tagInterracial LoveIan's Trap Ch. 01

Ian's Trap Ch. 01


I agreed to Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers' proposition. Not for myself, but I did not believed it was just to devastate the livelihood of two other people. At the Rodgers' insistence, Aunt Monica and I relocated to their mansion. It was requested that I call my new parents, Mom and Dad. I didn't feel comfortable with that out of respect for my parents, but I decided to call them Pops and Mommy M. Ian and Lillian adopted Aunt Monica, as well. The Rodgers expected them to obey her as they would their own family. When we refer to all three, we called them the guardians.

My life changed from an urban youth to jeunesse dorée instantaneously. Mommy M commandeered my educational prerequisites and my physical transformation for my high societal début. The first year, I was home schooled, matriculated by highly compensated tutors in every imaginable subject, including etiquette training to represent myself with confidence and self assurance to the crème de la crème. I even received instruction in Martial Arts and weaponry like Lillian and Ian.

Money may not can buy you love, but it sure can purchase beauty. I didn't notice the physical changes, but suddenly I was considered beautiful. The year before, I had bad skin, over processed hair, forty pounds overweight, and a chipped tooth. After several magical visits from the elves of "Pops' Money Land", my mahogany skin was flawless and glowed, my hair held a healthy sheen and coiffed into a shoulder length bob, my dental work was Hollywood worthy, and not an additional ounce hung to my petite 5'2" curvaceous frame. Manicures, pedicures and hair appointments was no longer extravagances, but part of my weekly regime. It was hard work, but I astounded myself and others with my progress. Aunt Monica was my constant companion to "keep my head out of the clouds and my feet on the ground" she says. I excelled in each challenge introduced to me as I wanted to please her and my "parents". I rarely saw Lillian and Ian at all during this time, even though we lived in the same house.

Senior year, I was academically up to par with the other students at Lockwood Preparatory Academy. Lillian was excited that I was finally attending; Ian, not so much. As previously stated, the twins were the antithesis of one another. Consequently, Ian was the popular man on campus, and Lillian was barely noticed, unless a girl wanted to get next to Ian.

On the first day of school, I literally heard the gasps of the snobbish progeny of Chicago's privileged as I stepped out the Rodgers' limousine with my sister and husband to be. Ian glared at me with disgust and walked off, but angelic Lillian softly elbowed me in the side, and muttered under her breath, 'Liv, don't let them bother you. We will protect you. Are you ready?' We! It was only she and I. Nodding my head yes, we moved toward the meddlesome assembly to start my initial escapade as an adopted Rodgers.

The invisible hand of Robert Rodgers III expanded to the administrative offices at Lakewood. Each scheduled class I went to, either Ian or Lillian was there. All my instructors were egotistical academic assholes that wanted to debase the underprivileged lowlife who dared to cross the threshold of their illustrious establishment. However, they were immediately self-reprimanded by my precise retorts and intelligential arguments. Pops made sure that I was adequately equipped to handle the class work and those arrogant stuck-up sonabitches, his word, not mine. Upon seeing that I was not an easy target, Lakewood resumed its normal bigotry, accepting me as a temporal member above the surface.

During this time, Lillian and I grew close. She shared who her secret crushes were, how to leave the mansion without being detected, and her hopes and dreams for the future. She refused to go to any party that I wouldn't go to, so I went to them all as I did not want her to miss out. She shared everything with me: her friends, shopping excursions, and late night snacks. She literally claimed me as her sister to anyone and everyone. I disclosed gossip about my old neighborhood, introduced her to the latest hip-hop videos and dances, and tutored her in Statistics. She appreciated our budding sisterhood. Lil is truly the person she portrayed, and a defender of her family and friends. I am lucky to be one of them.

To say that I was loved would be an understatement. I was part of a family again, and I had everyone's attention, except Ian, who blatantly ignored me. I didn't think he noticed me at all, until our summer pool party following our sophomore year in college. I was still relatively shy with this crowd, and I would have not came down to participate if Lil and I didn't shop for the perfect swimsuits and she made me promise. I wanted a one piece, but she hoodwinked me into buying a muted tangerine bikini set and matching high heeled strapped sandals by saying "she never asked me for anything." She was right, she didn't. She gave and gave to make sure that I was comfortable in her home and environment. The least I could do was to honor her request.

