tagNon-Erotic PoetryI Will Lead You to Me

I Will Lead You to Me


Follow my heart, darling man of mine...
My scent upon the night breeze will lead you to me..
Where I await your loving kisses and strong embrace
Upon the dewy grasses of our secret place....

Come to your lady, who has awaited you for a liftetime,
To gaze upon your handsome and beguiling face...
To be held within your love and nurturing soul..
Hurry my love, my heart yearns for your love sublime.

Centuries have passed since my soul has kissed yours,
Entertwined in the threads of eternal love and fate
I feel so cold and alone without the vibrancy of your being,
To keep me warm and loved, guarding over me, keeping me safe.

Envelop me, surround me, ravish me, I plead thee,
My soul will weep until you are one with me
My alpha male, my mate, my love, listen well...
...I will lead you to me...

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