tagIncest/TabooIdeal Step-daughter Ch. 01

Ideal Step-daughter Ch. 01


Ron struggled with himself as he drove home. He could feel excitement gripping him, the forbidden fruit dangling in front of him, teasing him. He steeled himself and took a deep calming breath.

He was lucky he had met Teri after having been widowed in his mid forties. She was a successful executive at a large firm, good looking, fit and looked more like she was in her late thirties than her late forties. They dated for a blissful six months before Ron popped the question. They'd been married for three months now and Ron was still convinced that Teri was the best thing that happened to him. She was loving and caring and he was equally drawn to her. He had every intention of being the loyal, loving husband.

That was before he met his step daughter, Toni.

Did he realize the peril he was getting into the first time he met Toni? Ron mused. Maybe not, he thought, realizing that he had been blind to her wiles the couple of times he met her before the wedding. Being childless himself he looked forward to a complete family with a child. Teri wanted to make sure that he and her daughter felt comfortable with each other even though Toni was eighteen and would soon be off to college. The three of them met for dinner and Ron recalled getting the impression his step daughter was a shy, quiet and well behaved girl. How naive he had been! She definitely played the role of the ideal daughter in front of her mom and in most respects Toni was a good daughter; a straight A student, no lip, no attitude, no substance abuse. However with Ron, she would be a model of propriety one moment in front of her mom and a sly tease the next when they were alone.

The first few times Ron thought it was just innocent acting out with no significance but he soon realized that there were too many coincidences for that to be true.

Teri was endowed with a pretty decent sized pair of breasts but her daughter was relatively small. However Toni had big nipples that poked out through t-shirts when she didn't wear a bra. Toni would wear a thin t-shirt, no bra, and slip on a small half jacket that stayed unbuttoned and just about covered her nipples.

Then the games would begin.

As soon as Teri left the room or turned around Toni would maneuver the jacket and thrust her chest out while she asked Ron an innocent question. Then there were the accidental bumps and brush pasts. She would lean over Ron as he read the paper as if looking at an article or searching for a section while slowly tracing her hard nipples across his back and arm. A couple of times Ron stole a quick glance at her face but Toni had a studied look of innocence each time, feigning ignorance.

Looking back Ron realized how well she had played him, step by step. Once she knew he had begun to notice her, she began to get bolder, innocently putting her hand on his thigh under the table while leaning across, the hand slipping closer and closer to his crotch each time. Or she would pick the tight spot between the refrigerator and the kitchen island, getting to the fridge just as he would, squeezing past him, first brushing her ass against his front and depending on whether her mom was anywhere near or not, she would take her time trying to decide between OJ and a coke, all the while leaning forward and pushing her ass against Ron's increasingly hardening dick.

Toni had an hourglass figure with a slim waist and a tight ass to die for and she knew how to pull her t-shirt forward as she leaned down so that Ron would see her bare back and panties peeking above the tight jeans. When mom was around the loose long t-shirt would be back down in a show of modesty.

Ron tried hard to ignore these advances, convincing himself that they would not lead to anything to jeopardize his marriage. Luckily Teri was completely unaware of the situation. Toni was a nerdy teenager in her view, lost in books and hiding behind her glasses. Maybe that's why Toni had decided to toy with him, thought Ron, or maybe because she was jealous of her mother. In any case it was just a few months and she would most likely leave home to go to college.

However he knew his trials were not over. Teri had warned him before the wedding that she frequently traveled on work, often leaving for the week and returning the weekend. She had managed to curb the travel for the first three months of their marriage, a honeymoon period of sorts, and now it was more critical than ever for her career to get back in the groove.

Today was the first night Teri wouldn't be home. Stay calm and keep a grip on yourself, Ron thought to himself. He would turn away and hide in his office at the first hint of trouble. Parking the car in the garage, he made his way into the family room hearing the TV playing. On the couch was a sight that made him lose all the resolve he had built up. Toni was lying on her side curled up in sleep, wearing a short skirt with the knees tucked in close to her chest. Ron caught his breath as he spied her exposed legs up skirt -- she was not wearing panties and he could see her shaved pussy and tight asshole clearly!

He had expected some sort of voyeurism but this was way past the mild teasing he thought he would have to bear. Thinking quickly on his feet he decided to act natural and called out 'Toni' softly as if trying to gauge if she was asleep. He was pretty sure she was acting but he continued as if to himself 'I guess she fell asleep watching TV. I should head out for a swim in the pool.'

Ron was a regular swimmer and it was one of the passions that Teri and he shared. She had a large in ground pool that was well shaded and secluded from the neighbors and shared Ron's habit of swimming every day. Ron had a trim build as a result, with a hint of a six pack and strong shoulders. The pool was his refuge and swimming was his means of meditation, putting aside all thoughts as he took in lap after lap.

Right now, however, he knew that his mind was in a turmoil. He rushed up to his bedroom and tore off his clothes. The need to jump into the water seemed to surpass all other and he grabbed a towel, wrapping it around him and taking off to the pool. Throwing the towel onto a chair he dived into the cool water, taking deep breaths and long strokes. Once he had burnt the initial frenzy away with half a dozen laps he slowed down and took stock of the situation. He realized that he had been swimming nude, and that realization shook him even more as he saw Toni sitting pretty on the chair where his towel was.

'Hi Ron!' called out Toni, as if waking up and finding Ron swimming nude was the most natural daily occurrence. 'Can I ask you a favor? I need to work on my back stroke. Can you show me how?'

