tagIncest/TabooIced in, Snow Storm Ch. 02

Iced in, Snow Storm Ch. 02


Iced in Part The Second

Part the Second of several to come

It was still cold! I went back under the afghans to warm up a bit. Soon, Brett and my mum joined me. We were sort of balled up to fight off the cold. The thermometer indicated 43 degrees F in the house. That is COLD!

It got colder as the power was still off and more rain, freezing on the trees and power lines accumulated. By the second day, the house was at 41 degrees. We were all freezing. By that time, my water bed was only about 56 degrees, but it was warmer than anywhere else. Brett and my mum dived in at around six in the evening, and I was there just a minute past.

It turned out to be sort of awkward. The bed was only a standard one, so we did not have much room. Brett is a big boy, over six feet. Mum is tiny, only 5 and a half, but with nice resources, if you know that I mean. That leaves me, around 5 feet, 11 inches, with red hair, B cups, and legs that tend to go off of the end of the bed. Now I am sandwiched betwixt my mother and my brother! It was also getting colder, and the electricity had not come on yet, and this was just the second day!

"Brett, find some more covers, please!" I demanded. He did just that, and pulled a down comforter on top of the three of us. I started to get warmer. "Thanks! That feels nice!". This time he got in bed so that she was in the middle.

Mum started to sort of wiggle. She is a very attractive woman, but I am not a lesbian, so I just looked. She half awakened and took Brett's cock in her hand through his clothes. "Paul, I am so, so cold! Please come and warm me up, pretty please?" She had mistaken her son for her husband!

"Ummm, Mom, I am Brett! Remember? We are just trying to keep warm because the power is off for now." She awoke with a start. "Oh, God, Honey, I'm so sorry! I was just cold, and asleep, and thought that I was in my regular bed with your father. Please forgive me!"

"Don't worry about it, Mom. You were asleep and we usually do not sleep together. At least I had the "layered look" on, so no harm done!"

What he did NOT tell her was how hard his thing was. He rolled over and I could feel it against the small of my back. I just pretended to be asleep and my panties began to get wet. What a dilemma! I was getting hot inside and was cold outside. I just wanted to lie there until we all went to sleep.

The next morning Brett remembered that we had one of those propane turkey cookers in the garage. They are not meant to provide heat inside, but Brett said that propane burns pretty cleanly and that carbon monoxide should not be a problem as long as we were awake when we ran it. The question was where to run it. By now my waterbed was cold, so we decided to set it up in my parents' room. We filled the cooker with water on the theory that it would give off heat for a long time after the burner was off. Good thing that I am a science geek and learned in school that water holds a lot of heat. So do I.

The sun was out this morning, so we opened the drapes in the living room to let in some heat and light. It was still only 28 degrees outside, but the warmth of the sun through the windows did seem to help a little inside. By the time that the sun started to fall, the house has warmed up to 46 degrees.

Brett and I took the cooker and vessel full of water to the bedroom and started to turn in on. Fortunately, the propane tank was full. It was one of the 40 pound ones, pretty big. Brett fretted that something hot might fall out onto the carpet, so we went to the garage to find something to sit it on. I could not help but ask him about last night.

"Brett, Mommy was grabbing at your thing!"

"You were awake?"

"Yes, and it turned me on. A lot."

"Well, not me. I just let her down easy. She did not mean it. She was asleep."

I looked at him with pouted lips. "Then, when you turned over to me and I felt that hard thing in my back you were not turned on?????"

"Well," he said sheepishly, "maybe a little. She is a nice looking woman. But I would not do anything about it."

We found a piece of plywood big enough to set the apparatus on and brought it in. A benefit that just occurred to me was that I could have enough hot water to take a proper bath. The cooking vessel itself looked like it would hold around 20 liters (sorry, five gallons, remember I am a science geek), so I could take a couple, mix them with the cold water from the faucet, and take a nice bath. I brought in the little electronic kitchen thermometer and checked the water temperature from the faucet. The cold side was around 39 degrees, but the hot side was still 59. Daddy had taken my advice and put insulation around the water heater, so it still was a little warm, if you can call 59 warm.

We put the vessel on the burner and Brett lit it with his cigarette lighter. I wondered why he had one, but got interested in him using his multi tool to loosen a screw near the burner. "What are you doing?" I asked, curiously.

"The flame is a little yellow. That means carbon monoxide. I am adjusting the air mix to get a clear, blue flame. Hotter, and no CO." My chemistry teacher's words came back to me when she had mentioned a stoichiometric mixture. He rotated the air intake until the flame was pale blue, then reset the screw and turned it up a bit. Still blue, the vessel of water was heating up, and so was the room. So was I. I turned on the thermometer and it was already 49 degrees the bedroom much warmer than anywhere else in the house. We closed the door to keep in the warmth and went to the living room.

My mommy was cooking,or rather heating up, some soup over the Coleman stove, and served it to us. The steaming bowl of goodness warmed me up, and we were ready to watch TV, but with no power, we could not. We found a battery powered radio and tuned into A Prairie Home Companion. That show was so good, always funny. All three of us listened and laughed about the ups and downs at Lake Wobegone. It still was cold in the living room, so I went to the bedroom to see how it was doing.

Using my trusty thermometer, the room air was now a balmy 54 degrees. The water was now at 138. I have used Fahrenheit because most Americans would not know Celsius from centigrade (it is an inside joke for us girl geeks). Soon I could take a real bath! The burner was still clear blue, no smoke nor smell, and I did not get a headache after spending five minutes in the room. CO poisoning almost always starts with a headache, my chemistry teacher told me. By the way, I was very attracted to her. She tried to be a nun, but did not quite make it. We talked a lot after science class, and we just liked each other a lot. I still call her "Sister Betty", and she calls me "My young scientist." Our relationship will be another topic, but just let me tell you that she was, and still is, adventurous.

