorry but I must have Tom fuck me tonight. If it is too painful for you to watch then perhaps you could go for a walk for a few hours but I do love you and again I must say this is a once only thing and I hope you will understand. I really love you, Chris!" With that said, she turned to Tom and began kissing him passionately and continued playing with his cock as he moved his hand down between her legs and I could see her spread her legs to give him access and his fingers entered her cunt! I don't think anything could have stopped them at this stage - they were in the height of passion. Finally Colleen broke away and led him by the hand over to the bed where she slowly sat down. He stood in front of her and she took his hard cock into her mouth and began sucking him as hard as she could. I could see he couldn't possibly last very long with her doing that to him but he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the bed.

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