'Sure' mumbled Ron, his head still swirling with the image of the shaved pussy and shapely ass he'd seen earlier, while acutely aware that consciously or not he was playing her game by jumping in the pool without his trunks on. 'I'll be back' she called as Toni bounced off, her short skirt swaying and perky nipples seeming to jut out more than usual.

Ron considered whether to jump out and get his swimming shorts from the bedroom. He grew aware of an erection that had miraculously stiffened when he realized Toni had obviously been watching him swim naked. There seemed little hope of his dick standing down and before he knew it Toni was back in the pool with a skimpy string bikini he had never seen her sport before.

"I'm ready when you are" she called out from the shallow end of the pool. She took turns dipping into the water and standing up showing her hourglass figure while feigning her look of innocence. This was going to be tricky, thought Ron. The shallow end of the pool was only 3 feet deep. He could stay afloat and hide the erection under his body but at some point he would have to turn or stand and she would notice it. Taking a deep breath he swam underwater the whole length of the pool towards her without surfacing, hiding in the water while showing his prowess at the same time. Staying afloat with his body facing down he lifted his head out and said "Let's see how good your back stroke is".

"It's actually pretty bad. I can float on my back and kick my legs but when I try to lift my hands back over my head I just flounder into the water" she said, keeping her eyes focused on his face as if unaware of his bare butt floating just under the surface.

'Well, in that case we first need to make sure you can float face up confidently and swim using just your legs before trying to bring in the arms movement.' said Ron, his confidence returning as he hoped this would be a serious swimming class. "I'll make sure you are keeping your midsection up by swimming alongside and holding you up under your back" he said, looking for a way to stay in the face-down swimming position.

'Sure, but it would be great if you could give me a demonstration' she said, her expression nonchalant though Ron immediately sensed the mischief behind the suggestion. "I'll swim alongside you and watch" she said lowering into a breast stroke position. Ron knew he was caught but decided that two could play the game. If she could act like there was nothing going on, so could he.

He stood up facing her and kicked off the side of the pool into a slow face up swim with his erection rising like a mast above the surface and his legs kicking slowly under the surface. Since he was not using his hands as he had recommended to her, his face and his dick were the only parts above the water slowly snaking across the pool like a Jaws shark fin. Toni swam alongside in a lazy breaststroke so that she also did not disturb the water, with just her face out of the water studying him like a good student. Ron did not try to look at her to see if she was looking at his swimming technique or at the more obvious attraction.

They completed a lap with Ron's mast bulging at full sail and both of them stood up at the shallow end maintaining poker faces. 'Ok, my turn' said Toni, gently kicking off and beating her legs half heartedly, almost ensuring that Ron would have to be alongside to keep her afloat. Ron moved along and put his hand under her lower back to steady her and said 'Keep the legs straighter with the toes pointing out'.

However two things seemed to happen simultaneously; Ron had to turn towards her to swim along side and look at her kicking technique and Toni's hand being at her side began to find it's way around Ron's dick, sometimes grabbing it and at times stroking it's length and slipping under to cup his balls. Whenever he feebly tried to slow down to escape her grasp she would also match pace.

The second thing that amazed Ron more was the way his hand kept getting caught in Toni's string bikini bottom as he tried to hold her up, sliding between her ass cheeks as if trying to rediscover the puckered asshole he had seen on the couch. With her hand firmly gripping his erection, Toni seemed to improve her kicks and soon they were moving in tandem with Ron's hand firmly stuck in her bikini, his middle finger trying to find purchase between the crack.

'Good job!' said Ron, as they finished two laps, his erection now bursting and sore from the tugging. Ron had a thick dick, and what it lacked in length it made up in girth. Teri loved the way he filled her up, often riding him in a slow cowgirl rocking that erupted in a loud shout as her back arched. Ron wondered if Toni heard the lovemaking. 'I'm famished! Shall we continue this lesson later?' he asked with a serious face that betrayed no hint of the major groping that had ensued under water.

'Sure' she said jumping up and yelling 'first one gets the shower!'. She jumped out of the pool squealing as Ron scrambled in her wake, grateful for the game that let him get out of the pool with a full blown erection without feeling awkward. He ran after her as she rounded into the sheltered shower stall beside the pool and grabbed for the shower knob. Ron was right behind her as he thudded into her and grabbed the knob at the same time. 'I guess we'll have to share the shower' said Toni, back into her look of innocent normalcy.

She turned around before Ron could come up a retort and took off her bikini top. Still facing away she slowly pulled down the bikini bottom even though she could have untied it, making sure she gave Ron the full view of her ass and leaning back into him pushing against his mast. 'Can you please pass me the shampoo?' she said straightening. When Ron turned around with the bottle, she was facing him and he had to muster all his strength to not stare at her tiny breasts with the beautiful deep pink nipples that stood out hard and long. She kept her eyes away from his obvious protrusion but managed to brush it accidentally with every move.

Ron wasn't sure how long he could sustain it any more. He knew they were deep into forbidden territory but were pretending to be within safe borders. He resolved to not make the first move despite his animal instincts telling him to grab the luscious ass cheeks and drill her deep. This is just a game, he told himself as he tried to soap himself without bumping into her. Toni seemed to have also decided to tone down the pace though she did take a bit longer than necessary washing her pussy and asshole. She stopped and left abruptly, making Ron even more anxious about what other traps lay in store tonight.

One thing was for sure, he was the quarry and his step daughter was out to hunt him. He just wasn't sure if he was more scared or excited!

To be continued...

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