When I sneaked outside, I tried to blend into the party. I didn't want to draw anyone's attention. Lil ran to my side like a hyperactive toddler, laughing excitedly over my overall appearance. I didn't pay her exhilaration much thought, that was just normal Lillian. The DJ saw my entrance and played Nelly's track telling us to shake our tail feathers. Digging the beat, I started to dance, swaying and popping my hips to the music. You can remove the girl out of the South Side of Chicago, but you can not remove the South Side out of the girl. The DJ was hot. I just knew that all I would hear that day was hard rock and punk, but he mixed it up. Lillian joined me, awkwardly working it like I taught her how we do it cross town. I was in my element now, and we were having fun, continuing her choreography lessons.

The uncanny thing that happened, Ian's three friends, Josh, Brent and Terry stopped playing pool volleyball, stared at me hungrily, their eyes followed every swing of my hips. Their reaction shifted Ian's focus to our musical floor show. In my nervous mind, I wanted to escape, but the etiquette training actually worked. After the song ended, everyone, except one, screamed for an encore performance. Listening to Sisqo's Thong song, and watching the debutants dance offbeat to it, I smiled, posed like a 1950's pinup model and finger waved at the guys, before Lillian and I sauntered to the lounge area with our friends. As usual, Ian was mad for no apparent reason and jumped out of the pool. I thought he was going inside to cool off, but he stomped toward me.

"Olivia, can I speak with you for a moment?" he sneered under his breath.

I ignored him. I have lived here for four years and he had not been welcoming at all, civil, but definitely not friendly. Besides, I was basking in the compliments from Lillian and my friends on my bathing ensemble, my dances moves and getting teased about some of the boys' reactions. Fuck Ian.

He did the most mind-boggling thing. He whispered in my ear and ran his tongue over the tip of my earlobe. I felt my nipples hardened, which surprised me because I couldn't stand his ass.

"If you don't get your pretty ass up, and walk inside to talk to me, I'll carry you there over my shoulder."

No one noticed his inappropriate behavior, so I added my practiced smile and spoke softly to him in his ear. "You don't get to touch me yet, motherfucker. Keep your thin white boy lips to yourself," and laughed as if we shared the funniest joke.

The truth was, his lips weren't thin, but beautiful, but his arrogant ass will never know it from me. Ian walked away to discuss something with the DJ and I experienced triumph in our little discourse, and leaned back on my chaise lounge to enjoy my non-alcoholic margarita.

I was flabbergasted by his retreat, because Ian Rodgers was used to getting his way. He wasn't spoiled like most rich kids, his father wouldn't allowed that. It was one of the reasons that his corporate offices were in the Midwest, looking for a more wholesome environment for his family. Since he was 16 yrs old, Ian worked nights and interned summers with Pops, so that he will be ready to take the reins, learned the ropes, or any other quaint colloquialism for being in charge you may be familiar with. Lillian and I will be given our own division, but Ian will run it all. As a result, at 20, he already had managerial staff catering to his demands, which might explained his autocracy, maturity and conceit. Fuck him, again. I don't work for him.

For the second time, Ian became my shade on this nice warm afternoon. "I dedicated this song to you," and nodded to the DJ to commence. "Tell your friends goodbye, Olivia.", he scooped me up and tossed me over his shoulder and strutted inside.

Here I was, trying to fit in, and he was making a spectacle of me. Everybody laughed and pointed at me, just enjoying the good time at the party, especially since Josh spiked the drinks. Although party antics were common among this group, I was mortified and speechless. I believed my mouth was opened, because he told me to close it. I finally took note of the selection, the DJ, who probably was an unemployed comedian, played... Trick Daddy's Take It To Da House.

He dropped me to my feet once we were indoors, and dragged me by the arm upstairs to my bedroom suite. I didn't have anyone to scream to for help, the guardians were not at home because they wanted us to have fun, and gave us our first taste of freedom. and the staff did not interfere, as Ian was the recognized heir apparent. As he slammed the door, I went to sit on my bed. Our roles switched, now I ignored him.

"What the fuck do you have on and who taught you how to shake YOUR tail feather? " His voice sounded as if his eyes and his brain transmitted different information.

I didn't say anything. The answer to question one was obvious, and the answer to question two was none of his damn business.

