Identical Twins and Father Ch. 02


"We're here," then one of them said. He chuckled and closed the door before he turned on the light. He was less surprised to see them lying in bed together, already naked, a delightful sight. They grinned impishly.

"You are."

"Um-hmmmm!" they both responded, nodding. This time, they didn't blush at having him see their aroused nipples.

"Paula wanted to draw straws with me."

"Not really. If I had won, I knew you would show him your little mole. We shouldn't have told him about it."

He was already getting undressed as he remarked:

"And fool me, like you did Roger and Martin?"

"Oh, we wouldn't have, really," Paula replied, adding: "I was just wondering what I was going to do."

"I was to, on the way here."

Klara grinned again, remarking:

"That's good, ... I mean, that you remembered you'd promise to with me."

"Too often."

"Oooh! That's good too!" she added with a grin, when she saw his still somewhat engorged cock, then snickering and saying:

"I hope it wasn't like that every time you did."

Paula snorted with a wry smile, remarking:

"Me too. I don't even want to watch you two. I'll get on the top bunk. Hm-hmm! But don't think I'll stay there all night."

Klara grinned, agreeing that that was a good idea. He also said that it was, to use the sheets on the bunk. They chuckled, and Paula stood up, smirking as she step close to him and rubbed her nipples on him. She grinned up at him, putting her arms around him, and said:

"But you can give me a goodnight kiss -- a first one!"

He embraced her, and they kissed, she not releasing him until his cock was pressing against her. She snickered at her success, releasing him and letting his cock stand out. She murmured:

"If she doesn't do it good enough, you know where I'll be."

"I heard that, watched you - had to watch you. I will. Thanks for showing me."

He and Paula nodded, smiling at her. Then he playfully slapped Paula's ass and asked if she needed help up the ladder to the upper bunk. She said she did, giving him the opportunity to fondle her ass and run his hands down her legs. As she was lying down, she grinned and said:

"Maybe I will watch, just to make sure. If it's better than just listening to you, like last night, it should be even more arousing."

"I hope so," Klara replied with a grin.

He nodded and went in the bathroom, using the washbasin instead of the toilet, then surprised to see Klara crowd in behind him to watch. She chuckled, glancing up at his face in the mirror, and murmured:

"About like I expected."

"You two saw me go, when you were little."

"But I didn't know then why boys weren't like girls."

"You sure do now, better than I thought, but I'm not complaining."

As he was washing his now no longer engorged cock, she snickered and murmured:

"I know how I want to make stiff again," and licked her lips.

"Any way you want, just don't forget what you really want to do, 'cause I'm not going to stop you."

"Mmmm! Hm-hmm! I'll try not to," she replied, rubbing his ass.

They returned to the room. Paula asked:

"Never seen a boy pee before?"

"Don't brag. How many have you seen," Klara rebutted.

"Only one, you too, when we were five."

"Forgot that; it doesn't count. Besides, Pops said we saw him when we were little."

"You let us, wanted us to?"

"Just toddlers at the time; I didn't see any reason to send you out of the bathroom, when I had to go after your bath."

Both girls smiled and replied almost in unison:

"I remember them," one adding:

"Playing in the water in the tub together, ..."

"But we don't remember that."

"No," the other agreed.

"Well, I guess I was thinking that you should see that boys were different, but apparently you still wanted to find out a couple of years later."

"And it still surprised us," one replied, the other one adding:

"He had a sister, probably knew already, ..."

"Yeah, I think he wanted to show us," her sister enjoined.

"Hm-hmm! Um-hmm, he did! It was his idea that we should take off all our clothes to go to the bathroom."

"And you did," he suggested.

"After he did."

They all chuckled, smiling. Both girls glanced at his now flaccid cock. Paula chuckled again and said:

"Before I ask for another good night kiss, turn out the light and go to bed. ... And don't do anything I wouldn't!"

They all snickered, and she lay back. He and Klara smiled at each other, nodding. He murmured:

"That would be difficult," and turned to find the light switch.

Before he had, Klara had turned on the little reading lamp at the head of the bunk. When he joined her, she was already kneeling at the foot of the bed with a little smile, nodding for him to lie down, agreeing with a soft moan, when he immediately extended his legs past her knees.

His cock was less flaccid, as her fingers touched it, slipping under it, then even less than flaccid, when she glanced up from it to his face with dilated eyes, despite the lamp's shining at her. He smiled very slightly, and she did, her fingers moving under his cock. They both nodded, moaning softly. When she looked back down at it and began to lower her face, she hardly had to lift it to her lips. When her tongue slipped under it, it had to follow it, as it rose further. Her tongue wagged on it there, and then she had to slip her lips around it, to keep it from twitching up past her nose.