I told them how nice if felt in there, and we decided to move the radio there and listen in the relative warmth. The "commercial" for Powdermilk Biscuits was just on, and all of a sudden, all three of us realized that for the first time in three days we were not uncomfortably cold. After days in the low teens outside, and the low 40s inside, 54 feels really good. I reset the thermometer, and it was now 59 degrees, and the kettle was starting to become towards the boil. So was I, and although I did not realize it at the time, so was Mommy.

We went into the bedroom and closed the door to keep in the warmth. I brought a large saucepan to dip out hot water. "Mommy, do you want to take a bath? We have enough hot water for you, me, and Brett!"

She was ready, three days since she had done anything but towel off a little. I ran some of the tap water into the tub, then added enough of the boiling water to make it a comfortable 105 degrees. It only came up about four inches, but to a girl who had not bathed properly in three days, it was an ocean. She started to get out of her "layered look" and stepped into the bathtub. It was getting dark by now, and Brett and I went and found half a dozen candles. We also found a liter of gin, some fresh grapefruits, and some club soda. Since there was nothing else to so, Brett and I decided to see if we could get Mommy tipsy. We both knew that she liked grapefruit.

We sat up the candles, well, two of them, in the bathroom so she could see to bathe. We also drew enough water to fill the vessel again, and Brett turned the burner to where it would heat it without getting too hot in the room. I checked, and now it was 63 degrees in the bedroom, and no one had even a hint of a headache. Mommy could wash tomorrow morning again!

Now that it was getting warmer, the "layered look" had to go. I was sweating, and took off my gloves, outer jacket, and sweat pants. That was better, and Brett did the same. He did not know that that made it easier for me to see how hard he was, or did he? Mommy made some sloshing sounds in the tub, so we knew that she was getting out and drying off. The thermometer showed 72 degrees now, warm enough to live!

She dressed in her underwear and a nightgown, and put on a robe. She drained the water and said, "Who's Next?" I nodded at Brett, and he took several saucepans of boiling water to make the cold water from the tap comfortable. We had to leave the bathroom door closed to keep it warm, so the bathtub was out of sight from the bed. Mommy was drying her beautiful hair and was happy about being warm again while she sat on the bed.

Brett was splashing the warm water over himself when he realized that there was no soap. "Hey, guys, where did the soap go?" Mommy shouted back, "Sorry I used it all. It was just a little shriveled up bar. There is more under the sink!"

"Mom, if I get out, the floor will leak into the kitchen like it did last year. Can you bring me a bar of soap?"

She got up, finishing drying her pretty hair. I am not a lesbian, but she really looked nice. She went into the bathroom and found a new bar of Irish Spring and opened it. With her lips and teeth. The bathtub was not in sight, but the sink sure was. She used her teeth to unwrap it and then gave the bar to Brett.

"WOW! Thanks for the soap, Mom!"

I could hear Brett washing off and the water moving. But then it got sort of quiet, and then more into a rhythm. Brett was masturbating! I could hear his hand hit the water just below his dick! I got so, so wet, so, so fast. I had to distract myself. I saw the grapefruit, and took Brett's multitool from his pants pocket. I cut the ruby red grapefruit in half and squeezed it into three glasses. Ice was easy to find, since it was all over my balcony. I took the multitool and got lots of it, and cleaned the trash from it easily. I put it into all of the glasses, and then poured gin, about two shots, into each. Fortunately, one of the things to make it up the balcony was a six pack of Seven\-Up, and I filled the glasses with it. About that time, Brett came into the room, covered in a very large towel and nothing else.

"Here, you two, try this and it will warm you up. I am going to bathe and shave, but I will take this with me."

Brett had let out the water, and had filled up the cauldron, and he assisted me in bringing hot water into the bathtub. We got the temperature right, but he did not leave. "Sis, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything!"

"Can I see you undress? I have been thinking about that for years, and now there are only a couple of candles, so I can not see that much. Would you?"

Oh, shit! My knees sort of buckled. My fantasy was coming true, but he was the one who made the first move! I wanted to do that years ago, but never got the nerve to do it. Now he, my beautiful brother, was making the first move.

"Well, OK, only if you promise to be nice to me, like you always have been!"

"I would never think of NOT being nice to you. Most boys have sisters from Hell, but you were always my friend as well as a sister."

"OK, but you HAVE to help me. Has Mommy sipped any of her drink?"

He looked over, and the glass was empty. Hmmm, three ounces of 40% alcohol down the hatch. She was not asleep, but was flushing a bit. My science teacher told me that alcohol dilates the peripheral blood vessels, giving a feeling of warmth and a certain sexuality.

"She finished it. Can I give her mine?"

"Yes," I whispered. Give her yours and I will make you another one after I bathe."

He did, and she was ready for it. There is something about fresh grapefruit juice, a double shot of gin, and Seven\-Up to make you get off. I actually invented it, but that is another story. She drank the whole, double shot drink and became, well, very pliable.

Now I was just about finished in the tub, but had to shave. I soaped up my underarms and found that I did not have a razor. I forgot that I was in their warm room, not mine. I got out and asked my by now very tipsy mother if she had a razor.

"Yeah, Pretty Girl, I will get you a new one!' She lurched towards the bathroom, losing the robe. She was getting hot.

"Here you go, Daughter! It is a new Bic. You are so, so fair, why do you even need to shave?"

"Well, my underarms get a little ugly with hair, and I like my legs to feel smooth. When did you start to shave?"


I hope that this makes the folks who have criticized my writing know that I am serious about writing something like this. The story has to evolve slowly to be interesting.

Warmest regards,


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