"What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Wearing. Olivia?" Ian clenched his teeth, forgetting about his second query. He didn't like to be overlooked. Tough, now he understood how I felt.

"For a boy," I emphasized the last word, "that graduated valedictorian of our class, you are so dense, Ian. This", moving my hand over my 38C breasts to my 24 inch waistline, " contraption was designed as swimming attire."

Ian moved from the door and stood in front of me. He leaned down and placed each hand alongside my hips. "Look at me."

His blue eyes, demanding compliance met my brown defiant ones. The first of many contests between us as combatants. With his right hand, he gently pushed me down to a prone position on the bed, then trapped me between his two arms as he hovered over me. Ian was stronger than I was, and I knew better than to leave.

"On the contrary, Olivia, this... " He scanned my body from my face to my breasts, lingering there until he moved to my bellybutton and down to my crotch and back to my eyes. " is mine and only mine." He was right. We all confirmed our commitment to each other on our 18th birthdays, so that the stipulations of the trust would be legally binding.

"On the contrary, Ian, this will never be yours. You only get to rent it temporarily." I thought that was a witty comment if I say so myself.

"Really. Is that what you really think? Whores are for rent. Are you a whore, Olivia?"

I relied on my old faithful. "Fuck you, Ian." Bored with his insults.

"The arrangement between us is final. We have ten years until you and I can go our separate ways. Since I was pressured into this relationship with you, things are going to go my way. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I will try to make this commitment as painless as I can for both of us, however, if you rebel, then you will regret it. Now, we're headed back to college in a few months," Ian went to Harvard University, whereas Lillian and I lived it up in California at Stanford. "starting now, there a few of my rules you are going to have to abide by"

"Are you delirious, Ian? I WILL NOT ABIDE BY SHIT!" I screamed at my captor. Who do he think he was talking to.

Ian totally disregarded my outburst. He lifted me from the edge of the bed until I was placed in its center. He resume his dominance over me, by laying between my bended knees and placing the majority of his weight on his elbows. I felt the heaviness of his hard dick pressing into my bikini bottom. Every inch was imprinted on my body from my pussy to my abdomen.

"Now where were we?" he whispered in my ear as he grind my pelvic area slowly three times to get my attention.

Once again, my nipples poked through my bikini top. Ian tongued and sucked them through the nylon bra for several minutes. My eyes fluttered to the back of my head. I bit my bottom lip as I arched my back. I didn't want to make a noise to clue him in on how good he made me feel. My arms, on their own volition, wrapped around his neck. For some unknown reason, I didn't push him off, it was like he belonged there.

"Aww yes, number one, you will remain a virgin until our wedding night," kissing my neck, and causing titillated sensations in my pussy that caused me to squirm and spread my legs a little wider to feel more contact between our bodies. I was so hot. Little secret, Ian could have fucked me right then and there.

"WHAT?!!!?", coming out my haze with indignation. "You can't ask me to do that?!!? You're not even a virgin yourself! You don't think that I 'm aware of your reputation at school. Shit, everybody knows. Ian Rodgers.... has fucked the entire cheerleader squad. Ian Rodgers.... studies pussy as an extracurricular activity. I even heard a rumor that you even fuck one of the female faculty. Besides, for all you know, it's too late."

"First of all, I'm not asking you, I 'm telling you."

Ian then grabbed my right leg and placed it on his right shoulder. He rubbed and squeezed my ass over and over as if he belonged to him, until he was satisfied. Then spreading his hand across the front of my bikini bottom, he massaged my clit with his thumb, and using his other fingers, he pushed the moist cloth inside my vaginal lips to create a camel toe effect, stroking my covered slit back and forth.

"Please stop, Ian." my plea barely heard through my jagged breathing pattern. I really didn't want him to stop. His sexual expertise mastered my sexual naïveté. What is wrong with my body? Maybe I didn't want Ian, maybe any man could make my body react like this. I found out that was not true.

"No. I want to find out if it's too late." Sliding his hand under my bikini bottom, he slipped his middle digit inside me until he touched my hymen. Since he had proven his point, I waited until he dislodged his finger. Time stood still as Ian unhurriedly glided his finger here and there in, and roundabouts my pussy lips, playing in my wetness until I was shaking, panting, and riding his finger to completion.