He moaned, as it twitched in her warm mouth, her tongue caressing it. She moaned in response with a slight nod, sucking and caressing it.

As she continued, their exchanging moans, he remembered that he had told her that he was not going to remind her that she really wanted to do something else, and certainly not, as long as she was so obviously enjoying what she was doing, moaning with him and nodding. If she really wanted it this way, to have it in her mouth - his cock wanted to let her - they could still do it the other way. After this morning with Paula, he was confident that he could come twice. It would still be so good, maybe not twice in her pussy then, but if she wanted first to feel his cock spurt in her mouth full and taste his semen, he certainly wasn't going to deprive her of her pleasure -- and his! He moaned, encouraging her.

He wanted to tell her how good it was feeling, how aroused he was, but didn't, not wanting distract her and maybe suggest that she recall what else she wanted to do. Maybe she had also changed her mind about sucking his cock just as a preliminary. He moaned again, feeling his cock surge in her bobbing mouth again. Anything she wanted! He hoped she did!

She did! He gasped and groaned. When his semen spurted strongly in her mouth, this time she didn't hesitate a moment, just moaning deeply and continuing to suck and move her head, as they both moaned in response to his cock's spurting again and again.

"Who needed to fuck?!" he thought, feeling her slavering his semen around her mouth. He knew, however, before she dove up on him, raising her hips and guiding his cock to her pussy before it could relax. Fuck! She did! And his cock didn't complain, surging, as her tight but already so slippery wet and warm pussy slid down on it, feeling it contract even tighter around his cock.

She moaned, and he did, and then her mouth was on his, waiting for him to let her tongue slip into it. When it did, it wasn't just her tongue that slipped in, also a dollop of his semen. He wanted to taste it too, even though it was a little unexpected. After their tongues had share it, and he had swallowed, she retrieved her tongue and murmured:

"I just couldn't stop. Fuck me."

He did, until he was sure that his cock also wanted to again. Hard for it not to in her tight, squeezing pussy.

Paula had been listening to their moans, holding her breast and pussy as she looked up at the ceiling. When she heard him grunt, she almost came herself, but then was distracted, when she heard what her sister had murmured. She gave up, letting go of her breast and switching hands on her pussy, rolling on her side, supporting her head with the hand that had been in her pussy, so that she could look down from the upper bunk.

She saw her twin sister lying on their father and nodded with a smile, as she saw their hips moving. She propped her thigh up and let two fingers slip into her pussy. Then she saw her sister's hips stilled, pressed down on his, and heard her, then him, murmur:

"Wasn't sure it would still want to."

"Wasn't either, but now, I think."

"When I do this?"


"Mmmm! For me too. Wasn't sure you could feel it."

"Your pussy squeezing my cock?"

"Um-hmm! Hmm, should tell your daughter that."

"Don't tell me, but if it does ...?"

"It does."


"Your cock shouldn't do that either."

"If your pussy makes it?"

"Want's it to."

Paula's pussy was also wanting some thing more from her fingers in it. They moved, as she listened, hearing her father:

"Before it forgets. You weren't supposed to make it that hard for him before."

"'Make it hard for him'? He couldn't have been harder."

"No. but if you want to keep him that way, you'd better do more."

"Oh, I do, ... a lot! Hm-hmm!"

Paula nodded with a grin, seeing Klara draw her knees up passed his hips and sit up. She saw his hand quickly slip down to help his cock back in her pussy.

Klara sank down on it, nodding, and murmured:

"Better fuck again, first."

Paula watched her sister ride up and down on his cock a few time, then that she grinned with a nod, imagining that his cock had twitched in her pussy, that it was again fully aroused. Her father confirmed her impression, nodding with a chuckle and murmuring:

"Now what you really wanted to try. It's going to be good. Maybe even better, take longer now."

Klara had already begun to rock her hips, just nodding again, hardly smiling. Paula nodded, and her fingers began again to churn in her pussy. When the others moaned, she wanted to, too, but remembered that she wasn't supposed to be watching. It looked as though her sister had forgotten what else she could do, and her father also seemed to have forgotten. Both of them were moaning softly as their stomachs expanded and contract with long, deep breaths. When he fondle Klara's breasts, Paula wanted to hold one of hers again, but didn't move, too fascinated by watching them.

He moaned in response to the arousing sensations on his cock, recalling that Louise liked to do that too, but Klara's tight pussy couldn't let him forget that he was fucking his daughter, or rather, she was fucking him, her clutching pussy making his cock twitch as she rocked her hips to and fro. She could just do that as long as she wanted, as long as they both could stand it. But they were in no hurry, the longer the better. When his hips wanted to rock, he slid his hands down and held her hips still and murmured:

"Not yet."

"Uhn," she responded, then nodded, agreeing: "Um-hmm."

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