"Look at me," he demanded. My eyes half-opened, acknowledging that he controlled this situation and me at this moment. He tasted my honey, and smiled with his eyes. "Ummm..sweet. Baby, it's most definitely not too late. If it wasn't so important to me to have an unblemished bride, tomorrow you could have said it was too late, because I would have fucked you today. I am going to repeat myself only once,... no sex for you until we're married. Say yes, Ian." His last sentence expressed in a high pitched sing-song voice.

"Fuck you, Ian." imitating the his previous vocal demonstration, recovering somewhat from the effect he had over my body. I thought I was now in control. Ian chuckled at my behavior and he didn't touch me intimately the rest of the conversation. He had me right where he wanted me.

"Don't tempt me, Olivia.....number two," a chaste kiss to my lips punctuated his next edict. "You can continue to date during college, but no relationships. Only physical contact allowed is kissing. If I hear about you dating the same guy for a long time, I will inform him that he's dating a married woman. It wouldn't do to have my wife fall in love with another man, now would it?"

"What about you? Are you going to be celibate? Stop having relationships? Only kissing for the next couple of years?" Kissing only, right. I can sleep with anyone I want to.

"NO, YOU CAN'T, but this isn't about me, and as you pointed out, I'm not a virgin. You can't expect me to go without pussy. Let's get something straight, Liv. I can FUCK whoever I want to FUCK, and you'll have no say about it."

"You got the balls to tell me you can fuck and I can't. Yeah right, I will sleep with whoever I want to and you have no say, how you like that?"

What he don't know won't hurt him.

"Don't even think that I won't find out, Olivia. You know that I will. The security teams reports to both Dad and me with duplicate reports. They have been briefed to screen both Lillian's and your dates, and the chaperones will make sure that every thing, specifically hymens stays 'intact' for the both of you. "

Damn, he was right again. Even though The Rodgers didn't flaunt their wealth, and their common name and mine gives us some anonymity, Mr. Rodgers did not jeopardize our safety. Lillian and I will have two hired 12 hour shift chaperones reside with us in our off-campus loft apartment, in additional to almost undetectable 24 hour security that every member of the family has, including Aunt Monica.

"So what, what can you do?"

"If I find out that you handed over MY pussy to anybody else, first, I'll put my foot in his ass. Next, I will create a dossier on you to give to Dad, Mom and Aunt Monica where hundreds of guys will confess to fucking you. If you becomes one man's whore, then I will label you a whore. How do you think they will feel about their sweet little orphan that overachieves in everything is nothing but a ungrateful sleazy skank?

What a bastard! Ian exploited my Achilles' heel. He discerned that I wanted to please the guardians because I could never repay them back for the love that they have shown me. I would do anything not to disappoint them. I searched his eyes for sympathy, hoping he would not manipulate my life to his will. I wanted to, but I could not prevent the tears that flowed down my face.

Although, his eyes reflected coldness and apathy, his voice softened, and he wiped the tears from my face.

" I see that we understand each other. I don't want to hurt you, Livvy, but I will do what I have to do. We will announce our engagement before we go to graduate school. At that stage, you will become exclusive only to me"

"Is that it?" I struggled to sit up, but to no avail. "You can let me up, now."

"No, Ms. Southside, that is not it. Number three." His blue eyes pierced my soul with their intensity. "Don't ever lie to me, EVER, and for no reason. I will do the same for you. So don't question me about your ass in a dress if you gain weight, because I will tell if your ass is too fat, F-A-T, not P-H-A-T guaranteed." Ian start laughing, "but right now... it's just right, " smacking my ass . "Now, go fix your face."

Ian got off of me and I started to run to the bathroom door. He caught my arm, and steered me toward my closet.

"Make sure you put a sarong around that "tail feather" before you come back downstairs."

To my surprise, he waited. For what, I didn't know. Inspection? When we walked outside, the DJ announced, "She-e-e-e 's back" to the background of Mystikal's Shake It Fast.

"I would decline that offer if I were you, Liv. Or we can go back upstairs to chat again." he threatened, focusing his eyes on my bikini bottom. "My ass."

Ian popped me on my butt again, and swaggered to dive in the pool. I could have fumed all day, but I wouldn't give him the pleasure of ruining the party for me.

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